Addressing the deliverables

Good of the Prime Minister addressing global forums and is heightening the pace and spread of universally correct issues, which was of grave interests to his.

However, the people voted for ‘change’ is not interested in the Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad’s trips abroad ever so often. Japan. China. Indonesia. Singapore. Thailand. United States. United Nations. United Kingdom. Papua New Guinea. And others.

Austria next.

They voted for his Leadership to address all the deliverables, promised and yet to be seen. Not even ten percent, as it is coming to a year soon since he and his cohorts seized power, through democracy.

Many believe the Prime Minister should be babysitting most of his Cabinet, for not addressing all the deliverables they promised the rakyat.

It is not like the rakyat demanded these deliverables and promises. It’s the Prime Minister and his ruling party leaders, who are now enjoying their position in the Cabinet and GLCs, who created the ‘Amalgamated Hopes’ (Pakatan Harapan) and listed now a series of promises and deliverables documented as ‘Manifesto’.

Please, put everything the right side up. The interest of the nation is paramount to Dr. Mahathir’s. Not his speeches. Not his messages, snubs, banters, insults. Not his awards bestowed.

They want more trade. They want bigger economy and more trickle down effect. They want to see more jobs and opportunities created in shorter time.

All and in sundry.

Otherwise, he did very well in his global role as the Dear Leader of the Perdana Leadership Foundation. He is very respected Statesman.

Now, the rakyat want a Chief Executive for the nation and nationhood sake.

It is not too much ask, is it? Ekk?

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  1. He asked for the job. So do it without excuses. Otherwise, retire and die!

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