Bersatu teguh, bercerai bangsat

The Malays are reminded that being united and the unification through UMNO which was born  on 11 May 1946, had been the key success factor for them to be successful in turning everything around and move forward  in changing their fate which include achieving Kemerdekaan. story:

Malays Will Become ‘Bangsat’ If UMNO Loses Power, Says Najib

KANGAR, Aug 23 (Bernama) — Malays will become “bangsat” (destitute) if UMNO loses power, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The UMNO president said as such, UMNO members must defend the party which helms the leadership of the country.

“I have asked before, if UMNO loses power what will happen to the Malays and Islam?

“In the many words in the Kamus Dewan Bahasa dictionary, some said Malays will fall head first, Malays will fall by the wayside and others said Malays will never be a force again.” he said.

Najib said this when opening the delegates meetings of the Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau UMNO divisions at Dewan Wawasan 2020 here today.

Commenting further on the matter, Najib said he picked the word because no other words could depict the situation of the Malays who would be hardpressed if UMNO lost its power.

“I choose this word. ..because no other words can better depict the lot of the Malays if UMNO loses power. They will be very hardpressed, lose everything, their dignity and future (if UMNO loses power),” he said.

As such, he said all problems in the party must be solved to ensure UMNO stayed in power.

“Find a solution if there is a problem, whether at the national or state level, don’t tell me there is no solution,” he said.

The He said the party had gone through a myriad of ordeals and problems and they were all successfully solved.

“The founder of UMNO left UMNO and set up another party, the religious bureau left and set up PAS, UMNO was banned, UMNO president was challenged and won by only 41 votes, the 1997 financial crisis, Confrontation, communists and many more…but we successfully emerged from the crises,” he said.

Najib said there was no reason why UMNO could not remain as the ruling party with unity in the party.

“As a party, we cross the broad ocean, often turbulent, and sometimes lashed by storm.

“The UMNO ship is actually strong and has been tested for so long and has changed the political, economical and social landscape to the extent that the world regards Malaysia as a model and successful nation,” he added.



The message is even harsher, appeared in The Star:

Published: Sunday August 23, 2015 MYT 2:03:00 PM
Updated: Sunday August 23, 2015 MYT 2:38:06 PM

Malays will lose out if Umno not in power, says Najib

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (center ) at the opening of the delegates meeting of the Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau Umno divisions at Dewan Wawasan 2020 Hall, Sunday. -- BERNAMA

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (center ) at the opening of the delegates meeting of the Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau Umno divisions at Dewan Wawasan 2020 Hall, Sunday. — BERNAMA

KANGAR: Malays will be on the losing end if Umno loses power, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.


The Prime Minister said that as such, Umno members must defend the party.

“I have asked before, if Umno loses power what will happen to the Malays and Islam?

“In the many words in the Kamus Dewan Bahasa dictionary, some said Malays will fall head first, Malays will fall by the wayside and others said Malays will never be a force again,” he said when opening the delegates meetings of the Padang Besar, Kangar and Arau Umno divisions at Dewan Wawasan 2020 here Sunday. – Bernama


The fact is that at the point in time, the Opposition is crumbling down. The (un)holy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strage-bedfellows had failed. Their internal squabbles are getting more vicious and the issue on Hudud being enacted in Kelantan and PAS Central Committee support, broke the camel’s back.

On its own, each of the Opposition pack have deep internal issues and facing a lot of problems with their own grassroots and supporters.

The Oppositions' guild, dead (2008-2015)

The Oppositions’ guild, dead (2008-2015)

DAP members at grassroots level have demonstrated their distrust with the top leadership and its effort to remain dictatorial had been clearly demonstrated in the tainted Dec 2013 party elections. In fact, the Indians within DAP openly attack the leadership for slighting them out systematically.

Time and again, PKR has been proven to be a sordid personal agenda of a hedious sexual deviant criminal. It had been formalised in a brilliant twist of emotions, trumped up sentiments and a series of falsehood issues, which were managed to be gelled into  a political movement.

Through time, many personalities came to realisation that they were hoodwinked into the political oblivion to fit a personal agenda and left. The very few in the top inner circle fake too many dramas, where their politics have gone seriously irrelevant and already proven to be futile, for the sake of their party struggle.

The more recent is the failed ‘Kajang Move’ and the ouster of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar Selangor last year, where PKR Secretary General Saifuddin Nasution admitted Khalid was a victim of slander to politically assassinate him.

PAS grassroots came to realisation that they have been hoodwinked and their party leadership and direction was stolen by Anwaristas and they have been steered away to fit into the agenda of the hedious sexual deviant criminal.  Hence, recently the grassroots majority have risen and ostracised the Anwaristas.

PAS is already on the brink of having a challenge with Anwarista splinter group forming a new party. This is actually a history repeating itself when Ahmad Fuad and the Dewan Ulama’ within UMNO revolted against then President Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and formed a new party when their demands were not met.

Hence, UMNO as the backbone of Barisan Nasional and the party representing the interests of the Malay and Bumiputera majority should be the realising and capitalising all these weaknesses of the failed Opposition pack and seize the moment.

However, UMNO itself is undergoing a series of very stiff challenges where the test of loyalty, confidence and faith of some of the party leaders and members across the board on the leadership, is at its most tricky point.

Some of the leaders capitalise on issues that looms the nation into confusion as the point of contention to challenge the relevance of the leadership, when the party decided on the overwhelming support slightly less than two years ago.

Even they pronounce their loyalty and steadfastness to the party and perjuangan, expanding the point of contention aloud would just add confusion at the grassroots level within the party and the Malays’ support and  confidence for UMNO in general.

In the age where information move seamlessly in speeds a fraction of blink of an eye, the truth could be easily drowned with the more sassy and sexy manipulated and fabricated stories often laced brilliantly with lies.

In the last 13GE, BN saw a reduction of seats in the Dewan Rakyat from 140 to 133, However, UMNO an increase from 79 to 88. In a nutshell, as BN being weakened UMNO actually managed to fortify itself, especially amongst the majority of  the Malays and Bumiputera (Sabah).

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were 'Subjects of HRH Rulers'.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were ‘Subjects of HRH Rulers’.

UMNO provided the mainstay for the Malayan support when the Alliance Party led by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra got an overwhelming 51 out of 52 seats in the Federal Consultative Council election of 1955, where 84% of eligible voters then were the Malays. The mandate plus the social contract with HRH Rulers to opt for Constitutional Monarchy was the bargaining chip to earn Kemerdekaan.

UMNO leaders and members should aspire to be this formidable again, for the sake of the Malay struggle and survival. History have demonstrated that there is no other party that provided so much more for the Malays and Bumiputera, compared to UMNO.

The challenges of the globalisation and dynamism of the modern and evolving world provides the disparity for the Malays and Bumiputera continue to be widened unless its being systematically and structurally checked and affirmative action put in place.

No doubt with UMNO itself there are issues. In fact, as an organisation of over three million registered members, it is expected that there are issues crop up every now and again.

However, these issues shouldn’t  be translated into catastrophic set back but instead amicably solved internally and without individuals and certain groups capitalising the moment into opportunity of the dramatisation and to project themselves as ‘heroes’. In all and sundry, it is at the expense of the big picture and perjuangan in totality.

Hence, it is right for UMNO President Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to warn the Malays about being ‘Bangsat’ if UMNO is no longer in power. Unity and steadfastness with the perjuangan, is they success factor to ensure this is followed through.

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  1. Excuse me, but Najib has not impressed me as very concerned about the Malays and of being a Malay when he visited Sulawesi and glorified his Bugis origins, instead of plugging the Malay lineage as defined in the books “Tamadun Alam Melayu” and “The Malay Civilization published by the Historical Society of Malaysia.

    He let himself be called also a pendatang, to the chagrin of the Penang UMNO Malays who started using the word on the DAP Cina Bukits who were nasty against Malay/UMNO interests on several issues before that.

    Most importantly, the first draft of Najib’s Dasar Baru Ekonomi, prepared by foreign consultants purposely employed by him, hardly mentioned the Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB), the cornerstone of the UMNO-led Governments since after the race riots of 1969. In fact his Dasar Baru Ekonomi appeared to mock the Dasar Ekonomi Baru in name at least. And the final draft made only little mention of the DEB.

    These and his other pro-Chinese acts earned him the endearing name Ah Jib Gor but, ironically, even tragically, he got the Chinese tsunami and the worst election results in UMNO’s history in 2013.

    Sorry again, I am unable to rationalize these with his talk about “Malay power”, about “Malays will become bangsat if no unity” and such goobledegook. I think Malay unity would be back to normal if he resigns the UMNO Presidency.

    Why sorry? That’s the Malay weakness – always apologetic and get exploited, only occasionally rising up like Dato Maharaja Lela and his men did, spearing the first British Resident to death along the banks of the Perak River in Pasir Salak, protesting the British announcing tax measures in 1875. Of course, now Malays can only protest to the extent allowed by and in accordance with the law.

  2. He was courting the chinese with his ahjibgor title. He also did a CNY advertisement, dressed in a red samfu, beating the chinese drum, complete with his hands clasped very much like a mandarin.

    Now he is clutching at straws BEGGING for Malay votes??

    The much honoured RAZAK legacy is smashed to smithereens by Najib with his glam-crazed wife.

    Najib destroyed UMNO set up by his own father, who led a simple life unlike the lavish lifestyle son.

  3. Simply put – In order to save the Malays and UMNO, Najib must resign all posts. In fact UMNO will be strengthen.

    The irony is that if Najb stubbornly insists on staying, UMNO will be destroyed. And that’s a fact.

    His arrogance is skyhigh when he equates UMNO with himself. Najib has conveniently forgotten that he HELPED Paklah to step down for him to rise to power. No crisis occurred, UMNO is still at the helm of the government .

    Najib can block all domestic investigations but 1MDB has become an international scandal. It is just a matter of time.

  4. The inconvenient truth is that the Malays and UMNO will lose more should Najib continues to lead UMNO. Najib is too rally with the Americans and even pestered Malaysia to conclude the TPPA quickly. That agreement will imperil the affirmative action that favour Malays in the economy. Najib is too elitist and too western oriented to really understand the needs of a developing nation like Malaysia where development focus is on socio economic building for the people, not being too enamoured with the dictates of free market that enrich those with the most wealth and capital, and marginalised those who have not. The working class cones to mind. Najib to all intents and purposes are really unfit to lead a developing nation and not fit to defend the Malay interests.

    • * The working class comes to mind*

  5. People are getting confused ,in UMNO he talk about Malay unity ,and on the other he claimed himself as Bugis .

    Saving UMNO !, who is trying to save UMNO and who is destroying it ?.

  6. The question is who is the bangsat. Talking about UMNO, it must be the leader. Who was it that got the worst election results for BN since Merdeka. It’s Najib. There must be something wrong with him. His policies. His attitudes. Even his siblings produced a signed, written statement denying the “legacy of wealth”.

    Then 1MDB came into play. A huge scandal. Never before a scandal of that proportion. There’s not even an explanation on why two audit firms were dismissed before they completed their work. Very strange. The tsunami Chinese quietly tsunami further. The Malays made a lot of noise. Because so many questions remain unanswered.

    Then bang – the RM2.6 billion into his bank accounts. He only said he never took money for personal gain. If for elections, Tun Dr Mahathir said he used only RM12 million per election. Now it’s for fighting IS, Zionists or DAP, not sure which. Malays are not that stupid. Many have been asking why the Arab donors didn’t donate that money to the suffering Palestinians nearer to them.

    Najib is pathetic. More and more are speaking against him. Those in UMNO making noise all want UMNO/BN to win. Yet he is blaming them. Bangsat, he now says. Bangang, he said at PRU13. He should be a really responsible leader. One does not expect him to literally commit harakiri for his mistakes. Or fall on his sword like a Roman General. But just “berundur” from the UMNO Presidency. The Malays even use a polite word.

  7. Najib says he prefers explaining RM2.6 b to Umno members privately
    Malay Mail Online


  8. Party politics aside, Malaysia would never be successful if the Malays failed. It’s a simple and basic formula for the nation’s success to be sustainable.

    In June 2002 during the South Korea-Japan World Cup, Tun Dr. Mahathir then UMNO president dropped the bombshell that he wanted to quit in all post. That shocked the world and sent shivers down the spine of almost every Malaysians. Even the opposition!

    Why? The nation just recovered from a bloody economic crisis which affected everyone. Even the small businesses. Jobs were lost and cos go bust. Literally, some smallish banks collapsed! And everyone were unsure whether we were out of the woods yet.

    Why he summarily quit?

    Primarily, because he failed to bring up the Malays. Despite that he tried everything. However until present day, the good doctor still talking about the economy of the Malays.

    Alright. Lets blame Najib and send him away.

    What’s the solution? Who should take over and lead the Malays and the nation?

    Zahid? Hishammuddin? Back to Mahiaddin?

    Look at the Malays at present day. Like or not, let’s look at the figures.

    Prime Minister Najib Razak’s KPI:

    Foreign Direct Investment from RM5.1b in 2009
    (When PM Najib took over office) at the rising trend from :
    RM 29.183b (2010),
    RM 37, 325 Bil (2011),
    RM 31,118b (2012),
    RM 38.8b (2013)
    RM 39. 6b ( 2014)
    GDP trades increase from RM400b 2009 to nearly RM 700b today.
    Stock market publicly traded SHARES in Bursa Malaysia at RM 26b in 2006 to RM 600b today.

    Bank Negara reserves of RM60b to RM360b today.
    Unemployment rate at 2.9% very low. US unemployment rate at 12%.

    Khazanah already tripled its market capitalisation by 300% in 10yrs.

    There more professional Malays in strategic and key corporation positions compared to any other previous PMs’ tenure. In GLCs and other corporate jobs. There are streams of second and third layer technocrats, being groomed for bigger posts and roles.

    The fact is that majority of the Chinese business community, especially the high net value worth kind, love PM Najib Razak. They if seen the economic growth which is to their advantage and optimised a lot of opportunities opened and they are also confident of performance so far and the strategic plans he has installed.

    Only the Opposition want to say otherwise to tarnish his image hoping to win in next general election.

    Never in near history you had witness in a short span of time US President, British Prime Minister, Chinese President, Thai Prime Minister, Singaporean Prime Minister, the Phillipines President, Indonesian President, Emir of Qatar, Governor General of Australia have visited Malaysia. China gave us their diplomatic gifts ( Panda Bear ) all bcos of Prime Minister Najib Razak. He is smooth diplomat and master in geo-politics.

    PM Najib did remarkable outstanding job, very good performance in :
    1. Boosting economy in FDI, DDI, GDP, GST
    2. Clear vision on future’s plan (ETP)
    3. Social security (curbing crime and ISIS threat in Malaysia),
    4. Diplomatic relation with foreign countries,
    5. Govt transformation in delivering faster services reduce bureaucracy (GTP)

    Lets do the numbers for politics for a bit. Can another UMNO President bring forth 88MPs just for UMNO (to be precise, 71MPs from Semenanjung)?

    Can the next BN Chairman earn the support of party components to deliver 48MPs from Sarawak, Sabah & Labuan?

    Every investments or ventures have it risks and potential gains. Do the math.

    • When the trust and faith in a leader has diminished, nothing, not even great maths can bring back the sincere support.

      Those in UMNO still supporting him must have benefitted from the cash handouts and by default have “conspired” with him.

      Which is why he is afraid to explain to the people. He does a lot of confiding behind closed doors to those with vested interests.

      1MDB is not a viable business venture – when you borrow public funds and invest based on a crony’s advice.

      What is worse, it is hatched without full knowledge of the cabinet. Why take the advice of someone who has no official status.

      Very fishy …

      • Don’t be surprised.

        Many professionals stand up and become aloud with their support for Najib, of late.

        Names like Azmi Arshad, Lim Sian See and the likes.

        And like them, I too are bullish about 1MDB (with a little bit tweaking here and there). Why? Because they are practicing people in corporate sector and there is always a way to recover a company with good potential but having a working capital problem.

        What is not to be bullish about 1MDB?

        TRX is a formidable mega development plan.

        Bandar Malaysia would be a new boom in the region if not the sub-continent.

        Edra Energy is an investment with steady yield and the demand for the output is growing, which means potential is good.

        I seriously don’t think Azmi and Lim are being paid to share their thoughts, which is so far mechanically sound.

      • There are thousands more professionals out there, especially the young ones. Including a few from my family and close relatives. Contrary to what you said, many of those who used to support BN and Government, are now very critical of Najib. They too are very smart people just like the two names you mentioned. They demand straight answers and responses to all the issues related to 1MDB and rm2.6 billion, but they are not getting the soecific answers.

        Well, people like Azmi Arshad may be the son of an intellectual Tan Sri Arshad Ayub, but when Azmi would called others as being ‘bodoh’ or such when asking questions, I wouldnt categorize him of being smart enough. Emotional, yes.

        1MDB. To begin with, they got dirt cheap Trx land in the Golden Triangle, courtesy of the rakyat. Even cheaper than malay settlement land in Kpg Baru or leasehold land in Datuk Keramat, Kpg Pandan. So what is so great about a company given super special treatment by Najib? Except the recent sales of vacant plots to friendly parties, namely Affin Bank and Tabung Haji, did you see any building on the site till now? Its been 5 years, even the opposite TREC project is nearing completion within 2 years.

        And what about 1MDB paying exorbitant 10% commision or rm1.54 billion to Goldman to secure rm15.2 billion loan when others paid between 0.1% to 2% only? The interest rate at 5.9% pa is not cheap either. HOW DO YOUR PROFESSIONALS like Azmi Arshad justify this to the people eh? You mean it was a very compassionate and reasonable market rate?

        Far mechanically sound or not, paid or not, is not the question here. Its about whether such decision (like the commission and interest rate) is justifiable or not.

      • “Bandar Malaysia would be a new boom in the region if not the sub-continent.”

        —sub-continent!!!!wow, fantabulous!

      • You sound like an accountant. If so, would you, and/ or any accountants among readers here, like to tell us the circumstances under which a large and internationally reputable audit firm is, to your knowledge, sacked from the job before completion of its audit work?

        And your opinion as to what it meant to 1MDB when it sacked not one but two audit firms in the earlier part of its existence.

        Nur Jazlan said so after interviewing 1MDB audit firms when still PAC Chairman. Makes people wonder if he was promoted or “kicked upstairs”.

      • Ex-pert

        Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. 1MDB has claimed quite a long list of victims especially those involved in the investigative process.

        Najib can scuttle the domestic probing but it has become an international scam/scandal that is undergoing scrutiny.

        The transparency level is zero – almost secretive. Since when is government investment covered under the official secret act? Unless of course there are a lot of secrets to cover.

        Najib’s era is full of slides, presentation, maths, acronyms but the practical is zilch. On paper, super impressive but the reality is dirt.

    • Tun Dr Mahathir quit not because he failed to bring up the Malays. It was because he had already ruled 22 years. He had ensured Anwar’s imprisonment – sentenced to 6 years for corruption in 1999 and 9 years for sodomy in 2000. Anwar had tried to oust him and TDM was sensitive to public sentiment on his tenure as PM.

      I agree with the implication that Zahid and Hishammuddin would not make a good PM. But what’s wrong with Muhyiddin? What’s so bad about the man that he deserves to have his name mockingly spelled? He was brave enough to make the landmark and highly appreciated decision on History being compulsory in schools and to express his reservations on the scandalous 1MDB.

      But those FDI and other figures attributing to Najib’s success are of questionable reliability – they are stated without sources, authorities or links for verification. And there were recent reports on much lower Bank Negara reserves and the Ringgit being the lowest in 17 years now, during Najib’s rule.

      The number of foreign dignitaries visiting Malaysia does not necessarily equate respect the Malaysian leader has abroad. They are mostly reciprocal visits. Barrack Obama and David Cameron visited Malaysia while visiting other countries as well. Granted, Najib made a special effort – flew to Hawaii for golf with Obama.

      But, compared to others, Obama has a Muslim-friendly posture, perhaps realizing the need for fairness to Muslims world-wide and having a Muslim step father. His policy towards Iran even brought the Israeli ire – mandatory end of his Presidency period, he no longer needs to kow tow to the Israeli Lobby in the US, described by US Professors as “having unmatched power”.

      • Mahiaddin is the name that he was born with in Muo, some sixty eight years ago. By any means it is not to mock him.

        Please do some homework and find out what was Mahiaddin Mohd. Yassin’s name, at birth and all his early documents.

        The numbers and list of foreign leaders listed is to give somewhat idea that there is a systematic story to project that PM Najib is moving forward on the international diplomacy field and growing trade is top of the agenda.

      • Ex-AA & Co,

        I think if only you had added a few words to that effect in your earlier statement, it wouldn’t have sounded mocking.

        Usually people don’t research on a name when commenting.

        Btw, I’m also interested in your figures. You might want to convince us the reliability of what you said by giving the sources, references, the links etc.

        “growing trade is top of the agenda” – balance of trade in our favour is what we can be proud of. You might want to link us to reliable statistics showing the value of our palm oil and other exports, for example, to China, exceeds our imports from there.

        This is on the assumption that you do want readers to believe that it is worth for UMNO to retain Najib as President and PM.

    • As for the math, it has been repeated;y pointed out since the election results of 2013 that Najib got the worst election results for UMNO among all the past Presidents and Prime Ministers.

      Wren’t there many more than 88 Parliamentary seats UMNO got during those years that UMNO/BN had 2/3 Parliamentary majority? 88 is nothing to gloat about, except perhaps to the Chinese who believe in the fantastic luck associated with 88.

      But DAP has been thinking the luck Najib brought was to them – they got 38 seats, the biggest ever. Despite bending backwards to please and placate the Chinese, Najib got the endearing name Ah Jib Gor but slapped with the Chinese tsunami.

      So where is the great prospect of Najib doing better at PRU14? Especially after 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion?

      • Like it or not, 88 is definitely more than 79, the number of MPs Pak Lah obtained in the ‘Tsunami’ 12GE in 2008.

        That is a drop from 109 what Pak Lah got in the ‘Landslide’ 11GE.

        Under Najib, BN also wrested back Kedah and Perak in 13GE. Yes there is serious diminish of Chinese votes towards BN when Najib led BN to get a fresh mandate.

        However, it is a snowballing effect that avalanched from Pak Lah’s time. (MCA from 31 drop to 15 and to 7).

        Economically, Malaysia would not be significantly affected by 1MDB’s RM42b debts or the RM2.6b ‘donation’. Not even the capital and debt market.

        The business community would just put those behind their back and move on, for what is installed for them and how the macro economic strategic plan would provide opportunities for them.

        Things like Bajet 2016 and the roll out of 11MP.

        These things would in time fizzle away and its back to business as usual.

        Only those who harp on the sentiments and the Malays drive-by the dengki side of themselves would continue to expand and stretch this and even exaggerate it, probably to spice and sassy it up further.

        As is, majority of Malaysians are either tired or lost on these ‘1MDB-RM2.6b-Jho Low’ scandalous stories. Just like they have grown tired of Anwar’s sodomy stories too, at one point of time.

      • Difficult to agree with you that “These things would in time fizzle away and its back to business as usual”, bro. Maybe in a long, long time. RM42 billion and RM2.6 billion are huge amounts.

        Beg to disagree with you also on the dengki matter. It’s Najib who did the dengki thing by reshuffling the cabinet, dropping Muhyiddin, promoting the PAC guys and removing the spokes in that wheel, summarily removing Gani Patail as AG, disbanding the Special Task Force, immediate transfers of senior MACC Officers etc.

        Instead of explaining 1MDB fully, releasing the Preliminary Report of the Auditor General, calling Parliament to re-constitute the PAC, etc. Surely Najib knows and feels how many Malays and the rakyat at large have expressed themselves on this matter. To the extent that there has been a move to curtail the social media.

        Also disagree with you that the “majority of Malaysians are either tired or lost on these ‘1MDB-RM2.6b-Jho Low’ scandalous stories.” Glad that you use the word scandalous. The very nature of such “stories” suggest that the majority won’t get tired – they really want to know the “full stories”, the whole truth, bro. Imagine the range of purpose for the RM2.6 billion – from defence against Zionist Jews, to IS and to DAP.

        And they have not “grown tired of Anwar’s sodomy stories too” – even the old ones, what more if there are new ones, in prison and the like. Sentiments against pengkhianat bangsa dan negara will last a long, long time.

  9. Najib bangsat-ing the Malays without even trying to make the Malays adore him, listen to and follow what he wants of them all these years.

    Sure, Sharir Samad, Head of Johor Bahru UMNO Division said he got RM1 million and Ahmad Maslan, Head of Pontian Division, got RM2 million for operating expenses. Maybe many others. But not all. Even if all, is it right to dish out millions like kacang putih?

    And the poor Malays, burdened with GST and rising prices, got only BRIM RM500. The same amount given to those from the richest community in the country which has so many clan and sub-clan associations, exclusive trade and business guilds of all sorts to which their many millionaires donate and help the less fortunate among them. UTAR even refused RM30 mill donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire for scholarships etc a few years ago, yet Najib even gave scholarships to Chinese students.

    The Malays have only the Government to rely on for help, nobody else. Economically ignored for 150 years under British colonial rule, and left far behind. They want opportunities to study, to work, to do business – all those under the DEB, the practice of which is not even clear now, as Najib was even shy of announcing it in his DBE. And the Malays need government assistance in a comprehensive training and guidance in business. They don’t have a business culture, for God’s sake. How to compete with the Chinese who have thousands of years knowledge, experience and “kamcheng” kind of contacts in all spheres of business?

    Imagine, as has been pointed out, that there’s not a single Malay hardware shop in the whole country. So how do the struggling Bumiputera contractors compete with the Chinese contractors who get different prices and terms from the Chinese suppliers?

    Then they hear and read about 1MDB, RM2.6 billion, denied “legacy of wealth”, etc. So how for the Malays to endear themselves to Ah Jib Gor? The fear has been expressed: not just another Chinese tsunami, but also a Malay tsunami at PRU14 if UMNO continues under Najib. The average UMNO activists have to really think hard and act.

  10. Siapa yang najib dan blogger ini mahu tipu. Najib masih percaya bahawa orang percaya cakap dia lagikah? Soalan yang ditanya belum dijawab. Terus mahu beri amaran dengan kata bangsat. Siapa yang bangsat? Blogger ini juga sudah jadi bangsatkah dengan menjual diri kepada cash is king? Takkan jadi bangsat seseorang atau sesuatu bangsa selagi berpegang kepada nilai yang benar. Umno atau bukan umno bukan menentukan bangsat atau mulia. Jika umno berpegang kepada nilai yang salah umno sendiri bangsat. Melayu yang tolak umno yang salah tidak bangsat dan tidak akan menjadi bangsat. Umno yang terus kekalkan presiden yang nyata salah adalah umno yang salah. Najib mahu orang melayu terus sokong umno yang salah itukah? Jangan kata najib tidak salah kerana tidak sabit dalam mahkamah. Siasatan pun dihalang dengan (salah)guna pelbagai kuasa. Siapa yang bangsat? Orang Melayu tidak mahu jadi bangsat dengan menganut nilai yang salah. Kalau najib nak terus jadi presiden umno, biarlah. Kalau umno kalah kerana presiden tamak jawatan, bangsatlah. Sepatah kata seorang sahabat ra, umat ini dimuliakan kerana Islam. Jika Islam ditinggalkan umat ini akan jadi hina. Hina itu bangsatlah. Kalau orang Melayu junjung nilai yang salah, bangsatlah. Kalau cash is king yang disembahmuliakan, bangsatlah. Dulu membangangkan, sekarang membangsatkan. Memang bangang dan bangsat.

    • “Melayu yang tolak umno yang salah tidak bangsat dan tidak akan menjadi bangsat.”

      … tolak umno yang salah .. ok… Jangan tolak umno. Dah 60 lebih tahun berkhidmat. Tolak pemimpin nya aje. Jangan parti nya.

  11. AUG. 13, 2014

    Saudis Give $100 Million to U.N. Fight on Terrorism

    P.S. Najib must be super special to have received multiple times more into his PERSONAL account.

  12. Ex-pert

    Quote: “As is, majority of Malaysians are either tired or lost on these ‘1MDB-RM2.6b-Jho Low’ scandalous stories. Just like they have grown tired of Anwar’s sodomy stories too, at one point of time.”


    And look where the aged sodomite ended up in? Are you foretelling that Najib Rosmah will also end up in that notorious Bamboo River resort??

  13. it is Najib and his family plus his pemimpin umno who will become bangsat when umno doesnt rules Malaysia anymore… no more duit derma and projek ali baba for them.
    remember that the Malay have been living peacefully in Tanah Melayu for centuries before Umno exist. and the Malays was never been such a greedy bangsa until these bangsats came into power..

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