Coward Columnist

Sinar Harian cowardly removed crooked columnist Abdul Jalil Ali titled “Menteri kata OK, Rakyat kata KO” pertaining to the targetted subsidy of cooking oil.

Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Dato’ Sri Hamzah Zainuddin announced more than two weeks ago, the subsidy for cooking oil is only available for quantities of 1kg packaging. The rationale is the subsidy is provided for household instead of enterprises.

The Ministry is aware necessary steps are being taken to ensure more than 45,000 tonnes of the cooking oil in 1kg packaging is being distributed through the usual retail channels nationwide for household consumption.

It should be more than adequate for domestic demand nationwide though probably the distribution of that many cooking oil in ready to use packaging could have teething glitches.

Being a veteran writer, Jalil chose to play up the sentiments of the distribution of the cooking oil in the said 1kg packaging has caused the consumers lots of problem.

The fact is that, Jalil did not substantiate his story with data. It is mere hearsay, which he based on market talk.

It is irresponsible for a newspaper to even print the story in the first place. It could be interpreted as  a precursor of instigating the public.

That is most likely why it was removed quite later in the same day from the Sinar Harian website.

Why as a veteran writer Jalil takes a prickly position to worsen public perception on the system’s tendency to hoard subsidised goods at the expense of consumer is not certain. Nor how his newspaper benefits from this.

However extending ghost stories is very much trait of the uneducated kampung folks. The more riddiculous they can stir the matter up, is the mark of success as the kampung taiko.

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  1. I very much sympathise with kampung folks who are always branded as unknowledgeable and uneducated and also possess the trait of extending ghost stories. It would be interesting if one could make the effort to talk to these “uneducated kampung folks” in a serious discussion in respect of life, living and livelihood. One would be pleasantly surprised about their profound knowledge and wisdom.

    My parents are among these “uneducated kampong folks” who, in their unsophisticated wisdom, helped to educate me and my siblings as well as those members of our extended family.


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