A horse to be named ‘Mahathir’?


Relationship is both a symbolic interactionism and measurement the extend between two parties to each other and how it is cyclical in nature.

Datuk Rocky posted about former Law Minister Dato’  Zaid Ibrahim’s launch of his upcoming book the Monday after next and the guest of honour is Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. It is a development staggering to many.

This manifest of re-establishment of one time good relationship between two outstanding and strong Malay leaders and needless to day, reflective of the fondness of one to another.

Zaid Ibrahim collected Tun Dr, Mahathir at Pasar Seni LRT station on 30 August 2015, as the latter attended the second in a row appearance at BERSIH 4.0

Zaid Ibrahim collected Tun Dr, Mahathir at Pasar Seni LRT station on 30 August 2015, as the latter attended the second day in a row appearance at BERSIH 4.0. Both later shared a media conference together

Quoting a close friend when his opinion is sought for Datuk Rocky’s latest posting, “Five years ago, we would not have imagined that events would brought the two to this. We remembered how Tun (Dr. Mahathir) trusted him (Zaid) for UMNO’s wealth. Now, it seems that they have fostered a tight relationship again, unimaginable in this lifetime after what had happened”.

He was talking about Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad actively campaigned against Zaid in the P094 Hulu Selangor by-election April 2010. Zaid was then a PKR candidate and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s horse for the Parliamentary race.

Tun Dr. Mahathir also in November 2008 lambasted Zaid who initiated the ex-gratia payment for the judges who were sacked during the former’s premiership. This is when the Law Minister contradicted himself, on the matter when he was a lawyer for UMNO.

Then again, he reminded us that Zaid was one of the specially entrusted solicitors who was tasked to recover all UMNO assets after Kuala Lumpur High Court declared the party ‘Illegal’  and the nationalist party was deregistered on 4 February 1988.

Zaid Ibrahim's earlier book

Zaid Ibrahim’s earlier book

Our ‘Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit Question” is would Zaid be naming one of his horses ‘Mahathir’, as a demonstration of utter reverence and fondness? He once named a stallion, ‘Melayu’.

It was seen as uplifting the stature of the Malays manifested in a high-society-Western-influenced sport loved by the upper classes, involving an elaborate rigorous training and discipline. It was probably Zaid’s eccentric call to the world that the Malays have arrived.

Tun Dr. Mahathir enjoying his most favourite sport

Tun Dr. Mahathir taking time off to enjoy his most favourite sport

“After all, both of them love and breed horses. Why not?”, adds our close friend.

Hence, we are contemplating of taking bets on the notion of Zaid’s next equestrian venture, an intriguing evolution from an amphibian known to the Malays as “Katak”.

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  1. Idiot Blogger !

    • Is that the best argument you can give? Cursing ….

      Really no class.

  2. As dissent has been allowed in this blog without ensuing rancour, I would like to defend Tun Dr Mahathir. I used to dislike him during his tenure as PM but he has now appeared as a hero to me and many of my similar-minded friends.

    So, talking about changing horses, I have also done that. And there are bloggers who have also changed theirs, rather sudden change of tone and stand on current political issues, highly favouring the incumbent PM.

    Politics is perception, politics is convenience, politics can even be Machiavellian. Of course, ideally politics is about commitment to one’s beliefs. Right now it’s belief in UMNO as the protector and promoter of the rights and interests of the Malays. There, perception differs among people. And some may appear not to care much about the rights and interests of the Malays.

    I believe TDM does. Much more strongly than Najib appears to be. This of course can be debated at length, depending on how long this post will remain.

    • TQVM

      Let us put some point across. Some of us used to be critical of PM Najib. It was Tun Dr Mahathir who convinced us to come back and support the Prime Minister and UMNO President.

      Unfortunately, we felt that it is unfair to divulge our private discussions with the longest serving PM.

      Then he changed his mind.

      We are not free to also share our analysis what had happened. It was a process, which we were ‘not invited into the privacy of discussion’ (unlike eight years before) until he started attacking.

      He literally crossed several lines he himself drawn. Principally, that is something he taught us not to do.

      We were expected to be with him. Unfortunately we can’t because there are grave inconsistencies in his phalanx of moving shots.

      There are the requirement for fixes. But not not how he is doing it. Most of all, not on the principles that he laid but crossed, to suit the political expediency by his interpretations.

    • Politics is about governing. That is the reality every other person chose to ignore.

      They emphasised politics as art of perception. But that involves elements of lies, deception, and manipulation.

      They cherish Mahathir as a politician able to paint the negative prrception of his opponent irrespective whether he is right or wrong.

      Did he not recently admitted that he has no proofs to prosecute?

      Maybe he is joking. Could also be a case of joking to cover up he actually has no proofs on his allegations.

      So why then are those talking of politics in term of perception talking of 1mdb and the 2.6 billion as though they are concerned with truth, legally correct and sincere?

      • Interpretation is exactly like history. It is at the pleasure of the victor.

        1. Tun Dr. Mahathir was not free of issues when he was in charge. Some of them be interpreted as criminal as well. But we don’t need to dig all that, to demonise the Statesman.
        2. It is very damaging to wash dirty linen in public. 22 years, 3 months and 15 days is a time long enough to accumulate and aggregate dirty linens that needed to be cleaned. It is just we don’t enjoy doing the laundry out in the open, not that we are not able to.
        3. All of the quotes and statements we put forth in this posting were not fabricated for the pleasure of anyone. It was what who said, when and it can be reflected today
        4. They say people who live in glass houses should not pelt peebles around.
        5. Pleas refute any of the quotes or statements that Tun Dr. Mahathir said and made, particularly about Zaid Ibrahim. Then reflect Zaid’s attitude and decisions. Extrapolate that, you would probably get a horse named ‘Mahathir’, one of these days

        Interesting, isn’t it?

    • Agreed that interpretation is the pleasure of the victor. Right now Najib appears to be the victor as he is PM and has all the power.

      But assuming that the victor is also concerned about the voters’ perception, how would Najib explain to the many voters who, for example, do not (a) believe Gani Pattail has a sickness that he cannot perform his duties and (b) understand the need to remove him from the AG post so suddenly, casting huge aspersions on the integrity of the man in performing his duties.

      And why, so far, he has made only one statement on the RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts – “I have never taken any money for personal gain.” It was others who said it was from an Arab and yet others who gave varying reasons on the purpose – one saying it was for fighting Al Qaeda, another saying it was for fighting ISIS and one even said it was for fighting DAP.

      True, everybody makes mistakes, TDM included. But he interpreted things differently now that he no longer is a victor and has no power. But the point is TDM is now not answerable to the voters and is even collaborating with a former adversary against the man in power to get answers. Many of the voters want answers and surely the man in power could give the answers to rather simple questions as the above.

    • It’s entirely your discretion not to divulge any information even though it may be useful to clarify important issues.

      But I suppose you believe in DS Najib when you switch to supporting him. Hope you know the answers to many of the questions the voters have been asking and it wd be greatly appreciated if they can be shared with us here. Like those in my earlier comment.

      On the matter of washing dirty linen in pubic – all political parties and factions within them in this country do. The political parties and factions within them in European countries and US also do. Including UK, supposedly the most “gentlemanly” of them all. “Principles” have been stretched to almost nonentity in this respect in some cases. Only in communist countries, they don’t.

      But if they concern official secrets or information that may cause court cases they may be withheld. And we trust if any in our comments do unintentionally impinge on official secrets you’d let us know.

      Meanwhile, I maintain that neither Zaid nor anyone else should name a horse Mahathir, far less katak, just like Najib should not be called so. But Najib sure has to answer a lot of questions. Tun Musa’s quote of “elegant silence” cannot not apply as PRU14 is just 2 plus years away.

      • It was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who switched, from convincing people like us to support PM Najib, to incessantly attacking him. And with fabricated and manipulated points, designed in poisonous tones to rile up voters.

        It is not us who ‘Flip-Flop’ped. We stayed with the course. Please get your bearing right.

        Of course Tun Dr. Mahathir is not answerable to voters. But then again he is not interested in answers.

        He already made his mind up long before he started attacking PM Najib. He is determined to make sure either PM Najib go or get him toppled.

        That is why he was willing to consort with people like Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

        Answers will come. Not when Tun Dr. Mahathir demands for it. But in time. When it is felt appropriate.

        So people felt that Tun Dr. Mahathir is abusing the advantage as a Statesman and his popularity, to topple PM Najib.

        If we were PM Najib, we won’t pander into the whims of Tun Dr. Mahathir, knowingly behaving like the Opposition, he is not at all interested on the answers.

        This is clear observation if anyone who has been tracking the development of all the attacks and all the responses, extrapolated together in a big picture.

        Then again there is the additional matter of privy information unable to be shared in public. Rest assured, when one day we are able to share this, our readers might understand what we tried to state today.


        Gani Patail is gone, His term is up. His transfer out of AGC is now academic.

        “Katak” is what Tun Dr. Mahathir called Zaid. Maybe it is another option for Zaid, to name one of his future horses. Please listen to the Youtube video carefully.

  3. BigDog, Please list all the animals you would like to be named “Mahathir” shor of calling TDM an animal. That’s how I see where you are going. You see how perception matters?

    We have seen what “changelings” can do. What else can you do BigDog?

    • TQVM.

      1. Please read the posting again and track the development that came to his point. Particularly Dr Mahathir-Zaid relationship. History and statements are of material consideration here
      2. Tun Dr. Mahathir indeed is a ‘political animal’. We doubt it no one can refute that
      3. Like a typical stallion, Tun Dr. Mahathir has stamina.
      4. We have interpreted why the possibility that Zaid might name his horse ‘Mahathir’, since he named his horse ‘Melayu’ once upon a time.
      5. We don’t make a habit to name call the Statesman. Even though he ‘Flip-Flop’ed several times, in so short of time. His predecessor ‘Flip-Flop’ed only once, we called him Prime Minister ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
      6. It could be seen as a honour. If you choose to see it the other way, it is your liberty to make your own interpretations

  4. When TDM campaigned against Zaid at PRK Hulu Selangor, Zaid was in the opposition. Now Zaid appears to be opposing DS Najib who TDM wants replaced as UMNO President/PM. So their common interest brought them together to the extent Zaid waited for and walked TDM to the Bersih 4 road demos at end August.

    I see no harm in both of them appearing at the demos. TDM has said repeatedly that he was after Najib to “berundur” not to unseat his or UMNO/BN Government. He believes that if Najib continues, UMNO would suffer (if not lose power at PRU14), greatly affecting its ability to protect and promote the interests of the Malays. I support that belief.

    Najib got the worst election results of all UMNO Presidents up to now, the opposition winning the majority (51%) of the popular votes and less Parliamentary seats than Tun Dol got. Yet his policies thereafter elicited so much criticisms – including the unpopular GST. Then the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s personal bank accounts exploded on the news scene, one after another. Promises that things would be resolved by year end have not appeared to quieten the public – people still continue to criticize those everyday in the mass media and private conversations.

    I like what former Minister Dr Rais Yatim (PhD in law, London) said recently – the onus is on Putrajaya (and, consequently, all pro-Najib people) to explain things that the pubic still don’t understand, like the use of SOSMA, etc. The public can’t be blamed – not all are lawyers or have high education to understand audited accounts, changing 2 auditors within a relatively short span of time that Nur Jazlan, then PAC Chairman, said was not usual for a huge company. It’s questions on these sorts of things that TDM asked, and I support those. And for those, I don’t mind how many horses he rides.

    • TQVM

      1. Two wrongs don’t make it right and it never will. It was Tun Dr Mahathir who spoke against BERSIH before.
      2. He clearly crossed the line he himself drawn. The line he drew since the days of Reformasi (Septmber 1998)
      3. BERSIH 4.0 is sanctioned by DAP. All of the promoters of BERSIH 4.0 are anti-Government and anti-UMNO/BN
      4. Even PAS avoided BERSIH 4.0. That is a clear manifestation how poisonous BERSIH 4.0 was designed for!
      5. BERSIH 4.0 fail to get Police permit, as per outlined by the Public Assembly Act. Tun Dr. Mahathir participated in an illegal assembly, two days in a row!
      6. BERSIH 4.0 is political in nature. The underlying objective is to topple PM Najib AND UMNO/BN Government
      7. PM Najib increased UMNO standing in Dewan Rakyat, from 79 to 88
      8. PM Najib as BN Chairman recaptured Kedah and Perak in 13GE
      9. In late 2013 UMNO gave overwhelming support for PM Najib. If Tun Dr Mahathir cannot deal with that, then he should wait until the next UMNO party elections
      10. It is alright for Tun Dr Mahathir to raise a point of two about PM Najib, every now and then. It is part of ‘tegur menegur’. However it is very wrong for him to rabidly demonise PM Najib, in incessant tones and mannerism meant for UMNO members or rakyat to be riled and topple PM Najib. That is not democratic at all. In fact, that was exactly what Anwar Ibrahim and Opposition have been doing since 3 September 1998.
      11. Look how silent the Opposition is after Tun Dr. Mahathir rabidly attacking PM Najib, especially with multiple angles of fabricated and manipulated points. In principle and practice, the Fourth UMNO President is using his position, clout and aura to do Opposition work, effectively.
      12. Worse still, Tun Dr. Mahathir lied several times in his allegations of the same point against PM Najib. That is very wrong!
      13. He even raised about Sirul when Federal Court already concluded on the case. It was him who told us for the longest time that we must respect the courts.
      14. In relation to No. 11 and 12, That is reflective that he is not interested at all in facts but his sentiments and interpretations are paramount, to point his crusade out knowingly that there are people who would throw their support for him not because of facts but instead his aura as a Statesman
      15. He willingly worked with Clare Rewcastle-Brown, who is clearly with an agenda to topple all the power currently held by the Malays/Bumiputra.

      That is more than a baker’s dozen for you. We have other reasons too. However, some of it we are unable to share in public as we still have some degree of consideration for the Statesman. Particularly, the things that he said and responses in the privacy of our engagements.

      For the record, this blog started to criticise Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad after he appeared in BERSIH 4.0. That was the hair that broke the camel’s back, the flea that killed the dog, the sugar cane which killed the elephant.

      Take your pick.

  5. Only an idiot would stay the same forever. See where im going? As time goes by, new things are uncovered and new knowledge is unearthed. it doesnt matter whether you are on Dr M’s side or not. I think you give yourself too much credit. Similar in ways to rocky. Did you really think you drove badawi out? What matters is the truth. you had information. Thats about all. As a matter of fact, most of the commenters here could have done the same thing given their level of english is better than yours had they had proper info. See where Din Turtle came from? Now the guy is front footing unlike you who changed team. Can we call you flip flopping or did you just change your mind?

    Your pseudo-intel is frankly, nauseating. Its going to be funny when the curtains are drawn.

  6. If I may,

    It seems “ideology” in Umno is dead. Thus, “horse-horsing” politics become apparent.

    In the very first place both Zaid and Saifuddin when they joined Umno, as well as Tun and Najib, it was never about UMNO ideology or Malay political struggle for Malay cause.

    Umno has multiple ideologies by virtue of Article 3 of its constitution, struggles and historical then.

    Article 3 in the Umno Constitution states the party’s responsibilities and objectives as a political party which upholds the Malays’ national ambition to defend religion, race and country. By definition, political ideology of Umno is attestant to Malay survival and continuance.

    Along the way because of racial dynamic in politics, economics and material-power crazy, “UMNO’s ideologies” turns ideologically berserk and untraceable by leadership.

    These needles leaders through time their politics have been constantly broken. They have become the professionalized politicians and out of touch by dismissing and to dissent Umno idealism.

    While they were in Umno their presented statements and policy on political brannigan were pretentious and producing increasingly mangled political impressions so-called high-minded or rather fended for themselves.

    What is clear, they are putting ideology before “common sense”. While the majority of Umno politicians drown with their acumen being careered politicians.

    To them ideology is a dinosaur. Therefore, it is no longer relevant to current political complexity. But they forget that ideology in Umno is not dead. It is just being passive override by new supply of political culture absorbing neoliberalism.

    The present Malay leaders in Umno must uphold the idealism and to stay relevant as a political party and as a Malay Islamic community on a whole.

    • Article 3 UMNO constitution is not an ideology. But merely problem statements or aspirations.

      It is not a collection of social or political or economic theories or philosophies. A well thought ideology would have been thought out well enough to serve for today, tomorrow and future application to solve or achieve that aspirations.

  7. I have been a grassroot politician and a member of UMNO since the mid 1960s and this is the first time that I am so disappointed with what’s going on behind the scene of my party UMNO. Having said that I have full respect for Tun Mahathir, not only for his vision to develop Malaysia as a fully developed nation by 2020 but also his genuine love for this nation and country. Tun is a political celebrity and has ruled this country for more than 22 years of his national service to Malaysia. Tun is already 90 years and we should allow him to say his piece about the current political leadership of this country as well as his ongoing criticism against PM Najib.

    I believe Tun Mahathir wants us to remember him as the icon of Malaysian politics before he leaves the scene, and this is something that all Malaysians should appreciate and wish him long life, good health and happiness. I believe that even DS Najib at this point in time has no intention to harass or get annoyed with Tun Mahathir and neither has he got any intention to arrest him in the near future. I also believe that DS Najib will not turn Tun Mahathir into a political martyr that may jeopardise his own political career in this point in time. At the most, DS Najib may remain PM for the next 10 years before he hands over the baton to his loyal successor, could be DS Zahid Hamidi or Khairy Jamaluddin or even TS Muhyiddin Yassin, who is still the UMNO Deputy President. Believe me TS Muhyiddin is still in the running for the PM’s post unless he is voted out from his current party position in the next UMNO party election. I support the proposal to name Mahathir as a horse…maybe Kuda Emas as Tun himself is “a horse” according to the Chinese horoscope…”Ma” in Mandarin.

  8. I agree that, horse or katak, Tun Dr Mahathir did raise valid questions on the running of 1MDB. Now OutSyed The Box has revealed extracts of minutes of one of the 1MDB Board of Directors meetings showing a serious criminal wrong doing by the officers of the company that led to then Chairman Mohd Bakke Salleh to resign in disgust.

    The blog owner said that the minutes were emailed to him and that they are now being posted on the Internet by The Thingy. He pointed out that as these are minutes of meetings of a private company, they are not official secrets. The BOD meeting was held on 3 October 2009.

    The Board said they were not consulted in diverting the US$700 Million that was mentioned in their request for Bank Negara approval for overseas remittance to some other party and using a different bank.

    This tallies exactly with Bank Negara’s investigations. The US700 million was not utilised as how they presented it to Bank Negara and as subsequently approved by Bank Negara. They sent the money elsewhere. This was a breach of Bank Negara’s specific approval.

    The BOD even asked that the US$700 million be returned to the company. The money has become history. But the facts are not. Still discussed to day and The Thingy, according to the blog, has posted the minutes of the BOD meeting on the internet.

    • TQVM

      We have said it before and we shall say again, now. Please don’t bring materials posted in other blogs for the purpose of arguments and more over, to be a point of contention in here.

      Especially if the source is from Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

      We do not tolerate that sort of sharing of thoughts. Please take that argument, in that blog.

      Outsyed the Box is in the likes of Benchmark. Revealed only ‘extracts’. And materials from the extract are being manipulated and spun around, for the explicit purpose to rile the sentiments of the rakyat. Same tactics like the Opposition.

    • Bila ada agenda, maka maklumat yang diketengahkan pun tidal merangkumi dan telus.

      Kalau Bakke resign dari pengurusan tertinggi 1MDB ke FGV semestinya terdapat salahlaku pengurusan di 1MDB?

      Bila dia ke Sime Darby maksudnya terdapat salahlaku dsbnya di FGV?

      Blogger yang tak pernah jadi CEO di GLC serbatahu tentang tindak-tanduk Government appointments di GLC dalam membuat kesimpulan.

      Blogger ini kalau mengutuk Najib seolah-olah di 1MDB ada “One-man” committee membuat keputusan. Daripada “ketelusan” minit mesyuarat didapati terdapat kebangkitan isu akauntabiliti dan pentadbiran korporat yang bertanggungjawab oleh BOD 1MDB (yang turut melibatkan Najib).

      Didapati CEO ketika itu tidak dapat memenuhi kehendak BOD dan terdapat keraguan. Bukan suatu yang luarbiasa dalam dunia korporat. Sang pelesit memfitnah Najib siang malam songlap duit 1MDB tetapi dia ahli BOD yang menuntut amalan best practices atau good governance dari pihak pengurusan.

      Blogger ini sememangnya benar-benar seorang anarkis atau sebenarnya sudah nyanyok dan cuba membangangkan pengikut-pengikut tegarnya?

      Arul Kanda belum lagi dilantik sebagai CEO pada 2009. Ada nampak nama PM dimana-mana dalam minit mesyuarat dengan arahan eksekutif yang pelik-pelik?

      Tak perlu untuk membuat serangan peribadi. Fokus pada maklumat yang dibocorkan, dalam hal ini minit mesyuarat, sebab yang lain kesimpulan spekulatif dibuat oleh blogger. Tidak bebas dari khilaf dan memang berniat jahat fitnah bila digunakan mengadu-domba dan mengaibkan orang lain, jika tidak bersifat anarkis.

      Blogger ini kata minit mesyuarat yang dibocorkan adalah hak umum? Sebab apa tidak didedahkan? Jawabannya ialah ianya kerja sang pelesit. Minit mesyuarat yang mengandungi huraian tentang perjalanan syarikat 1MDB, strategi pelaburan di masa hadapan syarikat, strategi pendanaan, ketepatan perlaksanaan dengan polisi Kerajaan and public interest, termasuk pendekatan jangkamasa terdekat syarikat.

      Blog dia memang sesuai untuk membebalkan pembaca blognya, yang sememangnya tindak tanduk semua penulisan blogger ini bersifat anti-establishment. Blogger menolak, melecehkan dan menafikan semua sistem; pentadbiran, politik, perundangan, korporat, perbankan, budaya, keugamaan (Islam -Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah), sosial, warisan dan apa kita yang kita pegang dan amalkan.

      Cuba berbicara dengan Company Secretary yang bertauliah, boleh tanyakan pendapat mereka.

      P/S: Blogger itu bukan sahaja Anti-Hadiths, tetapi Anti-Rasulullah. Apakah pendapat orang yang bermuka-muka diantara kita sebagai Islam Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah ini boleh ditimbangkan?

  9. […] Bigdog SINI dan Rockybru […]

  10. This is a hillarous punt, indeed!

    Reminded me of the story of once a horse was named “Tengku Abdul Rahman”.

    That itself is telling.

  11. And you think that Najib is righteous enough and consistent enough. And that puts him above all others? Did you really bother check your sources as to what happened to the pac, the AG, the donation and what zahid had claimed? What about all the extravagances that were displayed.

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