“Bi-lingual, over educated, self centred, professional ball carriers!”

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“We should represent the people of this country”

Prime Minister Tom Dawkins’s remarkable speech in the House of Commons against the stance of his own colleagues and party, as British Parliamentarians is about to vote for a war against Iran.

It was purportedly for the excuse of Iran’s sinister hidden effort in the ‘assassination’ of the immediate previous Prime Minister in a freak air accident off the coast of Ireland.

It was the reflection of how British Prime Minister Tony Blair lied to the British public about Saddam Hussein’s “Weapons of mass destruction” back in 2003 and warranted the Parliament’s decree for a war to be waged against Iraq. It was in support of then US President George W Bush’s agenda, which had consequence of American oil companies direct interest in the world’s third rich deposit of hydro carbon.

Chris Mullin’s “A Very British Coup”

Of course this video clip is a work of fiction called “Secret State” starring accomplished character actor Gabriel Byrne as Tom Dawkins, based on Chris Mullin’s novel “A Very British Coup”.

What is interesting when Mullin wrote his book, it was in 1988. I was way before the Balkan conflict where the powerful dictator Marshall Josef Tito’s Yugoslavia was dismantled. In “Secret State”, Dawkins served as a Captain in Bosnia and committed a very controversial act, which later the press haunted him for.

Never the less it is a very powerful speech, which placed the paramount for the interest of the majority and various principles that the British values, culture and political beliefs stood for.

It could be a political suicide, for upholding the idealism of politics against the practicality in the complexity of being the government of the people. Needless to say, it is a ballsy speech indeed.

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“They pander to their readers’ prejudice”

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Prostituting cyber-terrorism

It has come to our attention that some of our supposedly more learned blogging brothers have prostituted themselves to be cyber-terrorists.

They do incessant postings despite poor or no response by the target. Definitely, not by other like minded bloggers.

The intention is very clear. They wanted attention, especially when their writings are no longer relevant and became flavourless, without inability to capture the interests or imagination of blog readers.

They also crave for attention from the leadership, be it the political masters or corporate leaders.

This particularly one, even got the attention on the Minister in-charge of overseeing the particular agency where his rabid incessant target reside. He threatened to take his complain to the Parliament when he met the Minister, where as in actually the this pathetic blogger no longer enjoy any clout in that forum.

So the Minister coyly answered “Please do that. Better still, I can give my answer in Parliament”.

That enraged this blogger further, so self-proclaimed to be a ‘mercenary’.

The fact is that, he was a failure where he had been and the tracks he laid. Now that his true colours have bloomed, his integrity is questionable.

Another important point to note that he jumped or being thrown off ships more often than the late Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages.

Probably some point along that line, he earned some moments of glory as the ‘barking mongrel’. Then again, he wasn’t much use to anyone, especially to the Prime Minister except as an occasional ‘barking mongrel’.

He was also banking that he gets a position, probably as the Head of Mission somewhere or Chairmanship, for his stint as an ‘occasional barking mongrel’. He even claimed that it was promised to him.

Probably he did not posses any qualifications nor qualities, for him to be ascended to the much desired posts.

Now, considering almost everyone side lined him for obvious reasons of his usefulness or the very least, effectiveness whatever he thought he was good at, he resorted to prostitute himself as a cyber terrorist.

Today it is a good day to remind that exactly six years ago this time, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim tried to install himself as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, purely by maneuvres of manipulation and deception in nature. This pathetic man also prostituted himself to be part of that regime.

History also demonstrated that the feat failed.

Lately, the scruffy mongrel allowed himself to be prostituted for another demented scheme. No wonder he was never successful at anything, but taking fights through guerrilla warfare and attempting to stretch it long term.

Just like the Malayan Communist Party. Or so it seemed.

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Happy? Yes, Minister

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Gentlemen’s agreement

A really witty episode from the New, Yes Prime Minister series. How shrewd political blackmail and horse trading could entwine.

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The Machiavellian Prime Minister

Anthony Jay’s and Jonathan Lynn’s fictitous but highly popular comical British Prime Minister Right Honourable Jim Hacker MP has returned with new follies. This round, Hacker is a more temperamental troubled nation tinged with better grasp of machiavellian politics.

Along with Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby and Principle Private Secretary Bernard Woolley, Political Adviser Claire Sutton complicated the chronic issues that looms No. 10 Downing Street and the rest of Whitehall and Her Majesty’s government.

The character ‘Jim Hacker’ is almost a real person who became a politician.

Hacker was an academic political researcher, polytechnic lecturer, and editor of a newspaper, Reform, and entered Parliament circa 1961. He continued with at least some of these jobs while holding the office of Member of Parliament for Birmingham East.

For the first twenty years of his political career, Hacker was a member of the Opposition, and he served as Shadow Minister of Agriculture from 1974 on. In 1980, he served as the head of the unsuccessful party leadership campaign of Martin Walker; the winner of this campaign, Herbert Attwell, later went on to win the general election in 1981, and thereby became the UK’s new prime minister.

Hacker was nervous that Attwell would pass him over for a Cabinet post as an act of revenge for running Walker’s campaign against him, but Attwell appointed Hacker to the cabinet as minister for the (fictitious) Department of Administrative Affairs. At least one news commentator of the time speculated that the appointment was actually an act of revenge, as the DAA had a reputation as “a political graveyard” that could end Hacker’s career

Issues discussed in these series include previously considered taboo.

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Moral Vacuum

This is a punt from BBC’s ‘Yes, Minister’ series, episode “Whiskey Priest”. It is very much applicable and could be extrapolated into the way things are done in Malaysia. Even how information and feedback is passed back to the Prime Minister.

Considering that there are several ‘inner circle rings’ that have been ‘circling the wagon’ around the Prime Minister, it is likely that the information never got to reach upstairs in the proper context, tone or even perspective. Thus, it would contribute to decisions and/or actions stalled if not the poor decision made.

Execution and implementation is something else. Nevermind the complexity of mastering how things are done in the civil service way.

Then, there is the process of measuring it. In 2010, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak introduced the planning the matrix and measurement of Government’s performance and planned policies being rolled out via the ‘consultants’s way’ by mixing inexperienced macro-economic planners and so-called management professionals from the private sector and hand picked cvil servants.

That is a total new creature, to deal with.

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A proud nationalist

Today we would like to talk about Khaled Hadji Ibrahim. He is an Algerian performer and might we add, a very proud one. He shot to international fame with his number ‘Didi’, exactly 20 years ago.

The number won international fame, especially all over Europe. For the past twenty years, Cheb Khaled has been performing that song amongst other of his popular numbers over and over again in events, concerts and clubs.

The highlight is when he performed the song at the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, representing the Arab speaking Africans.

As everyone can see, Cheb Khaled never fail to bring the most important symbol of his origin and proud nation, the Algerian flag.

It is grossly unfathomable why there are ingrate Malaysians who benefited so much from this land of plenty, try so hard to demean the country and to a point of insulting the Jalur Gemilang.

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Nursing monkeys in the jungle

Now that a new Minister takes over from Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim Ph.D in the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek instructed that the feature film about two of the nation’s prolific statesmen between 8 May 1969 – 16 Jan 1976 “Tanda Putera” be released into public screening the soonest opportunity available.

Published: Monday June 3, 2013 MYT 1:25:00 PM
Updated: Monday June 10, 2013 MYT 4:39:32 PM

Controversial film Tanda Putera finally coming to local cinemas


KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial local film Tanda Putera, which depicts events leading up to and during the May 13, 1969 riots, will hit Malaysian cinemas on Aug 29 this year, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

“It will be released on Aug 29,” he told reporters at theMalaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas)centre.

Ahmad Shabery had previously called for Finas to publicly screen Tanda Putera.

Directed by Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba, the film depicts events during the May 13, 1969 riots, focusing on Malaysia’s second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman.

Produced in 2011 by Persona Pictures Sdn Bhd, the RM4 million film carries a PG13 rating and was supposed to be screened from Nov 15 last year.

Commenting on the date, Ahmad said he preferred the film to be screened earlier, during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays.

“People have been waiting for the film to come out, so the sooner the better,” he said.

However, Finas officials said that if Tanda Putera was released then, it would not do well at the box office.

Finas director-general Raja Rozaimie Raja Dalnish Shah said that two other movies were scheduled for a Aug 8 releaseAdnan Sempit 3 and Lemak Kampung Santan.

“Based on our previous experience, collections for films released during Hari Raya aren’t that good…Three Malay movies during Hari Raya is not good,” he said.

Raja Rozaimie said that the film’s producers asked for the Aug 29 date, adding this allowed it to be marketed from now.

The Cabinet earlier held back the screening of the film as it was concerned it would cause conflict among communities


Last year, the screening of “Tanda Putera” was postponed twice (September and November 2012) before Dr Rais lied about the film did not get the Board of Censorship approval and eventually he and Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon manipulated the Cabinet to decide on the indefinite  postponement.

Their lame justification was that the film might irk Chinese sentiments and would affect Barisan Nasional’s chances in then the much anticipated 13GE.

The fact has proven the Chinese en bloc rejected BN at the polls on 5 May 2013 for the 13GE despite so many concessions made for them, in what Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s initial reaction description as “Chinese Tsunami”.

The scene in "Tanda Putera" depicting the Chinese Chauvinism-centric  demonstrations chanting anti-Malay slogans, the day before the 3GE polls in May 1969

The scene in “Tanda Putera” depicting the Chinese Chauvinism-centric demonstrations chanting anti-Malay slogans, the day before the 3GE polls in May 1969

It was about the Chinese en bloc wanted power and as minority having powering influence if not control over the majority. It was also more and more taken into the Oppositions’  ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy of demonising all principles, power and authority will lay in the hands of the majority, the Malays, and DAP’s continuous fanning racist sentiments and Chinese Chauvinism.

It was never about films like “Tanda Putera”, even though it was the recollection of what happened to the nation before, during and post 3GE  in May 1969 which saw the radicals, extremists, Chinese Chauvinists and subversive elements such as the Communist Terrorists fanned radicalism, Chinese Chauvinism and racism. As such a bloody racial riots erupted and the nation was placed under Emergency Law.

The scene where the National Operations Council meeting to resolve operational issues during the May 1969 curfew

The scene where the National Operations Council meeting to resolve operational issues during the May 1969 curfew

Film-maker Dato’ Paduka Shuhaimi Baba brilliantly portrayed the intense and critical moments and decisions made by the National Operation Council and to put the nation straight again and slowly reconcile all fragmented society and the deep distrust between the races in record time.

That is on top then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman as individuals were suffering in secret of terminal illness and their resolve and determination to serve the nation first. This include the formulation of post 13 May 1969 policies such as the New Economic Policy and Industrial Master  Plan which became the fundamental foundation for harmony and stability, which are the primary constants and facilitated the nation’s growth to present day.

Now it seems Astro-Shaw has published a new film based on the Malayan Chinese struggle against the Communist Terrorists (CT) in 1949 in the new villages created to re-settle Chinese communities away from the threat and influence of the jungle-centric CTs. It was skewed since the program to re-settle Chinese communities in then the newly instituted new villages under the ‘Briggs Plan’ came only after Gen. Sir Harold Briggs arrive at Malaya in 1950.

It is funny none of the so called critics, manipulators and most of all the Neo Min Yuen supporters and liars of historical facts which is the complete opposite to “Tanda Putera”, made no comments at all about “The New Village”. The fact is that Shuhaimi Baba’s work was based on history and true accounts where as Wong Kew-Lit’s work was purely fictitious and not based on facts.

De-railment of the Malayan Railways, during Emergency 1948-60

There are suspicions that the film “The New Village” is about subliminal effort to continue the Chinese Chauvinism doctrine amongst the young Malaysian Chinese. Particularly, highlighting the “Butchers of Malaya” a.k.a. MPAJA struggle against the British and Commonwealth Forces after Emergency was declared, therefore they were the ‘true’ Independence fighters.

The movie made its way into the local cinema circuits seamlessly and most importantly, in total silence without any controversy what so ever where as “Tanda Putera” came under the artificial barriers by Finas and eventually to slot into the ‘Wajib Tayang’ scheme which is a policy for locally produced films.

The Malays have a saying, “Kera dihutan disusukan, Anak dibuaian mati kelaparan“. The public screening of “Tanda Putera” fits into that, perfectly.

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