Flip and Fake

Corporate giant Tony “Flip-and-Fake” Fernandes may be in hot water for his air claims that amongst other things, he was forced by Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) to cancel additional flights for the recently concluded XIV GE.

The Star story:

Mavcom lodges police report over Tony Fernandes’ claims


  • Tuesday, 15 May 2018

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) has lodged a police report against Tan Sri Tony Fernandes over claims that it had instructed AirAsia to cancel all 120 additional flights the airline had scheduled before GE14.

Calling Fernandes’ accusations “baseless and malicious”, it also denied the AirAsia Group CEO’s claims that Mavcom had summoned AirAsia.

“Mavcom has never issued any directive to AirAsia or any other airline to reduce or cancel any flights where regulatory requirements are met,” it said in a statement on Tuesday (May 15).

According to Mavcom, on April 13 and 18, AirAsia had via the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia applied for a total of 54 additional flights (27 return journeys with a maximum volume of 13,660 passengers) to be operated during the GE14 period, which Mavcom approved on April 17 and April 18 respectively.

At 3.20pm on April 20, the airline requested for an additional 86 flights (43 return journeys with a maximum volume of 15,480 passengers).

However on April 23 morning, AirAsia sent Mavcom a revised flight application for 66 additional flights (33 return journeys with maximum volume of 12,274 passengers) for the period of May 6 to 13 with a note to disregard its earlier applications.

Mavcom said it had approved all 66 additional flights that AirAsia applied for by April 23.

It added that on April 19 and April 20, Mavcom executive chairman Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad sought clarification from all airlines if there was sufficient demand for the additional flights requested.

“Only AirAsia proceeded to reduce its application for extra flights while Firefly, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air maintained their requests,” it said.

“Mavcom further reiterates that it had not issued any directive to any airline to reduce or cancel any flights.

“Inclusive of AirAsia, Mavcom approved additional flight applications of the various Malaysian-based airlines as of 24 April 2018, totalling 166 flights (83 return journeys with a maximum volume of 26,434 passengers),” it added.

Mavcom said it is mandated under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 to act as an independent regulator for economic and commercial matters related to civil aviation in Malaysia.

On Fernandes’ statement that “within 24 hours, we were summoned by the Malaysian Aviation Commission”, Mavcom refutes that any AirAsia staff members were summoned between April 17 and May 13 to appear before the Commission regarding the matter.

After receiving brickbats over AirAsia’s endorsement for Barisan Nasional, Fernandes released a video on Sunday (May 13) apologising for “buckling under the pressure”.

He said the low-cost carrier added 120 extra flights, which would have carried 26,000 people on top of normal flights and reduced ticket prices.

Unfortunately, he said, this put him under even more pressure when the government realised that the airline was ferrying so many voters.

“Within 24 hours, we were summoned by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) and told to cancel all those flights,” he claimed.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/05/15/mavcom-lodges-police-report-over-tony-fernandes-claims/#LVEZDGVSFPfFtp2v.99


The AirAsia Group co-founder Fernandes was very quick to “Flip and Fake” with a lame story how he was co-erced into coming up with several items in his attempt campaigning for Barisan Nasional (BN).


An AirAsia X A330-300 livery carried the BN Blue and the air stewardess even wore blue instead of the infamous AirAsia red dress.

It takes an effort to change an aircraft livery and specially ordered blue uniforms for the cabin crew.

By that score, it is unbelievable that Fernandes did all that “under pressure”!

Fernandes also said the the Malaysia commercial aviation industry does not require  MAVCOM to made the industry progress and lambasted the aviation authority.

Bernama.com story:

No need for Mavcom , says Tony Fernandes

| May 15, 2018

AirAsia chief says transport ministry is capable of fulfilling role that Mavcom is playing now.

BANGKOK: The transport ministry is more than capable of helping the local airline industry grow, without the need for the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom), AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes said today.

Expressing his disappointment with the commission, Fernandes said Mavcom should remain independent and treat all industry players fairly.

“I’ve always wanted (for the industry) to be treated fairly. It’s not about (being) good to AirAsia and bad to Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB), or good to MAB and not to AirAsia. Do what is good for Malaysians.

“We (at AirAsia) wanted Mavcom because we thought it would be great for the industry, and for them to be independent and look at the industry fairly.

“But I think it’s better to not have Mavcom,” he told Malaysian reporters at the airline’s #HalfABillion Guests Flown Celebration here today.

Fernandes was responding to questions on the police report lodged by Mavcom today over his claim that the aviation regulatory body told AirAsia to cancel all additional 120 flights it requested during the 14th general election.

The AirAsia head said dealing with Mavcom was difficult and resulted in AirAsia deputy group CEO (digital, transformation, corporate services) Aireen Omar, AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat and AirAsia X Malaysia CEO Benyamin Ismail facing difficult situations.

“Airene, myself, Ben and Riad had nothing short of torture when dealing with Mavcom.

“AirAsia and I will never stop fighting for fair industry practices and demand decisions to be made for the benefit of all Malaysians,” he said.

Shortly after Mavcom said it lodged the report, AirAsia issued a statement saying it has evidence and facts to back Fernandes’ allegations.

“We would like to emphasise that the video released by Fernandes on Sunday, May 13, 2018 is fully supported by evidence and facts, including direct communication between Riad and Mavcom executive chairman Abdullah Ahmad.

“We will divulge the evidence and facts to the appropriate authorities, at the right time,” the airline said.


It is good that Fernandes is consistent for being a ‘Drama King’ and conveniently and unjustly blame others, especially authorities and GLCs  for his own shortcomings and/or whenever he and his ideas hit a brickwall.

It is that consistent that any utterance of words from his mouth carry little credibility and his integrity as a corporate leader is full of inconsistencies, manipulation and probably, lies too.

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