Nurturing future leaders

The advent of future members and eventually leaders of Barisan Nasional is being nurtured is quite clear in this XIV GE.

Pro-right varsity students volunteered with many BN candidates within the striking range of their respective campus, showing their drive to work the grass-roots election machinery.

They have shown high interest in politics and willing to slog it out.

This is a very good training bed for them. The roll up their sleeves and toil with the grass-roots and manning District Polling Centres (Pusat Daerah Mengundi).

Hence, their entrance and introduction into the party is at grass-root level. This would enable them to be familiar with party branch workings and work their way, bottom up if they have strategic ambition serving the party and rakyat.

Then they would have to continuously serve their branches and one day if they aspire to get position in the party, they would already have a good support base.

Met at BN candidate for N06 Jitra Dato’ Aminuddin “Pak Tam” Omar’s campaign trail in the countryside surroundings of North Kedah, these student volunteers were very pleased to be together with the first term State Exco for Youth and Sports.

Pak Tam is the incumbent for NO6 Jitra seat and his former Boss, discharged Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir has abandoned his N03 Ayer Hitam seat to challenge the former.

Their turf is in Kubang Pasu UMNO Division, where Pak Tam served the grass-root for a long time. Kubang Pasu Division Head for over 30 years was Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, now de facto leader of the Opposition coalition.

Dr. Mahathir in this XIV GE abandoned his traditional Kubang Pasu Parliamentary seat but instead opted for Langkawi.

At the strategic level, this cadre-ing is a very good initiative for BN and UMNO for talent management.

The shift of voters and people within communities having the preference towards candidates who have served the constituencies is getting more prevalent than party’s choice.

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