KSN and DG of JPA should resign

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek Hassan

The proposed Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SBPA) which was supposed to be introduced and come into force this month for the civil servants is now gone. Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announced to revert to the existing Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM) this morning. The SSM would be improved, instead

Published: Thursday March 8, 2012 MYT 10:45:00 AM

Najib: SBPA scheme to be scrapped

PUTRAJAYA: The Public Service New Remuneration Scheme (SBPA) has been scrapped, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razakannounced on Thursday.

He said the existing Sistem Saraan Malaysia will be implemented with improvements.


The SBPA, which is said to have intended for top civil servants be remunerated like top executives in the market, was rejected vehemently by Ceupacs. The proposed scheme is focused to the remuneration only for the stop civil servants, currently from Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam C (JUSA C) and above, with proposed increase in pay and allowances more than 50%. The top job was said to jump from the current RM 20,000.00 band to RM 60,000.00 with retirement bonus in the neighbourhood of RM 1 million.

The middle management and senior officers don’t get that much and worse still, the lower graded personnel which amounts to 80% of the 1.2 million civil service get only a few hundred ringgit increase each, at the most.

What is interesting to the argument why top civil servants should be remunerated like the contemporaries in the GLCs is that civil servants enjoy better job security and even promotion opportunities as compared to their colleagues who are in GLCs. Even their perks are envy of their contemporaries in the private sector. Not to mention their power and clout.

Senior GLC executives are subjected to two or three year contract terms. Most importantly, GLCs like any other corporations need to show record and performance. If it is a public listed company, then they need to comply to strict market and industry regulators. For the shareholders, which is also the government, they have figures presented for measurement.

Ministries and even agencies on the other hand, does not. Malaysian public understand very little of what they do and achievements they get. Unlike agencies like Employee Provident Fund, Inland Revenue Board or Royal Customs where occasionally there are announcements on their revenue collection track record, almost everything else is oblivion. Sometimes, MPs and Senators need to raise in Parliament to get the numbers.

The civil servants never tell the public of their ‘score card’. How much target did they achieve, at what cost and more importantly, how much savings they manage to get achieving their targets were never provided for the tax payers to ponder. The Chief Secretary to the Government and each ministries should do this first before allowing themselves with extra ordinary pay rise proposal.

The only safeguard the rakyat have is the Auditor General report, to highlight all the irregularities. However, there is no good system to measure performance and achievements.

The Chief Secretary to the Government, who is the head of the civil service and Director General of Public Services Department, the department in charge of human capital for the civil service, should step down immediately for their botched-up high stake proposal to the Federal Government and thus created so much stirred up of hostilities and huge of negativities. It is a direct defiance of Prime Minister Najib’s 1 Malaysia slogan where the ‘rakyat comes first’.

In the civil service, the ‘rakyat’ is the majority of the lower graded personnel and not the selected hundred fifty or so in the ‘Club of KSUs and DGs’.

Even when the civil servants within JPA deliberated and processed the SBPA proposal and tabled it for government’s decision, Prime Minister Najib gave a lot of room for Ceupacs to have their say on it. After consultation with Ceupacs, he has proven that civil servants are the planners and executors of Federal Government policies and not the determinant. Prime Minister Najib’s decision today proves the point that the ‘bigger picture’ is still paramount.

*Updated 14oohrs

Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak revealed some of the details for the improved SSM. It is more equitable across the board and not as despairing as the one proposed by JPA as the SBPA.

Published: Thursday March 8, 2012 MYT 2:00:00 PM

PM: Civil servants’ salaries to increase by seven to 13%


PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants will get a salary adjustment of between 7% and 13% under the Malaysian Remuneration System (SSM) which will be reintroduced with improvements.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Thursday announced that the SSM would replaced the controversial New Remuneration Scheme for civil servants (SBPA).

Najib said staff in the management and professional group would enjoy a 13% adjustment in their salaries.

He said Jusa grades A, B and C officers would get a 9% adjustment while staff in Grades 2 and 3 by 8%.

Grade 1 staff and the Chief Secretary to the Government would get a 7% adjustment.

Najib also announced that the Cost of Living Allowance (Cola) had been increased from RM200 to RM250 for the B area, and from RM100 to RM150 for the C area.

The salary adjustment and new Cola rates are expected to be backdated to Jan 1, the supposedly effective date of the SBPA.

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  1. We at Sustainability Living Institute, SAVE (http://sustainabilitylivinginstitute.blogspot.com) vehemently support your recommendation. In fact we want to comment on SBPA and recommend the same.

    It is sheer stupidity and greed on the part of policy makers of JPA of which the KSN, a Pahang man is the head honcho. Why SBPA not reviewed by Najib before it was announced? CEUPACS got to fight against it hence doing a better job than Najib! Syabas CEUPACS.

    It is definitely not the easy way to high income economy Najib wants. He is partly to be blamed for sloganeering and not providing the blueprint for sustainable living for all but high income for the elites. If SBPA is to be implemented Najib-BN would loose the rakyats’ confidence votes in PRU13. After 30 years in politics, Najib keeps on testing the market and fumbling.

    • I agree that KSN and JPA fumbled big time this time. This sort of thing didn’t happen in the case of past KSN and JPA KP for the last 54 years. The present KSN and JPA KP cannot be asking an increase for JUSA C Officers and above many times over what they are currently getting. They cannot be compared with GLC top management salaries and perks because the performance of the latter can be easily judged based on the Ringgits brought into the companies and may be sacked by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.

      But they won’t resign. May not want to even if asked. Their security of tenure is such that “it takes the YDP Agong to sack them.” All the tribunals and formal procedures to be followed before they can be sacked. Remember that they have benefited from, might have been the ones who proposed to the political masters, the extending of the retirement age from 55 to whatever it is now. But if they are now working on 1-2 years contract having exceeded the latest retirement age – which has become the trend since Tun Dol’s time – such contracts may simply not be renewed.

      Btw, in your later comment you mentioned Hashim Sam in the same breath as Ahmad Sarji. I don’t see the former anywhere near the stature or even the capability of the latter. The public don’t even know the name Hashim Sam.

      • In real life conditions there are various grades of achievements as circumstances, opportunities and ones capability may determine. All in all, Allah will have the final say as accorded to each living being.

        Everyone has own weaknesses. When Ahmad Sari was DO of Rembau he could afford to flash his $2000 wrist watch! – that according to my history teacher. The point is ones get wiser with time and not stupid as the case with the KSN.

        Many people work deligently and intelligently, hopefully. Public recognition and awards may not matter as long as one gets the job done. Self glorification is something of an anathema especially if one is highly paid.

        It is of course difficult and subjective to compare personalities. One has to know them closely in terms of real contributions and other aspects of their lives. In most cases we come to know them through the media and publications. There is a blip about Hashim Sam, the author of “The Real Commoner: The Life and Times of Imam Perang Jabor 1858-1921” published by the National Library, 2002.

  2. It is a manifestation of our Malay preference of eating our own flesh and blood. Weren’t the most of the KSU’s, DG’s and not to mention KSN and his bloody KP JPA are Malays as well. And pls not to forget the 1.3 million civil servants are mostly Malays too. So, everyone says DAP in anti Malays, whereas, what we are seeing he is more filthy, pathetic and disgraceful kind of Malays than the Guan Engs, Kit Siangs, Karpals, put togehter. PM, pls walk the talk n don’t talk cock about our Malay’s future when u can’t even demand the bloody jokers KSN and KP JPA to step down ASAP!

    • Racist ting tong…tin kosong

  3. I supported the proposal to request both culprits (TS Sidek and TS Abu Bakar) TO BE SACKED. Especially TS Sidek did not gave any positive impact to the economy of the country – just a very typical worst top civil servant, created a lot of highly dissatisfaction among the middle and lower Civil Servants. Many manay people in the group of Civil Servant says that TS Sidek is the WORST EVER KSN THAT THEY EVER HAD SO FAR…… Just imagine worst ever as compared to the previous KSNs before him. With him (if not mistaken already 2 times contract has been extended, which means he already 3 times holding the same position as the KSN) does not really ADDING the positive element in the Civil Service works, without him is percieve a better still…… (ada pun tak menambah, tak ada pun tak akan mengurang). Hence, ego and arrogant people like TS Sidek MUST BE SACK immedietly. Another person is TS Abu Bakar, where he is not fit to that position at all. He does not have tallent, his English is up-side-down, and the only thing he know was to “the non stopn of bodeking” people on the top before/earlier. That is why he get his promotion….. Therefore, he also need to go. The BN Government does not require these type of people….

  4. Judging from the way how things ended, the premier group civil servants appeared stupid, incompetent, incoherent and shallow. And yet they called themselves premier. Some can’t even converse in English ha..ha ..malu..malu.

    Kalau nak gaji besar, mari la join private sector ni … kalau nak job security, pencen dan gaji yg kecil, kerja ler dgn gomen.

    Syabas CEUPACS for leading the blurred Najib into the world of reality.

  5. Eventually we will find those in the JUSA unable to converse fluently in English simply because the English-educated generation will retire and replace with generation born in the late 70s. Over the years the cohorts that recrutied into PTD come from the non-english educated. Yet these are the people who will be interacting with their counterparts abroad.

    Nowadays even our diplomats are not fluent in English. At cocktail parties they dont talk.

    • You sure Malaysian diplomats are not fluent in English? You must have met the wrong people. And usually diplomats don’t go yack, yacking with any Tom, Dick and Harry during cocktail parties. They are trained to be prudent and in context. Furthermore cocktail rounds are not the place to lobby. Diplomats would call on other foreign diplomats in an official setting, to lobby or discuss relevant issues.

      • I once worked at Kementerian Luar Negeri. Yes some PTDs there have very poor command of english. Some of them do not attend cocktails because of their inability to hold proper conversation.

      • Aren’t you bluffing, Justin? Those at Kementerian Luar Negeri hardly get to attending cocktails – they do so mostly when overseas. They are not diplomats at home, only when abroad.

        Those with poor command of English are not given political jobs that require conversing and exchanging views or explaining the Malaysian government’s stand on international issues. They’d be doing administrative and some other kind of jobs with minimal contacts with foreigners and are hardly on the cocktail circuit.

    • I think you are saying this out of ignorance or just simply saying it. No sir, these people are educated and trained. I know this from my own sister.

  6. No surprise with both men KSN and the other as DG JPA. Those who know both of them will not want to say anything. It is all about the “Malaysian job”- I guess ha…
    Keep them longer NAJIB will pay the price and the civil servants will have nothing to be proud off and you bet!

  7. Actually the top level mgt in civil service are PTD officers who had many years of service behind them. To reach Jusa C, a PTD officer would have served at least 20years in various capacities and ranks and served in various policy making positions in various Ministries and Depts. It is not a position they get overnight. They are normally about 50years old by the time they get Jusa C. Those in the mid-level mgt will someday become Jusa officers and would receive the benefits of Jusa C too. The process is not static. Many Jusa officers reach mandatory retirement age each year anyway. To be fair to PTD jusa officers there are many among them who hold masters and PhD qualifications. They manage, execute and are responsible for their Divisions, Depts etc. They work long hours behind the scene and have contributed so much to the day to day runnings of govt.agencies and Ministries crucial in the implementation of govt.policies for the people and nation.

    • Hello Mr Post Grad, you write as if the only government servants with masters and Phd are PTDs. Have you forgotten about the engineers, doctors, lawyers teachers, IT specialists who are equally if not better qualified than the PTDs? Do you think PTDs are the only ones who work hard and work late nights? What they really are good at are being kaki bodek, ikut boss sana-sini, carry his bag, angguk-angguk in meetings. What the boss says is gospel truth and basically most of the PTDs are YES men. They are trained never to say their boss is wrong. Thats what they learn in their PTD courses.

      They get to be Jusa when they are 50? wake up man! They get to climb the ladder much faster than all the services put together – just by being Yes men and not rocking the boat. Their topic of conversation is ‘what grade are you now? Not Jusa yet? Why so slow? how much perks are you getting? what car do you drive?’ Thats the real PTD my friend!

      • This comment of yours confirms you are a bluff, Justin. Out to sow seeds of distrust, with an axe to grind, trying to condemn the whole of the PTDs. Not worth any more words on you, man.

      • Justin is not bluffing. Check what is the age of someone in charge of a science subject curriculum at Kem Pelajaran. Early 40’s, hardly ever taught the subject in school…etc..etc…

      • Justin B, the topic under discussion is PTD officers. So, do stay within context when counter arguing. The minute you drag in engineers, architects etc you are exposing your lack of decorum in your discourse and you will be out of course. Until you can disprove my earlier argument, your own argument warrants some serious show of evidence. And how dare you say PTD officers kaki bodek boss. The work culture of civil servants is ‘saya yg menurut perintah’ and officers have to operate within this context yet without losing sight of the tasks and duties assigned to them. And it is true that PTD officers are about the age of 50 when they get the Jusa C and for some who do not meet the grades they have to wait longer. It is a pyramid where posts of the top mgts are limited compared to the mid level mgt posts with the non managerial posts occupying the bulk of thd pyramid spectrum. And it is apparent you were never a full fledged PTD and failed to make the cuts for absorption as a full PTD who had to go for futher diploma training in management in INTAN. That probably explained where you were coming from.

      • And Justin, please take note that the topic is about top level mgt PTD which some reports asked if they were as good as those in the private sector to warrant high remuneration. Comprehend? And for your information Jusa officers chair interagency meetings, they represent their agencies in interagency high level meetings and some also lead the Malaysian team for meetings overseas. Which Jusa PTD were you referring to that angguk2 on what bosses say and angkat bosses’ bags? New recruit and junior PTDs do follow bosses for meetings and they usually act as note takers or record the minutes of the meetings. That is normal as they are expected to learn on the job. They also have their own desk job and paperwork to do apart from following bosses for meetings. And that is still just a fraction of their Jadual Tugas. Therefore don’t generalise one or two cases as if they represent the PTD service. Discuss in context, please.

      • KSP,

        You people continue to amaze me endlessly. Wild accusations without any basis or checking of what you want to say.

        “someone in charge of a science subject curriculum at Kem Pelajaran” is NOT a PTD Officer lah. He is an Education Officer. Belonging to a different service – the Education Service – serving only the Ministry of Education – the professional education people, so to speak.

        PTD serves in the entire spectrum of services in the country. PTD Officers run the Ministry of Education, are next in importance after the Minister of Education.

        The PTD, in the posts of Secretary General – Ketua Setia Usaha, Timbalan, Penolong Setia Usaha etc – see that the Ministry is run properly and if any of the decisions or activities of the Director General of Education (Ketua Pegawai Pelajaran) and the Education Officers directly below him are not in line with the policy of the Government, or the laws of the country including the Constitution, it’s the job of the PTD people to bring it up to the political masters. These rarely happen because the KSU and the KPP are always in consultation with each other.

      • The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Zen? Got no axe to grind cus some of my best friends are PTDs. They’re good people. its the system that is screwed up.

        And Mr Postgrad, YES. obviously I am not a PTD – never applied to be one, nor wish to be one. If everyone wants to be a PTD, who are going to be the doctors, architects, engineers, valuers, accountants? PTDs are generalists, it doesn’t take much to become a PTD. The KPPA is a sejarah graduate – is that a difficult subject to earn a BA Honours? In fact many PTDs are arts graduates. In the academic world especially in Malaysia, the bright ones go into science streams and the so-so ones like you, go into arts stream.

        So now you know why Bigdog created the topic? Its because the so-so graduates are the ones running the government sector and make a mess out of it, but have the cheek to claim to be cream of the crop..now asking a salary equivalent to GLC top management? .tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh in case I forget, name me one GLC top gun who is an arts generalist graduate? Plenty in the PTD scheme though.

        So may I ask why you are still at the bottom of the pyramid, Mr Postgrad? Not yet 50?…or still following boss around taking down notes?..and telling how good he looks today?

      • Aiseh, Justin, forgot to comment on this one:

        You said, “And Mr Postgrad, YES. obviously I am not a PTD – never applied to be one, nor wish to be one.”

        Then why the hell did you “once worked at Kementerian Luar Negeri.” You still haven’t answered that question.

        They are PTD Officers at Kem Luar Negeri. PTD = Perkhidmatan Tadbir & Diplomatik. Unless you worked not as a PTD but at a lower level. If so, how come you want to talk so much about and against PTD, as you surely don’t have first hand knowledge and experience in it?

        You signed off yesterday. I challenge you to sign in to day. How about that?

    • Justin, me at the bottom of pyramid? You wish. But since you were never a PTD officer, the discourse will be a futile exercise as you have chosen to stay off course and make unempirical comparisons which satisfies your anger but serves no purpose in the context and framework of work, productivity, income distribution, bureacracy, civil service culture and work culture and implementations of govt policies.

      • Justin never a PTD Officer but said “once worked at Kem Luar.” He could have been a Clerk. We can listen to even a Clerk’s views but he’s mostly talking balderdash.

      • PTDs are obsessed by by pangkat and darjat. So when I say I have worked in KLN, they would never believe it, cus they think the cream of the PTDs get to work there. Only those with excellent english get to work in missions. They’re dreaming. So many PTDs out there in any ministry cannot speak good english. Terketar kalau nak cakap in public. There is nothing wrong if one cannot speak good english, but when you claim to be the elite, then a certain quality is expected from this special group of people.

        To satisfy your curiosity of all you redneck PTDs who think they’ve got class but really got no class:

        I was a Jaga at the KLN entry gate. Tabikking to all you Brahmins. No wonder you don’t notice me…

      • No Justin, you were higher than a Jaga. Your English is better than a Jaga’s. You were in charge of the Jagas. Arranging their roster, taking and conveying messages outside normal work hours – our overseas missions are spread all over the time zones.

        Don’t envy and begrudge those with “pangkat and darjat” lah, Mister. After all you also have one – officer in charge of Jagas.

        Saying “Only those with excellent english get to work in (overseas) missions” is rubbish. Haven’t heard of “reasonably good English but having good brains and current knowledge” to counter Anwar Al Juburi’s shit propaganda against his own country?

        You don’t even know that English proficiency is not the only criteria used for overseas postings. Yet wanna talk about Kem Lu that you “once worked at”, dunno at what level and for how long.

        But I’ll layan your way-out allegations for the purpose of the weekend entertainment. Haba haba.

  8. What were the KSN and DG of JPA thinking? Did they honestly think that they could get away with the scam? Why was SBPA endorsed in the first place? Now I know that Tun Dollah wasn’t the only one sleepwalking on the job.

  9. Just give taik sama itu stupid Sidek Hassan and Bodoh Abu Bakar Abdullah….. nak gaji tinggi konon heh….. you have to see your legs first…. you are NOT fit – just retire and penssion laaa haprak stupid old man…

  10. I agree that these people were trying to over pay themselves. Some do work long hours but, unlike during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time, many before that and after that knock off early to the golf clubs etc.

    True, unlike their GLC counterparts, the senior Government Officers’ performance is not based on Ringgits brought into the outfit, but on doing an average hardly quantifiable job and not stepping on anybody’s toes or causing any controversy. JUSA C and above are appointed to key posts in Ministries and Departments based on acceptability to the political masters – the Ministers concerned. Only transferable when not acceptable, their security of tenure is as solid as a rock.

    And they can award themselves with Datoships, too. Almost everybody is a Dato these days, even at lower than JUSA C, so long as one is a Head of a Department or its equivalent, and a number of Heads of Department are lower than JUSA C. There were times when states produced scores of Datos, even Rukuk Khan (whatever his name the Bollywood film star is) got a Malacca Datoship (was it Penang which tried to mock the system by nominating a teenager?), so why not a JUCA C Officer. The task of drafting the list of Datoship and other awards is specifically written into the list of duties of a relatively junior PTD Officer in the states concerned and they look out, search for, fellas to be recommended (other than politicians and the Rulers’ nominees) – rather than recommend mainly those publicly known to have a lot of, and with multifarious contributions to society.

    All told, the security of tenure and the considerable perks are sufficient attraction and incentive to the senior Government Officers and their emoluments should not be comparable to their equivalents in the GLCs.

  11. It all rotten at all rungs of JPA. The administrative system at district levels is breaking down. Perchance you observe and interact with the DOs and his aides you know how they administer as service providers. They are Dato’s and you could not find them in the office supposedly attending meetings as their main agenda.

    SAVE submitted a proposal to plant oil palm around the large compound of the district mosque at Sri Iskandar, Perak Tengah. Many times we went to seed the DO for follow up. He was never in. We did not receive any reply either. Our aim to help make mosques financially sustainable.

    Each state is facing deficits year in and year out because the districts, the income providing units are misspending and wasting all kinds of resources. So, how could the state maintains itself but to ask budget from the Federal government.

    Have you ever heard of DOs got fired or demoted for badly failing to do their duties or corrupt? They just transfer them around and start a new clean slate. By right these district administrators should the cream of officers because they run the buildings blocks of each state.

    Nowadays we don’t hear people of the calibre of Ahmad Sarjis, Hashim Sams and their likes in JPA. Their benchmarks are off and wayward down.

  12. For whatever its worth, this whole SBPA fiasco has highlighted the deep animosity between PTD and government servants from other scheme. Among the accusation made was that SBPA is meant to benefit mostly PTD without regard to others eapecially the lower ranks. PTD made-up the biggest component of the JUSA/Premier group. It is also well known that PTD get to be promoted fastest (thus reaching the JUSA group earliest) compared to any other scheme. Sometime at a ridiculously young age. Since most of their promotion is controlled by their own scheme, just about every PTD who decide to stay on get to be a JUSA and above.

    To make thing worst, they increasingly assert themselves by expanding their billet just about everywhere in goverment agencies/department. This of course came at he expense of those from other scheme be it engineer, doctors, teachers, uniform services and what have you. In the recent ‘pemutihan perjawatan’ exercise which was conducted under the pretext of cost saving measure, many billets for government servant from other scheme was axed despite the justification and plead by affected department. No prize for guessing who ultimately decide on which billet to axed or keep. They (PTD) now infamously seen as a cancer spreading throughout government services. They took over the running of just about every government agencies/department and thereafter its my way or the highway attitude. The justification is PTD is the only group that know best how to implement goverment policy. Is it so?

    I hope the government learned their lesson from this episode. ‘Absolute power corrupt absolutely’ – in this case Iam referring to PTD. In their greed to enhanced their own perks, they abused the trust given by the goverment, so much so that the goverment might have to pay dearly in the upcoming election

    Go to CUEPACS webpage and you’ll see.

    • Here is information from a retired high-level PTD Jusa Officer, who says that the training and discipline he got as a civil servant makes him stay away from public debates such as in here:

      As has been pointed out by Postgrad below, PTD is the current name for the Malayan Civil Service (MCS). It was started by the British colonial government. It was an adjunct to the British Colonial Service, a well sought after career for many young graduates of British universities, the sons of the upper class of British society in the 19th Century. Service included in the then grand British India.

      MCS was an elite service, a coveted title that the British officers before independence and the Malayan officers immediately after independence placed after their names until after Malayan honorary titles including Datoship became common. Their ceremonial white uniform, with a plumed hard hat “topi”, cut a towering, highly respected “Tuan” figure. But the Malays, the ones who mostly took over from them, allowed the “Tuan” title becoming hardly used, except in the Police and the Military.

      MCS/ PTD forms the backbone of the country’s administrative system. They are a necessary adjunct to the political decision making of the country – they advise on the administrative needs of the country based on current resources and existing laws, get approval on their proposals from the political masters, interpret policies made and implement them. They are a necessary instrument in the government transformation programme, in fact necessary for the carrying out of any and all government programmes. If the PTD stops working for a period of time, the country may grind to a standstill.

      Since the days of the British, they draft the country’s budget at the end of every year, ensure that the inputs of each and every Government Ministry, Department and Agency are factored in, get the approval of the Minister of Finance, have them submitted to Parliament. We all know that, without the Budget drafted, and unless approved by Parliament, no public money can be spent in the coming year. Hence the importance of the PTD, working in conjunction with the political masters in such an instance.

      The PTD is stlll an elite service. It has systems, rules and regulations in place, complete with 100 year-old (British system) and continually revised thick manuals called General Orders, Financial General Orders and what have you. The country moves for the rest of the year after Budget approval, even if the political masters go sleepy or abandon their responsibility, or go on a month-long election campaigning.

      No other service can take over their place. In fact, all the other services were created by them – under advice by them and under instruction by the the political masters. Everybody’s terms of service, salaries, allowances, promotions and procedures, creation of new and higher posts, getting the budget for them and all else have been and will continue to be the job of the PTD. All public expenditure spending are monitored by them. The Medical Service of doctors can’t do the PTD work, the engineers and architects can’t do them. They do not have the established and in-built systems and procedures, plus the experience handed down from one generation of PTD Officers to another, to do the job speedily, referring to the manuals, General Orders and Financial General Orders only when doubts occur.

      However, having listened to all those, I still agree with the opinion that asking to be paid at the level of their counterparts in the GLCs was asking too much.

      • Why can’t other services do the job of the PTD? Is it hard to understand, implement rules, regulations, procedures, General order, treasury instructions? Are they written in sunskrit or some obscure ancient language? Truth of the matter is that, other bright people from other services are not given the chance to prove their worth as policy makers. That is why the Malaysian civil service is what it is today… LETHARGIC, the result of in-breeding.

        PTD service is nothing more than an exclusive club, much like the British colonial masters and the American Ku Klux Clan…

      • “American Ku Klux Clan”? You don’t even know what you are talking about, do you?

        Haba haba.

    • With their numbers keep on increasing the PTDs want to spread their wings to departments beyond their expertise or creat new ones to fill their desires – JUSA posts. Such departments become closed among their members. The National Landscape Dept and the Pineapple Board to name a couple are technically science-based portfolios but administered bureaucratically. There are cases of retired top men placed as board members of universities. For their lives they have never been in the academic or business for that matter. It is difficult to retire gracefully after so long of glamorous high income sojourn.

      For revealing their hearts’ desires of big money and pretentious service to all, the two top goons are beyond sustainablity in all matters in nation building.

  13. Since there is so much angst abt PTD service, which was once called the MCS, why not the non PTD service takes over the mgt and running of all Ministries and agencies. Those who like to pick on PTD service on the basis of their income rather than the type of work and responsibilities that PTDs have to carry, should learn frm Keynes theory on income distribution that you are paid for what you are worth to the organisation i.e what type of work you do.

    • Problem with this is the PTD will not allow it to happen.

      Its classic turf war. If they loose this ‘territory’ they loose their relevancy. If they are no longer relevant than they will not be able to influence government to their advantages. This SBPA fiasco is a good example how PTD were able to conned government into believing that it is such a good scheme to implement – although except for themslves, there is no fairness whatsoever in the scheme. It is also totally against the spirit of which the government wanted to introduce the scheme in the first place. Otherwise we will not have such an uproar among civil servant and PM will not be forced to abolished it. Even today the general feeling of unhappiness/dissappointment persist among civil servant.

      How could they screw up in such a major undertaking at such a critical time? The government may not survive thanks to this. So anybody still buy the idea only PTD know how best to administer and implement government policy as well as aspiration?

      It is time for government to reign in PTD influence in civil service!!

      • Only a few make the mistakes of mau gaji sangat lebeh lah. The PTD as a service is OK.

        Tak baca ka Merdeka Centre poll said Najib got 69% popularity rating? Of course lah the Director is Anwar’s close associate and Anwar wants an early PRU13 to contest, and fears he’d be in prison after Sodomy II appeal if elections held a year from now.

  14. ABAI ( Asal Bukan Anwar Ibrahim )

    DAP ( Dasar Anti Perpaduan )

  15. DAP – Dalang Anti Perpaduan

  16. KSN and KPPA treat government servants differently. The elites are the PTDs, the rest of the government servants are aliens. They address PTDs as if they are the only service that matters – the rest are unimportant or irrelevant. If you are appointed as KSN or KPPA, you have to treat all services as equals, but this is not so. Oh another thing, among the PTDs, the ones in JPA are the preferred ones. They are the high fliers…getting appointed as Jusa at very young age just because they come from JPA.

    Please take note that if you are not a PTD you are not allowed to pursue JPA sponsored postgraduate courses in MBA, but the PTDs can pursue any postgraduate study they wish to.

    Just attend one of their PTD group meetings and you will see how they look down on other services…

    • Why the hell did you “once worked at Kementerian Luar Negeri”, Justin? You were not accepted anywhere else?

      You worked there as an Executive Officer, Division II of the Service, did you? No wonder you don’t know that Kem Lu Officers don’t attend cocktail parties when they are home-based, except 1-2 who have representational capacities.

      You haven’t told us what qualification you have, have you? Applied Physics? Quantum Physics? Nuclear Physics? Haba haba.

      Not having an axe to grind, eh? Then why the hell do you complain about “not allowed to pursue JPA sponsored postgraduate courses in MBA”?

      The PTD don’t look down on other services, Justin, only on pariahs like you because you sound like a bloke often talking thru your nose.

      Haba haba.

    • Justin suffers from inferiority complex , perhaps. To the extent that he has this nightmares and imaginations that PTD service looks down on the other services. Who said that? He did. Did the PTD service ever say that never. Justin based his comments on his pure imagination that he was also probably looked down. What about the private sector? Do mid level mgt and lower staff mingle around shoulder to shoulder with CEOs , laughing and patting each other’s back? You wish. Justin doesnt understand the meaning of protocol, the purpose and functions of a PTD service which was explained by Wan above. And the likes of Justin will continue to angst about justice and equality in the mould of neo Gramscian? Learn Keynes theory of income distribution – You are paid for what you are worth to the organisation. Anymore than that is welfare and charity not based on productivity and work responsibility. Why vilify the PTD top mgt on account of salary. Why dont you take on their job on low salary. Wanna do that?

      • Aaah…there you go again picking out this and that theory, but none of it his own. You sound like a parrot.

        Protocols: do we need them? There is too much protocols, all the frills and nonsense but no substance. Just waste of public money. Does all this protocols add up to the quality of service to the rakyat?

        This is precisely why I say the PTDs are using the civil service to make themselves look important and be treated like the colonial masters of the past. They want to be treated like our King and Sultans. I remember that in the past, Negaraku is only played when there is royalty present, but now, its played whenever head of departments are present.

        The PTDs are creating their own kingdom in the civil service. The high ranking officers are using their positions to place their own sons and daughters in strategic departments, creating another class of PTDs among PTDs. As if their family members have the right to the inheritance in the civil service kingdom. This is a dangerous and an unhealthy development and must be stopped.

      • Justin,

        Can you give the particulars on your allegation of “The high ranking officers are using their positions to place their own sons and daughters in strategic departments”? If you fear being traced, just give some indications that’ll make readers believe what you say, otherwise call you a bullshitter.

        Do justify the words “using their positions”. From what you have written so far, you talk mostly from your ar..hole. But we’ll wait for the particulars on this one.

      • Justin, you sound like a jungle bozo who rejects protocol and called citations of income related and socio political related theories , parrotting. Your ontology is zero hence your epistemology is blank. No wonder you have to pick on something or someone like a PTD officer or a PTD service to compensate for your lack of OE.

  17. Did I hit you right on your nerves, Haba? Oops sorry….

    Emosi nampak… Why am I not surprised at your reaction? Because it is a typical PTD reaction. Someone who thinks so highly of themselves. When someone points out that they’re not as good as they make themselves to be, they get all fired up and ready to go to war.

    You see, in their 1 year Diploma PTD class, they are being brainwashed to think that they are the best in the public sector. They
    deserve all the perks and high positions in government service. They can dictate their own future and the fate of people of other services. They can bulldoze into departments which they have no business to be in, and plant their own kind with plump Jusa posts. The excuse is that professional personnel like doctors, teachers, agriculturalists etc are not good at management and administration. No one can question this right.

    When they feel the hurt because someone is contradicting what they learn from their diploma class, and what their fellow PTDs like KSN, KPPA are hammering into their heads every now and then – that they are the Brahmins of the civil service, they react incoherently. They cannot accept the fact that there are smart and bright people from a lower caste (non-PTD) who can stand up to their ego and their condescending ways. Belittling me by saying I have no class (a Pariah) is a typical PTD reaction towards a non PTD… Dia saja yang ada class.

    Yes, I am a Pariah, just like all the other non-PTD members of the government service.

    • Still don wanna tell your qualification? Tell lah, it’ll help readers size you up for berating all the PTD Officers.

      You frus ha, can speak English but not invited to cocktail parties? Not often engaged in conversations doesn’t mean they no speak English, man. Ever heard of applying discretion during conversations, speak when spoken to in certain situations, and the so-called gift of the gab may show a lot of your gaps? Up there.

      Ever realized that the topmost Officer at the United Nations also appears not well English speak – often uses the word “unacceptobol”?

      Haba haba.

      • Haba, What ever comes out of your writing is just…habok habok. The readers are already sizing you up. You cannot even argue coherently. I pity you. This is the quality of PTD that exists in government service – tak laku di private sector la….

        What was the name of the sleepy head PM we who lost the last general election because he screwed up the country big time? Who also lost Pulau Batu Putih to the Singaporeans? Wasn’t he one of your kind?….a PTD with no sustance?

        If I remember correctly he was also in charge of KLN at one time, right? Too much cocktail parties or didn’t attend enough?

      • No wonder you have been called pariah, Justin. Your words “the sleepy head PM we who lost the last general election” already tell what kind of a bloke you are. Precisely, who lost the last general election, m’boy?

        You are really hung up on cocktails, aren’t you? Complex-stricken not being invited to attend, eh?

    • You’re not pointing at anything except your unqualified angst against the PTD service. You offer zero based argument unfounded on quantifiable evidence when using one or two cases to make a generalisation of the PTD service. What a dangerous path you have chosen to navigate.

      • So you’re a postgrad? Really?…hmmm.
        If you think I am navigating on dangerous path, please show me the right way. Point to me where I am wrong. With facts and figures of course, since you’re the know all professor.

      • Justin, the onus is on you to quantify with facts and figures since you are the one dishing out allegations and accusations concerning PTD service and PTD officers as evident in many of your above comments. And typical of someone like you to say ‘ you are a postgrad. Really? Hmm..’. Too infantile to qualify even as a cynic.

  18. My salary is more than most JUSA C folks up there, but I do my own photocopy, mailing/couriers and clean my own pantry. I have at least 3 meetings a day which I chair and several time telepresence a week with global team. If my staff failed to deliver, I own the blame.

    • Aiyyo, cuba you work out how much of your expensive time (salary higher than JUSA C) has been lost all these years doing clerical and cleaning lady’s work, my friend.

      That’s the difference bbetween you and PTD JUCA C – they know how to organize and delegate.

  19. Most professionals refused to join goverment because of salary schemes at the mercy of stupid PTD officers.Imagine the salaries of doctors ,lawyers,professional accountants etc were determined by PTD offices with degrees in history,geography,malay studies whose passing rate at universities up to 100% compared with accountancy of 20%.
    PM has taught KSN a really good lesson if I were KSN I should have resigned.Tapi orang tak ada maruah buat muka tebal sajalah.Kalau PM setuju cadangan KSN saya yakin most other goverment servants will never support BN goverment in pru 13. These senior goverment servants expected a big jump in salaries not all bad there are good ones.Goverment should monitor those goverment servants have high taste,life styles beyond means spent time on golf etc.

    • So, instead of PTD bashing, I suggest you people recommend to the govt that non PTD officers take over the PTD posts and carry out tasks of PTDs as outlined by Wan in his comments above. The Malaysian worldview more often than not is that professions like doctors, lawyers, engineers etc are real professions and that PTDs are not and fall under the category of non professionals. Graduates in the arts and social sciences are viewed less as graduates compared to those from the science, engineering etc. Companies in the US prefer arts and social science graduates rather than MBA graduates, since they view arts and science graduates are thinkers and philosophers and not confined to the specialised professions.

      • This is another PTD reaction. When they realise they lost an argument, they hit below the belt. I thought a postgrad like you is worthy of much more intellectual argument.
        If the US companies prefer social science grads, why aren’t you grabbing their positions which I’m sure pays 10x your PTD salary?

        Thinkers?…Dolah Badawi (a PTD)? Really? Look at the damage he caused the country by not thinking at all!

      • I just wanna echo what postgrad said above of this Justin fella –

        “Too infantile to qualify even as a cynic.”

  20. Haba and post graduate

    You should learn something form those guys selling burger by the roadside.

    Rain, staff, expensive raw material, local authority, thief, drug addicts and all kind of challenge just to survive.

    And they will be able to teach you about the blue ocean strategy as what Najib has tried to implement on you all come every monday morning assembly..

    • Is this the kind of thinking that you can come out with having studied abroad? Pity, the English would say.

      Bet you never got to know the locals when abroad. Clinging to your own kind, not observing the higher values the foreign civilization may have. You remained katak di bawah tempurung even when abroad.

      Did you not see the same situation faced by the burger sellers when abroad? Worse, because in winter they shiver under extremely cold temperatures. Unless you went to study in Papua New Guinea. Bet you don’t know that on the highlands plateau of that country, they still eat human beings – practising cannibalism (heard that word before?). Any relevance? Yes, if you are not careful with your words, you might get eaten up, haba haba.
      So you see the burger seller in this country, inflation, crimes etc and you come here to talk about them when people are talking about whether the PTD higher rung deserves the same pay as their counterparts in the GLCs. What man you? Where got meaning one?

      You are welcome to state your views but if you want to criticize others, for goodness sake, think before you say, man. Grow up. Move on from your student days’ thinking. Don’t try to teach others who may have seen more of the world and studied more than you did.

      • tsk, tsk, tsk…this haba is so dense he doesn’t even know how to read between the lines…what more to think out of the box

      • Thinking out of the box means you think in the toilet often, Justin? You saying earlier that Abdullah Badawi and the BN lost the last general election is not thinking shit? Don’t do that la because you become smelly always. And no need a PTD Officer to be able to tell that.

    • Blue ocean strategy is a bit out dated actually. Trying to find a niche in a very crowded over exploited economic space. It is the economic neoliberal thought that is not always the panacea to deal with current challenging global economic situations. Perhaps it could be implemented in civil service and private sector as a method to achieving max results. But at the global stage competition remains central i.e in terms of political and economic dominations, military power capability and diplomatic coercion. Dont be naive. Survival is still the crux in IR and IR is determined by national interests.

  21. BD

    when we were studying abroad, we use to call those PTD officer at the embassy as Pegawai Tengok Darjat.

    If you are a nobody, you will be advised to settle your problem yourself. But when they heard that a VIP is coming, they will do anything beyond themselves just to impress those VIPs

    antara dua darjat

    • Don Klang, give examples of the VIPs where the PTD officers based in London attended to? In what context? Official visits, Commonwealth related meetings, economic and trade related meetings? Dont raise issue in a generalised manner. Student issues are dealt by the MSD and consular issues are handled by consular officers and protocol matters are handled by protocol officers. If you know the history of diplomacy and protocol, you might have come across situations where countries can go to war over mishandling of protocol.

    • To conclude it as ‘ antara dua darjat’ is of course too simplistic and a way to short circuit an allegation.

  22. Halim is using the method of attack he learns from his PTD bosses. When it hurts, swear and call them derogatory names. KSN is master in this technique – banish those who speak out to the pool in JPA. This is the general attitude of PTDs. No one should speak out. Zip up your mouth is their motto when they attend meetings with their bosses. No matter how foolish your boss seems, praise him and make him happy. if not, your promotion is at stake

    The more I read what PTDs write this blog, the more I understand the PTD psych..and its not very pretty. The one obsessed with cocktail parties is your fellow PTD, Haba. I am merely responding to his statements. Please tell him to stay sober when he writes in this blog

    • I am a PTD officer myself but i love this country more than i love PTD. I think Justin B is right…PTD should take comnents positively. To be relevant, we cannot do things like old days, where bureaucracy matters. Nowadays, ppl want to see results and outcomes. PTD should ask themselves is it worth their pay just to do ‘event management’ work, when they should be the think tanker of the Government? Lets not turn PTD into Jack of Trade, Master of Ceremony, when all we are good at is organising ceremony. PTD should focus on developing their brains, which can only be achieved through open discussions. With the status quo of ‘boss always right’, it makes PTD brainless. So, when it comes to technical meeting, all PTD can do is eat karipap and drink teh tarik

      • I’ve seen this bloke before. The Pakatan Rakyat kind. Maybe worse than Justin – he sounds DAP non-Bumi using a Bumi name, trying to relate his blogging name to DS Najib in a derogatory manner.

        No, he’s not a PTD. He’s a masquerader, impostor.

        You see fellas, when you suddenly come in and use words like “PTD brainless” and “all PTD can do is eat karipap”, how not to reply you buggers in kind? I haven’t gotten nasty with you yet, have I? Bloke is a common word, even refers to a ship’s captain.

        I say, old chap, isn’t Anwar the one known for and is always associated with eating karipap at meetings, even during simple conversations in the Parliament Lobby?

        Haba haba.

      • Haba.
        “Nowadays, ppl want to see results and outcomes. ”

        Pergi selidik dulu call circular yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Kewangan baru2 ni sebelum kao nak hentam orang

        Mamat diatas ni kerja dengan kerajaan.

        Harap jangan terus menghentam orang yang tidak sehaluan denganmu. Nampak terlalu emosi.

      • Wahai maanusia yang pakai nama The Man,

        Kamu sudah baca ke apa yang di tulis di pos dan komen komen di sini? Atau pun semua yang aku tulis saja? Baca sampai ke penghabisan komen lah, kemudian baru kau keluarkan pendapat. Amacam, emosi juga bila aku cakap begini? Kau faham ke apa makna perkataan semosi itu sebenarnya?

        Kau tak baca ke apa aku dah tulis, di bahagian atas komen kau tu saja: “when you suddenly come in and use words like “PTD brainless” and “all PTD can do is eat karipap”, how not to reply you buggers in kind? I haven’t gotten nasty with you yet, have I? Bloke is a common word, even refers to a ship’s captain.” Kau tak faham Inggeris ke, The Man?

        Sekarang cuba kau baca semula apa kau tulis:

        Kau langsung tak beri penerangan apa itu “call circular yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Kewangan baru2 ni”. Kau tak boleh fikir ke tidak semua orang baca apa yang kau baca. Kalau kau pegawai Kerajaan, kau tak boleh fikir ke ada pengkomen di sini bukan, dan aku bukan. Kau anggap saja aku pegawai Kerajaan? Aku cakap kau bodoh kang, kau marah. Amacam?

        Kau yang nak keluarkan point kau (kalau lah kau ada point). Jadi kau kena terangkanlah. Kan bodoh tulis apa yang orang tak boleh faham. Kau suruh orang pulak pegi cari call circular ke hape. Kau yang nak orang pecaya apa kau cakap, kau suruh orang pegi cari buktinya, asasnya pulak. Apa ni? Banyak cantik!

        Kalau cakap tak betul, mestilah orang boleh “hentam”, wahai maanusia. Inikan demokrasi. Bukan bermakna boleh cakap apa nak saja, bukan boleh tuduh liar saja. Mesti ada bukti, takda bukti pun mesti ada alasan, mesti ada justifikasi, beb. Tak boleh macam Pakatan Rakyat main tuduh liar saja.

        Apa bukti kau kata “Mamat diatas ni kerja dengan kerajaan”? Kau main teka saja ke? Kau blogging berapa lama? Aku dah lama. Aku tau blogger yang pakai nanam N.ajis tu. Aku tau pendirian dia, politik Pembangkang dia. Kau main teka saja? Mana bisa, dong?

        Boleh tidak sehaluan, kempoci, tidak masalah. Tapi kalau nak keluarkan pendapat, takda bukti, bagi sikit alasan atu justifikasi lah. Main teka saja atau tuduh liar saja tak jalan.

        Amacam, emosi lagi khutbah pagi Ahad aku ni?

        Haba haba.

      • We hear it constantly people repeating the mantra ‘ we want to see results and outcomes’ and PTD service always gets picked up for criticisms and vilifications and name callings by those who assume and generalised that PTD officers are not doing their jobs. To these people pl give examples of civil service delivery systems that are in tatters and not functioning? PTD gives advice or inputs to the govts on policies but the govt decides on the final policies and PTD service implements them. In this context have some of you fail to see results and outcomes despite the fact that the country is still in one piece in terms of security, defence, day to day economic and physical infrastructural requirements, education, social security , just to name a few. Sure, the private sector plays its part too but in all these you people cant see the contributions of policy implementors? Or is deliberate cynicism towards PTD service a favourite pastime of the herd mentality groups? That is why in 2 of my above posts, i challenged these people to recommend to the govt that non PTD service officers take over the running of Ministries and agencies and see if they can do things better. The crux of the angst continues to be the salary of top level PTD mgt. Their salaries are not that high, only the allowances that help make their total salaries look high. Even the talent corp hirees are offered higher salary. So when these PTD officers retire their pensions which are 50 or 60% of their last drawn salaries are really small and some may in the future fall under the poverty group vis a vis Malaysia’s high income nation ambition .

      • These people who make wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations generally belong to the Opposition group, especially the racist DAP. Racist because they are antagonistic towards the rights and interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

        The DAP is known to be anti-Malay. They have been so since inception in 1966 after their mentor, the Maha Chauvinist, Lee Kuan Yew, PAP and Singapore were thrown out of Malaysia in 1965. Lim Kit Siang set up the DAP and hogged on LKY’s slogan, so-called Malaysian Malaysia. That which is subversive to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. Wanting sama rata without acknowledging the Special Position.

        In fact, the DAP is anti anything Malay or with Malay dominance.The Police, the Military and the entire Government. Of course they are anti-PTD because PTD is Malay dominated.They even caused the race riots of 1969. Anyone can read about the horrible things they said and did in the booklet “The May 13 Tragedy: A Report by the National Operations Council, October 1969” – just google that and you’ll get there.

        Boosted by the weak government under “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” Tun Dol, others also joined in the government bashing. Anything-for-power Anwar Al Juburi, even DAP-whacked (Hukum Hudud) Nik Aziz, and Hadi, and their cohorts.

        The KSN and JPA’s attempt to get unrealistic pay hikes for the top rung of the service was unwitting, to say the least. But, no sir, the accusations made against the PTD as a whole are certainly not justified, ill-informed and vindictive. They went overboard. Big Dog’s point was on the KSN and JPA DG, not on PTD generally. Those who have gone overboard and are suffocating from the counter-comments in here, let them.

    • No Justin, you are the one who must stay sober with your words. Put out facts, not wild allegations. Substantiate your opinions, not just say anything you please, without any justification. Learn about decency and decorum when speaking – no wonder you only “once worked at Kementerian Luar Negeri”.

      You have been asked many times for clarification and justification. Even what post you had at Kem Luar you refuse to say, joking it out to run away. Yet you accuse others in here who you do not even know if they are PTD, except one bloke claiming he is but sounding he isn’t. Are you not lidah bercabang, Justin?

      What kind of a fella are you? Really? The Anwar Al Juburi kind?

  23. Guys, I am signing off. Whether I am talking rubbish or not, its up to you to judge. Got to go do my jaga work. Have fun with the rednecks! Bye…

    • I appreciate ur thought…i think u re PTD too, who s trying to correct the mess. But with the ‘shut up ur mouth’ policy… I think u re just stuck.

    • Aiyyo, lost the source of entertainment this Saturday from Justin. But see the fellow’s comment below – saying Justin is PTD.

      Yet he says “with the ‘shut up ur mouth’ policy… I think u re just stuck.” Gawwwd, he said earlier he was PTD, but now he made no reference to himslef being “stuck as well.” That in itself already boleh tangkap the bloke is not PTD and is the anarchist kind.

      • Don’t get too emotional. PTD must accept that the world is changing, very fast. If PTD is that good, why do u think PM entrusted PEMANDU to take charge and lead things that are supposed to be the core business of PTD? E.g. 7 thrusts of NKRA. That s because PTD has lost track of what they re suppose to do. They are too busy organising and officiating events and doing small talk like ‘ i think comma is missing in that memo’ or ‘i think we should add more color to that slides’ etc…the substance is lost. PTD are just acting as ‘urussetia’, facilitator. Other ppl do the thinking. Hence, instead of leading, they are being dictate. PTD lack technical expertise but being given task to manage billions of ringgit, so we can see failures in government projects. Wake up PTD! Wake up!

      • See the kind of nonsense this fellow who claims to be a PTD Officer is talking:

        “PTD are just acting as ‘urussetia’, facilitator. Other ppl do the thinking.” He doesn’t even say who is “doing the thinking”. Yet he says PTD is “being given task to manage billions of ringgit”. He really is talking from his bottom hole.

        If he is referring to the use of foreign consultants to devise the New Economic Model etc, this fellow doesn’t seem to understand even a teeny bit about politics. Yet he claims to be a PTD Officer. How can he be one when he has no inkling about political developments and therefore has no capacity to advise administrative action that has a bearing on the politics of the country.

        He should know that Najib, for the purpose of getting non-Malay votes, wanted to soften the NEP in his NEM and read the thinking of PTD being not in favour of it, having been implementing NEP for abut 40 years since 1971. Therefore, Najib wanted to put the blame on some others for writing what appeared to be an anti-NEP NEM – of course he changed the situation after Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and some 150 NGOs made hell of a lot of noise against it.

        No, the fellow who claims to be a PTD Officer is NOT a PTD Officer. He lies and masquerades, and is a dangerous son of a so and so.

  24. A commentator alluded that the public does not know the whos who of PTDs and PTAs. I believe many of them had/have contributed much to development of the country. Perhaps they have done short biographic compilation of those noteworthy people if not they should.

    Others of high calibre administrators in the past include Mahmud b. Mat (refer “Tinggal Kenangan: The Memoirs of Dato’ Sir Mahmud bin Mat”, 1997) and others as I could gleaned from the book were Tun Raja Uda, Tun Abdul Malik, Dato’ Hamzah Abdullah, Dato’ Othman Mohamed.

    During colonial times, administrators were keen observers and partakers. They wrote books based on their experiences – Hugh Clifford (“a lover of jungle life, of Malays, and of adventure” Frederick Weld wrote), Capt. Speedy, W.G. Maxwell, R.O Winstedt (MCS 1902-1935) …. The latter, a paragon scholar of the Malays as such that to know the Malays go ‘see’ Winstedt!

    • Modern day PTDs do write i.e the Memorandum for the Cabinet, the Nota for the Cabinet, papers and speaking notes for top bosses and Ministers, situational economic and reports of countries Malaysia has diplomatic relations with. PTDs are not celebrities or politicians. They work diligently behind the scenes with no need for promps and publicity. That’s just the way the public service is. Not just in Malaysia but universally.

    • Over the years, many PTD Officers wrote books, memoirs or notes on history, their observations etc, not for wanting to be be remembered or entered in the Whos Who, but for the love of it, for their interest in the subjects concerned.

      Now, to know about the Malays, people should read the highly inspiring and historically explanatory books “Tamadun Alam Melayu” and “The Malay Civilization”, published by The Historical Society of Malaysia in 2009 and 2007 respectively, available at Muzium Negara or at the 5-storey Historical Society Building, on Jalan Tun Razak, opposite the IJN. I don’t know if Mohd Arof Ishak, the author of both books, was PTD, but one active member of the Historical Society, Dato Nik Mohamed bin Nik Mohd Salleh, was certainly PTD, his last post being Secretary General, Ministry of Works.

      He travelled extensively in south Thailand, visited historical sites and museums, talked to many of the locals, took photographs and wrote notes about the southern part of Thailand up to the Kra Isthmus that was once a part of the ancient Malay kingdom of Langkasuka and a part of Tanah Melayu until pawned by the bloody Brits to Thailand in the Anglo-Thai Treaty of 1812 and they forgot to take them back into the Malaya fold when they ruled this country 1874-1957. Damn.

      The PTD that existed after Merdeka was a-political. Those negotiating for independence did not insist on the British starting a dialogue with and engaging the Thai Government about those Malay states, with a view to pursuing the matter post independence. With Malaya declared independent in a political entity minus the Malay states in southern Thailand, the PTD had to move on from there, cognizant of the basis of friendly international and neighbourly relations, advising and taking instructions from the political masters accordingly. Generally, PTD had played a correct role and had been reasonable on their wants, except on this rare occasion of wanting to be paid like the GLCs.

  25. And yes, countless numbers of Jusa PTD cant speak fluent and proper English….i can name them but lets stop the emberassment here…

    • Why alleged and then declined to name who these people you alleged to be not proficient in English?

      • It’s just in the manner (or lack of manners) of the anarchistic kind, making wild and unsubstantiated accusations, the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat kind. This particular one is precisely the kind who baling batu, kemudian tarik tangan.

      • The following comment was supposed to be here but glitched down there upon pressing the Post Comment button:

        And such a chap would simply not bother with whatever we say of him, not responding precisely to whatever charges we make against him, of the arguments put to him, pretending he hasn’t read or understood what is being said against him. Anarchist is the correct word to describe this kind.

    • The SOG says, “Jusa PTD cant speak fluent and proper English.”

      Yet these are examples of the bugger’s English in just ONE of his earlier comments:

      “they re suppose to do”
      “they are being dictate”.

      What the ….

  26. with respect to all the comments.on this topic.

    my conclusion on most of the current PTD staff is that altough they are debate wise but they are not street smart. and it doesnt contribute to the improvement of our country

    I rest my case.

    • You haven’t argued, how can you conclude? Haba haba.

      You haven’t worked, how can you rest? Haba baba.

  27. And such a chap would simply not bother with whatever we say of him, not responding precisely to whatever charges we make against him, of the arguments put to him, pretending he hasn’t read or understood what is being said against him. Anarchist is the correct word to describe this kind.

  28. To all PTD officers,

    we, the Petronas staff be getting 5 months bonus at the end of Mac.

    The secret is just work hard and stay focus on our vision and you’ll get what you deserved for.

    No need to explain rubbish to the public

    waka waka.

    • If the civil servants were to be given 1 and half mth bonus, it’d probably create a massive jeering and protests, nationwide. So, orang minyak , flaunting info abt Petronas staff getting 5 mths bonus is irrelevant and out of context. Working hard in the public sector can never result in a 5 mth bonus and you know that.

      • We can give five months bonus, but with condition-productivity must increase 5 times. For example, currently it takes 5 days for a letter to get to level 7 from level 6. If that letter can move within a day, then, civil service can talk about 5 months bonus.

      • This so-called N.ajis fella earlier claimed to be a PTD Officer. But now he uses the term “We” as if he is a member of the public agreeing to a 5 month bonus, not talking as if he is a PTD Officer, just like in practically all his comments earlier on.

        Being tough on the Civil Service asking for “productivity must increase 5 times.” No PTD Officer will speak anything like that at all.

        He uses the words “civil service can talk about 5 months bonus” without a wink of thought that he belongs to it.

        I maintain that he is not PTD but a fraud and an impostor. He may state his views but it’s disgusting that he claimed to be a PTD Officer. This is the DAP type of blokes and readers ought to disregard his politically motivated views and opinions. This type politicizes anything for the sake of throwing the predominantly Malay establishment off- balance. Rude and crude.

    • And orang minyak, please bear in mind ur level of bonus does not solely due to ur own performance, it also depends on oil price factor. And remember, natural resources in Malaysia belong to its people. Hence, tax payable, royalties and of course, dividend…

  29. Postgrad, thank you for being nice and diplomatic. I think the real problem with PTD is lack of competencies as well as lack of technical expertise. Are u a PTD urself? PTDs are trained to be generalist, not specialist. Most of the time, nowadays, transactions and dealings are getting really complex. As the supposedly think-tanker of the Government, it requires more than general know-how to deal with current issues. I always wonder, why do we need another layer of Government, the PEMANDU, to drive the civil service? Or why PEMANDU to get the civil service moving? As if without PEMANDU, we will not make progress. What happen to PTD? PTD cant get the job done. Why layers after layers? And now the latest, another commission to review civil service pay scheme, when we already have PSD. It implies incompetencies of PSD officers, of course the PTD, to take charge of their own business that they were forced to
    outsource their core business. If PTD wants to be relevant, they need to change their mindset. They must be open to criticism. The day where the Government knows everything is over. We must be responsive to the people and use of IT (i know some ministries still use diskette). We must cut too much redtapes, silly protocols and unnecessary ceremonies. We must train our officers to be specialist. One with geography background certainly cannot lead technical ministries or they will be fool around.

    • Again, generalisations against the PTD service is being replicated over and over again. The common mantra are : PTDs need to change their mindset,and PTDs are generalists and need to be specialists. PTD minds are creative and innovative and there are economic, science, law, business administrations and social science graduates amongst them. But the PTD service and the civil service are governed by circulars, orders and instructions whithin which the civil servants must operate hence giving them not much room to go beyond what and how they should operate. That is the nature of the civil service everywhere. What mindset are you talking about? Give some examples so people can understand where you are coming from. And please bear in mind that PTD officers have done outstanding jobs representing the govt in meetings, negotiations in fields such as trade, economics, finance etc. Things like bilateral agreements and multilateral agreements and implementation regional and multilateral cooperations just dont happen without the hard work of PTD officers and other officers in the civil service. Are you assuming that PTD officers with no specialist knowledge and blocked mindset can accomplished all those work for the last 50+ years for the country? You must put your criticisms within context and give examples, please.

    • He who claims to be a PTD Officer yet not responding to charges that he is not, and not reinforcing one bit his PTD-ness in all his comments thereafter, and not giving “examples so people can understand where you are coming from” like asked above – his views and comments cannot be be anything but suspect.

      No harm at all in giving dissenting views but it’s utterly sinister and harmful if a fellow claims to be PTD when he is not. Dishonesty of intention shoots down all arguments. The bloody Americans goaded by the Zionist Israelis are on record as lying to the world and bombing Iraq to destruction saying they had info of weapons of mass destruction which have not been found until to day.

      But for the record I want to point out that, based on my close contacts with various government ministries, departments and agencies throughout my working life, as administrators and diplomats that the Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatic (PTD) are, they need not be specialists of any kind. The Ministry of Trade are often, but not necessarily always, run by Economists, and certainly Statisticians don’t necessarily make a good Secretary General of the Ministry, or a Director General of the Economic Planning Unit of PM’s Dept, although would be good as the Director General of the Statistics Dept, which btw is never staffed by PTDs.

      These administrators and planners can always use the services of specialists on work that involve technical aspects. They plan what needs be done every year, using input form the technical people and others, discuss them at inter-departmental or ministry meetings, make recommendations to the Minister, upon approval, secure the budget, then implement them via set procedures. Hence the Ministry of Works has the Jabatan Kerja Raya under it, and JKR has all the relevant professionals – architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, land surveyors, quantity surveyors etc.

      Even so, the technical planning work is so much in volume that JKR often farms them out to consultants, just as the Economic Planning Unit also uses the services of consultants from the private sector to do project feasibility studies and financial studies, particularly those involving specialist facilities and concepts like ports, airports, economic development zones and such.

      As has been pointed out above, the PTD standard of service has generally been satisfactory all the past 54 years, government policies have been carried out satisfactorily and the country has progressed generally well. The issue now is only the greed of a few – those responsible for asking too much for themselves – KSN, DG of JPA and 1-2 others on the Committee concerned.

  30. Korang ni bengong la. Tajuk cerita ialah ksn dgn kppa. Ksn sidek ni mmg bangang. Dapat jadik ksn sebab rafidah sudah ugut pak lah. Sidek sudah cover rafidah pasal AP dulu yg dia bodoh gi tulis ke palimen tu… So bila isu nak lantik ksn baru, kes dia antara sidek atsu rastam. Semua org tau rastam lebih laya k tapi sebab rafidah dah masuk campur nak balas budi sidek pasal AP, maka sidek pon di lantik… Paklah kalau rafidah ugut sikit, da takut dan terus mengalah

    • Apa la lu. Cakap mcm parti Pembangkang saja. Melulu tapi tak kasi bukti, justifikasi atau penerangan. Kau DAP ke? Kau lebih teruk dari bangang. Kongkang.

      Lu kasi bukti lah. Tatak bukti, kasi sikit penerangan lah. Pasal AP tu kasi tau sikit lah apa dia tulis ke Parlimen, bila, apa pasat bikin itu macam. Tarak itu mcm sapa mau caya apa lu ciakap?

      Cakap lu boloh, lu malah.

  31. nampaknya sakai sakai semua ni dah habis berdebat. ptd tak habis nak tegakkan benang basah dia, non-ptd / anti-ptd pula tak habis2 membogelkan realiti ptd.
    itu 2 ekor ksn dan kppa dahpun berambus. cuma yang istimewanya, ex-ksn dapat hadiah, manakala ex-kppa dapat tahi. kah kah kah.

    dan yang tetap istimewa, ksn tetap akan dilantik dari kalangan ptd, begitu jua kppa. itulah cara malaysia!

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