Archbishop of Malaysia insults PM Najib

The recently retired Archbishop of Malaysia Murphy Packiam in his 2013 Christmas address insulted Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak for in the former’s own words, “Forgetting where he (Najib) came from”

Archbishop Packiam prays that the PM will remember where he came from

DECEMBER 25, 2013

Archbishop emeritus Murphy Pakiam (pic) has urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to cement his own call for an end to Muslim-Christian hostility by withdrawing Putrajaya’s legal challenge against the Catholic Church’s use of ‘Allah.’

The Archbishop, retired recently and now administrator of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, made the call in response to Najib’s speech at the National Christmas Open House in George Town, Penang when he called on followers of the two faiths to set aside their differences and seek common ground.

“What did he say? Even if the world talks and laughs about this ‘Allah’ issue, Malaysia will not allow (its use by non-Muslims), we (government) will defend the exclusivity of its use.

“This is not a man who was educated in our Catholic school. By talking like that, you are just a bickering politician. I am praying that Allah will enlighten him to become a statesman,” the Malaysiakini news portal reported him as saying today.

Najib was educated at St John’s Institution, adjacent to the Archbishop’s house where the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) annual Christmas high tea was held today.

Pakiam said Najib was the one who should not stop preventing Christians from using the word ‘Allah’.

Pakiam used Najib’s experience in school as an example of how the Christian community had helped Najib as a boy in a Catholic school and respected his Muslim faith.

“From a small boy, from primary school until form 3, he (Najib) was there (St John’s Institute).

“When it came to catechism (classes), his mother was disturbed because he was a small boy going to a (Christian) religious class.

“But his mother had confidence in our brothers and phoned Brother Matthew who said: ‘Please don’t worry, we will see that he doesn’t go in’,” the portal reported.

As such, Pakiam said he hoped Najib would do his duty and serve all Malaysians.

“You think I am not angry? But he is the prime minister, so I have to pray to God to please help him do his duty for the whole country and not just Umno,” he said.

The Court of Appeal had in October overturned a High Court decision which ruled that the Home Ministry’s ban against Christian publication The Herald from using the word ‘Allah’ was unconstitutional.

The Church is now appealing the decision at the Federal Court in the hope of reinstating the High Court’s ruling.

Pakiam added that Najib’s insistence of exclusivity for the word ‘Allah’ was inciting right-wing groups against the Christian community.

“He knows the law. He knows the judgment the judges gave and he (Najib) is saying: ‘Oh, it’s allowed there (Sabah and Sarawak), but be careful in peninsula. Don’t stir this up. You are playing with fire.’

Legal experts have questioned the government’s move to permit the use of the word ‘Allah’ in East Malaysia, yet continuing defending the Court of Appeal’s decision.

The Court of Appeal had ruled that the word ‘Allah’ was “not an integral part of the Christian faith”, a decision that affects Christians in both East and West Malaysia. – December 25, 2013.


This is a really idiotic statement from a clergy who used to the be supreme leader for all Roman Catholics in Malaysia.

Archbishop Pakiam should not manipulate the fact that Prime Minister Najib attend St John as a primary school student, not a believer in the Catholic faith. After all he is a Malay and by Constitutional definition, a Muslim.

More over now that he is the Prime Minister and President of UMNO, which is the nationalist political party for the Malays with the soul to uphold the struggle for the faith, race and nationhood of the Malays, it would be really stupid to suggest his allegiance would be for his primary school.

St. John’s Institution in Bukit Nenas is a Roman catholic missionary and most prestigious primary school in Kuala Lumpur and that is the legal and stature limit of the facility.

Then again, it is duty bound for Prime Minister Najib is his official capacity to defend Islam as per enshrined in the Federal Constitution which is the Religion of the Federation of Malaysia. He swore the oath of allegiance in the name of Allah S.W.T. to defend the Federal Constitution, to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV.

His Majesty is the Constitutional Head of Islam.

This is not the first time Catholic Church leaders insulted the position and role of Islam and the administration of Islam in this country. On 11 July 2013 Holy See Ambassador to Malaysia Apostolic Nuncio Joseph Marino supported the Christian Federation of Malaysia’s quest to use kalimah “Allah” in place of God.

Bishop Paul Tan of Diocese for Johor-Melaka had various times criticized on the kalimah “Allah” issue even insulted HRH Sultan Selangor’s titah on 9 January 2013, pertaining to the matter and based on the Selangor Fatwa Council ruling gazetted on 18 Feb 2010.

Extracts of FMT story dated  12 Jan 2013:

Bishop Paul Tan, head of the Johor and Malacca diocese, said the Sultan of Selangor’s role was to protect Islam and not to make rules for people of other faiths.

“We non-Muslims have our own heads. Besides, our country is a constitutional or parliamentary democracy, not a theocratic state, that is, Islamic state. Our Federal Constitution protects the rights of all our people, not only Muslims,” Bishop Paul told FMT.

Bishop Paul also pointed out that the matter was still pending appeal after the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled on Dec 31, 2009 that the ban on non-Muslims using the word “Allah” was illegal.

“As said many a time, historically the word is pre-Islamic and therefore cannot be claimed as a creation of Islam. We also have documents that [show that] in the early 17th century, [in the] translations of the Bible into Malay, the word ‘Allah’ was used,” he added.

Bishop Paul’s concern that should the Malaysian government forbid the non-Malays from using the word “Allah”, the nation would end up being ridiculed by the more enlightened people in other countries obviously is not shared by the rulers of states and BN.

“In all countries, except Malaysia, including Arab countries and Indonesia, there is no ban on Christians using the word ‘Allah’,” he said.


Front Page Utusan Malaysia Saturday 13 July 2013

Front Page Utusan Malaysia Saturday 13 July 2013

On 13 July 2013 Bishop Phillip Lok demanded Prime Minister Najib stand up and takes action against Malay NGOs such as PERKASA, JATI, ISMA, Pembela etc. for voicing their grave discern on the outrageous statement made by Apostolic Nuncio Marino and demanding the Malaysian Government expel him.

Riong Kali dot com story:

Bishop calls for Najib to take stand against Perkasa, Jati

JULY 13, 2013

Najib, seen here at a Christmas party last year, must stand up to the extreme comments from groups like Perkasa and Jati, say local Christian leaders. The Malaysian Insider pic, July 13, 2013.Najib, seen here at a Christmas party last year, must stand up to the extreme comments from groups like Perkasa and Jati, say local Christian leaders. The Malaysian Insider pic, July 13, 2013.

Christians have had enough of the bashing from the likes of Perkasa and other Malay rights groups. They expect Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to intervene and “do the right thing” by rejecting such extremism.

This was the stand of the president of the Council of Churches Malaysia, Bishop Philip Lok. He was speaking to The Malaysian Insider in the wake of the demands by Perkasa and Jati that the Vatican’s envoy Archbishop Joseph Marino withdraw his support for the local church’s campaign to use the word Allah and that he must apologise within seven days.

The vocal rights groups have demanded that the government shut down the Vatican’s embassy and banish Marino if he does not apologise.

They were reacting to the Archbishop’s comments in an interview with local media that though he recognised that the ongoing court case on the Allah issue was an internal matter, he supported the position taken by the Christian Federation of Malaysia that Allah was a word for god in the Christian religion too.

Bishop Lok said that it was time the government took action against Perkasa and Jati for trying to disrupt diplomatic ties between Malaysia and the Vatican.


In sundry, the Roman Catholic Church leaders have been very kurang ajar for the sentiments of Malay-Muslims, who are the majority of this tanahair if not total disrespect of the Federal Constitution.

This remark by Archbishop Pakiam is really demeaning and totally unacceptable. This year’s Christmas message by other Church leaders of affirming their desire to continue the pursuit on the kalimah “Allah” issue despite the Court of Appeal unanimous decision on 14 October 2013 would just invite negative reaction from Malay individuals and NGOs.

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  1. The archbishop had commited contempt of court for accusing the court of appeal as bias since Najib knows them.

    If perkasa webmaster was sent to 1 month prison, he can pray inside prison for 1 month.

    • Er, we cannot do that! You see, there are different set of rules for muslims and non-muslims. If muslims did something bad and punished, this will be applauded as civilised, constitutional and according to world standards to prevent divisive and harmful elements. If non-muslims did so, like this case for example, punishment in the court of law will be condemned as barbaric, unjustly oppressive, apartheid-inspired systematic persecution of minorities in Malaysia. We should get used to this systematic negative labelling by now.

  2. The PM himself should no longer vacillate by trying to please or appease to this group. There’s always limits to acceding to the unreasonable demands by this group. Just say it in the clearest term that NO, the Kalimah Allah cannot be used in the Malay version of the bible in Peninsula Malaysia. What are leaders for if they cannot nip in the bud this kind of potentially explosive issue. He shouldn’t be taken in by the retro- strategy taken by Pakiam to pile on PM. What happened decades ago got nothing to do with the stubborn demands currently made by this group.

    • Well, if si Pukiayam wants to talk about ‘forgetting about where someone came from’, I would like to ask him where exactly does HE originally came from? He should also remember his roots and that of his ancestors. What? He thinks that they were sent to Tanah Melayu from the sky by angels? Dasar tak sedar diri. Keep on praying Pukiayam.

    • Agreed with you there and if this Murky F**kiam guy wants to play the retro-strategy game, bring on….Najib MUST now revoke citizenship awarded to ALL these immigrants prior to Merdeka….and that’s for starters…if only NAjib has got the guts and courage, which sad to say is sorely lacking

  3. Will the Christian faith in Malaysia collapsed if they don’t use the kalimah Allah in the Malay version of the bible in the Peninsula? The answer is obvious i.e of course not. So, why the stubborn demands? Get in line and don’t harp on rights when the rights of Muslims to say NO to the use of kalimah Allah by non Muslims is ignored and not respected by these people? Stop it, okay. Just stop trying to open the Pandora Box.

    • You see Postgrad, I always wonder why they were hell bent on using the kalimah “Allah” and yet seems to have no problem with the progressive mutation of “Jesus” in the Malay language. The blogger SatD wrote an excellent piece on this topic:

      Oh btw BigDog, I would very much appreciate if you stop referring to the Vatican as Holy See. I don’t consider it “Holy”, best to just refer to the Pope’s rep as the Vatican’s Ambassador. After all, we never refer to the Saudi Ambassador as “Representative of the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques” right? So the Vatican ambassador is just another foreign diplomat (one with a big mount at that).

  4. This is a perfect example how the minority bulldoze their snout around and being very consistent, systematic and progressively aggressive about it.

    When the majority react, they cry oppression and persecution for the global media to drum up the trampling against a democratically elected Govt.

    How much more will the Malays tolerate this?

    Even the Sultans boldly sound out on this matter, which HRHs see as antagonising.

    The sort of drama, demands and derivatives that inadvertently become political overtone from a group of faith believers who are actually less than 10% of the citizen is really mind boggling. In essence, Christianity is supposed to be a religion of love but the minority within the believers in this country is driving towards anguish and hatred.

    If this dont end now and the authorities dont do very necessary steps to seriously address this, then soon enough someone would suggest if not demand that Federal Govt ban the Catholic Church.

    Otherwise its high time that a Govt body is formed to regulate Christianity. Just like JAKIM co-ordinate the state religious departments.

  5. What the hell, man? He is a Christian leader yet trying to lead everybody to hell? Will some one in authority shut him up before he starts all hell breaking loose?

    Here is what the Constitution Article 3 says:

    “Religion of the Federation

    3. (1) Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions
    may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

    No other religion is mentioned in the Constitution and that Article 3 clearly states “other religions may be practised in peace and harmony”.

    What practising Christianity in peace and harmony is that Packiam fellow doing when talking like that? Those very words he said as quoted by the Malaysian Insider alone are sufficient to arrest him for breaking the law – the highest set of laws in the country from which all other laws are derived. His words do not create peace and harmony – in fact the reverse, bringing about resentment and acrimony by the Muslims who form slightly over 60% of the population of this country.

    The kalimah Allah case is before the Appeal/ Federal court, yet he raised the matter and is contemptuous of the Court.

    Arrest Packiam. Grounds of his arrest can be going against the Constitution Article 3, the relevant laws enacted pursuant to that, and for contempt of Court. The Sedition Act may also be thrown at him – his words create ill feelings to over 60% of he population.

    He is no longer the Archbishop anyway. He should not be allowed to continue appearing as a bully. Representing less than 10% of the population humiliating some 60% who are Muslims.

    • He may not be the usual Archbishop anymore but he is still a Christian leader, carrying the title Archbishop emeritus, now administrator of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, whatever those words mean,

      He must be taught lessons – even by way of Najib being given lessons at the St Johns Institution in his boyhood – but more appropriately, lessons on and under the law as Packiam is more than an adult now.

  6. Aiyoyo, what is Bishop Paul Tan, head of the Johor and Malacca diocese talking? He said the Sultan of Selangor’s role was to protect Islam and not to make rules for people of other faiths – FMT.

    If HRH Sultan Selangor decrees that the kalimah Allah is for the Muslims only, is he not protecting Islam by doing so? The kalimah Allah in this country belongs to Muslims only – in Arabia it may belong to Christians etc because Allah is an Arabic word. But in Malaysia there is the Bahasa Malaysia word that is adequate to describe the Christian God. Why the intransigence?

    Bishop Paul also pointed out that the matter was still pending appeal after the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled on Dec 31, 2009 but he is wrong in saying the ban on non-Muslims using the word “Allah” was illegal. Doesn’t he know that the Appeal Court has decided in favour of the Home Minister and until such time as a higher court rules otherwise, the ban is not illegal. Doesn’t he sound like Is he a Pakatoon Bishop? Just asking, not accusing.

    • Clarification:

      “But in Malaysia there is the Bahasa Malaysia word that is adequate to describe the Christian God.” That word is “tuhan”.

    • I wonder when will PAS, the ISLAMIC party in this country will round-up its supporters in a stadium in Kelantan (Serambi Mekah), to hold a special prayer to ‘KO’ the Bishops? They did so on fellow muslims.

      Obviously they can’t do it in Selangor and definitely not in Penang which is led by Khalifah Tokong, otherwise everybody will be summoned to KOMTAR for a group-hugging photo shoot again.

      Oh well, PAS memang parti yang keliru lagi mengelirukan.

  7. Bishop Paul told FMT, “Our Federal Constitution protects the rights of all our people, not only Muslims”.

    Do these people, supposedly leaders of the Christian faith in this country, not read the Constitution or consult the lawyers? Or don’t they understand the Constitution Article 3(5) that says

    “Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall be the head of the religion of Islam in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya; and for this purpose Parliament may be law make provisions for regulating Islamic religious affairs and for constituting a Council to advise the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in matters relating to the religion of Islam.”

    No understand the words

    – Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution?

    – Is the Roman Catholic Church headquarters not based in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur..or Putrajaya where the YDP Agong is the Head of Islam?

    – don’t laws made by Parliament like those making it illegal for others to convert Muslims to other faiths not cover the non-Muslims in this country?

    – Don’t the role, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong cover ALL citizens in this country and that whatever functions he carries out in fulfilling his duties as Head of Islam, ALL citizens are bound by them?

    Is it possible that the Roman Catholic Church and other religions are not affected at all by and can disregard all the laws made by Parliament “to administer the Islamic religion”, and can do anything they like even if against the interests of Islam in this country?

    Think, Bishop Paul, think. You can give your opinion, so can I.

    • *Comment deleted

      Your privilege to share your thoughts in this blog as been rescinded. Pls go else where.

  8. Assuming leave for Appeal is granted, and when the Federal Court has heard both sides and all legal aspects have been exhaustively argued, assuming the same weight is given to both sides on the legal arguments put out, would the Court not give consideration to the fact that this country is majority (slightly over 60%) Muslim and the Christians total only 9%?

    Yes, the Court decides only on the facts presented to the Judges, but at the Federal Court we assume all legal arguments must be exhausted. And a decision has to be made when doubts arise on the excellence of one over the other party to the case.

    I read the Constitutional lawyers always saying that when determining issues in the Constitution, recourse must be made to the intent of those who drafted the Constitution. Was it not the intention to make Islam having a superior position in this country? The Muslims were the majority in this country, the Rulers and all the Malays were Muslims at the time of drafting the Constitution. If not, why is Article 3(i) so explicit in stating Islam as “the” religion of the country and no other religions are mentioned.

    If so, I believe the Federal Court – the highest in the country – will decide in favour of the Home Minister. Parties concerned have to be prepared for that, and for any eventuality that may arise from such a decision. Yes, speculation may be unhealthy, but isn’t it better to always be prepared? Surely the old Scouts motto still matters.

    • *Comment deleted

      You manipulate facts and come in this blog purposely to cause anguish and fury. Your privilege to share your thoughts in this blog as been rescinded. Pls go else where.

  9. But when people tell the chinese or the indians to remember where they came from, all hell will break loose

    • Oh yeah? Why so?

      If they start behaving as if they forgot where they came from, why not?

      And they even conveniently forget what’s written in the Constitution of the country. They deserve to be told, isn’t it?

  10. They may wish to consider replacing the word “Bible” with “Quran” next in the same way ?

  11. Politics in religious clothings.

    Where does Murphy Packiam come from? ‘Murphy’ evokes a white man, ‘Packiam’ evokes a Hindu. So this name evokes a white man who practises Hinduism.

    Instead what do we get ?? hmmm … identity crisis!

    Arrogance knows no boundaries, a clear attempt at apartheid.

    • Inilah akibat demokrasi. Nak jadi negara maju, TAPI mentaliti rakyat yg primitif. Mentaliti kasta pariah pun ya jugak!

      Kalau dah Keling tu, tabiat perangai Kelinglah juga. Tengoklah asas desakan Pariakiam ni kepada Najib; hanya sebab masa kecik dulu Tun Razak masukkan anak dia sekolah St John.

      Logik banggang dan cetek!

      Kalau ikut logik banggang ni, Parakiam kena jadi Muslim kalau nak jadi rakyat Malaysia. Sebabnya masa Tunku isytihar Kemerdekaan, dia baca Bismillah.

      Keling keling ni tak boleh diberikan suara sangat. Penghabisnya jadi merapek, melampau dan menyakitkan hati!

      Baik Ambiga, Wathyamoorthy, Uthayakumar, Karpal Singh, Surendran, Sivarasa, Latheefa Koya, Samy Vellu, Vel Pari, Tony Fernandes mau pun Jagir Singh. Sama ja semuanya!

      Palanivel pun sorang lagi Keling banggang. Sebagai menteri, mintak Najib boikot CHOGM kat Colombo.

  12. […] is giving a Catholic church odd-ball like Murphy Pakiam to tell off Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak or Non Muslim Consultative Council make seditious statements, via the Riong Kali dot […]

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