The Maha-Keling job of all time

The biggest hypocrisy is to turn against an action which changed the nation and  position of 3 September 1998, then Prime Minister and UMNO President rallied the nation behind him in the support of ouster of his own deputy Anwar Ibrahim, who he determined to be sexually deviant.

Tun Dr Mahathir wearing 'Free Anwar' badge

Tun Dr Mahathir wearing ‘Free Anwar’ badge

Yesterday, at Pakatan Harapan convention, he appeared wearing ‘Free Anwar’ badge.

Anwar Ibrahim has exhaustively undergone the complete process of the judiciary for the Federal Court to uphold the conviction to incarcerate him for sodomising his political aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhary Azlan in June 2008.

Even the pardons board rejected the request for a Royal Pardon.

Anwar cannot in anyway over turn the conviction and for Tun Dr. Mahathir to support the call to ‘Free Anwar’, not only is highly irresponsible but also a blatant disregard and insult the Malaysian rule of law.

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