Mincing the Malaysian Hospitality

Award winning Malaysian Hospitality

Loyalty in the corporate world is difficult to find. For most people in the rat race, its always about who pays you top dollar, gives you maximum benefits for whatever expertise, skills or capabilities you may have. Few companies inspire loyalty from their employees to the extent that those employees remain with the company in spite of tempting offers from competitors, less than optimum working conditions and various other shortcomings.

Malaysia Airlines (Before Fernandes) was one such company. Everyone knows the National Carrier has been to hell and back (and is well on it’s way for a second trip there, thanks to Fernandes). Its an airline that’s been passed over from CEO to CEO, and is mired in financial difficulties. But somwhere in that airline is the core group of people who have an unshakable attachment to the airline, a belief that they were doing more than just a job by serving in the nation’s most visible flag bearer, an, up until recently, a confidence that the government will protect Malaysia Airlines no matter what. Among them are pilots who have decades of experience and flight hours, engineers sought after by the global aviation industry, and of course the courteous and refined Cabin Crew that have made Malaysia’s in-flight experience legendary.

This group of people knew their worth. All of them were courted and wooed, enticed to join “global” airlines and aviation players for better pay and perks. But each one of them steadfastly turned the offers down. “We only fly with MH” they would proudly say. “It’s got problems, but Malaysia Airlines has been kind to us and we will remain here to make it the best airline it can be.”

And then came Turbulence. A menace with a name like a garage band: Tony Fernandez and the dodgy share swappers.

To the core group of MH loyalists, the swap was a betrayal of the worst kind. A sell-out to the very foe they have sacrificed everything to defeat. To many who have spent decades with the airline, it was the realisation of something unthinkable.

Needless to say, morale sank to an all time low. Unions met, tempers flared and options were discussed. And finally, after much painful deliberation and reflection, even the most ardent of MAS loyalists decided that for them, it was over.

Those that can retire, did. Those that can move on, packed up.

“We rejected every offer that came our way before, why? Because we wanted to stay with Mas. Why? Because we wanted to help it fight Air Asia.” Said one senior In-Flight Supervisor. “Surely they cannot expect us to stay on and work with the person who is trying to kill us? Do they want us to help him find the best place in our body in which he can plunge his dagger?”.

This sentiment is shared by all senior staff of MH. “We simply can’t stay on, much as we love MH” said one leading stewardess, a loyal MAS girl for 16 years. “It goes against everything I believe to now serve Tony Fernandes”

And so they have opted to leave. Within the three weeks after the Fernandes-engineered lop-sided share swap was announced, THREE HUNDRED senior cabin crew members threw in the towel and left.

Many joined Singapore Airlines which welcomed them with open arms, knowing MH cabin crew were among the best in the business. Quite a few joined Garuda, who is now re-launching their brand with gusto, offering crews double what they were previously earning. And the rest who left joined the ever expanding Middle-eastern airlines.

“Basically anywhere but MH… Because MH is being slowly murdered by Air Asia and Tony Fernandes” said another chief steward cryptically.

Not a word from MH new management or from Khazanah. At one Press Conference Azman Mokhtar, Tony’s lapdog in Khazanah, was reported to have said that the share swap will not disrupt MAS operations at all.

Excuse me Mr. Cheapo Low Cost Carrier, I think the abrupt departure of 300 of your service front-liners would affect ANY service organizations, what more a full SERVICE airline.

The reaction from passengers was immediate and torrential. Within weeks of the share swap, MH was deluged with thousands of service complaints largely along the lines of inexperienced staff not knowing what they are supposed to do. How can we expect any better when ALL the experienced people have left! So an ailing airline that had only ONE good thing going for it -It’s in flight service- is now losing even THAT. And we still think that Azman Mokhtar, Danny Yusoff , Ahmad Jauhari and Tony Fernandes are not out to destroy MAS in favour of Air Asia?

Gotta hand it to Fernandes. So much pain caused by him and his merry men. Never before have so many been so distraught by the actions of so few, to paraphrase Churchill. And from the looks of it, they are not done.

Fasten your seatbelts, if you haven’t yet abandoned ship. It’s a long way from clear skies for Malaysia Airlines.

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  1. I feel for the staff.

  2. you quote right BD! my cousin who is a MH pilot said the same..exactly!!

  3. Typical typical…can’t take the heat…get out….it’s non longer your fathers airline….work professionally or sod off

    • its not take the heat… they had sacrificed it to stay in MAS. not its nothing for them, and as you can see other Airlines, accepting them… you think they cant take the heat…? what a kid la you… loyalty is what every company or oganization in the world looking for.. you think best company to work, pay you millions.. nope…they offer something that other companies dont offer and hence loyalty come in… they work their heart out for the companyand at the end the company failed them

  4. I know how they feed. Betrayal. We have many good people who can turnaroun companies, but why this Danny goon is being chosen. Hampas. He has no track record to speak volume of his ability.

  5. Believe us in MAS, tony fernandez is a fucking asshole…no more and nothing less than an asshole face and heart.

    • But then this keling is so thick skinned, it cant get through him. He keeps smiling.

      Last time I heard he wants to leave AA. Of course no date was given. In the meantime to the cyber soldiers,war is over and stand down, except Big Dog of course

      The majority will not be happy until this keling and his kuncu are kicked out of MAS.

      Keep fighting brother

  6. My cousin work with MAS for the last 15 years.
    Yes,according to him there are a lot of unhappiness within the MAS’s fraternity now.
    And to that idiot above that goes by the silly name of Sshsn -You can go ahead and fiddle Tony F’s balls you little piece of shit! Your type never understand the meaning of pride & loyalty.

  7. Why doesn’t the PM and other top government ministers step in to stop this?

  8. Eventho I don’t fly MAS so often.. but I always benchmark other airlines with MAS. To me MAS is an extension of Malaysia.. whenever you’re overseas, the minute you step on MAS flight to go home.. it felt that you’re already home.

    It is very sickening to see what Khazanah, Tony Fernandes and his macai are doing to MAS. I feel sorry for the staff.

  9. Someone should take these conmen up on an AirAsia plane, open the doors and throw every one of them out. With that, he solves so many problems for thousands of good Malaysians. But please don’t do anything to Ahmad Jauhari…he’s an old friend.

  10. I just don’t understand, is TF the real culprit behind this MAS fiasco? With the share swap.TF is still the minor share holder as the boss is still Khazanah and UMNO indirectly. So why aim all the anger to TF, he is the non executive director and minor share holder through he airasia. Your grouse should be aim at the biggest share holder, they are the one should have executive power to correct any wrong in MAS not TF.

    • This is the main problem, this guy is making stretegic decision in MAS that benefits AA entirely. It is not good.

      The share swap should not had happened

      • Is TF ask fort the share swap or TF invited by Khazanah to have the share swap?

  11. Whilst I was still in service, I had on a number of occasions travelled overseas by MAS , our national carrier. I was very much impressed by the service provided by the crew. The response was instantaneous the moment I pressed the button on the top of my head. So do others.

    So now I feel sad over the intrigues by those with vested interest following the swapping of MAS-Air Asia shares. Is MAS heading towards its demise?


    • Demise yes but only after the interested parties gotten what they had wanted. A sad day indeed for MAS, public and the country. When will the government learn from the fiasco? Firefly suppose to go head-to-head with Air Asia but had been killed-off just like that. TF knew this along and the opportunity in taking over and controlling MAS is the gun on a silver platter to finish-off Firefly. I hope Firefly be taken over by another group away from MAS , as long as it is under TF and the crooks.

  12. Tidak syak MAS adalah satu cerita panglipur lara yang sangat hebat di tanah air kita. ia di dicanangkan sebagai syarikat penerbangan negara yang cukup hebat tetapi nasib seperti nasib lebai malang yang mengejar mengejar habuan tetapi tak pernah kesampaian. setiap kali diadakan perubahan ia dicanangkan untuk menuju kepada matlamat yang lebih tinggi dengan orang-orang yang hebat duduk dipuncak kekuasaannya tetapi selepas itu ia terus malap macam lilin kehabisan lemak..

  13. If the top management keeps turning a blind eye or ignore the views of MAS staff like its cabin crew, the maintenance staff and those who had put in years of dedication and hard work, then the MAS management is already doomed. Hope the govt sees this with its mind, conscience and wisdom and do something right and honourable. Dont always believe the economic neoliberalist vultures.

  14. Cum’on Big Dog you don’t now half of the facts and you speak like you know it all. It is good riddance to bad rubbish. If these people worked there for so long and couldn’t make it better you think they will now?

    MASs’ biggest problem has always been too many staff doing too little.

    And the biggest slackers were the Union leaders themselves, pleaselah….get the facts right.

  15. Good to know other major airlines are hiring MAS employees who left. Singapore Airlines, Garuda and airlines from Middle Eastern countries. Good for them all.

  16. Weh bro…

    Go and tell Najib le. Is he so damn incompetent? He is the Finance Minister and PM for crying out loud. Azman Mokhtar got a spell on him ke? Susah sangat ke benda ni.

  17. I think i agree with Tun on this. We have tried changing CEOs, we have tried using Idris Jala, but it doesn’t improve.

    Although I’m skeptical with Tony, I think more time should be given.

    On the MAS staffs, I am confident that mostly they’re loyal before because of the good money they have. They’re taking MAS for granted because MAS is the corporate version of the government (Easy job, highest pay). You can compare MAS’s pilot vs AA’pilot salary if you don’t believe me?

    That’s why I think changing CEOs will not do any good. It’s the culture that need to change and Tony is the person because of what he had achieved in AA.

    Most important thing first:

    1) MAS need profitable routes (New MAS CEO, wake up!)
    2) MAS need to maximize flights frequency according to that profitable route
    3) Expenditure that can’t be reduced – safety and operation of the airplanes
    4) Other expenditure can varies.
    5) Keep experienced people only if they have something to contribute. Loyalty alone will have no value especially when you have been paid handsomely before.

    I will wait for what Tony can do. By the way, Khazanah do have their collateral shares as a guarantee?

  18. […] Malaysia Airlines did not have a say then when their assets, which include the prize corporate HQ in Jalan Sultan Ismail, were sold off. Neither did when the ‘share swap’ deal was forced down their throat. […]

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