Exploring the youth potential

Over the weekend, the nation saw how public-sector collaboration managed to gather hundreds of thousands of youths in Putrajaya in 200 activities for the ‘Himpunan Sejuta Belia’.

PM Najib addressing the youths at 'Himpunan Sejuta Belia'

Youths had so much fun. They played, competed, performed, ate, danced, sang and pondered through arts, performing arts and even their future at the tertiary education and job opportunities exhibitions. They saw the might of the defense of the realm with the military participation, via Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia. They partied at Media Prima’s Jom Heboh special edition.

Leaders were there for them. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and streams of Cabinet Ministers attended and made appearance in the various activities. They even had a chance to watch the UEFA 2011 Champion of Leagues final with Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak, where many saw their favourite team Manchester United was trampled in style in Wembley by Barcelona FC.

PM Najib watched his favourite team being trampled during CPL 2011 finals

PM Dato’ Sri Najib announced the setting up of ‘Youth Parliament’. Youths now will have an avenue to talk and discuss issues pertaining to them and their interest, as part of their contribution to nation building. This is very positive and a progress to realise the full potential of the nation’s most prized asset; her young people.

These youths’ potential should be realised. They may not have the necessary experience and exposure, but they definitely have ideas. Their imagination and creativity is like the Pacific Ocean where a lot of treasures lie yet to be explored, discovered and realised. As the nation now have a policy of ‘innovation economy’, it is pertinent that the implementation of this policy be tailored to the youths, now and ever increasing annually as they leave school.

Minister of Youth cycling

Activities involving youths previously were not ‘media savvy’ were given due coverage in these three historic days.

So many focus on sports when they begin to think about youths. They conveniently ignore other potential that youths could be harnessed for; creativity, performance arts, entrepreneurism and even CSR work. Given the right opportunity, they should able to present their mettle. ‘Innovation Economy’ have termendous opportunities here at home.

One such is a college project for short film. Multimedia College (a wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Bhd, via Multimedia University) students recently produced a low budget class project, which demonstrated how these people could be developed further.

More industry-driven education is necessary for our youths to be prepared for the real challenges in the working and business world. A class project such as this propels expansionary process of the students’ creativity and thinking-outside-the-box. The youths must be prepared to adapt themselves in the dynamism of reality.

With proper guidance, coaching and interaction, they are able to do more. This is a nation of youths and they must be included. Considering that 50% of the rakyat is 30 years or younger, this is where our future lies. Industries should be more pro-active in engaging them.

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Do away with corporate subsidy first

Supremo-bloggo-journo Datuk Ahirudin “Rocky” Attan broke the news that Federal Government Minister in-charge of EPU Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop would be presenting the plan of withdrawal of subsidy tomorrow. Times are still difficult for many, where subsidies are still required. Be it direct or indirect.

Of course, they would rationalize it. Knowing the habit of getting consultants to do the script, even for agencies such as PEMANDU, they would use bombastic economic and merchant banking jargons would inadvertently confuse more than it explains, let alone convince. Subsidies for Malaysians now it an intergral part of their lives.

Probably which ever party rule the nation, any revocation of subsidy would be a minus point when they face the rakyat at general election. Withdrawal of subsidies is equivalent of increasing tax. History have taught many societies that increasing taxes would become so unpopular that there would even be an uprising.

In 1990, Britain saw the iron-lady Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was thrown out from her job by her own party. One of the reason is the introduction of highly unpopular poll tax. Despite having led Britain to victoriously recapture Falkland Islands 6,000 miles away from the invasion of the Argentinians eight years earlier, Britons were very angry when Thatcher imposed the GBP 400.00 per head for everyone living in Great Britain.

One question that loom in our mind is that if the Federal Government is bent on reducing the RM 80 odd billion per annum various form of subsidies, have these economic planners really pondered through all the numbers with microscope. Yes, as price of crude oil price continue to rise and it eventually would cost the system RM 14 billion in subsidies to keep the retail price of various fuel low, there is the question of other subsidies that are given out and away.

We are talking about ‘corporate subsidies’. Money making corporations are still being given tax holidays and even exemptions. Of course they would have economic excuse to rationalize these ‘corporate subsidies’ allowed. One of the corporation which is enjoying this is AirAsia. Almost a year ago, it was announced that Air Asia would be getting 5 years tax break.

AirAsia net profit falls 23% on lower forex gains

(AFP) – 4 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR — Southeast Asia’s largest budget carrier AirAsia said Tuesday its first-quarter net profit fell 23 percent mainly due to lower forex gains rather than high oil prices.

Net profit for the quarter ending March 31 was 171.9 million ringgit ($56.3 million), compared with 224.1 million a year earlier, the airline said in a statement.

Revenue increased by 20 percent to 1.05 billion ringgit from 870.6 million.

Group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes said the airline’s performance was “excellent despite high fuel prices.”

“What is particularly significant for us is that our operating profit margins were also significantly higher year-on-year, demonstrating that we are maintaining tight control of costs even as we grow revenues,” he said.

The airline recorded operating profit of 241.72 million, up 46 percent year-on-year. The operating profit margin was 23 percent, up three percentage points.

“Yes, fuel prices shot up — but that is something beyond our control. Our response is not to wring our hands and moan, but to use our creativity to address the issue and find ways to overcome this challenge. And our Q1 results indicate that we are on the right path,” Fernandes said.


Air Asia could have bag a cool RM 1 billion profit for their operations. And yet Treasury allowed ‘corporate subsidy’ in the form of tax break. This is a corporation which vehemently refused to pay its dues like charges for the use of airports to Malaysia Airport. Ten of RM millions in areas are recorded. Then when its highlighted in the media for these unpaid charges, they have the cheek to ask for discounts.

They should be charged interest for late payment!

Air Asia is talking about losing money to forex. This is should be construed as an insult because Air Asia actually prefer to do their maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in Singapore instead in Malaysia. Moreover, with Malaysia Airlines which is a GLC. In an airline business, a lot of money is allocated to MRO. Especially with high utility operation such as Air Asia, where aircrafts are subjected for fast turn around and gotten airborne to maximise its utility and they really bank of the numbers game. We are not sure on their MRO or flight operations but they seemed to be having a little bit issues on safety.

Having notable personalities such as former Minister of International Trade and Industry Tan Sri Rafidah A Aziz as the Chairman and someone who is very close to Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Omar Ong, in the BOD is very good strategy for their business. This include to maintain the tax break and probably other rebates or exemptions.

If its true that Air Asia is using Perak State Government to lobby for a dedicated low cost carrier airport in place of the failed proposed ‘Labu LCC Airport’, then this new proposal should be scrutinize really carefully. As a GLC, Malaysia Airports have the monopoly to run all airports (with the exception of Senai) and the interest of the rakyat comes first. This include the investment and opportunity cost for an airport being built which will impair existing Malaysia Airport operations and business.

Rakyat must come first. It is part of ‘1 Malaysia’ vow Malaysians subscribing to lately. Rakyat means common people. Not corporate citizens. Especially those who is expected to make 10 digit in profits!

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KJ perjuangkan agama mana?

KJ on UMNO Youth platform

Dewasa ini banyak pihak kini mempersoalkan peranan YB Khairy Jamaluddin sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia, terutama dalam isu melibat ‘Melayu’ dan ‘Ugama Islam’. Beliau bukan sahaja dilihat sebagai apologetik, malah memihak kepada mereka yang cuba menyinggung atau mencabar perasaan orang Melayu-Muslim, iaitu majoriti warga Malaysia.

Petikan SUARA PERKASA 23 Mei 2011:

KJ perjuangkan agama mana?


Sekali lagi kita disampaikan berita dari salah satu  laman portal yang rasis kenyataan seorang muda yang pernah berkuasa dek kerana mertua orang nombor satu.

Kali ini kenyataannya menyelar seorang penulis blog yang melapurkan kisah perjumpaan paderi-paderi seluruh nagara dengan satu upacara ikrar untuk jadikan Kristian sebagai Agama Persekutuan.

Kita tidak tahu samada benar atau tidak laporan penulis blog itu. Laporan penulis blog itu dipetik pula oleh akhbar Utusan Malaysia yang menyiarkannya di muka depan  akhbar itu baru-baru ini.

Tindakkan Utusan Malaysia adalah mungkin kerana berita itu sangat penting kepada negara dan umat Islam. Itu pun tajuknya hanya satu pertanyaan ‘Kristian agama rasmi?’.

Maka negara pun dihangatkan beberapa laporan polis oleh pelbagai pihak. Perkasa sendiri telah buat hampir 20 laporan polis terhadap berita itu.

Bila berita itu menjadi hangat, ada seorang ‘selebriti’ ambil kesempatan nak tunjuk keperihatiannya konon merasa bertanggungjawab menghindar pergeseran kaum. Namanya Khairy Jamaluddin dengan panggilan disebut KJ sahaja.

Beliau ni lupa akan peristiwa yang banyak berlaku isu perkauman dalam negara ini adalah ketika mertuanya menjadi orang nombor satu.

Zaman itu beliau juga tidak sedikit menimbulkan konrovesi. Bermula dengan menghantar passport antarabangsa bekas seorang banduan sedangkan orang awam tidak boleh memiliki dokumen perjalanan orang lain. Menghantar passport bukan kerja beliau.

Ramai orang kata cara hidup beliau cara orang barat. Lahir diluar negeri. Dibesarkan dan bersekolah juga diluar negeri. Gaya hidup bagai seorang artis. Populariti menjadi ‘priority’.

Beliau merupakan Ketua Pemuda UMNO sekarang ini dan bolehlah nanti dicatitkan sejarah Pemuda UMNO berada paling lemah ketika zaman beliau menjadi ketuanya kerana bangsa lain sangat berani ketika ini dan tiada pula pemuda Melayu bersuara lantang membela bangsa.

Beliau sebenarnya tidak dikendaki menjadi KP UMNO. Tapi peranan mertua membuatkan beliau sukar diusik oleh ahli parti itu lalu berjaya menjadi ketua sayap yang menjadi harapan bangsanya.

Lemahnya Pemuda UMNO dibawahnya teserlah bila beliau dan barisan EXCOnya tidak kelihatan di Masjid yang telah dilempar kepala babi ke dalamnya. Di zaman Pemuda UMNO dahulu kes kepala babi dicampak ke dalam Masjid  kalau adalah, sudah pasti berasap hitam Kuala Lumpur. Tapi batang hidung KP UMNO ni ke mana waktu itu.

Tapi hairan bila sebuah Gereja dibakar, KJ pagi-pagi dah muncul di lokasi menunjukan keperihatinannya. Kejadian di Masjid tak muncul, tapi di Geraja boleh ada awal pagi pula.

Bila  seorang peguam Melayu membuat kenyataan Islam bukan Agama Rasmi Negara kerana dakwa peguam itu dalam Perlembagaan Negara hanya sebut Agama Persekutuan sahaja.

Tapi dalam isu peguam Melayu ni, KJ tiada satu kenyataan pun keluar dari mulutnya menyelar peguam tersebut. Mungkin KJ anggap dakwaan peguam itu berasas sebab memang tiada pun dalam Perlembagaan Negara menyebut Islam sebagai Agama Rasmi Persekutuan.

Tapi beliau lupa, semua orang Melayu menganggap Agama Persekutuan adalah lebih besar maksudnya dari agama rasmi. Secara tidak langsung Agama Persekutuan juga adalah Agama Rasmi Negara.

Sudahlah tidak kecam kenyataan peguam itu, lebih malangnya beliau lebih percayakan penafian paderi-paderi dan menyelar pula penulis blog yang mendakwa perjumpaan paderi-paderi itu penuh terancang dan melakukan ikrar yang menyakitkan hati bangsanya.

Beliau tidak matang membuat kenyatan. Yang mana satu sepatutnya beliau perlu dahulukan. Kalau tidak setuju dengan tindakan penulis blog itu, janganlah buat kenyataan berpihak kepada yang lain sedangkan siasatan sedang dijalankan.

Beliau pun tidak tahu apa sebenarnya berlaku dalam perjumpaan paderi-paderi itu. Entah mungkin betul ke dakwaan penulis blog itu mana kita tahu. Kalau betul bagaimana?

Bila empat kejadiaan itu sekali pun beliau tidak berpihak kepada agamanya hairan juga. Baik sangat hatinya kepada bukan Islam hairan juga. Betullah untuk demi kesejahtera negara, keharmonian penduduk berbilang kaum dan semangat 1 Malaysia, tapi janganlah lebih sangat kepada pihak lain hingga bangsa dan agama sendiri tidak mahu ambil kesah.

Harap pantun di bawah ini boleh sedarkan kita untuk fikirkan samada orang Melayu dan Islam terbela atau tidak kalau KJ hendak dijadikan pemimpin kita masa depan.

Kepala babi dilempar KJ tak nampakkan diri,

Gereja dibakar KJ muncul di awal pagi,

Peguam kata Islam bukan agama rasmi KJ membisu sepi ,

Paderi ikrar Kristian agama rasmi KJ bantai bangsa sendiri.


Sebelum ini, dalam isu kontroversi mengenai ‘biasiswa’ apabila Ketua Pemuda MCA Dato’ Dr Wee Ka Siong dilihat sebagai menghina orang Melayu, pemimpin tahap Naib Presiden UMNO itu begitu apologetik mempertahankan sahabat dari mengambil kedudukan memihak kepada orang Melayu secara am.

Sebaliknya, beliau mengambil kedudukan memihak kepada ketelanjuran mulut pemimpin masyarakat Cina itu, yang wajar dilihat sebagai ‘lawan towkay’ kerana selepas PRU 12 8 Mac 2011, MCA dilihat sebagai masih lagi menikmati kedudukan ‘rakan kongsi-kuasa’ dan kepentingan mereka tidak sedikit pun terhakis. Walaupun pada hakikatnya mereka sebenarnya gagal menyakini masyarakat sendiri dan bergantung kepada undi orang Melayu untuk menempatkan 15 wakil mereka dalam Dewan Rakyat itu:

Sekiranya berlaku cabaran keatas orang Melayu dan kedudukan Islam, dimanakan Khairy dan kemana beliau akan memimpin golongan muda sayap kiri parti nasionalis UMNO itu?

Free Malaysia Today melaporkan mengenai seorang Ketua Paderi yang dilaporkan menyifatkan pertemuan antara Paderi Paderi Besar masyarakat Kristian dan Perdana Menteri Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Abdul Razak sebagai “amat menjelekan”.

‘Christian leaders led to their slaughter’

RK Anand| May 13, 2011

Bishop Paul Tan says he is displeased and disgusted with the outcome of the meeting between PM and Christian leaders over the Utusan row. He calls the entire episode an Umno orchestration.

KUALA LUMPUR: Without mincing his words, a Catholic bishop criticised his fellow Christian leaders for allowing themselves to be used by the government to “please the other side”.

Instead of telling Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak the truth, Bishop Paul Tan of the Malacca-Johor diocese said the Christian leaders had become like “sheep being led to their slaughter.”

Commenting on the news reports on the meeting between Najib and the Christian leaders, led by the Malaysian Christian Federation (MCF) chairman Bishop Ng Moon Hing yesterday, Tan told FMT that he was extremely disappointed with the outcome.

“I was not at the meeting, so I don’t know what transpired and whether the newspapers reported the entire discussion. But if the news reports are true, then I am displeased and disgusted,” he said.

The luncheon meeting was held amid the raging controversy surrounding a Utusan Malaysia report which alleged that a Christian coup was in the making, with Christian leaders and DAP colluding to undermine the position of Islam.

‘Umno agenda to rake in votes’

Tan, 71, pointed out that since Utusan was owned by Umno, the daily would not have published the report without an endorsement from the party led by Najib.

The bishop also claimed that it was part of an Umno agenda to rake in Muslim votes in the coming general election.

“Utusan’s Christian bashing, the big feature on the Pembela demonstration at the Putrajaya mosque about the 10-point plan and now the so-called conspiracy are purely an Umno agenda prior to our general election which is imminent.

“This agenda is to unite the Malays and for Umno to be seen as the bigger and better champion of Islam than PAS whose main claim to fame is that it is an Islamic party,” he said.

“Therefore, the Christian bashing, exaggerations and fiction demonising us are for a purpose: to enhance the siege mentality of the Malays and make them cleave to Umno to ‘protect’ Islam,” he added.

According to Tan, the chronology of events had lent credence to the claim that the entire episode smacked of orchestration for the election.

“Utusan publishes what it does, Pembela and Perkasa lodge police reports premised on fiction, but not one police report from our Christian leaders and so the police investigate the fiction published by Utusan. The police can only investigate based on a police report, not on newspaper cuttings.

“Nothing for a while from the home minister and Najib only asks for calm. Then Najib meets first with Muslims groups to calm them and states that Umno will always defend Islam, the Federal Constitution etc. The media were called and featured the meeting,” he said.

“Surely by then, our Christian leaders would have known that this issue was clearly manipulated and that the media would be present and regardless of what our leaders said (at the meeting), it would end up on the same trajectory: Islam safeguarded and the Christians agree to this.

“Why did the Christian leaders walk into that clear booby trap? Why didn’t they have a clear statement printed out for the press, saying what they wanted the meeting to be and what their own demands were, regardless of Najib’s spin,” he added.

Double standard

Tan, who is also the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia, said the government always practised double standard – one set of rules for Malay/Muslims, and another for the rest.

Responding to a question, the hard-hitting Jesuit-trained prelate, who once served in Rome, also dismissed Najib’s 1Malaysia concept as nothing more than deceit.

“All that has happened shows that the 1Malaysia concept is a bluff. We played the usual and now the worse – racial and religious bigotry,” he said.

Asked if he agreed with Utusan only being slapped with a reprimand letter, when other publications in the past, such as the Sarawak Tribune, were dealt a lethal blow, Tan said the Umno paper should not be spared the rod.

“Action should be taken against Utusan and the two ministers who supported it in the same way they suspended in the beginning our Catholic ‘Herald’ just for using the word ‘Allah’ which, in fact, is not the property of Islam.

“I am absolutely surprised that the Christian leaders who were there to see our PM appeared all of a sudden tame and conciliatory and did not demand justice be done, i.e., in the same way, the government dealt with the other non-Malay/Muslim papers. Then again, perhaps, the press did not publish everything (on the meeting),” he added.

Sarawak Tribune was forced to cease operations in 2006, when the government clamped down on the daily for publishing offensive caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

In a related development, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said there was “some basis” to the Utusan report.

Speaking to the press, he said this was in view of new evidence provided in a police report lodged in Penang today.

Furthermore, he added, Utusan’s editor-in-chief Aziz Ishak’s explanation to the home ministry was similar to the contents of the police report.


Menurut laporan ini, jelas Paderi Besar dari Johor ini bukan sahaja tidak menghargai kesudian Perdana Menteri Najib untuk meluangkan masa bertemu mereka malah mempersoalkan kepada tiada tindakan yang diambil keatas akhbar Utusan Malaysia. Sedangkan, Polis masih lagi menyiasat kes tersebut dan pada masa kenyataan Bishop Tan ini dibuat, pihak pihak berkenaan seperti Ketua Pengarang Utuasan Malaysia dan blogger BigDogDotCom belum pun ditemu ramah dan kenyataan mereka dimabil oleh Polis Pulau Pinang sebagai melengkapkan siasatan.

Jika benar Bishop Tan membuat kenyataan demikian, maka ini adalah ketelanjuran kata dari seorang pemimpin ugama yang dihormati mempersoalkan sedangkan siasatan masih berjalan. Ianya seolah olah berbaur politik dalam keinginan agenda pihak pihak tertentu untuk melihat akhbar yang berjuang membawa wadah nasionalism itu ditutup, walaupun sementara.

Isu laporan ‘Negara Kristian’ Utusan Malaysia pada 7 Mei 2011 adalah laporan aktiviti sebuah parti politik Chauvinis Cina DAP, yang cuba cuba menggunakan melalui beberapa paderi dan aktivis Kristian tertentu dalam merealisasikan perjuangan politik sempit mereka. Ianya sebagai sambungan kepada siri kempen mereka dalam Pilihanraya Negeri Sarawak dan laporan tersebut bukan berhasrat untuk menghina atau menyerang masyarakat Kristian secara menyeluruh.

Persoalannya sekarang, dimanakah Khairy dan Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia dalam kes laporan ini? Apakah mereka tidak meminta Bishop Tan menjelaskan apa yang dilaporkan itu dan sekiranya benar, membuat tindakan sesuai dengan peruntukan undang undang sediada?

Sekiranya laporan FMT ini salah, maka tidakkah menjadi tanggung jawab PPUM sebagai sayap kiri UMNO untuk membuat laporan mengenai penulisan ini kepada Suruhanjaya Kommunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia?


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Jeff Ooi, lying?

YB Jeff Ooi

DAP MP for Jelutong Jeff Ooi was nailed this morning. The Pendang born technopreneur/SOPO blogger-turned-politician was instructed to pay RM 150,000.00 for defamatory words utters on former Penang Municipal Councillor Mohd. Razali Abdullah.

The Star report:

Published: Monday May 23, 2011 MYT 12:40:00 PM
Updated: Monday May 23, 2011 MYT 12:46:29 PM

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi guilty of defamation, ordered to pay RM150,000


GEORGE TOWN: A High Court here Monday ordered Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi to pay RM150,000 in damages to a former PKR Penang municipal councillor for defamation, including implications that he was a “mad man”.

Judicial Commissioner Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera also ordered Ooi to pay RM20,000 in costs and interests of 8% to be calculated from the date of judgment until the date of payment.

In his suit, Mohd Razali Abdullah, 49, claimed that Ooi had slandered him repeatedly and caused defamatory statements to be published by newspapers, websites and news portals in 2009 when he was a municipal councillor, and some of the defamatory words were repeated in newspapers in January 2010.

He said the slander, among others, meant that he was a religious extremist, was incapable of acting professionally and carrying out his duties as a councillor despite his qualification as a land surveyor, and had mental problems, with the innuendo that he was a mad man.

Mohd Razali is seeking a permanent injunction to stop Ooi from repeating and publishing the defamatory statements, an apology in the newspapers, general damages for libel and slander at RM10mil, and other damages.

In his defence, Ooi said he genuinely felt that his reference to Mohd Razali as a “religious extremist” was reasonable and justified.’

Ooi, represented by Jagdeep Singh Deo, denied calling Mohd Razali a mad man.


It is obvious that Jeff Ooi wasn’t telling the truth about having the basis of calling Razali as “religious extremist” and “Mad man”. Penang High Court found out otherwise. And with cost to former blogger Jeff Ooi. Razali filed the case on 1 February 2010 as a reaction of Ooi’s refusal to openly apologize. Ooi’s description of Razali actually came with a lot of flak from several NGOs.

JIM hairan Jeff Ooi anggap Razali ekstremis

RABU, 05 OGOS 2009 16:55 TM LIM


KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Ogos – Presiden Pertubuhan Jamaah Malaysia (JIM), Hj Zaid Kamaruddin menafikan tuduhan Ahli Parlimen Jelutong, YB Ooi Chuan Aun yang menggelarkan JIM sebuah pertubuhan pelampau. Ooi bermaksud demikian ekoran desakannya supaya seorang ahli jawatankuasa Pusat Khidmat Sehenti (OSC) di bawah Dewan Bandaraya Pulau Pinang, Mohd Razali Abdullah diberhentikan daripada menganggotai jawatankuasa berkenaan. Mohd Razali, menurut Ooi merupakan ‘ekstremis agama’ kerana beliau merupakan ahli JIM, dan JIM pula meletakkan visinya untuk membangun sebuah negara yang melaksanakan syariat Islam sepenuhnya menjelang tahun 2020.

Bagaimanapun, Zaid menegaskan bahawa mengamalkan syariat Islam dalam kehidupan merupakan aspirasi setiap umat Islam, bukan sahaja di Malaysia tetapi juga di seluruh dunia. Bahkan beliau percaya rahmat kebaikan Islam di Malaysia nanti akan turut dinikmati oleh seluruh rakyat. JIM yakin pegangan Islam Mohd Razali dan pengalaman profesionalnya akan menjadikan beliau lebih berkemampuan dalam menjalankan tanggungjawabnya, demikian menurut Zaid dalam satu kenyataan akhbarnya di sini.

jeffooiSebuah akhbar harian berbahasa Inggeris melaporkan Ooi (kiri) sebagai berkata, perlantikan Mohd Razali boleh dianggap sebagai ‘mengundang bahaya’ (dangerous precedent) disebabkan visi yang juga merupakan impian JIM itu.

Mengulas kenyataan tersebut, Zaid berasa hairan bagaimana perlantikan seorang Muslim yang baik boleh mengundang bahaya. Agama Islam telah berdiri teguh sejak sekian lama. Jadi, sebarang kekeliruan dan sikap prejudis orang ramai terhadap Islam yang timbul akhir-akhir ini tidak akan mengubah kesucian dan kerelevanan agama ini dalam masyarakat.

Sebagai sebuah pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang bertanggungjawab, JIM berpegang kepada prinsip keamanan, kedaulatan undang-undang dan keadilan untuk semua. JIM juga katanya akan terus berkempen agar hak dan maruah rakyat dipertahankan, kerajaan lebih telus dalam pentadbirannya dan pemerkasaan individu dan komuniti dapat direalisasikan melalui penglibatan rakyat dalam proses demokrasi.


For the record, Razali was a councillor appointed by PKR. PKR is a ‘partner’ of Pakatan Rakyat unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-strange-bedfellows. Now, it seems that they are even willing to backstab their own partner indiscriminately.

So now that it is known that Ooi is not that truthful, the question now lies on the case of the purported event which was said to involve him and DAP Jelutong where certain vows were said to be made. If true, it could be seen as most likely ‘seditious words’ were uttered. The Chief of Staff at Chief Minister denied the all these, although Utusan Malaysia reported a different initial reaction from him on Friday 6 May 2011. Even after Mohd. Razali Abd Rahman made a Police report on 13 May 2011, “Confirming what Utusan Malaysia published on 7 May 2011 was true”, Ooi still denied that the vow did happen with all sort of excuses.

The Star reported Ooi’s reaction upon the shocking revelation the day before after Razali Abdul Rahman made a Police report at Pattani Road Police Station:

Published: Saturday May 14, 2011 MYT 4:30:00 PM

DAP’s Jeff Ooi wants Mohamed Razali to reveal contents of police report


KUALA LUMPUR: DAP member Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman should reveal the contents of his Friday police report about the controversial meeting with Christian leaders, said Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi on Saturday.

Ooi said he was taken aback by Mohamed Razali’s Friday report as the branch committee member had actually accompanied him to lodge a police report on May 8 against the Utusan Malaysia’s front page report, headlined Kristian Agama Rasmi?

“This is sudden. I really don’t know what happened,” he said, adding that he had been trying to contact Mohamed Razali.

“Local media reported him yesterday as saying that he knew what really happened during the May 5 meeting. It is short on details. He is hiding behind the police report.

“We are challenging Mohamed Razali to repeat what he has stated in the police report so that our legal adviser can take a look into it and for us to seek legal redress,” he told reporters at the party headquarters here on Saturday.

On Friday, TV3 reported that Mohamed Razali lodged a police report at the Patani Road station, claiming that he had attended the May 5 meeting with Christian leaders and that he was disappointed that they were denying matters discussed at the meeting.

Ooi claimed that Mohamed Razali had a relative who was a policeman and speculated that the relative could have persuaded Mohamed Razali into lodging the police report on Friday that appeared to run counter to the May 8 report Ooi had lodged.

“I hope the police start looking into that angle and make a fair and just investigation into the case,” he said, adding that no action would be taken by the party against Mohamed Razali until the matter was clarified.

Ooi also said eight pastors had been called by the police to have their statements recorded over the meeting.


This is what pro-Opposition news portal Free Malaysia Today reported on the same story:

DAP’s ‘brother’ Razali was ‘coerced’

Teoh El Sen| May 14, 2011

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi has challenged former Umno member Razali Abdul Rahman to reveal the content of his police report over the alleged attempt to place a Christian prime minister in Putrajaya.

KUALA LUMPUR: A previously loyal DAP member who lodged a new report on the alleged ‘Christian plot’ to takeover Putrajaya was coerced into doing so, according to Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi.

Falling short of calling it an “Umno plot”, Ooi, who is also DAP national central executive committee member, said 42-year-old Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman was treated like a “brother”.

“We don’t know what is his intent to file the report five days after we lodged a report denying that there was a Christian conspiracy.

“In fact, he was the one who personally asked me to make the report and accompanied me on May 8 to the police station,” said Ooi, adding that he was saddened by the new development.

Ooi, who called for a press conference at the DAP headquarters here, showed reporters a newspaper cutting from Chinese daily, GuangMing, showing a photo of Ooi and Razali in front of the police station.

In the photograph Razali was seen making a thumbs down sign showing disapproval of Utusan’s report.

“When I saw the man (Razali) on TV yesterday, he looked very worried. I sympathise with him,” said Ooi, who was alongside other top DAP leaders including Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, Gobind Singh Deo, and Lim Lip Eng.

Ooi said that he received an intelligence report that Razali had a relative who was a Special Branch police officer.

Ooi alleged that the officer was instrumental in leaking the story to Utusan.

“We were informed that Razali has a relative who is a lance corporal from Jalan Petani police station in charge of taking care of political matters in Jelutong,” he said.

Ooi however declined to reveal the identity of the officer.

“It was this particular police officer who was instrumental in getting Utusan the story, I hope the police would look into this angle,” said Ooi.

Reveal content

Ooi today challenged Razali to come out and reveal the contents of his police report so that legal action, if any, could be taken by the party.

“He is hiding behind the police report. We would be glad if he could repeat his report openly.

“If what he says threatens DAP’s reputation and the Christian community then we can seek legal redress,” he said.

Further describing Razali’s background, Ooi said Razali was once an Umno member but came to him in 2008 asking to join DAP after quitting his former party.

“He told me Umno was suppressing him to a point that his car was splashed with paint on one occasion,” said Ooi, adding that he also helped Razali find an employer when he was in financial difficulty.

Ooi also said that at this juncture, Razali would be pitting himself against the eye witnesses numbering some 50 others.

“It is his words against the rest of these 50,” he said.

Ooi said eight pastors and four DAP members who attended the function, including himself, have given their statements to the police.

“The police questions were ridiculous. They were asking the pastors if they raised their right or left hand, but they simply replied ‘any’. They also asked how high were the hands raised,” said Ooi,.

Ooi said the people who had made the exposé were so ignorant that they did not know that Christians pray with their hands raised and may have misunderstood it as an oath.

Ooi also condemned Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, saying the letter of reprimand was merely a slap on the wrist when Utusan was flaming ‘dangerous fires’.

“It is clearly an agenda to destroy DAP. Hishammuddin wanted to get even because he handled the Al-Kitab issue very badly.” he said.

Ooi said he had not been able to contact Razali.

Absurd idea

When asked how the allegations surfaced if it did not happen, Ooi said:”If there really was a conspiracy, they wouldn’t have invited Razali, right?

“That’s common sense. Had I the power to summon Christian groups to lead such an agenda against Muslims. I would resurrect Altantuya (Shaaribuu) to testify. I’m just saying it’s totally absurd.”

Ooi said the conference was called “Unashamedly Ethical Conference” which was focused on ways Christians can contribute to fighting corruption and bribery.

On an allegation which surfaced on pro-Umno blogs that Ooi himself leaked the story, Ooi replied: “I wouldn’t trust the blogs. I have been a world class blogger, compared to this.”:

Meanwhile Pua who is DAP publicity chief said Hishamuddin’s comment that based on Razali’s report there was some bais to Utusan’s report was a ‘very serious claim.’

“Such insinuations could result in confusion and disharmony in the country.”

Last Saturday, Utusan Malaysia carried a front-page article headlined “Kristian agama rasmi?” (Christianity the official religion?).

The article alleged that a group of pastors had participated in a gathering in Penang recently, together with DAP elected representatives including Ooi.

The gathering allegedly discussed a plot to turn Malaysia into a Christian country and install a Christian prime minister.


The report, based entirely on unsubstantiated blog postings by two pro-Umno bloggers, charged DAP with sedition for allegedly trying to change the country’s laws to allow for a Christian prime minister.

Several police reports have been made urging the authorities to investigate Utusan Malaysia and the blogger for criminal acts.

On Thursday, the Home Ministry issued a letter of reprimand to Utusan Malaysia over the article.

But the very next day its minister Hishamuddin said there was “some basis” to the Utusan report.

Hishammuddin said this based on ‘new evidence” provided in the police report lodged By Razali yesterday morning.

Razali, who described himself as a responsible Muslim, was quoted in Utusan as saying that he knew the “true story” behind what happened at the function, in a hotel in Macalister Road, where the alleged conspiracy was hatched.

“I am here to explain what really happened (during the function) because I was present. I made the police report because I am very disappointed with the reports which have been made by those who don’t know what really happened,” he reportedly said.


Now that Penang High Court have proven that Ooi is not that truthful about having basis to slander, how reliable is his version of this ‘MacAlister Road hotel event’ on 5 May 2011?

Excerpts of Ooi’s reaction when Utusan Malaysia contacted him on 6 May 2011:

Jeff yang ditanya mengenai ikrar itu mendakwa, ketika majlis berlangsung, beliau sibuk ‘melayan’ iPad selain menjamu selera walaupun turut bertafakur semasa paderi-paderi itu berdoa.

“Bukankah berdoa itu suruhan tuhan. Apa yang saya tahu, ‘bigdog’ (penulis blog) tidak sebut nama saya, dia tidak tuduh saya. Kalau mahu tahu lebih lanjut, sila tanya polis Cawangan Khas dan dengar rakaman yang dibuat mereka,” katanya melalui khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.


Two days later, he lodged a Police report against Utusan Malaysia and this blogger:

Police record Ooi’s statement

By Lee Keng Fatt and Elvina Fernandez
Ooi said he gave his statement at 10.30am and also lodged two reports — against Utusan Malaysia and the owner of the blog bigdogdot.com.wordpress.com for unwarranted and unsupported claims on the issue.

GEORGE TOWN: Police yesterday recorded a statement from Jelutong member of parliament Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun over his alleged involvement with a group purportedly trying to make Christianity the country’s official religion.

The Jelutong DAP denied that he had hosted the dinner in a hotel here on Thursday evening and clarified that there was no pledge among those who attended the dinner to have a Christian as the country’s prime minister.
Ooi also demanded that Utusan Malaysia and the blogger offer sincere apologies to all, including the Christian community, within 24 hours


The investigation is still ongoing. Just like the case brought upon by Razali Abdullah, this most recent case of Razali Abdul Rahman is something worthwhile to pay attention to.

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KJ wajar berundur kerana gagal

Khairy the 'cry-baby'

Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia YB Khairy Jamaluddin wajar berundur kerana beliau gagal dalam tugas, sebagai pemimpin bertaraf Naib Presiden itu. Beliau membuat kenyataan bahawa terdapat 120,000 ahli Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia (PPUM) sebenarnya tidak berdaftar sebagai pengundi.

120,000 ahli Pemuda UMNO tidak mendaftar sebagai pemilih


GEORGETOWN: Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin, mengingatkan pemimpin pergerakan itu di seluruh negara supaya menggiatkan jentera pendaftaran kerana masih terdapat kira-kira 120,000 ahlinya yang tidak berdaftar sebagai pemilih.

Katanya, ahli pergerakan yang tidak berdaftar sebagai pemilih adalah dianggap melakukan “dosa politik” dan gerakan untuk mendaftar mereka sebagai pemilih harus menjadi fokus utama sebagai persiapan menghadapi pilihan raya umum ke-13.

Beliau berkata, jika ahli pergerakan itu dengan sengaja enggan mendaftar sebagai pemilih, maka satu tindakan susulan haruslah diambil kerana ia membawa kerugian kepada parti.

“Kami belum cadangkan sebarang bentuk hukuman atau tindakan disiplin terhadap mereka yang tidak berdaftar sebagai pengundi, namun hakikatnya ialah mereka yang belum mendaftar ini adalah satu kerugian yang besar,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan persidangan serentak pergerakan Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri UMNO Bahagian Tanjong di sini hari ini.

Khairy berkata, setakat ini Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO mempunyai 600,000 ahli dan 120,000 didapati tidak mendaftar sebagai pemilih.

Katanya, Pemuda UMNO Perak berjaya mengurangkan sebanyak 50 peratus daripada jumlah mereka yang tidak berdaftar sebagai pemilih.

Beliau berkata, semua ahli parti haruslah meletakkan kepentingan parti melebihi daripada kepentingan diri atau puak dalam parti kerana tidak ada maknanya seseorang itu berebut untuk memegang jawatan sebagai pemimpin dalam parti sekiranya parti itu kalah dalam pilihan raya. – BERNAMA


Sebenarnya, ‘dosa politik’ ini patutnya dipikul oleh beliau terlebih dahulu. Ini kerana sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia (KPUM) dan boleh menghabiskan sepenuh masa menumpukan tugas untuk parti (kerana walaupun beliau merupakan Ketua Pemuda Barisan Nasional dan seorang MP, tiada sebarang jawatan dalam pentadbiran diberikan keperceyaan kepada beliau samada sebagai Menteri Kabinet, Timbalan Menteri atau mana mana ahli Suruhanjaya atau Lembaga Pengarah sebarang GLC).

‘Dosa Politik’ Khairy Jamaluddin bermula semenjak 2004 apabila dalam zaman pentadbiran PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, beliau bertanggung jawab dalam banyak dasar dan keputusan Kerajaan Persekutuan yang dibuat melalui ‘Budak Budak Tingkat Empat’sehinggakan keyakinan rakyat kepada Kerajaan BN semakin tiris.

BN gagal mendapat sokongan rakyat. BN gagal dalam 5 +1 negeri semasa PRU 12 8 Mac 2008 dan pertama kali hilang 2/3 majoriti dalam Dewan Rakyat. Ahli ahli akar UMNO sendiri menyalahkan PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah kerana mendengar nasihat Khairy dan ‘Budak Budak Tingkat Empat’ dalam pelbagai perkara, termasuk projek projek yang membazir dan tidak memberikan impak tinggi kepada rakyat dan negara.

PKR yang pada PRU 11 April 2004 hanya mampu meraih satu kerusi Parlimen sahaja dan hampir mati itu, mendapat nafas baru akibat kelemahan pentadbiran, kegagalan dasar dan pembaziran yang menejelekkan Kepimpinan PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah. Mereka beroleh peningkatan 3000% dalam pertambahan kerusi pada PRU 12, iaitu sebanyak 31 kerusi Parlimen. Undi terhadap PKR juga meningkat sebanyak hampir 200%, berbanding pertambahan undi kepada DAP sebanyak 50% dan PAS sebanyak 3.5%.

Pada PRU 12 jelas terbukti orang UMNO sendiri membuang undi mereka, sekiranya tidak mengundi Pembangkang. Sebagai contoh, kubu kuat UMNO iaitu Johor yang merakamkan 500,000 orang ahli parti menyaksikan undi rosak sebanyak 100,000. Ini merupakan 1/3 dari undi rosak seluruh Malaysia pada PRU 12 yang menyaksikan ‘Tsunami Politik’ itu.

Prestasi Khairy dalam kedudukan paling utama PPUM juga tidak memberangsangkan. Difahamkan, semenjak berjaya memengani jawatan KPUM pada 25 Mac 2009 walaupun tidak mendapat mandat majoriti Perwakilan Pemuda, PPUM hanya mampu menambah 50,ooo ahli baru sahaja.

Jelas, Khairy tidak berjaya menyakini apatah lagi meraih sokongan golongan muda. Jika diukur dari perspektif mempertahankan Islam pula, Khairy sememangnya gagal, Nantikan analisa oleh PERKASA mengenai isu ini dan juga  mempertahankan isu Melayu dalam SUARA PERKASA terkini yang akan berada dipasaran mulai esok.

*Dikemas kini Isnin 23 Mei 2011

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Antalogi Seribu Seratus Ekar Puisi

Seribu Seratus Ekar Puisi

Pengerusi Tanjung Rhu Land Sdn. Bhd. Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli petang ini merasmikan himpunan puisi yang dinamakan ‘Seribu Seratus Ekar Puisi’. Majlis ringkas itu dianjurkan di Ladang Ar-Raudhah, Kuang, Selangor.

Karya Sasterawan Negara Dato' Mohamad Anwar Ridhwan

Antalogi karya seni bahasa ini dirakamkan dalam dwi-bahasa, oleh 13 orang sasterawan Melayu. Ianya bertujuan untuk mengambarkan keindahan khazanah alam semula jadi dan persekitaran Tanjung Rhu Resorts, Langkawi. Antalogi ini akan dijadikan sebahagian dari bahan kenangan pengunjung resort tersebut, disamping hasil hasil tempatan seperti kerja dan kraftangan dan hasil seni seperti lukisan dan foto. 90% pengunjung resort 5 bintang itu adalah pengunjung luar negara.

Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli

Dalam ucapuatama, Tajudin melahirkan hasrat agar usaha ini akan mencambahkan usaha mencernakan karya seni termasuk puisi oleh sasterawan dan artis tempatan. Kumpulan Tanjung Rhu memang mempunyai program khusus untuk membantu karya seni tempatan dibangunkan, dengan memberikan pengkarya ruang untuk menghasilkan hasil seni mereka. Ini merupakan contoh baik warga korporat memberikan sokongan kepada usaha pengkarya seni, termasuk hasil puisi dan sastera.

Satu lagi puisi mengenai Tanjung Rhu

Beliau juga menjelaskan dalam program pembangunan Tanjung Rhu termasuk sebuah resort golf, alam sekitar dna keindahan khazanah alam dipelihara. Penduduk tempatan yang terlibat juga berpeluang untuk memainkan peranan dalam pengurusan dan operasi resort golf tersebut.

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Blogger for Blogger

'Bloggers for Blogger' campaign for Kerp

On Monday 16 May 2011, Blog House Malaysia Secretary Tony Yew started the ‘Bloggers for Blogger’ campaign to assist the wheelchair-bound-blogger Ahmad Daniel Shah “Kerp” Sharani in his trying times of dotting wife for a little over a year, Molee Kamal, weather through her fight against kidney cancer.

Datuk Rocky and other bloggers such as Jebat Must Die, Tokasid and Write Away started to follow.

BHM President Syed Akbar Ali handing over a checque for Kerp

Blog House Malaysia as an NGO for bloggers actively took the task to promote this ‘B2B4Kerp’ fund.

Today, Blog House Malaysia senior Excos paid a visit to Kerp at his family’s place near Subang Airport. I was fortunate to accompaniy President Syed Akbar Ali and Secretary Tony Yew for the visit. When we arrived, Kerp’s parents were just about to leave to take Molee for an oncology treatment at a nearby hospital. Blog House Malaysia contributed a sum of RM 10,000.00 ease Kerp’s burden on Molee’s hefty hospital bills, which is reoccurring monthly.

So far, Blog House Malaysia ‘B2B4Kerp’ meter already recorded RM 11,739.35 monies contributed by many, which include bloggers. We were told that the attention even attracted a generous contribution from abroad. Someone wanted to send Kerp an amount of USD 200.00.

Molee is lucky her employer is a very understanding corporation. She has been on paid medical leave the past two months. Publishing house Karangkraf should be commended for their exemplary compassion for their employees. Other corporations should emulate this fine humanitarian gesture.

Kerp lost the use of his legs after a terrible accident when he was still in his teens. Molee, stood by him from then for 11 years and had a long run relationship before her parents allowed Kerp to marry her March 2010. Now its time for Kerp to return her kindness. Please do what ever you can to help Kerp. If you are a blogger or active user of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, please help to create awareness on Kerp’s plight.

On behalf of Blog House Malaysia and Kerp, we would like to express our deepest and utmost sincere gratitude for your kindness.

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Tun Dr Mahathir admitted

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was admitted this morning at IJN. The Blog House Malaysia patron is in good condition and required some rest and medication.

The official statement on the admission and condition would be made available at Blog House Malaysia site soon. Please watch this space.

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Did BH miss the script….?

PM Dato' Sri Mohd Naib Tun Abdul Razak speaking at OXCIS

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Naib Tun Abdul Razak was in Oxford on Monday, to deliver his third international speech on ‘Moderate Islam and Islamophobia’, after New York last September at the United Nations and Istanbul in February. The speech was delivered at the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies.




Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening.

Let me first thank the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw for his kind words of introduction; Dr Farhan Nizami, a respected scholar, whom I have known for many years; and all of the representatives from the academia, business and diplomatic communities who are present here today.

I am immensely pleased to join you as a guest of Oxford University, where earlier this afternoon I had the chance to meet some very talented young students and to visit the future OCIS building, an inspirational environment, which blends Islamic and Malay traditions with your own rich Oxford heritage.

It is an enormous honour to be here in the renowned Sheldonian Theatre, which has echoed with the words of so many luminaries over the years. Every year dozens of Malaysians travel to Oxford to study, finding a home away from home in the Oxford University Malaysia Club. The Khazanah-OCIS Merdeka Scholarship, established in 2006 to mark the 50th anniversary of Malaysian independence, have boosted the numbers. And with the Malaysian Securities Commission and OCIS now collaborating on the study of emerging issues in Islamic finance, the bonds between our two countries will be further strengthened.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Diversity, dialogue and peaceful co-existence are important themes in Islam. In the holy Quran, Allah SWT expounds that, the very reason He creates human beings into distinct nations and tribes is as a blessing so that humanity may embrace and celebrate their diversity. When then, did Islam and extremism become synonymous? When then, did perpetrators of hate and terror hijack the religion of peace and compassion? How did acts of extremism by a few minorities of Muslims come to be seen as a reflection of Islam and its followers? Such vile misrepresentations are a source of great anguish to me and to the vast majority of Muslims.

When four young men headed south from Yorkshire one morning in July, six years ago, maybe they thought the home-made bombs they carried in their backpacks made them “real Muslims”. Maybe they thought that by blowing themselves up they were acting in accordance with the will of Allah, that they were following the teachings of the Quran. How wrong they were.

I would like to emphatically state that, those who strap explosives on their bodies and blow themselves up are not martyrs. They do not represent Islam. Unknowingly, they are misguided into committing a grievous sin. So do, all those who preach hate and stoke the fire of intolerance in leading to this most blasphemous act, they too are as guilty as the perpetrators. Our heart goes out to their victims who are innocent, defenceless civilians going about their daily life. Islam never condones such a vile act.  Neither is it part of the teachings of Islam.

In fact, Islam abhors suicide; as stated clearly in the Holy Quran, Chapter 2 verse 195 which reads: “do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction”. Therefore, suicide is impermissible under any circumstances. Life in Islam is a sacred trust from the Almighty whose fate shall be determined by His will alone. It is pertinent to note that under the five higher objectives of Islamic law or “maqasid syariah” the first and foremost concern is the protection and preservation of life.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A world free from terrorism is possible. It is not beyond our reach. It needs men and women of goodwill among the faithful of all creeds; it requires a vanguard of the moderates, it demands us to stop being a silent majority and to start reflecting the courage of our conviction. We must address the underlying causes of global violence. Merely going after specific individuals, dismantling their organizations, disrupting their finances and discrediting their ideologies is far from enough. We must be able to differentiate between the symptoms and the root causes. Only then, can we achieve a lasting solution.

It would be too easy to say that the solution to Islamic extremism is simply for more Muslims to speak up and to speak out. Yes, it is our responsibility, but it is not ours alone. Just as Muslims need to make their voices heard, so do the Christians, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Atheists who are sickened by intolerance, violence and terror and need to make their voices heard. We need to hear the concerted voices from moderates in all countries and from all walks of life. And when we do, the prize of peace is there for all to see.

But while one man standing in the road is a nuisance, a mere distraction, ten men standing together are far harder to ignore. And if those ten become a hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion even, they become a force so big, so strong and so united in their common cause that those who espouse hatred will face a very simple choice. They can join us, or they can remain where they are and be crushed by the force of our collective will.

So it is for people who cherish moderation, dignity and justice everywhere to stand firm, and stand proud, to dissipate the pull of terror and to deny those at the margins a foothold in the middle ground – ensuring that frustrations, wherever they are felt, are heeded and that voices, wherever they speak out, are heard.

Quite simply, we cannot allow this moment to be overtaken by extremists, with those who shout loudest gaining the most.

That is why we are all here this evening to foster not a clash of civilisations but to further an understanding, and perhaps even a celebration of our difference and, at the same time, of everything we share. Modernisation and moderation must go hand in hand. Our dialogue must continue.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to relate the Malaysian experience.  Providence and history has endowed us with a nation-state that epitomises the very essence of diversity.  Malaysia is blessed not only with ethnic diversity but also of culture, language and religion. Since independence in 1957, with the exception of the May 13 tragedy, Malaysians have lived in relative peace and stability.

In Malaysia, Islam is synonymous with moderation, inclusiveness and good governance. Sixty percent of Malaysians are Muslims, the other forty percent profess a variety of faiths i.e. Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and others. Although, the Malaysian Constitution provides for Islam as the religion of the Federation, it protects the right of all Malaysians to practise their religion in peace and harmony.

In light of this diversity, national unity continues to be the overriding objective. Since assuming the office of Prime Minister in April 2009, I have continued to make this overarching goal the top priority of my administration through the guiding philosophy of 1Malaysia, emphasising People First, Performance Now.

In managing our plurality, we have decided on integration as opposed to assimilation. Malaysians accept their diversity. We do not merely tolerate each other but we also embrace and celebrate. By leveraging the robustness and dynamism of our diversity, we have created a foundation for our national resilience.

In the short span of fifty years, Malaysians have managed to transform from a low-income agricultural economy dependent on a few commodities into a diversified modern industrial upper middle-income nation. The United Nations Development Programme currently classifies Malaysia as a high Human Development Index nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Islam is practised as a way of life in Malaysia. The government advocates a path of Wasatiyah or justly balanced moderation whether in formulating and executing domestic policies or in conducting international relations. Let me put this in perspective so that there will be no room for confusion or misinterpretation.

I would like to stress that the principle of moderation is not new in Islam.  Wasatiyah, is a recurring theme in the Quran. Verse 143 Chapter 2 states:
“We have made you into a community that is justly balanced”.
The Quran goes further that with moderation, there must be justice and justice presupposes knowledge and freedom. It is therefore important to remember that education, coupled with democratic principles of freedom, allows us to choose what is good and virtuous.  It is only logical that moderates choose a path that is true and right. Moderates must defend and promote these ideals.  What is false or misleading should be rejected and expunged.

Moderation is also advocated in Christianity.  If I may quote from the Bible, Philippians Chapter 4 verse 5 which says:
“Let your moderation be known unto all men…”

This essentially calls for all Christians to live their daily lives in moderation and not do anything in excess. Judaism also calls for the middle road. The Torah teaches that moderation in life and etiquette, in character and traits, as well as in one’s lifestyle is a ‘way of life’ in the truest sense of Jewish customs. In Taoism, the principle of moderation is considered a critical component of one’s personal development and forms part of the three pillars of its teaching.

There is no such thing as a liberal Islam or an extremist Islam, a conservative Islam or an enlightened Islam, a jihadist Islam or an appeasing Islam, a modern Islam or a medieval Islam. There is only Islam, a complete way of life. Being moderate cannot in any way be equated to a wimp, unprincipled, weak or appeasing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In following the best Islamic tradition, Malaysia shall not waver from supporting what is right and just notwithstanding whether the cause is championed by the Islamic world or beyond. We shall not retreat in the defence of the weak and the oppressed whatever their creed or colour. We will not be silenced from speaking the truth.

We are now all too aware of the dangers of terrorism and violent extremism.  From the 9/11 attacks, to the Madrid and Bali bombings, to the destruction caused here in London, many live in continuous fear of losing their lives at any given moment.

As chapters of the history of terrorism and extreme violence are still being written, its plot pivots around a single question – Why do people take such extreme measures to the extent of taking another’s life or even their own? I am sure that many here are aware of some of the more common factors that lead people to commit such atrocities.  It has often been cited that lack of economic development and education has led some people to turn to extreme measures like terrorism.  In other cases, it is despair and a sense of utter hopelessness. Humiliation is another wellspring. While most have acknowledged these factors, if we observe more carefully, we will find that some terrorists come from well-off families and are very much educated.

In most cases, it is a combination of these factors that terrorism continues to persist. For them, terrorism is the pursuit of political goals through other means.  They also hide behind the mask of religion in pursuit of their goals. Some really believe that other religions and civilisations represent the enemy and that there is no place for peaceful coexistence.  For them, the world is a zero sum game where one side can win only at the expense of the other.  They propagate this to get others to fight and die for their cause.  Thus, in a peculiar way, the role of religion has ironically, increased the scale and lethality of the terrorist threat considerably.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Terrorism and extremism are serious challenges. Overcoming them requires clear thinking based on an objective assessment of the situation. One real and symbolic cause looming large as a rallying cry for global extremism is the unresolved Middle East problem, the plight of the Palestinian people.  It has haunted the global conscience for far too long.  Every peace-loving nation which seeks a better world must work towards an everlasting resolution based on the principles of a viable two state solution and equitable justice for all involved.

Malaysia unequivocally supports the struggle of the Palestinian people for an independent, sovereign and viable homeland of their own under the umbrella of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions. The world owes the Palestinian people a debt of honour; the people of Palestine have suffered for far too long.  The Palestinian people have been expelled from their land, their homes destroyed before their very eyes; they have been humiliated and subjugated while the world watched. Oppressed and denied their most fundamental right to life and liberty with dignity and hope have led to tragic and heart wrenching consequences. It is time to put real action in place of grandstanding and mere rhetoric.

In supporting the Palestinian and other righteous causes, Malaysia will not support violence against non-combatants, civilians, women, children, the aged and infirm. In short, those who cannot defend themselves whatever the justification. Some argue that desperation has led to unorthodox methods of warfare. To them I would urge to heed to principle of Islam that the end never justifies the means.

That is why, at the United Nations in September last year, I called for a Global Movement of the Moderates that would see government, intellectuals, religious scholars and business leaders across the world take a united stand. For it is the spirit of Wasatiyah – ‘moderation’ or ‘balance’ – that must now prevail all around the globe.

There is no doubt that the scale and speed of the events unfolding across the Arab world in recent months has at times felt almost overwhelming. But amidst the chaos and the confusion we should not lose sight of the fact that these countries and peoples now face a fateful choice – the choice between extremism and intolerance that closes in to fill the void and a peaceful, democratic moderation that will grant them more freedom of expression, not less.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the words of Samuel Johnson, society cannot subsist “but by reciprocal concessions”, and that is how modern, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia not only subsists but develops and grows. Far from encouraging “different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream” Malaysia’s integration and inclusivity has always been the key formula for success.

But if my stance is idealistic, it is hard-headedly realistic. Many great Islamic scholars have been concerned with how Islam with its religious, cultural, political, ethical and economic world view can help solve some of the biggest challenges we face today. These are questions that interest me – how moderation can solve the problem of extremism but also, in more unexpected ways, how it can help us through the global economic crisis.

It is no coincidence that institutions working to Islamic principles survived the worst of the economic crisis. Islamic finance puts the public good ahead of individual gain. And it is perhaps worthy to note that Islamic bank would not have been permitted to spend and lend so much more money than it actually possessed.

The Islamic world is already showing that it can be an economic force.  Malaysia is the world leader in Islamic finance. Malaysia is also the world leader in the issuance of sukuk or Islamic bond with 60 per cent of it originating from Malaysia.

The great potential of Islamic finance is not hard to see. There are more than one and a half billion Muslims living in countries around the world. There are more than 400 Islamic banks in over 50 countries, including right here in the United Kingdom.

In this regard, I believe we should look closely at how the structures of Islamic finance can support the new global economic architecture that is emerging. Indeed, in place of excess Islamic finance offers moderation and transparency. In place of greed, Islamic finance offers fairness.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Moderation is not an alien concept to mankind. Neither is it only theoretical in nature. It is a real living principle that can be gleaned from the exemplary conduct of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that after years of being persecuted, harassed and oppressed by the pagan Quraishites, he started his reign of Mecca later, with dignity, forgiveness and compassion.

Moderation can also be seen from the conduct of Nelson Mandela who after being incarcerated for 27 years, 18 of those spent in an eight by eight foot cell, allowed only one letter and one visitor every six months. After he was released and when asked by journalist Sir David Frost “how is it that you got through 28 years, you were wrongly incarcerated, and you’re not bitter?” Mandela answered, “David, I would like to be bitter, but there is no time to be bitter. There is work to be done…”.
In his inaugural address as President in 1994, Nelson Mandela eloquently put forth the ringing clarion call:

“Let there be justice for all.
Let there be peace for all.
Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.
Let each know that for each body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfil themselves.”

It is testimony to his sense of moderation and his leadership that there was no bloody retribution in South Africa for all the evils and injustices perpetrated against the black majority during the apartheid regime.

Again, moderation was manifested in the works of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of non-violent struggle, who freed a nation through his faith in the inherent goodness of man.

Moderation is also reflected in the struggle of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. In his dream for a more equal America, he appealed to its highest ideals of using non violent means following in the footsteps of Gandhi rather than debasing his struggle by stooping to the low of his opponents.

In the case of the United Kingdom, cast your mind back, if you will, to the darker days in Northern Ireland. In the wake of the Good Friday Agreement, extremists on both sides of the sectarian divide tried to plunge the country back into violence. But the massed ranks of the moderates, from both the nationalist and loyalist communities, stood up as one and uttered with a single voice a firm, resounding “no”:
No, they did not want to be cast back into the shadow of the bullet and the bomb.
No, they were not prepared to sacrifice the new prosperity that came with peace.
No, they would not let the vicious actions of a few dictate life for the many.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Edmund Burke, the philosopher, was quoted to have said, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Our choice is clear. Come together in action for a future of justice, freedom, hope, compassion and goodwill for our children or it will be replaced by a future of injustice, tyranny, hopelessness, cruelty and hate. Because the real divide is not between East and West or between the developed and developing worlds or even between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is between moderates and extremists of all religions. Together, let us embrace moderation as the best course of action and for the best way forward.
Thank you.


Not in this speech, PM Najib talked about terrorism and the need to settle the Palestinian issue. The speech is about taking things in moderation.

At home, it is a different story. On page two today, Berita Harian published a story about Saudi born terrorist Osama Bin Laden:

Jejak Osama bin Ladin: ‘Osama orang budiman, mesra’

Daripada Hardi Effendi Yaacob di Abbottabad

GAMBAR Hamid bersama Osama bin Laden dalam pertemuan pada 1997.
GAMBAR Hamid bersama Osama bin Laden dalam pertemuan pada 1997.

Pengarang Zeo TV News kagumi keperibadian pemimpin Al-Qaeda

BERBEZA dengan apa yang digambarkan pihak Barat, karektor Osama bin Laden sebenar ialah lelaki budiman, mudah mesra, lembut tutur kata dan amat menghormati tetamunya. Ini diakui Pengarang Zeo TV News Pakistan, Hamid Mir, satu-satunya wartawan di dunia yang berpeluang menemuramah Osama dalam beberapa pertemuan sulit sekitar Afghanistan, termasuk di lokasi persembunyiannya di pergunungan Tora Bora.

Hamid, 42, kali pertama bertemu lelaki paling dikehendaki itu pada 12 Mac 1997. Beliau tidak percaya langsung Osama seorang pengganas yang mempunyai rangkaiannya di seluruh dunia.

“Siapa Osama pun (ketika pertemuan pertama) saya tidak tahu… beliau belum cukup terkenal ketika itu. Tidak banyak maklumat mengenainya ketika itu, kecuali dikaitkan dengan serangan bom di Kedutaan Kenya, Tanzania.


Why is BH still talking about Osama Bin Laden, and featuring him as ‘A gentle and a real gentleman’?

Osama Bin Laden name is synonymous with ‘terrorism’ and this is one example why many Muslim activists are associated with terrorism. He is a bad example of a Muslim, in any perspective.  Although as minority, Muslims like him are hated by  majority of the citizen of the world, which include Muslims. Many of Muslims were unlawfully detained in Guantamo Bay or any other Allied Forces facilities because of their association or acquaintance with him, post 7 October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

The likes of minority Muslims in the instance of Osama Bin Laden is the reason why there is the necessity for PM Najib to take the matter up and face the international community with the notion of ‘Moderate Islam and Islamnophobia’. The world must understand that Muslims don’t behave in the likes of Osama Bin Laden.

For BH to talk about the personality of Osama Bin Laden should be considered distasteful. At the most, BH should talk about whether or not he was assassinated the way it had been and the disposal of the body in the speed and secrecy, rather than what sort of person he was. The fact that US Navy interjected using extreme force in an operation of incursion which should be seen as a violation of international law should be BH’s focus.

Allied Forces particularly NATO still occupy many strartegic sites in Afghanistan for the ninth year now, with US sending 30,000 extra troops instead of withdrawal (as per President Barack H. Obama’s campaign promises in 2008) is a worthy topic to deliberate, of which BH did not really dwell. The recent arrest of Singaporean national Abdul Majid Kunji Mohamad here in Kuala Lumpur under ISA for terrorism involvement in Southern Phillipines and whether he has direct link to Osama Bin Laden’s group is also worthy of BH’s investigation.

What is it with BH Editorial?

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Its time for peace and enlightenment

We wish all our readers Happy Vesak day. May the sacrifice of Gautama Buddha of worldliness for the search of enlightenment and peace to all mankind be remembered for all of us to make our world today a better place.

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