The ‘Peril of Democracy’

It is time Gerontocracy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to put his act together and no longer pander to the fragile ‘Marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows’, as the ‘Peril of Democracy’ already demonstrating its vicious spiral towards digression and eventual doom for the nation.

The Edge Daily story:

Dr Mahathir says Malaysians losing patience over election promises

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 18): Malaysians are losing patience and are starting to criticize the current government over its unfulfilled election promises, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in Kuala Lumpur Saturday (Feb 16).

While the people wanted to see immediate changes, the present administration is unable to implement quick reforms because of the legacy left behind by the previous government, he said in a keynote address at Democracy Fest 2019. “But like it or not, they have to bear with us and bear with the present government because it takes time to correct all the wrongs that have been done by the previous government,” he said.

Dr Mahathir’s government, which toppled the United Malays National Organization-led coalition in a shock election victory in May, has also been a target of the previous premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Najib posted a video of a car making a swift turn to criticize flip flops by the present administration and shared the phone numbers of two government offices to encourage ministers to speak to one another.

“Phones have existed since 1876,” Najib wrote in a Facebook post, after the finance minister expressed shock at an announcement made by the economic affairs minister. “At least call each other up once in a while.”


Gerontocracy Prime Minister Dr Mahathir already demonstrating his restlessness, in just one week of events.

The Adviser of Parti Pengkitar-semulaan Buangan Melayu already grew 70% of his party’s market share within six months by last week’s unilateral admission of six UMNO MPs, against the will of PH coalition partners.

He also announced the Semenanjung Malay party which is actually an UMNO mirror and dissent into Sabah and lied about his meeting with PAS President Ustaz Dato’ Seri Haji Hadi Awang last Friday.

Political analyst Joceline Tan’s column in The Star:

Rumblings on the Malay ground 

A strange wind is blowing through Semenyih. 

That is the feeling on the ground even though the campaign has only just begun.


In the run-up to the general election, one of the most powerful terms of attack used by the opposition against the then government was “rasuah” or corruption.

But now in Semenyih, the opposition’s most effective attack word is “tipu” (cheat or lie), a reference to Pakatan Harapan’s inability to deliver on its election promises.

The “tipu” rallying cry has resonated especially among the Malays, posing a dilemma for Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia which is struggling to hold on to the seat.

But the start of the campaign has been dominated by a fascinating sideshow starring Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Dr Mahathir caused confusion among the main political players when he claimed that PAS had agreed not to support Umno in Semenyih. This came a day after a photo of the Prime Minister and Hadi exchanging a warm handshake went viral.

PAS leaders have since clarified that their cooperation with Umno in Semenyih still stands. 

At the same time, they admitted to supporting Dr Mahathir’s Malay and Islamic agenda.

To those unfamiliar with Malay politics, it looked like a love triangle – PAS is dating Umno while holding hands with Dr Mahathir.

But political insiders claimed that PAS’ support for Dr Mahathir has less to do with Semenyih than with what is known as the “grand design” aimed at preventing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from becoming the next prime minister.

The Prime Minister is aware of gossip of a vote of no confidence at the next sitting of Parliament and he wants as many MPs on his side as possible. 

All 18 MPs from PAS have also apparently signed statutory declarations to that effect.

In short, a Malay-Muslim configuration is in the process of forming behind the leadership of Dr Mahathir.

As for Dr Mahathir’s claim that PAS has ditched Umno in Semenyih, well, that is vintage Dr Mahathir for you. 

It has happened to many other people – they meet Dr Mahathir to talk about one thing and he emerges to say something else to his advantage. 

He did not live to become the world’s oldest prime minister by walking the straight and narrow path.

Nevertheless, Dr Mahathir has played PAS like a violin. He has cast doubts in the minds of PAS supporters, some of whom may now choose to support Bersatu candidate Muhammad Aiman Zainali.

“People can say what they like, we are still working together on the ground,” said Selangor PAS election director Roslan Shahir of the joint PAS-Umno campaign.

Dr Mahathir should also check on the enemy within. The by-election is taking place at a time when ties between Pakatan partners are being tested.

The Bersatu chairman’s ongoing push to recruit ex-Umno leaders has embarrassed and ruffled feathers among his Pakatan partners.

They want him to stop but do not know how to tell him off. 

Even Parti Warisan Sabah chief Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, the king of the hill in Sabah, has caved in, saying that he has no power to stop Bersatu from setting up base in his state.

As such, there have been whispers of internal sabotage against the Bersatu candidate in Semenyih.

Bersatu is depending on PKR to run the show in Semenyih. But everyone has noticed that it is the faction aligned to Datuk Seri Azmin Ali that is going all out for Bersatu.

The PKR deputy president, widely seen as Dr Mahathir’s blue-eyed boy, has thrown his all into the campaign.

However, the sideshow involving Dr Mahathir and Hadi has had limited impact on the ordinary folk in Semenyih.

The buzzword in Semenyih has been “Bossku” a.k.a Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“We thought he was joking when he said he intends to steal the hearts of the people here but it is not a joke after all. He is going to be a central figure in the campaign,” said photo journalist Minaq Jinggo.

Najib’s popularity on the Malay ground has ballooned.

A large part of it has to do with the perception that the economy was better under him. 

There is also the sympathy factor – he has come across as the victim of a witch hunt with the overkill of court charges against him.

“He has positioned himself as the questioning voice of the opposition. His social media presence is very relatable and he has tapped into the people’s unhappiness over the economy,” said political commentator Amir Fareed Rahim.

He has ventured twice into Semenyih and the reception has been overwhelming.

On Sunday night, as he finished speaking at a ceramah at a low-cost housing enclave, the emcee urged the crowd to be orderly and not to mob Najib. 

But everyone ignored the emcee and surged forward to greet and take wefies with him, almost ignoring Umno candidate Zakaria Hanafi.

“No one in Pakatan was connecting with the Malay ground and Najib stepped into that role,” said Amir.

Anwar, given his personal charisma, should be playing that role but he has chosen to spend his time travelling and meeting foreign leaders.

The wind that blew Najib out of power may now blow Bersatu out of Semenyih.



It is also believed that the requested PH Presidential Council yesterday was cancelled.

The Pakatan Harapan coalition partner, has started to sound out for Gerontocracy Prime Minister Dr Mahathir to leave.

FMT story:

Perlekeh manifesto: Pemimpin DAP desak Dr M berundur


Ahli Jawatankuasa DAP Johor, Boo Cheng Hau. (Gambar Facebook)

PETALING JAYA: Pemimpin DAP Johor, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, hari ini mendesak Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad meletak jawatan kerana memperlekeh manifesto Pakatan Harapan (PH) pilihan raya umum ke-14.

Boo, yang juga ahli jawatankuasa DAP negeri berkata, dakwaan Dr Mahathir bahawa manifesto itu hanya “panduan dan bukan kitab” menunjukkan beliau tidak berkeyakinan terhadap diri dan manifesto itu sendiri.

“Tindakan beberapa pemimpin PH mendakwa perubahan kerajaan tidak mungkin berlaku tanpa kepimpinan Dr Mahathir hanya mencerminkan kemerosotan diri mereka,” katanya.

Malah, katanya, mereka yang melontar pandangan sedemikian sudah mengaku ketidakcekapan diri dan juga harus meletak jawatan.

Boo turut menyelar tindakan PPBM menerima bekas ahli Parlimen Umno dan menggesa pimpinan PH mengambil pendirian bersama membantah amalan sedemikian.

“Malaysia memerlukan persaingan sihat dalam sistem 2 parti untuk memastikan pembaharuan institusi dilaksanakan secara berkesan,” katanya.

Sebaliknya, katanya, negara akan “ke belakang” jika wakil rakyat digalakkan untuk melompat parti.


Even Parti Pengkitar-semulaan Buangan Melayu Presiden Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin is struggling to convince the Malays, that they are there to look after interest of the majority of Malaysians.

Case in point is the recent so called financial fiasco of Tabung Haji (TH) by the previous Government and management of ‘Illegal Hibah’ distributed and this provided the Minister-in-charge Mujahid Yusof to make the announcement ten weeks ago.

Hence, it warranted TH to be structured and the RM19.9billion worth of assets and investments deemed ‘problematic and bad’, be treated through the Classic Gerontocracy Dr Mahathir solution: Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

What is worrying the Malays is that not only the subsidy for Hajj Pilgrims would be rationalised, the SPV, Urus Jemaah Sdn. Bhd., is manned by TH staff but under the absolute control of the Minister of Finance.

DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng is the Minister and DAP Chief Strategist Tony Pua, is the Minister’s Political Secretary and head honcho of all exercise by the Minister.

Democracy, provided everyone the right for them to voice themselves out loud, be it appropriate or otherwise.

Never mind the fact that the Media Adviser to the Prime Minister, who happened to be an award winning journo and one time a media baron, openly using his blog to shell of the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Royal Institution.

Now, even a serving Court of Appeal Judge is freely voicing allegations that the Judiciary is being tampered by the Executive.

The Edge Daily story:

MACC meets Judge Hamid Sultan over allegations in his affidavit

PUTRAJAYA (Feb 18): The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today met with Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Dr Hamid Sultan Abu Baker over his recent 63-page affidavit, filed last week, on allegations of judicial interference.

The meeting, aimed at gathering information related to the affidavit, took place at Hamid Sultan’s chambers at the Palace of Justice here.

“During the meeting, no recording of the conversation was carried out by the MACC,” the commission said in a statement.


The MACC said it would study the information from the affidavit and continue investigations if there was ground concerning issues related to corruption and abuse of power in accordance with the provisions of the law stipulated in the MACC Act 2009.

The MACC also urged the public with information related to the matters set out in the affidavit to report directly to the nearest MACC office.

“Every informant will be protected under the Whistleblower Act 2010,” the MACC said.

The affidavit revealed, among others, explosive and detailed information in relation to numerous incidences of alleged judicial interference within the Malaysian judiciary, including alleged judicial interference in Karpal Singh’s sedition appeal decision at the Court of Appeal.

Hamid Sultan, in a meeting today, suggested the setting up of a special task force aimed at initiating the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI), the MACC said.


The over politicking of the ‘Blame Game’ now is intertwines with geo-Political relations and high level corporate game.

They say, ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. The simple case in point is the cancellation of the ECRL project from Port Klang through Pahang, East Coast of Terengganu and eventual terminal at Tumpat, Kelantan.

The mumbo-jumbo adverse statements and announcements between key Cabinet members back and forth is really leaving the nation baffled, and the nation into a laughing stock.

What is even damning is that the project involved a major foreign trade and geo-political super power and the cancellation/uncertainty is also about state owned corporations.

This is not withstanding the mockery of the democracy demonstrated by ruling Government leaders, in their greed and manifestation for the new found power and the mess they are creating disputing in public amongst themselves.

They say, desperate time seeks desperate measure.

Perhaps it is time to do away with this over politicking and get the reins of the nation and put it back on track for recovery.

The ‘democratic solution’, where too many people saying too many things on chaotic three-dimensional matter on just the same problem or issue, is simply impractical and not at all provide the avenue of getting things sorted out.

This is the ‘Peril of Democracy’. Like how the Brits decided on Brexit, mainly on playing the falsehood of sentiments against the reality of the future.

Now, they are suffering for the uncertainty and inability to get the democracy to agree on a plan, to move on and forward and mitigate everything downside about of the haste political decision, made by the majority.

The Brits should sought Prime Minister Churchill’s wartime ‘War Cabinet’ as a solution.

Probably, temporarily suspend Parliament and just get the experts to sort it out.

Malaysia did see this once. Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman declared Emergency on 15 May 1969 and National Operation Council under Director Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein, then Deputy Prime Minister, took over the reins of the nation.

The Parliament was suspended.

Of course, it was not at all democratic. Everything was sorted out by the NOC, which included roles played by the Parliament.

In less then two years, when NOC got the nation sorted out and everything was stabilised, it became better. That provided the stability, for the economic engine growth.

New Economic Policy, Rukun Negara and even a tighter all parties (PAS, Sabah and Sarawak parties with the exception of Chinese Chauvinists DAP) co-operation coalition came onboard and contributed to propel the nation forward.

One of the important economic policy that came out from this was taking Malaysia from a primary-industries based economy and moved towards industrialisation, which propelled under industries.

It is time for Gerontocracy Prime Minister to consider the best option, to move the nation forward in the neck of the confusion and inconsistency of the incompetency traits the current ruling Government is abundantly demonstrating, day to day.

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