Crooked Bridge and Vice Presidency iritated the Negara-sawan

UMNO President Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak revealed that the failures of ‘Crooked Bridge’ and then MB Kedah Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir to be voted into the UMNO Vice Presidency level as main reasons for of Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to go after his choice Leader replacing Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He spoke in a closed door meeting with this year’s UMNO General Assembly delegates.

On the ‘Crooked Bridge’ which Dr Mahathir wanted Abdullah to carry on the project as replacement of the Johor Causeway when the former retired. However, Abdullah did not carry on with the project.

By April 2006, Dr. Mahathir started to openly attack Abdullah and accused him as a weak leader. One of the excuse was he was a subservient Prime Minister to the Singaporeans.

On the other point, within a few months after ascending the post of MB Kedah, Mukhriz launched his campaign to slide into the UMNO Vice Presidency race when party elections season was on.

He barely won over incumbent Dato’ Sri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, who was then Minister of Defence.

Nevermind the fact that Mukhriz at the time was in the freshman-class of Menteri Besars/Ketua Menteris and had not even served UMNO Supreme Council (MT) yet. Only for one term he was UMNO Youth Exco and later was defeated as a candidate of UMNO Youth Chief.

The two is the cause for Dr Mahathir to go after Prime Minister Najib and oust him. Of course the two cannot be the reason important enough for him to amass support to see Prime Minister Najib ousted.

Hence, he used the 1MDB scandal and hyped it up, to steamroll against Prime Minister Najib. It was a concerted effort which saw Dr Mahathir teamed up even with the Jewish Neo Con controlled foreign media.

Of course he threw other issues as good measures to strengthen his case that Prime Minister Najib like BR1M, Sirul Azhar, Rosmah’s daughter’s wedding, Govt debt and failure in economic management and others.

Today, most of these matters have either been resolved or the rakyat at large are not interested anymore but sporadic pockets of dissenters who are stilll hyping it up as the strategy of demonisation, to get the bigger lot to throw Prime Minister Najib out.

Prime Minister Najib also explained on the ‘Crooked Bridge’ issue, he did bring that up and the Government looked into it. After deliberation, even his own Cabinet is not supportive of continuing the project and he respected the ‘collective responsibility’ to no longer support the project.

Prime Minister Najib also explained despite he had until June 2018 to call for the XIV GE, it doesn’t mean it cannot be sooner. What he wants is UMNO to be continuously be ready and serve and look after the non UMNO supporters and voters as well.

On Saturday, it was revealed that Dr Mahathir is obsessed of getting his way, all the time. This round, his obsession driven him to be delusional (like forging a relationship with DAP) and demonstrated his madness to achieve his personal agenda.

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  1. Why u call him negara-sawan?

    U have no beef with him. He doesnt has any with u

    So why again u called him negara-sawan? Is it because to fit ur fat ego?

    And ah one more thing. Chances are that you with whatever you are having now, they are because of God and Mahathir’s effort

    Whatever bitara or no mrsm u were at, it was him that accelerate things so that u people get the best education and so many other things

    Dont be so obnoxious and ungrateful lot.

    If u dont like him, just keep quiet. No need to call names to him.

    They have their quarrel thing. U got no business there.

    • Dear blinded pentaksub

      Is the negara-sawan not the one that accused rockybru, bigdog and anyone opposing/not agreeing with him as pemakan dedak?

      He can dish out insult but others can’t towards him. Unstatesman like conduct more of a negara-sawan.

      drMpower … perhaps you do not eat chicken feed but the feed, the chicken and also the coop.

      At least that is how mahathir enrich his family, and cronies like arumugam, vincent tan, francis yeoh, syed mokhtar, ananda, kuok, rin kim mei, suzuki, etc.

    • This is a classic case of Dr M Zombie!

      The policy of having SBPs & MRSMs all over the country to churn first graders in science and post ITM be sent abroad, has been started and implementasi in Tun Razak’s time.

      What ever program BD was in, it was a continuity of a policy already rolled out. He benefitted because of the policy, not Dr Mahathir.

      Dr M did lots of unstatesman like, which demean his stature as a statesman. To be civil to a DAP is expected of anyone. But as a former ‘Political Ruler’ of the Malays, to celebrate a man he called “Racists” and “Anti Malay” for half a century??

      All for his political madness!

      Its not like we hv not seen his madness. Like sacking of Lord President & five other Supreme Ct judges. But now that he has no more power, alleviated to a Statesman, he should represent the nation in informal global relations dos and extend the goodwill.

      One would expect him to be calmer, matured and provided wisdom for the nation to adopt as strategy.

      Not toil in street demonstrations and do name-calling as part of the entertainment for more to follow his roadshowds.

      For all he did to the nation especially to the Malays, this madness (incl teaming up with Lim Kit Siang & support to free Anwar Ibrahim) buries it all and wiped every single deed he did for the Malays.

  2. Yeah and you well-knowingly participated in tumbling badawi? What does that make you?

    • Thank you.

      However your observation is rather poor and incomplete.

      Funny you should ask why so many key people involved then, left the Negara-sawan. Even those who were ardent back-room supporters left too.

      Look who is left with him today.

  3. The PM cum MoF has to prove to the BN voters that the Nation is and will be better managed by him and his ministers because his adversaries will say Mohd Najib is a far bigger rat in a rotten BN, BigDog.

    Now it very clear to see that the MP of Pekan is a much more intelligent well brought up man that he was thought out to be but it is never nice for a refine gentleman of good breeding to hit a fragile old man except when the old man is evil incarnate: stoning the three jamrahs.

    Mahathir thinks he is super smart because he is a doctor of medicine and can outsmart a lawyer Daim but why are his children dunggus, BigDog?

    Oh, and you must excuse me; but it is sad when one can not see the DPM Ahmad Zahid any other way but as a confused verboose pseudo ustaz much like another from P44.

    Long live Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak!

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