Is the game is afoot with the arrest of political aide to PKR President Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim in the high profile investigation of the ultra-sensational ‘Semburit’ shocking video during the Sandakan by-election?

The Star story:

Anwar’s aide arrested in connection with Haziq sex video case


  • Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019

PETALING JAYA: Perak PKR leader Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak has been identified as the politician arrested by the police to assist in investigations into a sex video scandal that has embroiled Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.   

Farhash, who is the political secretary of PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, was nabbed along with two other suspects in Pasir Gudang, Johor on Tuesday (July 16), according to sources.

Farhash had previously asked Azmin to quit if the evidence over the sex video clips was overwhelmingly against him.  

Prior to this, Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, as well as five others, were picked up by the police as part of ongoing investigations into the scandal.

Haziq has confessed to being one of the two men involved in sexual acts in the video and claims that the other is Azmin.

Azmin has, however, categorically denied this.

Haziq was first detained at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on June 14, and three days later, the police set up a special task force, led by Comm Huzir to investigate the case.



It is very interesting to what the Police might find from the investigation after the arrest.

The permutation of questions is almost infinite.

Who is the person in bed with Haziq Abdullah Abd Aziz, who complained through his video posting viralled through the Facebook platform about his despicable act at the Sandakan Four Points Sheraton.

How is Wafa Salvador involved in this?

How is Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim?

Could it be the chap committing the Section 377A of the Buggery Act under Penal Code, is a Cabinet Minister?

Then, if there are any definitive answers to all ambiguities, individually all and sundry, most of the average person on the street watching stories about this topic would there on, asks a few more.

Is Gerontocracy Prime Minister really sincere about handing over the Premiership to Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, now that the ambiguity of “Two years” is from the point PH took over from BN or the last time it was asked to the former?

Then again, what is the most likely ‘succession plan’ in the head of the Gerontocracy Prime Minister?

Is it to at some point of time, pass over the baton to Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim or stretch as long and create the opportunity for the latter falls into the conniving trap of “He is unfit to become Prime Minister again!”.

Of course, that could be the more likely succession plan in the head of the Gerontocracy Prime Minister.

This theory fits with the conspiracy of two different prongs manoeuvred by Gerontocracy Prime Minister.

The first one is about PPBM strengthening themselves, at least at Dewan Rakyat Level by ‘encouraging’ defectors from UMNO.

It is a serious change of heart (Or U-Turn on the policy of NOT accepting defectors outside PH upon their thunderous but schocking in toppling BN on 14GE).

So far 16MPs abandoned the nationalist party but only 14 out of the joined Mahathir’s party, which simply more than doubled PPBM’s seat in Dewan Rakyat from 13 to 27.

The second one is Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim didn’t waste much time to enthroned himself as the heir apparent by quickly getting to win the Port Dickson Parliamentary seat and the Presidency of the party that was created for and about him, PKR.

Regardless how eager and impatient Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is to ascend the PM VIII seat, he is trying his best to be nonchalant about it.

Which is not exactly successful. Politic pundits are giving the opinion otherwise, especially as Gerontocracy Prime Minister fortifying himself with manoeuvres and getting his agents in the likes of Chairman of Council of Elders Daim Zainuddin and Economic Adviser Dr Muhammed A Khalid to put their ‘hands’ all over the place within the Federal Government eco-system.

Back to the first bit of Gerontocracy Prime Minister strengthening his position. He and/or his agents managed to get UMNO MPs in the likes of Mas Ermieyati, Mustapha Mohamad, Nor Azmi, Ikmal Hisham, Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad, Hamzah Zainuddin and others to abandon UMNO in quite just sixth months after BN unable to retain power in the Federal Government and all but two State Governments.

It was said the exercise was ‘engineered’ by a ‘shadow’ UMNO. He either was asked or volunteered to broker the ‘exodus of UMNO MPs as Independent’, with the specific objective to quite soon there on join PPBM and strengthen the party which started as the most junior in the Pakatan Harapan coalition.

Many was made to believe that if this ‘shadow’ UMNO leader manage to create a ‘substantial UMNO crossover into PPBM’, then he would be part of the ‘equation for the succession plan’, which is very high on the stake by global eyes watching on the Malaysian politics.

‘Succession planning’ is utmost in the order of priority when Malaysia’s scorecard is measure. At present, it is substantially low as globally, the feeling on the:

1. Lack and defective of political stability and moving ahead

2. Lack of clarity of policies and decisions made

3. Grave lack of implementation and follow through of policies, which include knee-jerk reversals and cancellation, not withstanding mega projects and worse of all, the ones involving G-to-G as direct stakeholders

In the second act of the ‘Succession Plan’ schedule, it is believed that the DAP is throwing itself firmly behind Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim and the substantial faction of PKR.

It means that this is the single most substantial component within the PH ‘unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenient-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows’.

It was said the day after DAP thunderous win in Sandakan two months ago, some senior DAP leaders demanded that Gerontocracy Prime Minister announce the time table of the Succession Plan.

That, sent the PPBM inner circle helter skelter trying to manoeuvre their political position.0

The current ‘Semburit scandal’ is probably a major spanner thrown in the works of Gerontocracy Prime Minister’s Succession Plan.

The man-of-the-season Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Mohamed Ali’s name has suddenly been peppered with shock and shame.

The Star story:

Video casts a shadow over Azmin

The beleaguered Datuk Seri Azmin Ali seems to have the support of the most influential man behind the Prime Minister but the burning question is why the police investigation into the sex video is taking so long. 

THE Hari Raya open house of Datuk Seri Azmin Ali was one of the grandest he has hosted in his political career.

There were thousands of guests at his official residence in Putrajaya but notably absent were many of the top PKR figures, including party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The Azmin team has been seething over the sex video issue and had apparently “rescinded” – the term used by the team – invitations sent out to PKR’s power couple.

Several PKR leaders and journalists who received formal invitations to the open house were also informed a few days before the event that they had been uninvited.

The move was the talk of PKR circles because to be uninvited is unusual to say the least. 

It was a rather petty and childish move but it showed how angry the Azmin team is about what they see as a plot to destroy their boss.

The video implicating Azmin in a sex tryst does not seem to have affected his appeal if the crowd at the open house was anything to go by.

But it was the presence of Tun Daim Zainuddin, arguably the most influential man behind the Prime Minister, that sent a potent signal that evening.

The low-profile tycoon, who arrived with his wife, was in one of his ill-fitting shirts that looked two sizes too big for him and which almost reached his knees. 

Daim’s silence on the video issue has been read as a sign of disapproval but his appearance that evening gave Azmin a much-needed boost.

The Azmin team is elated because they think that their man now not only has the support of the Prime Minister but also an influential man behind the Prime Minister.

Azmin also crossed an important hurdle last week when the police established that the bank transaction documents in the video accusing Azmin of corruption were forgeries. 

It would be tempting to think that the worst is over for Azmin, that the issue seems to be tapering off rather than escalating. 

But this is one sex scandal that just won’t go away yet.

“Nothing ever disappears once it gets into the Internet,” said political commentator Tawfik Ismail.

The hidden hands behind the expose have been relentless, systematically releasing more videos related to the sex allegations that are aimed at shaping public opinion.

There have also been protests calling for Azmin’s resignation and labelling him a “semburit” or homosexual.

“Azmin has survived as a Cabinet member but to go a step further, that is out of the question for now,” said a political insider.

In that sense, the “vicious libel”, as Azmin calls it, may have disqualified him as a prime minister candidate in the foreseeable future.

Many have noted the lack of outrage or urgency like when Anwar was slammed with all manner of sex-related accusations 20 years ago.

Lawyer Khaw Veon Szu said people are simply tired of the constant politics. 

“Things like the rising cost of living are more worrying to them. I sense people are also disgusted with this kind of politics,” said Khaw.

Back in 1998, Anwar came under fierce attack from the mighty Barisan Nasional while the Opposition, especially PAS, rallied to his support.

This time, the Opposition has gone to the sidelines to watch the show while those within Pakatan Harapan pretend that all is well, reluctant to judge or to show support for Azmin.

But the burning question at this point in time is the progress of the police investigation.

The impression, said Tawfik, is that the police seem to be tip-toeing around the matter.

This is a politically sensitive case and the first big test for Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Ab­­dul Hamid Bador since his appointment. 

He probably does not wish to make any missteps and has promised not to pressure the special taskforce set up to look into the case.

Azmin loyalist Dr Afif Bahardin has urged the police to also investigate the mastermind behind the accuser Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, who is clearly not acting alone.

“We must identify who is behind it. These are dangerous people especially if they are bidding for power,” said Afif, who is also a Seberang Jaya assemblyman.

The police have kept a tight lid on their probe, including the all-important question of whether the video is authentic or a deepfake.

The veil over the investigation has also generated all kinds of rumours, including claims that there will be a cover-up.

The fact that the Prime Minister has pre-empted things by saying that he does not believe the allegations and declaring the video fake does not make things easy for the investigators. 

Those critical of the way the issue is being handled complain that Dr Mahathir has unfairly set the tone and that his statements are the soundbites that people will remember.

“Who would dare go against the narrative of the No. 1?” said a PKR division chief.

As of now, even the most seasoned of politicians are unable to predict how this issue will turn out.

What is clear though is that it has dented Pakatan’s image.

The ball is at the feet of the special police taskforce.



The tainted Minister’s role and place in the Gerontocracy Prime Minister’s Succession Plan is either at best compromised or worse still, fizzling away systematically.

What added to the ‘Succession Plan’ was the commentaries on the opportunity arisen from Gerontocracy Prime Minister’s 94th birthday.

The Star story:

Play for Malay votes on Dr M’s birthday

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was flooded with birthday greetings but the Malay parties probably gave him the best present by pushing for a Bill that will inject some 3.9 million new Malay voters into the voting pool. 

VIDEOS and pictures of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s birthday are still streaming on social media.

The “birthday boy” has been round the block 94 times but he is still able to bring on his own unique responses to the occasion that makes it a talking point each year.

However, Dr Mahathir’s recent birthday was probably the most scrutinised for hints of what lies ahead.

His tweet was accompanied by a trio of carefully picked photos – one of him seated at his work desk, another of him by the French windows in his office gazing out to the horizon and a close-up shot of him smiling broadly and flashing the V-sign.

The subtext to that was that his work and the country are his priorities, but what was the V-sign about?

The V-sign is associated with victory after Winston Churchill used it at the end of World War II.

Political aide and film-maker Syed Azidi Syed Aziz read it as an encrypted signal that Mahathir will be up there for “two more years”.

Dr Mahathir had described his birthday wish as “very simple” and that is to set the country on the road to recovery.

“Sounds like a journey that’s going to take more than two years,” said Syed Azidi with a laugh.

There was also a certain poignant tone to many of the birthday wishes coming in for Dr Mahathir. 

“For once, there was little nastiness or exchanges. People know that time is not on Dr Mahathir’s side, they want to celebrate the occasion while they can and if he is still around next year, then that’s good,” said former MP Jeff Ooi, who is also a widely-read columnist for several Chinese newspapers.

But the most interesting was the way those whose careers were built on running him down but are now fawning over him with sweet wishes.

Even opponents, including Datuk Seri Najib Razak, put aside their rivalry to wish him well. 

Some even suspect a grudging admiration on the part of Najib for the elder man, who at 94, is still up there and fighting.

“It was a gentlemanly gesture because birthdays are always a good occasion for all of us,” said Lanchang assemblyman Datuk Seri Sharkar Shamsudin.

Bersatu supreme council member Akhramsyah Sanusi said people out there see Dr Mahathir as a reliable pair of hands at the steering wheel given the burden he is carrying from the previous government and his largely inexperienced team.

“No need to read too much into politicians wishing each other well, that is politics. What the common people think is more important. There is some disappointment in Pakatan Harapan but this has been cushioned by the level of trust in Dr Mahathir,” said Akhramsyah.

Dr Mahathir’s return to the top post was initially seen as revenge politics and he spent much of last year adapting to his new partners and the new way of running things.

“He has shown he is in charge, he’s asserting his powers as PM. Other parties (in Pakatan) may be bigger but they know he is the boss. No one will be able to tell him to go off before he is ready, that much is clear,” said Syed Azidi.

In short, there is no way he will agree to naming the transition date until he is ready to call it a day.

Surveys and polls have pointed to a decline in ratings for Dr Mahathir. Yet, politically speaking, he is much stronger and more secure than a year ago. 

“Of course, he is stronger than before. The number of MPs in Bersatu shot up by 100%,” said Sharkar, referring to the Umno crossovers to Bersatu.

A great deal of Dr Mahathir’s clout in Pakatan also has to do with the way he has played the game. 

For instance, a senior Umno figure claimed that Dr Mahathir’s Malay unity call was less about getting Malay parties to come together than a veiled warning to his coalition partners.

“How can two big Malay parties join a tiny party? His message was aimed at DAP and PKR, that if they push him to the wall, he can rope in PAS and Umno for support. He is also telling Anwar to go slow if he wants to make it.

“There is also a message for Umno and PAS – he is saying that if the Malays continue to break up, don’t blame him because he has tried his best,” said the senior Umno man.

The Umno figure said Dr Mahathir is a stubborn creature who dislikes getting advice or being told what to do. 

He said that another thing to remember is that Dr Mahathir does not concede defeat in a fight. If you take him on, be prepared to go the distance.

Pakatan leaders know him well as a former arch enemy and are only now learning to work with him as their ally.

He is still springing surprises on them like what happened in Parliament a few days ago. 

He chaired a discussion with Opposition party leaders on the Bill to lower the voting age and when they emerged, they had reached a stunning decision to amend the Bill to enable the automatic registration of voters at age 18.

According to Sharkar, a whopping 3.9 million new Malay voters would be added to the voter registration list under the automatic registration move.

The main beneficiaries would be Malay-Muslim parties like PAS, Umno and Bersatu.

The Malay parties had basically come together in a sophisticated play for Malay votes ahead of the next general election. 

It will be like a huge blood transfusion for these Malay parties and pose a huge challenge to Chinese-dominated parties like DAP.

During the press conference to announce the decision, Dr Mahathir could be seen smiling indulgently at Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. 

It was a smile that said: Mission accomplished!

And suddenly, people could understand what was behind the cosy picture of Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman chatting with Najib on the sidelines of Parliament.

All this happened on Dr Mahathir’s birthday and the joke is that this might be his favourite birthday present.



Now comes to the interesting theory.

This week, saw the landmark Dewan Rakyat bi-partisan passing of the Bill to allow automatic voting age and qualification for 18 year olds.

After tweaking the original proposed Bill, Gerontocracy Prime Minister managed to obtain unequivocal support from the Opposition, UMNO, PAS and GPS.

It is a step up from the humiliating defeat for the amendment Bill to the Federal Constitution brought forth by Gerontocracy Prime Minister, not quite three months ago in the last Parliamentary session.

All the recent developments, independently or all and sundry, would be a ‘trigger’ on the move to ‘dethrone’ Gerontocracy Prime Minister?

More so, a little over a week ago Gerontocracy Prime Minister invited UMNO and PAS to join PPBM.

UMNO President Dato Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi rejected the invitation as “UMNO is not willing to work with DAP” and yesterday, PAS President Tuan Guru Dato Seri Hj Hadi Awang coyly said, “No appetite (Tiada selera)” to the invitation.

Hence, for the so called failed UMNO leader who aspires with the “Prime Ministerial quality”, his manoeuvres to amalgamate all the Malay and Bumiputra MPs from UMNO, PAS and GPS and fortify the Gerontocracy Prime Minister against the possible heightening pressure from Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim with his PKR faction and strong DAP plus PAN support is withering away.

At least for the moment.

And the latest arrest on the investigation of the ‘Semburit Scandal’ which is believed to include Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim’s own Political Secretary, is likely to diminish to trigger within PH to openly run Gerontocracy Prime Minister down?

Then again there are those who believe that however impatient Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim is, he would not dare to try and run Gerontocracy Prime Minister down openly.

Not even when DAP is willing to do the bidding for him.

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