PM Najib: Meritocracy = Best amongst the Malays

PM Najib addressing ANSARA members at 'PM Unplugged'

Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announced that the New Economic Policy (NEP) is here to stay and will not be abolished. He affirmed this during an ANSARA event ‘PM Unplugged’ at PWTC.

“When I said we need to have ‘meritocracy’, what I meant is ‘The Best Amongst Malays’. We need to invoke necessary ‘adjustments’ in the policy”, speaking to 1,000 Ex MRSM students association or ANSARA members.

“We need to develop the competency of the Malays and for them to have economic resilience. We need the ‘transformation’. So we tweak the NEP, to achieve the desired results.”, he explained. “We no longer want to see Malay businessmen had to sell away assets, especially when they face a major crisis. We have seen this before”.

“If I wanted to be popular, then I would pander to the ‘Economic Rent Seekers’. A lot of them want to come and see me. We want to see ‘what you know’ instead ‘who you know’. This (economic rent seeking) is not the best way to develop the Malays, to be at a higher economic standing”.

PM Najib addressing the 'PM Unplugged' audience

PM Najib also explained about his policy of ‘inclusivity’, “It does not mean we will abandon the Malays. We want them to play their part. This is not a ‘zero sum game’. We must use our wisdom”. He also said that the Government is very committed in developing the Malays and will continue policies that have proven to work. “I have allocated RM100 million for next year’s budget for MRSM”.

“The latest figures show that our income per capita already achieved RM30,000, which is USD10,000. We want to be an industrial nation status. Of course we want to see the Malays be a significant part of that”.

Talking about Malay businessmen needing ‘capacity building’, thus a ‘break’ from the Government, PM Najib explained “We see a lot of these companies, when they go outside, their new markets ask them ‘Did your Government buy your product?’. That’s is why we need to have the policy for these Malay companies to sell to GLCs. We also realise that unlike other people, the Malay businesses don’t have the ‘informal support system’.

“We know a lot of these Malay businesses have huge potential. That is why we are making a list and see how we can help to develop their business and market further. We want to see all these 1,100 companies be listed some day”.

PM Najib talking about serious matters to ANSARA members

During the Q&A session after his address which was moderated by Celcom CEO Dato’ Seri Shazaly Ramli, he was asked about the ‘Single School System’. His simple response, “We don’t live in an ideal world. Our forefathers have decided to allow vernacular schools. We cannot stop this now, without having a racial issue. It is very difficult to do away with this, now”.

To a grouse about PM Najib’s politicians (which include Cabinet members and elected representatives) are not doing like what he is doing (going around on the ground to meet rakyat and engaging them) which include events such as this, the witty response from the Prime Minister, “Well, I inherited this (The Government and elected representatives from PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s time). Give me the fresh mandate. I’ll do the necessary changes”.

That is  a cue that more changes will come.

PM Najib being 'unplugged', with ANSARA members

In a light moment during the Q&A session, an ANSARa member coyly ask what keeps the Prime Minister awake at night, “I take things, philosophical. My days are getting longer and nights are getting shorter. I tend to sleep off some of the ‘knee jerk issues’, and decide in the morning. Usually, I sleep quite well”.

Earlier in his opening speech, ANSARA President YB Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir said that ANSARA members have gone a long way. “We have members who go high up to the sky (Angkasawan) and as deep in the depth of the sea (Submariners)”.

The Deputy Minister of MITI also asked that whatever’ Transformation’ that the Government intend to do, to take into consideration of the majority. “Many of our members made it to top position on their own merits. It is clear that ‘Affirmative Action’ does not interfere with the concept of ‘meritocracy'”.

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  1. Big Dog,

    Najib as usual could never put his act where his mouth is….

    He shouts meritocracy but his Cabinet members are no proof of his action towards embracing meritocracy! Rais Yatim for one…Koh Tsu Koon for another. to name only two of a long list of hopeless characters that do not merit their positions!!

    • why don’t you just list them down here and not crow about your long list of only two names

      • Tuan Tuan,

        Benarkan saya senaraikan:

        1. Koh Tsu Koon
        2. Nor Mohamed Yakop
        3. Rais Yatim
        4. Noh Omar
        5. Shahrizat Jalil
        6. G Palanivel
        7. Shabery Cheek
        8. Johari Baharom
        9. Abu Seman Yusop
        10. Mashitah Ibrahim
        11. Dr Zambry Kadir
        12. Ahmad Said
        13. Ahmad Maslan

        Nah! Sedozen pembakar roti/kueh (baker’s dozen)

        Ni semua ULTRA HOPELESS!!!!

      • Anak Watan,

        Berpatutanlah. Saya pun tak suka beberapa darinya, tapi anda yang mengeluarkan pendapat itu perlu beri justifikasi atau sekurang kurangnya sedikit penjelasanlah. Anda bunyi macam orang Pakatan Rakyat yang selalu keluar tuduhn liar saja.

        Saya pun boleh kata hampir kesemua pemimpin PR tidak guna, bermacam kelemahan, dsbnya, tapi tak patut selagi tak ada justifikasi atau hujah hujah berkenaan, bukan?

  2. Yeah right. If Najib wants to create meritocracy among Malays, fine. So why not open opportunities to all Malays and put an end to ‘ who you know’ at all levels, sectors, governmental, businesses etc and give all Malays the same level playing field. There are many competent Malays who have been pushed to the back or who failed not because of economic rent seekers syndrome. It goes deeper than that. So dont stop at rent seekers excuse. Search for other anomalies that are embedded in the socio-political and socio-economic systems in this country.

  3. The best thing to start with is ‘the accomodative infrastructures’ for malay businessmen and women. It means ‘centralised’. It does not matter either in big complexes, bazaars or even street stalls. New places and new towns. Pasar Malam and Pasar Tani proved to be successful for majority of malays. On the other hand, it has a growing limit.

    Centralised means the economic activities will come in varieties, active, gear toward the creation of new market opportunities. While in manufacturing, contracts in reference similar to SMEs, already started few years back. Properties developments only to selected fews and consume big capitals. However, we are still lacking in agro-, fisheries and rearing sectors.

    Eventhough we have a lot of commercial properties, scattered around our big cities, the competitions among malays and chineses are far from happening or none at all. The later already have their own market and on going business activities.Thus meritocracy won’t work in such values.

    In malay sense, meritocracy still need supports and protections.

  4. Biar betul Najib & ANSARA ni, citer psl tak suka rent seeker & meritokrasi among melayu. Dah tu masa event PR1MA semalam tu, sapa CEO PR1MA? Lantik atas merit ke? Ke pasal dia Budak ANSARA dengan bertaukekan JJ. Apa ke bana yang si JJ plak yang ada bersama, kalau JJ tak rent seeking & Mutalib gosok tauke.

    Najib nak buat PR1MA kat Washington ke? JJ lepas ni jadi Chairman PR1MA. Sapa plak runner Mutalib, kalau bukan another Budak ANSARA….. citer je lah.

    Lantik Harimau & Buaya dok jaga PR1MA, tunggu je lah. Meritokrasi konon!!!

    p/s. dengar citer Mutalib ni pun tak berapa ngam dengan ANSARA. Kalau tau citer Mutalib kat MoF dulu, mungkin betullah kot Mukhriz tak berapa nak ngam

    • Tepat tembakan ini. Pada majlis itu pun, secara tiba-tiba CEO Celcom muncul sebagai moderator. Apa ke jadahnya. Itu lagi satu rent seekers yang pernah berkempen secara terang-terangan untuk menumbangkan Datuk Mukhriz dari kerusi Presiden Ansara ketika zaman KJ. Bila kawan dia angkat tangan, dia bagilah mengemukakan soalan. Bila “musuh” dia angkat, walaupun bekas Timbalan Presiden Ansara angkat tangan, dia buat tak nampak.

      Daripada sepuluh soalan, hanya satu soalan sahaja yang boleh dianggap soalan budak MARA dalam erti kata sebenarnya. Itu pun muncul pada akhir sesi. Satu soalan yang berterus terang dan berpijak pada realiti walaupun kasar bunyi muqaddimahnya. Soalan yang lain sekadar soalan biasa yang masih tipikal untuk orang Melayu yang bersikap malu dan nak jaga air muka.

      Apapun, tahniah pada Ansara yang berjaya kumpulkan sebilangan bekas pelajar MRSM dalam satu majlis bersama pemimpin nombor satu kerajaan. Lepas ni bolehlah unplugged dengan TPM pulak agaknya.

  5. Aikk BigDog…. macamana komen gua post jadi lu punya plak!! Ni mesti kes tak moderate & take dok tidoq lagi……

  6. Biggie,

    This announcement by PM Najib somehow is a temporary ‘relief’ a to a huge number of restless ultra Malays on how the country in going & where the Malays would be placed, esp with all these ‘liberalization & transformation’ that he wanted to quickly invoke. All of these Omar Ong-nomics really don’t do down well, even amongst establish Malays businessmen who don’t actually depend on Govt jobs or clout for business.

    What PM Najib needs to do now is formalize that speech & make the call, with a strong tone so that everyone can climb the same wall.

    So many Malay business owners see him trying to be a populist & been pandering to all sorts of populist move & dishing away a lot of goodies for the non Malays.

    His Idris Jala PEMANDU team drafting all sorts of ETP projects is totally Non Malay centric, in their attitude, planning & esp approaches.

    Regardless, if PM Najib want to how his sincerity to develop these specially nurtured 1,100 Malay cos for the next level, he should focus on a few key areas & spent more resources & special attention for ‘capacity & competency building programs’.

    1. Oil & Gas
    2. Telecommunications
    3. Aviation & aerospace
    4. Defense
    5. ICT (sub sector: human capital, training & education)
    6. Boutique financial services & capital market
    7. Property development (in specific areas/products)
    8. Media
    9. Healthcare
    10. Automotive
    11, Support services for specific industries: energy & power, telco, capital & financial services, logistics & mega development project management
    12. R & D and commercialising

    If the focus is on these sectors, probably the Govt can do better & more productive hits. Get the right strategy in place & follow through. Tweak along the way. Make it mandatory that these Malay cos do special programs to nurture & give opportunities to struggling other Malay SME/Is & start ups. A lot of these professionals might make it as an entrepreneur, if they’re are given enough space to be nurtured.

    PM Najib also should now have a special policy to get Malay professionals in GLCs be send abroad & do industrial attachment with MNCs that supply them equipments/assets/services. Expose & later bond these professionals. After the complete their bond in the respective GLCs, let them loose in the market. Give them some seed capital for start ups. They can do wonders.

    Let these MNC-trained-techopreneurs be a continuous program. Even if they remain in the GLC they serve, they can be very good intra-preneurs (professional managers with entrepreneurial acumens/skills). This is the best way to realize the NEP.

    JCorp already started a good intra-preneurial program. TNB already developed over 300 VDPs under their watch. Allow the professionals within these companies go & hv their MNC industrial attachments.

    • Prime Minister can say & make policies, even do political announcements. But is it really translated & most importantly, rolled out as what it is expected to be?

      I doubt that.

      Look at Petronas. Only 30 VDPs under their watch. Petronas managers never had the attitude to develop Malay VDPs. Now, with Omar Ong there, I doubt it ‘VDP Melayu’ will ever followthrough.

      TERAJU is another half-baked agency, with no power, not enough people & CEO too misfit for the job. Worse still, TERAJU reports under ‘liberal-nomics’ infested Non Malays PEMANDU, which see economic development in isolation.

      A venture capitalist is never the best talent, to develop an integrated strategy for Malay SME/Is. A really bad example for Ansara to be proud of.

      Yes, PM got to make changes. These working team got to change first. Ansara ‘has been’ 50 yr old personalities Dato’ Mutalib Alias & Dr Shamsul Anuar are expired managers. Theres plenty of new blood else within Ansara.

  7. […] BigDog has some-more of PM Unplugged […]

  8. the best and practical approach is to give as many scholarship ro bumiputras and with good qualifications in engineering, architecture, law and chartered accountants….malay can succeed…this is a proven policies implemented in the 1970’s but slowed down along the way until now mara and glc’s are cutting down the numbers of scholarships and loans for education to malays….so how can we progress…..

  9. […] Seri Najib baru-baru ini telah membuat kenyataan seperti berikut:- (petikan diperolehi dari laman The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” Guy Rambles…):- “We don’t live in an ideal world. Our forefathers have decided to allow vernacular schools. […]

  10. Apakata saudara/saudari duduk sejenak dan selami maksud puisi bertajuk
    AMANAH DAN AMARAH RAKYAT (sempena 25 tahun MARA)

    “Sebuah nama keramat Lahir dari percikan amarah suatu bangsa Yang mundur sosio-ekonominya
    Masih menadah tangan menjadi peminta Di tanah airnya yang hampir sepuluh tahun merdeka.
    Bermula di zaman penjajah dikenal dengan RIDA – Lembaga Kemajuan Kampung Dan Perusahaan
    Suatu bayangan tipis cara Inggeris melonggarkan kritik tajam rakyat terhadap dasar penjajahan.

    RIDA yang berdetik pada tahun 1953 Ketika bara nasionalisma marak menyala Tidak mampu menampung ghairah rakyat merdeka Suara Bumiputera yang semakin keras bergema Kemunduran dan kemiskinan yang ketara.
    Tahun seribu sembilan ratus enam puluh lima
    Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputera Yang Pertama
    Merumuskan segala duka nestapa bangsa Bahawa kita memiliki telaga Mengapa masih memegang talinya
    Sedang orang mencapai timba
    Maka segala gaung amarah dileburkan
    Menjadi sumpah amanah suatu wawasan

    Pada detik 1966 yang menentukan RIDA pun dikerandakan dalam sejarah Untuk sebuah nama baru yang keramat
    Majlis Amanah Rakyat
    Kini 25 tahun telah berdetik MARA mencapai kedewasaan usia Mungkinkah bakal tiba Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputera Penyelarasan jalur wawasan dua ribuan Menilai kembali keberkesanan
    AMARAH dan Amanah Rakyat yang dipahatkan.”

    – Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada pencipta, SN Dato’ Dr. Usman Awang yang telah menghadiahkan puisi ini kepada MARA.

    Sedikit ingatan,

    ANSARA pendokong amanah sebagai kesinambungan kepada matlamat MRSM untuk memartabatkan agama dan mendaulatkan bangsa dan negara.

    Mewujudkan jalinan ilmu yang berterusan antara individu dalam ANSARA bagi meningkatkan ekonomi dan menyumbang kembali kepada masyarakat.

    Setiap ahli ANSARA mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk membangunkan agama, bangsa dan negara.

  11. Best among Malay NOT among Malaysian. Still Jaguh Kampung

  12. He should act like a Prime Minister first among equal and not like a President the US-style. Consensus required among UMNO first before steering Malay interests in a different direction.

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