Party of Champions

UMNO General Assembly November 2011

Like it or not, UMNO is a champion in the last 13GE barely four months ago. The nationalist party realised almost 40% of Dewan Rakyat and provided almost 2/3 of BN’s seats, to form the Federal Government.

As a political champion, the party has the responsibility to follow through in the agenda to champion the ‘Malay Cause’, be it political, socio-economy, geo-political and physical development of the process of nation building, transformation and moving forward.

Its time UMNO delegates live up to the support that the Malays had given them in 13GE. The Malays rallied around UMNO because it is clear that is the only party that would champion their cause.

UMNO must reciprocate by having champions amongst the Malays, who are worthy to correspond to the trust and support they have received from the rakyat in 13GE.

UMNO VP Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Champions like Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He has demonstrated his gung-ho-ness as the minister in-charge of internal security to address the increase of serious crimes and stood by the agencies under him. He dared to make statements like admitting the increase in serious crimes have direct co-relations to the decision of releasing detainees under Emergency Ordinance and setting free those who have been banished outside their home turf district for ‘restricted residence’ order.

Another champion is Sabah Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Musa Aman. He delivered Sabah, against the fallacy that ‘The Land Below The Wind is for Anwar Ibrahim’s taking’. Sabah BN managed to win 22 out of 25 parliamentary seats contested and by far is the best result in 13GE.

Sabah UMNO Liaison Chief Dato' Seri Musa Aman

UMNO Sabah Liaison Chief Dato’ Seri Musa Aman

14 out of the 22 seats won are UMNO candidates. This also means that Sabah UMNO contributed 16% of UMNO’s standing in Dewan Rakyat.

The system Musa employs for Sabah is very effective. As UMNO State Liaison Chairman, Musa ensures that all divisional heads report to him monthly about progress in their constituency. Funds are systematically channeled to the divisions, so that all party programs are ensured.

UMNO Kedah Liaison Chief Dato' Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir

UMNO Kedah Liaison Chief Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir

Of course, Menteri Besar Kedah Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir is another champion. Even as deputy BN liaison chief, he lead the assault to recaptured Kedah. Not only BN Kedah succeeded, the state’s standing in parliament improved from four MPs to ten. That is 11.4% of UMNO’s standing in Dewan Rakyat.

So far, from those who are likely to contest for the VP posts, Mukhriz is the only below fifty years old. He should be seen as bringing the aspiration of the majority of the Malays, in the continuity of the NEP and Vision 2020 policies, political, economic and government transformation agenda and the noble struggle to champion the Malay cause.

These are Champions!

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  2. Majority of anak Kedah @ Kedahan wants Mukhriz to contest the Vice President post.If UMNO wants Change,Mukhriz fits well in the Supreme Council and that will see the Young Turks working hand in glove with the old war lord.Half of the Supreme Council members should be filled with young turks below 50 years old.

    • Setuju. But young Turks not of the neo-liberal or liberal olok olok kind, please.

      For God’s sake, and for Melayu sake, UMNO was formed to protect and promote the rights and the interests of the Malays.

      Don’t hijack the party’s original and age-old aims and objectives please.

      Tiada ma’af bagi sesiapa yang buat demikian. Termasuk Najib. Tak giatkan DEB, tak ratakan padang untuk Melayu bertanding di lapangan ekonomi negara, dok layan sekolah Cina kasi duit dsbnya, walau pun bercanggah dengan Perkara 152 Perlembagaan, dan idaman perpaduan negara kita. Malaysia mesti berteraskan budaya Melayu dan berpandukan kapada Perlembagaan negara sepenuhnya.

      Paling mustahak: gantikan Najib dengan pemimpin yang mahu membalas budi Melayu yang beri 88 kerusi kapada UMNO di Semenanjong dan budi Bumiputera yang beri berpuluh kerusi di Sabah dan Sarawak di PRU13.

  3. UMNO should not be infiltrated by the liberals as it will interfere and stray away from the objectives and aspiration of UMNO. As a dominant single party, why should it compromise too much? Compromise in the context of quid-pro-quo, yes. But not compromise by forgetting about the policies that have been designed to uphold Malay interests? What is wrong in championing Malay causes and interests? Why must UMNO led govt think that Malays must be thrown to compete in playing fields that are not level? Level the field first, than we can talk about going forward from there. Hence, UMNO really need brave leaders who can call a spade a spade and not be sidetracked by unreasonable demands by others especially from the so many strands of liberals. UMNO leaders must have a smart strategic mind when in the govt without relying too much on outside advisers especially those advisers who dont have a clue as to the complexities of things surrounding national issues.

    • There’s the thinking that national leaders have to move with the times and now there is a so-called wave of liberalism sweeping the world beginning in the Middle East. This thinking is perpetuated by the West. Exploited by the Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists.

      Yet, when British PM David Cameron said, “Multi-culturalism is dead”, Angela Merkel of Germany and 2 other EU leaders echoed him. Cameron might have said so in the context of the Al Qaeda inspired blokes terrorising in many parts of England and gangsters menacing in British Chinatowns. he was also referring to those praying in mosques and getting talks about Islamic ascendancy, the wearing of dresses covering the faces of women etc.

      In Egypt and Libya (and now beginning in Syria), the so-called liberalism took the form of the Arab Spring regime change. Is Najib afraid of the prospect of this and the attempts by Anwar, Ambiga etc to go on the streets endlessly such that he gives in to their demands one after another, including chucking out laws that were very necessary to control such activities? Or is he genuinely a liberal person, wanting a Malaysia with equal rights and opportunities irrespective of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak? Never mind if the Malays remain backward economically forever?

      Tun Dr Mahathir has said in his blog that there can never be equality in this country because of the Special Position provision in the Constitution. If Najib wants to be liberal regardless of the Special Position, he must be chucked out pronto.

      • The withdrawal of Azalina Othman from contesting the Wanita President’s post is just one indication that the UMNO incumbents dont want change and want to protect their positions. UMNO from some States like NS, Johor had expressed their support for maintaining the incumbent President and Deputy President. The socalled change in the elections of UMNO high ranking party posts to make it more democratic, can be described as hot air and mere window dressing. Nothing is going to change because change is always mentioned only as long as the key positions are not changed. Promise of rewards and horse trading will ensure the incumbents are not challenged and it’d be business as usual after the completion of the UMNO elections. It is almost like the ‘ Groundhog Day’ film..where you go through the same situation again and again everyday in a neverending nightmare. For those who crave for the nightmare in current UMNO leadership to end, they’d be gravely disappointed.

  4. This list of champions makes a lot political sense.

    UMNO VPs consist of a combination PM Najib’s former SUPOL, Sabah & Kedah UMNO Chiefs. All are traditionalists, courageous, decisive & bold. Matured, seasoned, politically solid & someone young, vibrant, energetic & driven.

    UMNO delegates must think of the party with a nationwide & national appeal, instead of appeasing some odd political lords & pandering to popularism within.

    UMNO must be seen as championing the bigger picture, instead of factions within their own.

    If the 150,000 UMNO delegates don’t appreciate the 4.78m Malaysians who voted for UMNO/BN, then be prepared for the reprisal in14GE.

    UMNO delegates should never take the general public, especially the Malays who voted the 88 UMNO MPs as push overs. Those days are long gone!

    Make no mistake about that!

    • Do the UMNO warlords and those holding party positions at the various levels, especially those 150,000 voters at the coming party elections. really bother about us the average Malays? About what we say, our hopes and aspirations?

      I suspect many holding the higher positions don’t care much. Too busy thinking of their positions, how to keep them, to get the votes from the party voters. Many of the higher ups would be promising all sorts, I presume. Not the least of which is material benefits of one kind or other.

      I’m quite sure money politics is still being practised, the extent of which is known. Would anyone who matters in UMNO bothers the calls for the corrupt be voted out or not voted in? The voters themselves must be Brance committee members at leat – hey themselves have to grapple about how to get retained or voted into the Branches and may have to promise one thing or another, the most attractive is of the material kind. And are there many who would not be attracted by any offers like those? I seriously doubt so.

      I’m afraid I can’t sound enthusiastic about the outcome of the UMNO party elections. I don’t have high hopes for the future of the Malays under the circumstances. I hope to be proven wrong.

      • “I’m quite sure money politics is still being practised, the extent of which is known.”

        Should be:

        “the extent of which is not known.”

      • The same excuse given for keeping the incumbent is to prevent UMNO from being split into camps. Whether or not UMNO is split into camps, what’s in it for non UMNO members who have consistently vote and put UMNO MPs in Parliament? The worst thing is the lack of commitment to translate the support into real national policies that sustain and nurture this support. The last 4+ years are the years that many ordinary Malays want to forget after seeing NEP being pushed to the back burner and the Ministry that benefitted Malay entrepreneurs was abolished. It is viewed as absurd considering the govt who did that was an UMNO led govt.

  5. We Malays must demand nothing more and nothing less than “UMNO must reciprocate by having champions amongst the Malays, who are worthy to correspond to the trust and support they have received from the rakyat in 13GE.”

    I support the line-up BD has indicated above. But I, like many others, want Najib out. He must be replaced by one of the champions of the MALAY CAUSE. We must get rid of the MALAY APOLOGIST, A SO-CALLED LIBERAL WHO MUTED THE NEP AND EXPECT THE MALAYS TO DANCE ON A NON-LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, who rushes to developed nation status even ahead of the target time, no matter what, at the expense of the interests of the Malays.

    I’m still not clear as to how and when the nominations of alternative leaders to the UMNO Presidency, but, please, you 150,000 UMNO members who have voting rights, please think very hard about the disasterous consequences of letting Najib continue. He will continue to put the NEP at the back burner, entertain the demands of the Chinese, financial grants to Chinese schools, scholarships to Chinese who are the richest community in the country, who (UTAR) last year refused a RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire for scholarships to Chinese students etc.

    Najib cannot be given another chance. Too late if not removed now. The risks are too great. Removing him at the party elections in 2106 will be too late, as PRU14 will be in 2018, and so many Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, who have given us over 100 seats at PRU13, would have become fed up and not vote us again at PRU14. Please, consider those very carefully. If UMNO/BN loses at PRU14, the Malays and the Bumiputeras will face a bleak future indeed. The tsunami Chinese will not return to the BN fold and the anti-Malay and anti-Islam will have a field day, manipulating the Malays like the then possible PM Anwar Al Juburi, like they did to MB Sekejap Nizar in Perak, and Khalid Ibrahim in Selangor.

    Remember that Khalid even apologized to Pastor Ho of Damansara Utama Methodist Church over the attempted proselytization of 12 Muslims, even before the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor completed its report on the matter. And Najib did nothing to invoke the powers and influence of the Federal Government under the enactment for the administration of Islamic affairs in this country. Liberal, so he believed himself to be, and wants to be. And gone will even the Sedition Act be.

    • Clarification:

      “the anti-Malay and anti-Islam”

      should be read as

      “the anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP”

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