his Majesty the King wouldn't accommodate Tun Dr. Mahathir at arms with the Opposition, particularly his nemesis for 49 years Lim Kit Siang and DAP

His Majesty the King wouldn’t accommodate Tun Dr. Mahathir at arms with the Opposition, particularly his nemesis for 49 years Lim Kit Siang and DAP

UMNO Baru Founder Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad may not want the Chinese Chauvinist DAP to rule, although they are riding on him in the process to cripple BN by the success of the Malays turning their back against UMNO.

The Fourth Prime Minister is obsessed going around demonising against UMNO President Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak with manipulation of facts, slanders and lies. It also at the expense of UMNO.

Dr. Mahathir proclaimed that “DAP assured me that if they are in power, they would adhere to the Federal Constitution”.

What he is naively trying to insinuate is that the Chauvinist Chinese DAP would adhere and respect Special Malay Rights provisions in the Federal Constitution, like Article 153.

However, it is doubtful that DAP leaders would leave alone institution for benefits of Bumiputera such as MARA, UiTM, PNB, FELDA, RISDA, FELCRA, TH and various Zakat Boards.

UMNO President Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak was mindful enough when this was specifically mentioned in this year’s UMNO General Assembly keynote address.

After 2008, it is apparent that DAP was the culprits behind who wanted Selangor State Govt to interfere and dip into the zakat monies collected in the Baitulmal for development purposes.

Let us be reminded for the brief 11 months DAP ruled through puppet MB Perak Nizar Jamaluddin, land parcels of 999 years lease were rampantly issued to Non Malays, particularly their supporters.

In the eight years DAP ruled Penang, many Malay petty traders have suffered. This is not withstanding the many corruption involving key  State Govt officials.

Even the Chief Minister and family are rampantly involved in corruption and at the moment being charged.

DAP is the party with 37 MPs in Dewan Rakyat. That makes them the most powerful Opposition compared to PKR, PAN, PAS and the new kid on the block, Dr Mahathir’s Pribumi Bersatu.

Dr. Mahathir is DAP’s Trojan Horse into the traditional Malay voters. Inadvertently, this would destroy UMNO when DAP comes to power and the struggle for the Malay Agenda is gone.

Then again as a animal being riden on, it does not the same perks when the journey ends. The rider would be in the warmth and comfort of the abode where as the ride, remains outside with the elements.

Maybe DAP sincerity of providing fair and progressive leadership is something Dr. Mahathir trying to hoodwink voters, especially the Malays.

However, the Malays would never be the mule that Dr Mahathir allowed himself to be.

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Shameless Sewer Statesman

Former founder of UMNO Baru and recent dissent party Pribumi Bersatu is a shameless Statesman when the larger part of DAP is still demonstrating their animosity and distrust on and about him, despite he has been trying to ride on the Opposition with the most seat in Dewan Rakyat in his personal sinister political agenda.

FMT story:

Dr Mahathir not invited to DAP national conference

Tarrence Tan | November 25, 2016
Anthony Loke explains this is because, traditionally, only component parties of Pakatan Harapan are invited to attend.

KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad will not be invited to the DAP national conference next week, says party national organising secretary Anthony Loke Siew Fook.
Speaking to reporters during a press conference at DAP’s headquarters, Loke said this was because PPBM was not an official component of the opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan (PH), yet.
“PPBM has not yet formed an official alliance with Harapan. It is tradition that we only invite component parties of our coalition to the national conference.”
The DAP national conference is set to take place at the IDEAL Convention Centre in Shah Alam on Dec 4.

Loke said leaders from component parties would be invited, including PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and deputy-president Mohamed Azmin Ali, and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu and deputy-president Salahuddin Ayub.
“We have invited our party veterans and have extended the invitation to the top leadership of the two component parties in PH, which are PKR and Amanah,” he said.
Loke said only two DAP leaders would address the conference – national acting chairman Tan Kok Wai and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.
“There will be no speeches by other party leaders. Only two DAP leaders will speak in this conference, and there will also be debates by our delegates.”
Loke said 2,732 delegates from all parts of the country were expected to attend the conference, which would also mark the DAP’s 50th anniversary.
“The party is set to adopt a ‘DAP at 50’ declaration, where it will renew the foundation of the party’s struggles for the next 50 years.”


The fact is that besides a few strategic and national leaders, most of DAP refused to accept the arch-enemy of the Chinese Chauvinist party, for a very prickly history of 50 years of political fight.

Let alone for majority of them trust him.

The Fourth Prime Minister is desperately running out of ideas and options to oust Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, an obsession the former openly shelled intensely against the latter since March 2015.

The machiavellian politician tried everything he could. He manipulated, lied, conveniently changed his stories and allegations, worked with foreign Neo Con Jewish funded and controlled media and even invited foreign power intervention, to topple and oust Prime Minister Najib.

First he manipulated then Deputy Prime Minister and several strategic regulators and law enforcement chiefs to pressure Prime Minister Najib to bow out.

When it failed miserably, the Fifth UMNO President tried to rouse UMNO grassroots, to get his sinister agenda through MT and General Assembly but that flunked too.

He was unable to convince some BN MPs to rebel against Prime Minister Najib and get Parliament to vote him out because of no confidence.

Dr Mahathir eventually joined forces with the Opposition, Pakatan Harapan in the twin by-election of Sg. Besar and Kuala Kangsar was counting that his involvement, would tip the votes for the Opposition. How wrong was he as BN obtained a better majority even against combined votes of PAN and PAS.

In early March he openly announced working with Chinese Chauvinist Emperorissimo Lim Kit Siang and other key Opposition leaders, to launch the ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’.

Dr Mahathir shamelessly claimed their movement “Obtained 1.4 million petition signatures” for this and he even tried to sell this lemon to His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV, when they met on 16 September 2016.

The fact is that Dr. Mahathir is trying to ride on DAP’s strength, which is the mainstay of Pakatan Harapan with 37 MPs in Dewan Rakyat and clout over Parti Amanah Rakyat.

His centrestage together with sacked UMNO Deputy President Muhyiddin “I am Malay first!” Mohd. Yassin marred BERSIH 5 as the turnout was only a fraction of the they organised last year.

Dr. Mahathir shamelessly pretend the Opposition leaders, followers and sympathisers ‘conveniently’ look away all the perils he did when he was in power for over 22 years.

These are landmark events like the use of ISA, clamp down against media and expression, sacking and jailing of his Deputy, sacking of Lord President and five judges and several fiascos.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Said Salleh Keruak is spot on about Dr Mahathir’s obsession made him delusional.

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Semua kawan gila!

Presiden UMNO Baru Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad menolak setiap orang perseorangan yang gagal atau memilih untuk tidak bersama beliau lagi dalam kegilaan politik peribadi untuk menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, termasuk kerjasama dengan Chauvinis Cina DAP dan mengundang campurtangan casing.

Laporan Malaysiakini:

Dr Mahathir: Saya malu Ibrahim Ali kawan saya

Geraldine Tong 22 Nov 2016, 6:28 petang 22 Nov 2016, 6:33 petang
Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, beliau malu menyebut bahawa Presiden PERKASA, Datuk Ibrahim Ali adalah kawannya.

“Saya malu, dia kawan saya tapi tak mahu masuk BERSATU pasal kita kawan dengan DAP,” kata Dr Mahathir pada satu sidang media di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di Putrajaya hari ini.

Menurut Dr Mahathir, Ibrahim mendakwa bahawa DAP adalah “jahat”, tetapi jika dibandingkan DAP dengan MCA, siapa sebenarnya lebih jahat.

Katanya, DAP secara terbuka mengisytiharkan bahawa mereka menghormati perlembagaan, kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu, Islam sebagai agama rasmi negara dan sebagainya.

Adakah MCA atau MIC pernah melakukan perkara yang sama, soalnya.

Beliau turut mengulas keputusan Ibrahim untuk meletakkan 50 calon bebas mewakili kumpulan pendesak Melayu itu pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Ini, katanya, bermakna bahawa Ibrahim bekerja untuk Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“Dia bekerja untuk Datuk Seri Najib. Sebab dia tau kalau lebih daripada pertandingan satu lawan satu, Najib akan menang. Jadi dia berusaha supaya Najib menang

“Dia pura-pura berjuang untuk orang Melayu, tak boleh cakap dengan DAP. Tapi dia sanggup bekerja dengan Najib, dia sanggup sokong orang yang curi duit,” kata Mahathir.

Beliau juga menafikan bahawa pernah menjadi penaung PERKASA.

Ibrahim pada Ahad lalu mengumumkan PERKASA merancang untuk meletakkan 50 calon pada pilihan raya umum akan datang, termasuk dirinya.

Katanya, mereka tidak akan menggunakan platform parti politik sebaliknya hanya bergerak sebagai NGO kerana mahu bertindak di luar radar politik tempatan.

Sementara itu, Ibrahim ketika dihubungi oleh Malaysiakini tidak mahu mengulas dan sebaliknya berkata, beliau akan mengadakan sidang akhbar esok.


Dr Mahathir bersahaja menuduh setiap individu yang tidak lagi bersama beliau sebagai samada sudah bekerjasama dengan Perdana Menteri Najib atau ‘dibeli’.

Hakikatnya, sebagai mantan Presiden UMNO Dr. Mahathir bukan sahaja tergamak bekerjasama dengan elemen anti Melayu dan Islam Chauvinis Cina DAP semenjak Mac 2016 lagi, beliau mempertahankan DAP.

Laporan Utusan:

Tun Mahathir tetap pertahan DAP

SOFIAN BAHAROM | 22 November 2016 8:37 PM

PUTRAJAYA 22 Nov. – Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad terus mempertahankan sekutu baharunya, DAP dan PAN apabila menyatakan kedua-dua parti itu bersetuju mematuhi peruntukan Perlembagaan termasuk berhubung hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu
Menurutnya, perkara itu termasuk menerima kedudukan Raja-Raja Melayu, Islam sebagai agama rasmi negara, kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan.
Bercakap kepada pemberita di pejabatnya di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana, di sini, Pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) itu berkata, DAP bersama PAN dan PKR telah menyatakan pendirian masing-masing untuk mematuhi peruntukan Perlembagaan tersebut.
“Saya tidak pernah dengar MCA atau MIC membuat kenyataan seperti itu tetapi DAP ada buat sebegitu,” katanya dalam sidang akhbar bagi mendesak pembebasan Pengerusi Bersih, Maria Chin Abdullah yang kini ditahan di bawah Akta Kesalahan Keselamatan (Langkah-langkah Khas) 2012 (SOSMA).
Beliau mengulas desakan Presiden Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), Datuk Ibrahim Ali sebelum ini agar PPBM menyatakan dengan jelas hala tuju parti itu terutamanya dalam perjuangan agenda bumiputera.
Ibrahim berkata, kesanggupan Dr. Mahathir untuk bekerjasama dengan DAP dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim nyata menimbulkan 1,001 tanda tanya.
Mengulas pengumuman Perkasa bahawa pertubuhan bukan kerajaan itu akan meletakkan 50 calon bagi bertanding dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang, Dr. Mahathir berkata, pengumuman itu tidak lebih daripada hanya untuk menarik perhatian dan meraih publisiti.
Jelasnya, sebagai kawan lama, beliau sudah biasa dengan sikap Ibrahim yang suka kepada publisiti murahan dan melakukan sesuatu untuk kepentingan diri.
Tambahnya, tindakan Ibrahim tersebut dilihat bertujuan memecahkan undi orang Melayu dan mewujudkan pertandingan banyak penjuru yang akhirnya akan memenangkan Barisan Nasional (BN).
“Dahulu masa di universiti, dia adalah musuh saya, selepas itu jadi baik kononnya apa saya buat dia akan sokong tetapi lepas lihat ada kepentingan diri, lain pula jadinya,” katanya.
Dr. Mahathir bagaimanapun memberi peluang agar Ibrahim untuk mengubah pendirian daripada hasrat untuk bertanding pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.
“Mengenai kedudukan sebagai Penaung Perkasa, bila saya dilantik jadi penaung pun saya tidak tahu tetapi saya diisytihar menjadi penaung,” katanya. – UTUSAN ONLINE
– See more at:


Adalah naif bagi Dr Mahathir untuk cuba mempertahankan DAP dengan mencanangkan kepalsuan golongan minoriti Chauvinis Cina ini akan akur dan menerima peruntukan Perlembagaan termasuk Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu.

Selama lapan tahun pasca PRU12 ini, dengan sedikit kuasa yang ada pada Chauvinis Cina DAP di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor, telah memaparkan bagaimana kepentingan orang Melayu termasuk hak istimewa telah sedikit sebanyak dinafikan.

Kepincangan percubaan Dr Mahathir ini seolah-olah beliau cuba menafikan realiti. Akar umbi DAP rata-rata sebenarnya sedar kepalsuan bahawa kerjasama dengan DAP boleh berlaku dan ianya untuk kebaikan rakyat Malaysia dan negara.

Dr Mahathir seolah-olah menafikan realiti mengenai sifat Chauvinis Cina dan  kebiadapan pemimpin dan ahli DAP, walaupun Raja Raja Melayu sendiri pernah menitahkan desakan dan permintaan golongan minoriti terutama Chauvinis Cina ini adalah ‘keterlaluan’.

PAS yang satu masa dahulu bersama DAP dalam Pakatan Rakyat kini telah meninggalkannya.

Dalam ucapan beliau pada 2013, Dr Mahathir berpendapat walaupun DAP “Akan bertimbang rasa, berlaku keadilan, tidak terlalu rasis, pada hakikatnya bila mereka berkuasa maka ini berlaku akan terjadi”. Beliau juga menggunakan contoh PAS sanggup untuk menjadi boneka DAP sleeps PRU12.

“Kalau orang Melayu mash lagi tidak sedar dan utamakan perasaan benci”, merupakan pesanan yang cellar dari mulut Dr. Mahathir sendiri.

Dr. Mahathir sendiri pernah menggelar Lim Kit Siang “Kit Siang adalah seorang rasis! Belum lagi jadi Kerajaan, dah tunjuk sikap bongkak!” sehinggakan disaman oleh mendiang Karpal Singh.

Untuk Dr. Mahathir berdalih, berbohong dan mengkhianat seorang pejuang perjuangan kepentingan Melayu yang setia kepada beliau sepanjang lapan setengah tahun ini dan sebaliknya mempertahankan Chauvinis Cina DAP, abdallah bukti kegilaan memuncak.

Ini sekaligus meletakan Dr Mahathir sebagai musuh yang lebih dasyat untuk menafikan kuasa orang Melayu sebagai majoriti.

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Maha-Hipokrit dan Minion Anti Melayu barunya

Pengasas dan Panglima parti UMNO Baru sebagai wadah politik orang Melayu bernaung untuk menggalas perjuangan memartabatkan orang Melayu tatkala elemen anti Melayu memuncak ditengah perpecahan Melayu pada 1988, kini jelas menjadi Cif Barua gerakan anti Melayu yang dipelupuri Cina DAP.

Dr. Mahathir menjadi ikon ditengah tengah gelombang Cina yang anti UMNO/BN

Dr. Mahathir menjadi ikon ditengah tengah gelombang Cina yang anti UMNO/BN

Tun Dr Mahathir kini mengambil alih ikon anti Melayu yang sebelum ini oleh DAP seperti Lim Kit Siang, mengepalai demonstrasi menumbangkan Kerajaan yang rata-rata lebih 90% peserta oleh Cina bersifat anti UMNO dan anti BN.

Hakikatnya, masyarakat Cina rata-rata urban ini telah bersungguh-sungguh berusaha untuk menumbangkan Kerajaan UMNO/BN semenjak pasca PRU12 lagi dan ini merupakan demonstrasi kelima semenjak Nov 2007, untuk memalu sentimens anti UMNO-BN.

Untuk pusingan ini, tanya paling gagal kerana jawatankuasa penajanya telah bergerak secara sistematik lebih dua bulan seluruh Malaysia untuk menggembar-gemburkan isu, agar ianya berjaya menarik perhatian rakyat.

Polis mengganggarkan kehadiran BERSIH 5 ini tidak sampai 16,000 pendemonstrasi dan ketirisan penyertaan dikalaangan orang Melayu amat jelas agenda menumbangkan Kerajaan BN ialah didalangi DAP dan PKR.

PAN merupakan rakankongsi Pakatan Harapan paling tidak berfungsi kerana sekatakat ini gagal membawa sebarang hasil terutama sokongan kepada pakatan menggantikan Pakatan Rakyat setelah PAS berundur.

Dr Mahathir dipertonjolkan sebagai ikon BERSIH pusingan ini, pemnggambil peranan pemimpin DAP seperti Lim Kit Siang dan PKR seperti Wan Azizah, merupakan hipokrit paling menjelekkan dalam sejarah politik Malaysia.

Ucapan Dr Mahathir di BERSIH 5 dipenuhi fitnah, pembohongan, sifat hipokrit dan tidak terlepas dari bahan-bahan yang dimanipulasi terutama keadaan sebenar ekonomi negara. Ini adalah semata-mata untuk membakar kemarahan rakyat terhadap Kerajaan, terutama Perdana Menteri Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak.

Hakikatnya, hipokrasi tiada tempat disudut masyarakat Makaysia yang semakin matang.

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Back-paddling as a “Mule”

Don’t take our word for it. Take it from the old horse himself.

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Coward Columnist

Sinar Harian cowardly removed crooked columnist Abdul Jalil Ali titled “Menteri kata OK, Rakyat kata KO” pertaining to the targetted subsidy of cooking oil.

Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Dato’ Sri Hamzah Zainuddin announced more than two weeks ago, the subsidy for cooking oil is only available for quantities of 1kg packaging. The rationale is the subsidy is provided for household instead of enterprises.

The Ministry is aware necessary steps are being taken to ensure more than 45,000 tonnes of the cooking oil in 1kg packaging is being distributed through the usual retail channels nationwide for household consumption.

It should be more than adequate for domestic demand nationwide though probably the distribution of that many cooking oil in ready to use packaging could have teething glitches.

Being a veteran writer, Jalil chose to play up the sentiments of the distribution of the cooking oil in the said 1kg packaging has caused the consumers lots of problem.

The fact is that, Jalil did not substantiate his story with data. It is mere hearsay, which he based on market talk.

It is irresponsible for a newspaper to even print the story in the first place. It could be interpreted as  a precursor of instigating the public.

That is most likely why it was removed quite later in the same day from the Sinar Harian website.

Why as a veteran writer Jalil takes a prickly position to worsen public perception on the system’s tendency to hoard subsidised goods at the expense of consumer is not certain. Nor how his newspaper benefits from this.

However extending ghost stories is very much trait of the uneducated kampung folks. The more riddiculous they can stir the matter up, is the mark of success as the kampung taiko.

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Hubris in Desperation

In his utter desperation of ousting Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak primarily via demonisation of the latter, Tun Dr. Mahathir resorted to lame lies to instigate the public.

It is very irresponsible to proclaim the Malaysian Government is in financial trouble and such utterance is Dr Mahathir’s poor attempt to hoodwink the simpletons.

It is to lie with the objective of erosion of confidence, by local and global business communities.

The fact is that Malaysian Government financial health is rated at A- by leading global ratings houses.

Malaysian economy is very active and productive. The healthy current account demonstrates the production and export is much higher than imports.

The exports have been recorded as 227th consecutive months of surplus over imports.

The RM1.7trillion market capitalisation of the Malaysian stock market is evidence of regional and global confidence of the nation being ‘Business as Usual’ and going concern.

If taken in comparison, the Malaysian Government is in far worse position of debt when Dr Mahathir was in charge thirty years ago.

Debt ratio against GDP was 104% (compared to 53% today) and out of that amount of debt, 64% was in foreign currency. It means servicing the debt in the future include the risk of higher exchange rate.

Then the foreign reserve stood only at USD8bil compare to over USD97bil today. Even if the production side of the Malaysian economy is completely crippled, the foreign reserve would able to sustain eight and half months of imports.

It is interesting to note that Dr Mahathir only proclaimed “PM Najib led the country into so much debt that it is insolvent”.

The fact is that, the Fourth Prime Minister simply threw a reckless lie for that. He did not even try to offer evidence to support his claim. Even if he did, he would not be able to.

The Federal Government is solvent. Every month on the dot, all 1.6mil civil servants get their pay. So does the pensioners.

Year on year, Federal Government never by operational failure unable to release the RM70odd bil in emoluments, to so many Malaysians whose livelihood dependent on the government system.

The Federal Government as the single largest paymaster provided a sound eco-system for a huge stream of local entrepreneurs to development and expand the business. Many businesses thrived for generations because of the reliability of the Federal Government to spur domestic economy with consistent and reliable expenditure.

A good example is KFC restaurant. The sound domestic economy provided the conducive market for the franchisor to open over 500 restaurants all over Malaysia.

Systematically, had the Federal Government is insolvent and unable to service the emoluments of 1.6mil civil servants and the 8-9mil other Malaysians as part of the direct eco-system, then JCorp would not able to maintain all 500 restaurants operating.

It is morally wrong for the Statesman to use his position to try and manipulate the rakyat confidence, especially for a personal vendetta to demonise Prime Minister Najib in the strategy of toppling the latter.

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The Maha-Keling job of all time

The biggest hypocrisy is to turn against an action which changed the nation and  position of 3 September 1998, then Prime Minister and UMNO President rallied the nation behind him in the support of ouster of his own deputy Anwar Ibrahim, who he determined to be sexually deviant.

Tun Dr Mahathir wearing 'Free Anwar' badge

Tun Dr Mahathir wearing ‘Free Anwar’ badge

Yesterday, at Pakatan Harapan convention, he appeared wearing ‘Free Anwar’ badge.

Anwar Ibrahim has exhaustively undergone the complete process of the judiciary for the Federal Court to uphold the conviction to incarcerate him for sodomising his political aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhary Azlan in June 2008.

Even the pardons board rejected the request for a Royal Pardon.

Anwar cannot in anyway over turn the conviction and for Tun Dr. Mahathir to support the call to ‘Free Anwar’, not only is highly irresponsible but also a blatant disregard and insult the Malaysian rule of law.

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Didn’t Muhyiddin understand the oath he took for secrecy?

In his eagerness to take his politics against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, sacked Deputy Prime Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin blurted matters in the Cabinet pertaining to 1MDB when he was a member and risk committing offences for seditious and official secrets.

His first speech as an Opposition is filled with spins and manipulation.

For example, 1MDB did rectify the their borrowings were at RM51billion and not at RM42billion. Another thing is that 1MDB managed to resolve all borrowings before 31 December 2015 as per ‘Rationalisation Plan’ which the management led by Arul Kanda Kandasamy presented to the Cabinet on 29 May 2015 and announced later that day.

The out sale of Edra Energy and deal to jointly develop Bandar Malaysia were struck way ahead of the end of the year deadline.

He was clearly out to scare the Malaysian public with selective analysis of the economic data and bits of the Bajet 2017, presented last Friday. His intention was to create deficit in the public faith on Federal Govt ability to sustain the nation.

All members of Cabinet swore an oath ro keep secrecy upon their appointment.

*Updated 2100hrs

The Star story:

Thursday, 27 October 2016 | MYT 4:04 PM

Pandikar: Possible breach of secrecy by two former Cabinet members



KUALA LUMPUR: Two former Cabinet members have potentially breached their ministerial oath of secrecy by disclosing confidential information in Parliament, says Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia (pic).

The Parliament Speaker said the ministerial oath requires a minister to not disclose any information learnt during their time in the Cabinet.

He was referring to statements made by former deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and former finance minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah while presenting their Parliamentary speeches on Budget 2017.

“You heard the things they said, you can assess whether those were things they learnt during their time as ministers,” he said.

Pandikar said Parliamentary immunity prevents any action from being taken on anything said during debate, but reminded MPs to be aware of the Official Secrets Act and the Sedition Act.

“It is all there, so even though you know something, you need to be careful as there is (Parliament) Standing Order 36 (12) and we need to keep certain things in confidence,” he said.

He added that it was a matter of ethics to keep Cabinet matters confidential and Parliamentarians could not use their position as a license to say what they please.


Muhyiddin and Former MOF2 Dato’ Sri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah should be investigated for their speeches in Parliament this week,

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Partners in Crime

The Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa should be very concern for such an organised crime which is hurting the Federal Government coffer and the rakyat, for such systemic leakage.

The Malay Mail Online:

Finance minister: Govt lost RM540m in subsidised cooking oil to smugglers

Sunday October 23, 2016
09:14 AM GMT+8
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 ― Unscrupulous people have been selling subsidised cooking oil outside the country, causing the government to lose RM540 million a year, Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani revealed.

He said the government subsidised up to 85,000 metric tonnes of the control item when the consumption of the nation was only at 40,000 metric tonnes, according to a report today in Mingguan Malaysia the Sunday edition of Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.

“This means there has been an excess 45,000 metric tonnes of cooking oil that goes somewhere,” he was quoted as saying.

For one metric tonne, Johari said the government paid RM1,000.

“Hence, RM45 million multiplied by 12 months is RM540 million, so who is reaping this benefits?” he asked.

According to the report, he said the government continued to dish out subsidies because they came from the people’s money.

Johari reportedly urged the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) to strengthen checks to ensure there were no smuggling activities that benefitted unscrupulous people.

Last week, The Star reported that subsidies for cooking oil will be removed in stages beginning next month, leaving price controls only for 1kg packages.

Johari subsequently refuted of such a move, stressing that the people will continue to benefit from cooking oil subsidy from the government.

He explained that the government only wanted to control the price for export sale.

In announcing the Budget 2017, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said subsidies amounting RM10 billion will be channeled to fuel, cooking gas, toll and public transportation.


For size, 45,000 tonnes of liquid is the amount of jet aviation kerosene required for a fully laden A380 flight from Kuala Lumpur to London, 204 times.Thats daily flight to and fro London Heathrow, continuously for almost 15 weeks.

If it is cooking oil, then the process of smuggling should be more organised compared to  diesel, since cooking oil is perishable good and properties change due to exposure to weather, heat etc.

A smuggling syndicate of that size suspiciously should involve so many public servants of various capacities and ranks.

Probably badhats amongst law enforcement officers of several agencies, marine department, inspectors of the curious minds pondering easily. These public servants are immediately thought of working hand-in-hand with the smugglers. Also there is highly probably its multi level.

The guess work is endless.

Then again, if raised with KSN Ali, it is obvious outrightly he might instruct MACC to investigate as immediate response.

However, as the Head of Civil Service, it is imperative him to look into the creation and roll out of multi-agency task force to address smuggling issues.

The commodities leaving our nation such as cooking oil, diesel, LNG and inbound such as cigarettes.

It is shameful for the Executive on behalf of the rakyat  to provide so much for the civil servants but they cannot do enough to reciprocate.

KSN Ali also has the duty to protect the perception of  the larger civil service, who are free from corrupt practices. The best manner is to ensure organised crimes like massive smuggling is complete eradicated.

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