Putih mata, lagi

Gone. Insider information relates that parcels within the so-called ‘contentious’ Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) which is part of 1MDB Real Estate Division are all gone and none left despite more have their eyes set on.

Tabung Haji which had a good deal for the 70,000 sq. ft. service residential plot at RM2,800 psf had to hived it off after a blog with inciting agenda to get depositors angry and rise against the Government. It was with an agenda to topple Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak.

The Malaysian Insider story:

Tabung Haji in process of selling TRX land, says Azeez


Published: 26 May 2015 1:45 PM
Lembaga Tabung Haji is in the process of selling the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) land that it had bought from debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) for RM188.5 million after promising earlier this month to do so within a fortnight.
Its chairman, Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, said the pilgrims’ fund was in the process of sealing the sales and purchase agreement but did not elaborate further.

He also declined to reveal the potential buyer of the land, adding that the information would be revealed once the due process has been completed.
“Yes, we have a buyer. We will inform later (about it),” Azeez said when met by reporters at the Tabung Haji building in Kuala Lumpur today.
“It is in the sales and purchase process, with a little profit.”

Tabung Haji has an RM920 million bond in 1MDB’s real estate development Bandar Malaysia and last month bought 0.63ha from the TRX financial district, which is another 1MDB development.

Its purchase of the plot of land from 1MDB for RM188.5 million, or RM2,774 per sq ft (psf), for the purpose of building a residential tower has created uproar among its depositors, some of whom withdrew their savings.

Opposition politicians were quick to note that Tabung Haji was paying far more psf than what 1MDB had paid at RM64 psf when it first bought the land from the government, causing some to call the deal a “bailout” given 1MDB’s massive debts.

Following widespread criticism and public outcry over the purchase of the land, Tabung Haji announced on May 9 that it was selling the plot to a buyer at a profit of at least RM5 million and that the deal would be concluded within the next few weeks.

Azeez, who is also Baling MP, said that Tabung Haji had received three offers from interested buyers for the prime land.

He said then that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had advised him to dispose of the land so that the fund’s reputation was not “tarnished” due to its business transaction with 1MDB, and in order to respect the “sensitivity” of the depositors.

Najib is also finance minister and chairman of 1MDB’s advisory board. – May 26, 2015.


The fact is that the market price for the TRX parcels are around RM3,100 psf. 1MDB had many queries especially from foreign strategic property players.

1MDB Real Estate Division is expected to be announcing the next phase of their strategic property game with Bandar Malaysia, which was the former Sungei Besi Air Base. The 486 acres development is expected to realise RM145 billion within 15 years, where a population of 220,000 would work and live.

Two mass transit lines and the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high speed railway would pass and have terminals within the development.

If GLCs and agencies with specific benefits for Bumiputera such as TH, PNB, LTAT etc. would be pelted with harsh adjectives if not insidious for making a commercial decision, which being portrayed as “bailing out 1MDB”, it is without wonder they are slow in committing their ‘parcel allocation’.

They are rather very careful, learning from the public outcry based on the false pretext on the reporting of TH’s acquisition of the TRX land. Needless to say, eventually the majority would eventually be net losers.

It is ashamed that the majority would be in the vicious cycle of putih mata, lagi.

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  1. That’s what you get from an egoistic former leader who always think that he is always right. That’s irresponsible by using his influence just to get at the company because that can help his cause to bring the PM down.

    I hope PM Najib will stay and not bow to the pressure just to teach the former leader a lesson that he isn’t always right. And a message has to be made that it’s UMNO members who determine whether a PM stays or go and not one single man even though he was a former leader.

    • One,

      It is not ONE man alone, today many have voiced concerns over 1MDB including Najib’s own brother, a banker.

      Recently TPM has also asked for the sacking of the BoDs.

      Najib has LIED in parliament about the ‘cash’ in BSI Singapore, which later turned to ‘assets’ and now it is ‘units’.

      It really proves a lack of due diligence amounting to incompetence.

      It has nothing to do with Tun Dr M’s personal agenda. 1MDB’s transactions are questionable to say the least.

      TH has to pay in full immediately?? Suspicious indeed.

      • He was wrong on the first place and correction was made without delay. If he lied then he won’t correct his statement but left it in dark until someone discovered it. Then we can say he lied wouldn’t we? Think about it? It’s better to earn interest in the form of unit rather than cash for which with the amount that large even small percentage would yield better return rather than cash. And one thing for sure is that 1MDB have the means to settle the 900usd debt to Deutsche Bank. The 1MDB detractors really hope that there are no cash in Singapore but they are extremely disappointed with this.

        I won’t say that 1MDB is squeaky clean but I won’t insinuate that everything is wrong with the company either. And PM Najib already asked for full audit by AG and even asked the hostile PAC to investigate it. If those 1MDB detractors really want the truth then they would wait for the facts to be lay out rather than going gung ho asking him to resign for crimes he doesn’t know about if any.

        That brings us to Tun. The man is contradictory. On one hand he exercised guilty until proven otherwise on PM Najib but on the other hand when people asked something about his tenure then he straight away asked for proves? At least be consistent. Why can’t he asked those telling stories about Najib to prove their allegations? Be fair. Don’t let your dislike of someone prevent you from acting fairly.

      • Poor One

        Najib only “corrected” after MAS confirmed NO cash in BSI. So he did NOT immediately correct himself.

        When Tun said he lied in Parliament, only then the “correction” was made from ‘assets’ to ‘units’.

        Tun Dr M was never personal. Altantuya’s murder was instructed by someone who benefits immensely when Najib becomes PM – definitely not the 2 policemen who have no motive.

        PM and wife and stepson obviously came into MUCH wealth – where from since she is just a housewife. Najib’s brothers also made a press statement that their late father was not a rich man to provide inheritance to Najib.

        All these issues point to one person – which I am very certain Tun Dr M knows for sure.

        Najib is being given much leeway to step down with dignity before all these scandals burst into the public sphere.

      • I agree with ray’s points.

        Been repeatedly said, so many questions been unanswered. Altatuya is one thing but this is RM42 billion debt, a large part guaranteed by the government.

        A lot of government land involved. Like Khairy Jamaluddn said, it cannot be until all government land is exhausted, sold at low prices and unclear where the money went.

      • Again it’s inaccurate to say that he lied. He lied if he has intention to do that but correction was made so you can’t say he lied when he himself voluntarily corrected his statement. And correction was made before Tun said he lied. Just go and see the timelines. And even then newsportal carefully used parentheses to describe the “lies” as it’s inaccurate and can invite lawsuit if they are not careful. Even KuLi confirmed that Najib didn’t lie.

        Now to the family. While we all agree that the family in particular Mdm Rosmah likes luxury can you prove that they obtained that in corrupt way? The reason I asked this because up until now no one goes to MACC with proves and made a report against them. No one. Not even Tun. But everyone didn’t have any reservations to demonise the lady and his family. Guilty until proven otherwise is the rule while it should be otherwise. When someone asked how Tun’s kids got their fortunes, he straight away asked for proves of any wrongdoings. Why can’t he did the same to Najib’s family? He promised that he would tell all about his kids during the event in Ipoh when he got back from umrah but he didn’t. Everyone just forgot about it just because he is Tun. This is double standard. On the first place why bring the issue of Najib’s wealth just because the opposition is doing it. Why should you do it? They lied about the 24 million jewellery and they twisted her statement about the 1200 Ringgit hair treatment and all this to create the perception of Imelda Marcos type of lady. And other pro BN supporters gleefully dancing to the tune just because Tun did.

        To Altantuya. The case has been decided by court and the fugitives had ample time to implicate anyone during the trial. Logic dictates that they will scream Najib’s name from the first day of trial but they didn’t. Even the previous PM Tun Badawi said Najib didn’t involve and confirmed by previous IGP. Even back then Tun didn’t raise any issues about the case. Why bring this issue if Najib’s involvment can’t be established even from the first day? And I’m aware that Tun didn’t directly accusing him of directly involved with the case but the insinuation is toxic that the perception is being formed about his involvement.

        Again. About 1MDB I think everyone should wait until all the facts have been established like what KuLi said. It’s better to be objective rather than believing the rumours and the innuendos. 

        This is long piece of mine. The reason of my ranting is because I don’t agree with one man deciding the fate of our leader. It should be us UMNO members who determine it. We are democratic party and we should use the democratic way if we want to remove our leader. Not by this. If TSMY really aspire to the premiership he should resign and garner the support for next party election. He shouldn’t hide behind Tun’s back doing the dirty jobs for him. This is the type of culture which will divide UMNO and seal its fate. If we don’t stop this destructive culture of blackmailing the leader just because we don’t like him and want him to step down then it will be a destructive cycle that will kill the party.

      • One

        If Najib is so confident of his “innocent” stand, I suggest he just SUE Tun Dr M for slander.

        This won’t be the first time Najib has sued citizens.

        We shall see if Najib has the guts to counter Tun. He also has rejected the debate proposal .

        Why is Najib so worried about a debate with a 90 year-old statesman??

      • Proofs on Rosmah – the crux of the matter is why wait for proofs? Politics is perception. PRU14 is not far away. Najib got the Chinese tsunami. 51% of votes in PRU13 went to the Opposition. The Opposition had been spinning against Rosmah a lot at PRU13. Why wait for proofs?

        So much accusations per the Sarawak Report and arising from the Euromoney interview of Jho Low in Hong Kong. Najib is the Chairman of the Advisory Board, the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister. Why wait for proofs?

        Just get the 1MDB staff put a short paper explaining 1MDB. Give some idea what the deal with the Middle East petro company was that can help justify or dispel the speculation on the involvement of Rosmah and the son who are said to be close with Jho Low who is linked to a company that was alleged to have received US$900 mill (RM3 billion) from it.

        Comment on why the Deolitte (sp.) audit report said 1MDB financially OK but in the same month the company had to seek RM2 billion to pay its dues.

        That sort of things. Keeping quiet didn’t help at all. The public got bad perception. Even Tabung Haji got “a run” – the CEO didn’t use those words but announced there were withdrawals by depositors as result of the land purchase and the “advice” to sell it soon after.. Those depositors are PRU14 voters, too.

      • .. no one goes to MACC .. and made a report against Rosmah and family. We must not condone corruption, any time, by anybody. But the fact remains that Tun Dr Mahathir ruled 22 years and had 2/3 majority. Whatever corruption there might have been did not dent his performance. But it did Najib’s. Badly. The worst results.

        Not “everyone” but very many “didn’t have any reservations to demonise the lady and his family.” It’s Rosmah’s own doing. Why must she want to be different from other PM’s wives? Wants an office, a Private Secretary and don’t know what other staff. Some say also wanting the FLOM title, heads this and that organisation. Meluat lah orang tengok. The rakyat are not all intellectuals and think first before believing in a RM24 million ring she allegedly purchased.

        “When someone asked how Tun’s kids got their fortunes, he straight away asked for proves of any wrongdoings.” So many would say that. Better than just make don’t know. Or saying I didn’t do any wrong why should I reply. But challenging it gives the impression one is confident of not having done any wrong.

        Again, TDM ruled 22 years and had 2/3 majority. Najib did very badly in the elections. He has to explain 1MDB etc. Otherwise, face the calls to resign or be replaced.

        Let’s see the 1MDB Real Estate Division announcement on the “next phase of their strategic property game with Bandar Malaysia”. If it would sooth and convince the rakyat on 1MDB’s wisdom and professionalism.

      • Why wait for proofs? The simple reason is that we are Muslims and to pass judgement without concrete proofs are not the way we do things. Rumours and unproven allegations would bring fitnah. It’s injustice. Injustice brings chaos.

        If you noticed in the Euromoney interview, Jho Low denied any involvement in term of day to day operation of 1MDB. Even then questions about Jho Low still being brought up. And 1MDB did explain about what is 1MDB in their FAQ and about the transaction involving PetroSaudi and also the premium they paid for the soon expiring IPP. It’s already there. Again the questions would still be brought up. When asked what are still missing? They said who is Jho Low? What is PetroSaudi? Why 1MDB paid more for the IPP? That’s why I say debate would be pointless. It’s because even after answers are given, that would not satisfy the detractors.

        Deloitte is an auditing firm and they audited the account of 1MDB. In term of accounting rules everything checked out. Like what Husni Hanadzlah said, 1MDB problem is just a cashflow problem and it could be solved but not with the detractors sabotaging its every efforts. Case in point the TH deal. The deal being described by anti Najib as a bailing out of 1MDB. That spooked some investors. But we know it’s not true. It’s simple buy and sell exercise between two companies. And TH was in good position to make money from the land with TRX in prime location and great potential. But it wasn’t meant to be. Just because it’s good for 1MDB. In the end the TH investors missed out. Hope those responsible would ask for forgiveness from us investors.

        I hope there will be no sabotage for 1MDB to list the Edra IPO later. That would help 1MDB.

      • No problem with lengthy comments. We are all interested in the facts. And the arguments. Less on the opinions. Especially if not backed by facts.

        “.. one man deciding the fate of our leader.” Think again. So many agree with TDM’s views. UMNO members, too. No just Pak Kadir. Even Ketua Bahagian and MKT members. Not nice to name here.

        I support fully the statement “It should be us UMNO members who determine it.” TDM and his supporters are also UMNO members.

        “.. the democratic way if we want to remove our leader.” To wait for the next party elections would be too near the general elections.

        TSMY should resign and garner the support for next party election? Shouldn’t hide behind Tun’s back doing the dirty jobs for him? You got proof he is doing so? What about the UMNO Division heads and Supreme Council Members? Quite a number have reservations about Najib. Seen in the 150 or so demanding for the Sedition Act be retained.

        That which divides UMNO – isn’t it Anwar Ibrahim? His being in jail is no guarantee of UMNO/BN win at PRU14. Especially with so many controversial and not likeable policies like 1MDB, GST, throwing away ISA, etc.

        Now you are getting a bit off with your words, aren’t you? “blackmailing the leader just because we don’t like him”? Wanting him to step down is blackmailing?

        Whether getting Najib out will kill the party is very debatable. The reverse is also true. Keep him there, lose PRU14, not just UMNO gets killed but also the country. DAP gets control, out goes Sedition Act, question the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, seditious, subversive what have you, race riots and the country will go to the dogs.

      • “.. we are Muslims and to pass judgement without concrete proofs are not the way we do things. Rumours and unproven allegations would bring fitnah.”

        I mean no disrespect to my own religion, Islam. But this is a dead horse beaten to death by people who refuse to answer simple questions. Or counter-argue the accusers. With facts.

        For example, why the 1MDB Management didn’t see to it that there be enough cash to pay for the RM2 billion that Ananda Krishnan had to help arrange to pay 1MDB payments becoming overdue. And what that entails. In terms of international shame, “the consideration” for Ananda doing that – not free in all respects, is it?

        Aiseh, friend, if you tell that to DAP blokes – even PKR Rafizi etc – they’ll laugh at you endlessly. They have been thriving – especially at PRU13 – with the well known “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”. Despite having PAS as a bed partner – though the bed is hot now.

        And we are a multi-racial, multi-religious country. DAP even shits PAS Hudud. Karpal Singh did it until he went dead. The extent they go regarding respect for religion and religious values. And politics is about competition for the votes. You think Najib can bring big wins for UMNO at PRU14 if he and you all stick to that no layan “rumours and unproven allegations”?

        Get real, my friend. You are an UMNO member. DAP so happy having so many of you keeping quiet on the kind of rude, highly provocative, even seditious, statements and news headings in the Opposition so-called news portals.

    • Yeah right. I sure like to know what is in the complaint lodged by Monetary Authority of Singapore against 1 MDB. It must be a serious breach or something. Otherwise why lodge a complaint? Malaysians are fed up with the buying time excuses like ‘ lets wait for AG”s report’ blah blah. As suggested by Nazir, an independent auditing must be done quickly. Since1MDB is owned by Ministry of Finance whose Minister is Najib Razak, any investigation cannot be done by govt agencies or any entity linked to the govt. It would be a conflict of interest, unless Najib resigns both as PM and Minister of Finance. As a rakyat we shouldnt care about propping up failed politicians and their apparatus but should care about our nation and the rakyat”s interests.

      • The facts of the matter are otherwise, I think.

        MAS did not lodge a complaint against 1MDB. Why should it (MAS) when it is Singapore’s defacto central bank and financial regulator? And who did it lodge the complaint with – the Commercial Crimes Department of the Singapore Police?

        Reports in the Singapore papers said that MAS acted to investigate the BSI account in Singapore after being contacted by Malaysian authorities.

        According to the Bank Negara Governor, MAS has already given it’s report to the Malaysian authorities. The contents of this report are confidential, according to Bank Negara.

        So, as I see it, it is entirely up to Bank Negara whether the contents of the MAS report should be divulged to the public.

      • I believe MAS, like the Central Bank of any country, regulates all the commercial banks in that country. To ensure that the interests of depositors are well protected at all times. Loan:deposit ratios, proper loan documentation and no hanky panky.

        MAS would deal with the banks concerned on any such shortcomings. It is not obliged to report to Bank Negara if 1MDB is irregular in such dealings with a bank in Singapore. So, it’s likely that MAS was requested information on 1MDB. Could it be by the Task Force set up by the Attorney General, done through BNM?

        BNM is right. It cannot divulge such confidential information except to the relevant investigating agencies.

        Interesting. in Caymen Island, in BSI Singapore, in hard cash, in assets, in ….. Could Najib’s people pls explain why like that one?

  2. It is good move on the part of Tabung Haji to sell off the 1MDB land and distance itself from the quagmire of so many unanswered questions and unaccounted whereabout of RM 20 something billion in the saga of 1MDB , the most talked about issue since Renong. At this juncture the issue of value of land may be secondary compared to the expeditious manner the land was sold to TH paying in full. Some may say there is nothing wrong with that. But only if 1MDB had not been perceived as accumulating debts and,having Ministry of Finance as its sole sharwholder and using RM 1 billion.taxpayers money to service the debts. Worse still since 1MDB planned projects were mainly in property, real estate and energy. Nothing on higher education, health care and even rural and urban devt. 1MDB looks like a ‘ casino carousel ‘ investment with ni consideration for the rakyat.

    • Correction * with no consideration..*

  3. hey bro

    kalau govt nak tolong Tabung Haji, nak tolong orang nak pi haji kenapa tak bagi tanah tu pada tabung haji at rm72 per sq ft..

    itu saja kita nak tanya. dulu kerajaan bagi tanah free saja kat tabung haji sebab nak tolong org islam pi haji.

    now different. menyamun tabung haji

    btw tabung haji is TABUNG. bukan bank haji.keep that in mind

  4. One One

    Umno members who pledged “solidarity” with a proven liar in high position, are considered accomplices.

    If you believe that Najib made an innocent mistake over billions of ringgit. by default it PROVES that he is negligent which amounts to gross INCOMPETENCE.

    It concerns the rakyat’s money (TH, KWAP, EPF) and he must not be excused for “innocent” mistakes.

    Can you as an UMNO member swear that he has nothing to hide? “Tunggu audit” is a lame excuse. Arul and Shahrol also skipped PAC attendance.

    • Ray

      I believe we have to wait for the facts to be lay down properly before passing our judgement. If there are wrongdoings let it be concrete not just allegations from blogs like SarawakReport which has no credibility and opposition lawmakers TP and RR. And certainly not from those with grouses with Najib’s administration and went to Tun to complain. These are just opportunists and parasites who use Tun for their agenda. Let’s just wait for the AG and PAC to conclude their findings.

      And I believe with me swearing that Najib has nothing to hide is just pointless. Afterall I’m just a normal UMNO member who is concerned about the way things right now in UMNO. I believe in democratic process and I just hope Tun and his people would respect it.

      • I have not said one word to Tun and he doesn’t know me from Adam or Anwarul Al Juburi, or Hadi or Tokong Lim. I have not benefited one sen from UMNO but I have been supporting UMNO all my life. I can see no other alternative to UMNO.

        But UMNO under Najib is getting worse and worse every day. I fear UMNO/BN will lose at PRU14. He has had the worst general election results in the history of UMNO so far. Worse than Tun Dol.

        Yes, pointless to swear Najib has nothing to hide. That’s the more reason he should answer the important questions raised on 1MDB. Yes, respect the democratic process. But I have serious doubts that the AuG and PAC can resolve the issue satisfactorily. No need a Government White Paper but something like that should satisfy the rakyat. I and so many others don’t want UMNO/BN to bungkus.

        Enough with his attitude towards the Sedition Act – that which protects the sensitive clauses of the Constitution, that which are the rights and interests of the Malays that UMNO was sworn to protect and promote. He even wanted to do away with it – whatever the replacement maybe, a lot may be lost apart from the commas, colons and semi-colons. The Chinese tsunami is a gone case – he bent backwards to placate the Chinese, but still got it. Me and friends fear the Malay tsunami. God forbid. UMNO has got to do something drastic.

  5. Come on Ray. Najib repeatedly said that he respects Tun like a father and do you sue your father just because he is spanking you? And what can we expect from a debate? A popularity contest? Debate is pointless because Tun and his people want nothing but Najib’s head. So do you debate with those who already made up their mind and are not open to different views?

    I don’t agree with their method of removing the president just because they don’t agree with the way Najib is administering the country. Every leader has its way and to use unproven allegations and insinuations to create bad perception to remove a leader is just wrong. You want a new president then use the democratic channel provided by UMNO constitution.

    Come what may if Najib really has to step down I hope he will disband the UMNO supreme council to pave way for a new election. Let the members decide who would be their new president.

    • What can we expect from a debate? The facts. The answers to the many questions raised on the 1MDB. Willingness to debate it would in itself show sincerity and a perception that he really has nothing to hide.

      There you go. Asking “do you debate with those who already made up their mind and are not open to different views?” How do you know that? You are the one appearing to have made up your mind that Tun and others are after Najib’s head. He began by asking, didn’t he. For so long, bo paluli. Now you get to feel people want to kill Najib politically. Yet you don’t defend him by explaining why he kept quiet other than asking us to wait for AuG, PAC etc.

      Let the public decide whether the facts on 1MDB that might emerge from the debate are reliable or not, whether the investments 1MDB made were prudent or not, whether 1MDB management was professional or not.

      Remember, mate, it’s RM42 billion we are talking about. The rakyat’s money. The 500 acres of Sg Besi Air Base was gomen land and the rakyat have a stake in those. And, most importantly, PRU14 is 2-3 years away.

    • One

      UMNO is not the priority here. The bigger picture is the state of the nation’s well-being.

      When you read Tun’s queries and Najib’s responses (not answers) you tend to conclude that Tun is the sharper of the two.

      If Najib can collude to get Paklah to resign, why can’t the same happen to him. In fact his performance is much worse than Paklah. Najib’s 1MDB is scandalous in terms of the amount involved.

      Even his brothers have spoken against him.

      Najib’s pathetic counter to Tun’s queries lend great support to the perception that he is really clueless although he holds powerful portfolios.

      The fate of bumiputras including yourself and your descendants is on the line. UMNO will lose big time and the opposition may just be the government. This may mean Malaysia will be governed by DAP in essence.

      I truly pity Tun Dr M who has a soft spot for Najib as Razak’s son. He is not allowed to retire in peace. All major problems need his involvement. This issue is not personal.

      May Allah keep Tun Dr M in good health. Perjuangan MASIH belum selesai.

      • I don’t deny that Tun is smart and we all are grateful to have a PM of his calibre but that’s more reason for us not to allow him to have his way because what he’s doing now is nothing short of killing UMNO and BN and undoing his legacies. Tun should retire gracefully without having to worry himself about UMNO and BN. We should stand by our own and unite to ensure that UMNO and BN would continue to rule after GE14. But what Tun is doing now is dividing UMNO members.

      • Beg to differ with you.

        What TDM is doing is not killing UMNO – he is trying to ensure UMNO stays alive. Most importantly, win at PRU14. And win big.

        Najib should get MCA and other BN component parties work their asses off to get back the seats they lost at PRU13. And not by offering scholarships. And not by recognition of UEC, the Chinese school certificates and such nonsense that are not in line with the Constitution.

      • The person killing UMNO appears to be Najib with all his controversial decisions.

        Aside from 1MDB, his abolishment of the ISA, the u-turn over the Sedition Act, the over-catering to the Chinese community seen as at the expense of the Bumis.

        His various schemes and programs do not impact the common folks positively. His ever-superlative feedback is incongruent with reality.

        In Najib’s era there were so many tragedies – Lahad Datu, MH370, MH17, AirAsia plane crash, the Semenyih plane crash in which he lost 3 of his good men …

        The lavish wife lifestyle, the wedding of the century, Riza’s penthouse purchase, his hollywood movie attempt, the Altantuya murder, the scorpene scandals …

        The negative impression of Najib is not created by Tun Dr M – it is created by Najib himself over the short span of his administration.

      • Najib appears as a misunderstood character. But, like the “advice” to Azeez to sell the TRX land TH bought, there cannot be a misunderstanding that it was an “instruction”.

        One problem may be many of his underlings taking what so-and-so’s words on 1MDB etc as instructions. Instructions that are presumed to be the wishes of the husband.

        Such things may not even be said by her but conveyed by the “Private Secretary”. Like on the “legacy of wealth”, said to have come from the PMO, that Najib’s siblings seriously objected to.

        Hence the significance in the demand for a Private Secretary, an officer of some seniority, presumably Division One level, that’ll make others listen to what he/she says and take them as being the words of the so-and-so.

        Unless 1MDB people themselves are interested parties in any of the “instructions”. Of course, all sorts of speculations came out in the absence of satisfactory explanations on 1MDB.

        I agree that Perjuangan MASIH belum selesai.

  6. I don’t think everybody would be net losers. TH is a huge organization, can have other profit-making businesses, including from other parcels of 1MDB land. It made “some profit” from the sale of the TRX land anyway. And Azeez said the sale was on Najib’s “advice”.

    Shafie Afdal was asked to respond to Tengku Razaleigh’s statement that the entire Federal Cabinet should be held responsible for the 1MDB controversy. An Opposition news media reported Shafie saying
    “unfair to do so when he and his colleagues were just as unclear as the public over the firm’s allegedly opaque deals.”

    He said he and his fellow ministers have been actively raising questions on 1MDB during Cabinet meetings.

    “We are responsible Cabinet members. That’s why we asked the questions… We want to know (as well). We can’t be blamed for something we are not clear on,” he added.

    If the report is true, it’s very, very sad. Even Cabinet Ministers are not provided with adequate info on government-owned 1MDB running such a huge debt.

    • The wisest thing for the Cabinet members to do now is to resign enbloc and leave the First Among Equal Jibby , high and dry. He can go stubborn and appoint new cabinet members but that will be the end of him because it shows he has lost the support of senior and key UMNO leaders. But then again too many polishers who care about themselves than about UMNO. BN is set to lose big in GE15. The votes will go to PAS , DAP and PKR, and some to the longkang ( spoiled votes) . Since PAS may leave Pakatan and stand alone, it could be a hang Parliament. Once BN has no simple majority it could remain as useless oppos for the next 20 years. Who wants to vote for a badly tainted leadet such as Jibby . Furthermote UMNO leaders are poor at making rebuttals and short on broad based knowledge except for a few but not Jibby certainly, Poor rebuttals mean the ruling oppos can shut them up for years. Who suffers? Malays and. UMNO supporters who had given so much hope on a party to fulfil their aspirations including socio economic achievements . All torn asunder under PM Najib. UMNO, and Malays in general cannot afford to have Jibby leading UMNO and the nation. Six uears is a long time and he has nothing to show for.

      • I’m not sure whether they are poor in making rebuttals. I get the impression they are not sure what to say. takut kena marah, by you know who. Who may have a hidden finger or two in the pie.

        The nasty Opposition so-called news portals have contributed to that kind of impression. Najib wants so-called liberalism, he did not license them like Singapore did. Free for all in the wild accusations.

        You know who is a very demanding character. Never before a person in her position was politically and administratively “active”. Imagine a mentality that the husband’s siblings had to issue a statement hitting the claim of “legacy of wealth”. That’s a pretty whacky thing – 3 (is it 4?) brothers wanking her.

        And Nazir continues to speak up on 1MDB. Wanking the former and current CEO for not turning up at the PAC hearing. But they sure need one month to be prepared. Maybe two months if there was hanky panky.

      • Correction *

      • correction : ,* GE 14*

  7. “……….I believe in democratic process and I just hope Tun and his people would respect it.”

    Last time I checked freedom of expression is still part of democratic process.

    p/s So does transparency and accountability to one’s constituency (the people).

  8. Dear One,

    You made a gallant attempt at presenting the pro-Najib views. In the midst of the anti-Najib comments here, your pro-comments provide a welcome variety in opinions that are being put out.

    Do come out with more views. And do get your pro-Najib friends and colleagues to join in the lively debate we are in fact having in this blog.

    Clearly, many share Tun Dr Mahathir’s views. If Najib had explained, or instructed his staff to do so, right from the beginning of the controversy, there would not have been calls for him to resign or be replaced. At least not on 1MDB account. He has highly-paid staff in 1MDB and high-level Officers in the Ministry of Finance who could do the explaning. The Scretary General of the Ministry is on the 1MDB BoD.

    Now, even Tabung Haji’s purchase of 1MDB TRX land got criticized. And Najib, feeling sensitive perhaps at the wrong time, “advised” TH to sell it, making the situation worse, until some depositors even withdrew their savings in TH.

    So, let’s hear more views in support of Najib from you and friends. So that there may be enough explanations to satisfy the public on 1MDB. Or on anything else that may make UMNO’s traditional voters not go away. Like on Rosmah, who has been the butt of insinuation, frustration and even jokes. The dislike is so much that they even go personal on her. Many saying that she has been a substantial cause of Najib’s unpopularity.

    We want to be fair. We want to hear the pro-Najib views and explanations on the no-1MDB explanations, etc. We don’t expect you to give explanations on what 1MDB did or didn’t do, but just on why there were not enough explanations by those in authority – in addition to those you have already given. Do come in more and ask your friends as well.

  9. “an agenda to topple Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib ..” –

    I didn’t know that then DPM Najib did – as a matter of fact – persuade Pak Lah to step down.

    Tun Dr Mahathir has just said in his blog, “The previous prime minister was also elected, in fact with a bigger majority but he was persuaded to step down by the current prime minister.

    “So what is wrong with asking the current prime minister to step down. He has obviously made a bigger mess of the country than the previous prime minister,” said Mahathir, as published in Mlaysiakini.

    Would anybody deny the above? If not, people think it’s true DS Najib did it.

  10. UMNO appears to have become a business entity where wealth and power are awarded to the highest bidder.

    The criteria should have been the ablest with the unshakeable integrity. But money politics and apple-polishings have replaced the original honourable criteria.

    The loudest apple-polisher will be regarded as the highest bidder, never mind if he is incapable.

    “Amanah, kejujuran, keikhlasan, semangat berjuang” have been rendered obsolete in today’s materialistic world.

    “What’s in it for me?”. Tragic.

  11. When Najib messed up with 1MDB until incuring RM42 billion debt, even land sale to Tabung Haji was said to be for quick money for loan repayments becoming overdue, then told TH to sell the land, then TH putih mata unable to make big profits from developing the land, all those must be idiotic.

    Being able to get the best manpower that money can buy, yet 1MDB did not have the cash to pay RM2 billion due to others, the management must be idiotic.

    No explanations given, yet the explanation given to Parliament was not correct, now it’s not clear whether the RM1+ billion is in Caymen Island or in Singapore, it must be idiotic.

    The idiocy list can go on and on. Under these circumstances, how for Tun Dr Mahathir not to call for Najib’s resignation or be replaced?

  12. Sepp Blatter has a lot of controversies. Including FIFA corruption and a girl friend 28 years younger than him whose husband says she is still married to him. But Sepp won the election and became FIFA President for the fifth term.

    Would Najib win PRU14? He couldn’t even get majority votes at PRU13.

    More Tabung Haji and other GLC bail outs for 1MDB?

  13. TDM is not being “personal” when he initially tried to persuade DSN to resign from office.He has facts and figures to support his case. He wants to save the country from the systemic effect of the 1MDB corporate fiasco.

    We can see the effect already of the 1MDB fiasco. Bursa is seeing outflow of foreign funds and TNB share took a beating at the rumour of being used to bail out 1MDB.

  14. When people are talking about 1MDB, Tabung Haji land sale etc,why is this Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia (CAGM) offering rewards for “information and evidence that can lead to the recovery of ‘hidden cash and assets’ belonging to Tun Dr Mahathir”?

    Yet saying they are a newly set up, neutral NGO. Also saying they are going for TDM first, later might even go after DS Najib as well. Sounding very convenient, isn’t it.

    And very clever way of wording the reward proposition – “The reward is worth up to RM1mil per individual, based on the substantiality, authenticity and importance of the evidence that can be utilized by law enforcement agencies to recover these hidden wealth,” said chairman Zainal Abidin in a statement on Saturday. And who determines all those? Them, an NGO?

    Most importantly, who provides the millions? A few weeks’ old NGO can raise that kind of money so quickly? They must have learnt from Reza Aziz, Rosmah’s son and Najib’s step son who quite suddenly could purchase a RM100 million apartment in New York, etc.

    • Haha..look no further. Malaysians could already guess who is or are behind this childish move. There is one netizen who commented that ” Tun M ‘s hidden asset is his brain” . The latest move on anti Tun M campaign will backfire because the mood and sentiment of the rakyat right now shows they are shoulder to shoulder with Tun M regardless of race.

    • Benar kah apa yang di katakan di “news portal” Pembangkang bahawa DS Najib menggunakan “British spin doctor” dengan jawatan Pengarah Perhubungan apekenama nya? Saya tanya sebab News portals Pembangkang itu sendiri asyik spin dan twist kerja nya, masakan yang fakta ha nya sedikit sahaja.

      Jika benar, so’alan saya ia lah: mengapa perlu buat begitu? Takda rakyat Malaysia yang berkelulusan dan berpengalaman yang sesuai ke? Takda yang boleh di percaya ke? Atau di percayai nya begitu ramai yang menentang nya berkaitan 1MDB, GST dll sehingga dia mesti cari rakyat British yang dahulu menjajah negara ini. Harap Najib tak berfikiran neo-kolonialis dalam perkara ini.

      Apa kah pendirian Najib tidak mengarahkan setaf nya memberi penerangan dan dia sendiri mendiamkan pertanyaan Tun Dr Mahathir dan rakyat lain berkenaan 1MDB itu di atas nasihat British spin doctor itu? Tak mungkin, rasa nya. Sebab British biasa nya percayakan apa yang mereka panggil transparency dsb nya.

  15. More 1MDB land would be sold or transferred to its subsidiary companies and 1MDB will be wound down by early next year? So said the Star/Straits Times. If so, Tabung Haji can get more land from 1MDB to develop.

    No sources named but the report says a programme is being drawn up whereby Abu Dhabi will inject sovereign funds of up to US$4.5 billion into 1MDB to reduce its debts of RM42 billion.

    It quoted an unnamed source saying, “The first tranche of the money will come in next week. The remaining amounts will come in batches and by early next year 1MDB will be wound down.”

    This will allow 1MDB to “downsize” its operations and transfer the remaining liabilities to its three subsidiary companies, which are into property development and generation of electricity.

    Will those solve 1MDB problems and reduce the calls for Najib to resign or be replaced? No answers yet to questions now being asked of 1MDB and more questions will be asked – e.g how will Abu Dhabi benefit, will there be any others benefiting quietly or unannounced.

  16. Are these opinions in Malaysian Insider valid? Perhaps readers/ commenters who know economics and/or accounting could give some views:

    Where 1MDB went wrong –

    * Spent around RM11 billion to buy power plants and overpaid by more than RM2 billion according to its auditors who made a goodwill impairment to that amount in the accounts.

    * Put RM13.38 billion in various segregated portfolio companies in the Caymans which are opaque. What the underlying assets in these portfolios are have never been disclosed, but they are clearly high-risk illiquid investments whose true value may be much lower than their paper value.

    * Borrowed beyond what it needed at high interest rates and bankers’ fees and on lopsided terms favourable to lenders. As a result, it has to date spent around RM9 billion in financing costs – money that it will never get back and that it has to continuing paying at the rate of RM7 million a day!

    * Agreed to let Aabar Investment retain a whopping RM4.25 billion as security deposit for acting as co-guarantor.

    The problem with 1MDB is not merely a lack of capital. Its problem is bad use of the billions it had due either to incompetence or fraud or both.

    • Najib banyak memakai tenaga expatriat. Di letak nya di sana sini dalam PEMANDU dll. Gaji lumayan. Overseas allowances besar. Berlipat ganda di banding dengan elauns pegawai tempatan.

      Dasar Baru Ekonomi nya dulu di katakan di derap dek expat di PEMANDU. DEB di ketepikan. Marah lah rakyat Melayu dan Bumiputera. Apa kah Najib sengaja mahukan bila di kritik dia boleh kata bahawa pakar pakar luar negara pun fikir yang DEB itu sudah “archaic”. Saperti ISA yang di buang nya, Akta Hasutan yang hampir di baling nya.

      Tapi berkenaan 1MDB, apa pulak spin oleh British spin doctor itu? Kalau senyap sahaja, takda fakta sedikit pun ke? Kan sedikit fakta saja boleh depa spin panjang panjang. Ke ada fakta tapi dah jadi kabur sebab ada penyelewengan di mana mana satu aspek perniagaan 1MDB itu.

      Tunggu punya tunggu hingga rakyat dah tak kisah sangat laporan Auditor General dan PAC tuh. Apahal pun, laporan Auditor general itu berupa laporan permulaan sahaja – laporan penuh nya tak tahu bila siap.

      Dan masalah besar nya laporan odit Deloitte itu dah di perso’alkan integriti nya. Kata semua ok, ada duit boleh cover keperluan 1MDB, tapi tak lama lepas itu 1MDB bertempiar mencari duit nak bayar hutang yang dah “overdue”. Hingga Ananda Krishnan kena tolong dapatkan pinjaman RM2 bilion. Macam itu, apasal nak marah TDM dan rakyat minta Najib letak jawatan atau di gantian sebagai Presiden UMNO dan PM.

  17. These words, published by TODAYonline, if he actually said them, tell hell of a lot the state of affairs of Najib’s Cabinet on the 1MDB issue –

    Najib’s ultimatum to Cabinet on 1MDB: Stand with me or resign.

    Not so much on how many don’t support him but the very fact he said them shows his weakening position.

    Even his cousin Umno Vice President and Defence Minister Hishammuddin, who was not present at last Friday’s Cabinet meeting when the ultimatum was issued, yesterday said he would support the ultimatum but with conditions –

    “Agree (with the ultimatum) with conditions (1) rationalisation of 1MDB, (2) accountability if there is wrongdoing, and (3), transparency on (conditions 1 and 2),” Mr Hishammuddin said on Twitter.

  18. Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz yesterday somewhat confirmed the fact that Najib said about Cabinet Ministers should resign if they are not happy with 1MDB –

    “The PM said this at the meeting, ‘If somehow, some of you feel uncomfortable with this, please hand in or write (your resignation), and I will understand,” Nazri said.

    Najib convened a special Cabinet meeting last Friday to unveil plans to restructure 1MDB. The report said Utusan noted that Najib’s ultimatum followed the statement by BN Backbenchers Club chairman Shahrir Samad, who last Tuesday urged ministers to resign if they did not agree with the Cabinet’s collective decision on 1MDB.

    Of course, nobody is expected to resign – Najib will consider that in itself a victory for him. But how many really have reservations about 1MDB is not known.

  19. […] in the month, 1MDB real estate arm would reveal the mega master plan of the Bandar Malaysia. The 486 acres mixed mega development where 220,000 people are expected to work, live and past […]

  20. […] in the month, 1MDB real estate arm would reveal the mega master plan of the Bandar Malaysia. The 486 acres mixed mega development where 220,000 people are expected to work, live and past […]

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