The Hesseltine Gambit

PKR MPs should have the nerve to demand the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat to ‘test’ amongst the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) MPs whether Gerontocracy Prime Minister still enjoy the majority support within the coalition of four parties plus Warisan.

The Federal Government by PH already completed ten months of administration.

So far, they have failed to deliver the ‘PH Manifesto’ election promises, which include with tolls highways and roads and PTPTN loan burdens abolished.

There is no significant reduction of retail petrol prices and thus, no clear proof of the goods and services would be reduced despite the Good Services Tax has been abolished.

Instead, there is a ban on smoking at eateries and restaurant, which brought forth a lot of anguish.

The business and commercial community, which is controlled by Malaysian Chinese is predominantly displeased with the sluggish economy.

So are the retail and institutional investors, where the KLCI dropped by almost 200 points since the ‘Malaysia Baru’.

Soon the Malays would join the displeasure bee-line when Tabung Haji declare much lower Hibah (earnings) for the 9.3 million depositors.

In the Westminster-styled democracy, there is already a precedence on MPs deciding on the Leader of the Government, by testing the support within the Parliament.

Defence Secretary Michael Hesseltine ran against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in November 1990, upon her own Cabinet colleagues doubted her leadership.

It is the reduced confidence of the British public against Thatcher grew from the systematic job losses from her policy of privatisation of corporations and reduction of subsidies, including the coal and steel industries.

Of course, the heavy poll tax imposed on each household brought the British public uproar.

The resignation of Foreign Minister Geoffrey Howe triggered the motion of her own Cabinet colleagues, whipping the support from her own party MPs.

It is a true test of democracy, especially when the PH Presidential Council at this point of time is unable to provide the transition time table for a proper Prime Minister, to ensure the market confidence on how and where the nation is going.

The public had the impression that Gerontocracy Prime Minister is an interim Leader of the PH ruling Government, in lieu of their victory to form the Federal Government post 9 May 2018 and the time, the defacto Leader Anwar Ibrahim was still serving his jail sentence for sodomy.

Presently, domestic and international investors and business community are voicing the same notion and tune:

1. Lack of political stability, without a proper Leadership transition plan and timetable

2. Gross lack of clarity of policies, process decision making and direction

3. The consistency of the roll out of decision made, implementation and the ever so often Cabinet colleagues negate amongst themselves in the open and through media

This is not withstanding how the PH ruling Government been mocked across the board and the confusion created.

PH already lost two by-elections on a row.

On the geo-political front with global partners and regional common border neighbours, Malaysia’s position and standing have been perceived to be lowered than what it was before after PH ruling party leaders assumed the different strategic Ministries.

As such the Ministries of Finance, International Trade and Industry, Economic Affairs, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Primary Industries and Housing, Rural Development and Urban Development, are in the basket on Ministers who are seen unable to provide leadership and get the programs rolled out, for the betterment of the people.

Hence, it is time the ruling PH MPs put the confidence and support on the Prime Minister to the test.

It is also a good opportunity to test how Sabah and Sarawak MPs have their confidence and support on the Gerontocracy Prime Minister, especially in issues such as persistently growing demands on the Malaysian Agreement 1963 and slack of security able to defend the Sabah borders from undesirable persons and threatening the peace and security of warga Sabah, especially on the East Coast.

It is a test of wit. It is a test wisdom. It is. Test of confidence and support. It is the real test of playing Parker Bros board game of ‘Risk’.

Then again, in Shakespeare’s own opening act, “Beware of the Ides of March”.

However, the end of thr day this is real test by MPs against the ruling PH Govt.

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