Missing the sight on MCMC

It is never about the right of bloggers to question and raise of the integrity of a Federal Government agency, which is known to be wealthy with tonnes of cash provided by an act which designed to tax at source from the industry.

However, if the basis of the questioning is wrong and without facts but only based on perception and hearsays. then probably the credibility of the so-called self professed cyber champion would erode, especially when it is against agencies such as Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

In his latest posting of Former MP for Wangsa Maju and notable lawyer Wee Ch00 Keong who once defected out of PKR in favour of the ruling BN Federal Government half way through the term, raised very damning issues. Probably blinded by ignorance or poisoned by perception, Wee chided at Minister of Communication and Multimedia Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek for some unsubstantiated allegations of improper conduct.

Though Wee did not particularly mentioned projects and/or specific programs undertaken by MCMC, it is clear that he is out to create a fresh incessant lashing in his brand and solo effort of championing corrupt practices and abuses.

Typically, all tenders in MCMC are open tenders, especially in the appointment of vendors. USP tenders for towers are also open, but only to licencees.

There are however instances of tenders being closed or restricted tenders or direct awards but they are rare and usually relate to something strategic or are security-related matters.

In all matters, approval of the full Commission is still required as Chairman cannot decide alone, other than for amounts below RM1m. If the amount is between RM1m and RM5m, the Commission’s approval is required.

If the amount is above RM5m, then the approval of the Minister and the concurrent approval of Minister of Finance is required. This last one is by law under the Multimedia Commission Act.

All USP tenders go to the Commission for approval, including the towers and the undersea cable.

It should have been said that for the tenders of RM5m above, it is the Commission, the Minister and Minister of Finance, altogether. So, one man cannot decide. In most Ministries, KSU’s can decide up to RM50m.

Unless Wee can state all these corrupt practices and abuses of particular personalities within MCMC, even acting on behalf of certain leaders which include the Minister, then he should cease these attacks. Recently, he started a voracious unsubstantiated attack against CELCOM which opened a stream of unsubstantiated attacks against a corporate man’s personal life.

Maybe he could channel all  his free time no longer as an elected representative to value add and productively promote progress, in his own to assist Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to move Malaysia forward.

*Updated Wednesday 27 August 2014 0200hrs

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