In the zestful quest to pin down political personalities and/or purposely incorporated new creatures undertaking newly created tasks, its best to ensure the validity of information provided.

We reproduce the e mail from the office of the CEO of PEMANDU:

Dear Big Dog,

I was highlighted to the blog posting by Syed Akbar aka Outsyed the Box below:

KJ Tells Idris To Give Con-sultan RM6.0M To Confirm Toll Hike??

I wish to clarify on behalf of PEMANDU and the Malaysia Government that the article which states that we will be paying consultancy fee amounting RM6million is absolutely false.

The workshop which is planned to be held at the end of this year will be facilitated by PEMANDU and assisted by the main government stakeholders namely MoF and KBS amongst others.

We hope that this matter can be rectified by stating the correct facts. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Best regards,
Izhar Moslim
SUSK to Dato’ Sri Idris Jala


It is refreshing that agencies under Prime Minister’s Department are very quick nowadays to respond at media writings, which include practitioners of bloggosphere. In this case, a respond was published in the  blogs within three hours of the original posting.

These media sensitive officials able to quash rumours or inaccurate stories, especially when facts are spun. Pro-government bloggers who wish to be critical towards and against the Government are also be kept checked and their posting credible.

Hopefully, they in PEMANDU react towards the Opposition and pro-Opposition media channels in the same attitude and speed. It is tough enough that pro-government bloggers are doing these work on the own, on their own initiatives.

If PEMANDU could keep this up, it is something Federal Government strategic communications could co-ordinate directly or on behalf of all Ministries, agencies and bodies should emulate and continue to improve. It drains resources when perception is casted based on fallacy and half truths being manipulated.

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