PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah the “angel of death” for Barisan Nasional

If Abdullah Badawi Continues … The Barisan Nasional Does Not Deserve to Rule



By Matthias Chang

Future FastForward, Sunday, 22 June 2008 06:04

Giving Up Hope On Barisan Nasional

No one is perfect.

No organization is perfect.

But the Barisan Nasional under the leadership of the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had direction and a powerful vision. There was an urgency to get things done and more importantly, the realization that we must anticipate events and plan ahead.

Thinking and planning requires discipline and hard work and the ability to see the big picture.

These skills cannot be acquired overnight. Fortunately for Malaysia, in the last twenty two years, we had the benefit of a “thinking leader” who motivated his Cabinet colleagues to do likewise in some measure.

Many a times, when someone asked me for my view of Mahathir’s Cabinet, my response and explanation was that, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was the sun and the Cabinet, the moon. The moon’s glow is the reflected shine of the sun. Hence, the ministers were perceived to have been effective.

Sadly, today, we are experiencing a total eclipse!

There is no shine coming from the Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi and as such how can we expect any reflected glow in the Cabinet?

This is in essence, the problem of the Barisan Nasional.

If you take the view that I am too harsh on the national leaders, please ask the following simple questions:

1)  Name me a leader, who in your view is a thinker.
2)  Name me a leader, who in your view has full command of the issues, challenges and future direction of his/her ministry at his/her fingertips?

Rebranding of Barisan Nasional

Soon after the General Elections debacle, the component parties of the Barisan Nasional took pains to tell the electorate that they have realized their mistakes and would turn a new leaf.

They would even rebrand to meet the expectations of the people.

A hundred days have gone by and I see the same old status quo:

1)  A tired and listless Abdullah Badawi, hanging on to an impotent and fearful UMNO;
2)  A tired and befuddled Ong Ka Ting and a humiliated MCA;
3)  A tired and devastated Koh Tsu Koon and a floundering Gerakan;
4)  A tired and irrelevant Samy Vellu and a hopeless MIC; and
5)  Tired and frustrated “second cousins” of the Barisan Nasional from Sarawak and Sabah.

Self-interest and the “cari makan” attitude prevail!

National interest is on the back burner. To survive and enjoy the perks of office is paramount. There is the endless spin by Badawi’s spin doctors about serving the people, but no one is walking the talk!


The Rubbish About “Core Values”

The flavour of the month and justification for inaction is that one must uphold certain “core values” such as “I am a party man” and “loyalty to party takes priority”.

One would have thought that a political party is but a vehicle to serve the people and the nation, so that if a party fails to live up to the people’s expectations, it must reform and renew.

And if its leadership have, through corruption and utter irresponsibility, brought about a state of affairs that is endangering the viability and social stability of the state, one would have thought that a member’s paramount duty is to remove such malignant leadership.

But the Barisan Nasional is in a state of denial.  They are content with a torchlight running on low batteries when the nation is demanding full sunshine!

I have therefore come to the sad and painful conclusion that the Barisan Nasional is not fit to lead and rule our country.

The Future of Malaysia

The future of Malaysia cannot be left solely in the hands of UMNO, the backbone of the Barisan Nasional. Since March 2008, UMNO has failed to provide the leadership expected of them as the “backbone” of the Barisan Nasional.

The members, by their cowardice, have allowed the political cancer to spread throughout the body politic.

The component parties are equally guilty in the present state of affairs and by their inaction have abandoned their responsibilities as component members of the ruling alliance.

Given the above scenario, and the urgency of the challenges faced by the country, the entire nation must now come together to effect massive change and remove the cancer that has afflicted our country.


Events As Forecasted

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend two hours with a friend from the U.K. who was on a visit to Malaysia. He remarked that all the issues that I wrote and forecasted in my e-mails to him and others since 2007 have been spot on. He added that when he first read the numerous e-mails in the comfort of his home and in the cosy environment of “Mother England”, the analyses were too dire to be true.

The recent announcements by the Bank of International Settlements (the Central Bank of all central banks) that the threat of a great depression is upon us and the alarm by the Royal Bank of Scotland that the global financial meltdown will intensify to phase two within the next 90 days was a wake up call to him.

There is now an on-going currency war.

The Daily Telegraph of U.K. reported that Morgan Stanley has warned of a “catastrophic event” as the European Central Bank (ECB) fights the Federal Reserve.

Another leading financial journal warned that Asia will suffer a double whammy – inflation and export collapse! The recent petrol price hike is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Barisan Nasional government is in a state of paralysis, totally devoid of any ideas as to how to prepare and confront the impending crisis which will turn extremely acute in the second half of 2008 and spilling over to 2009. They are just too busy dividing the plundered loot than to care for the ordinary people.

Replacing Badawi

Any leader that replaces Badawi cannot do worse, but there is a good probability that he can do better.

Recall the time when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad indicated his intention to retire. The trillion dollar question then was who can replace Mahathir?  No one gave Badawi a thought. Yet, when he was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister, the aura of the office gave him the legitimacy and the people were willing to afford him a chance to prove his worth.

Sadly, he has since betrayed that trust!

Let me assure you, that whosoever replaces Badawi will enjoy a similar endorsement, until and unless the new leader abuses power and commits blatant corruption.

The people have the remedy at hand – remove him and his cahoots by the ballot.

If we failed to effect change now, do not complain when the shit hits the ceiling fan!

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  1. agreed on every point. tun, why did you not leave us with a capable leader? if not as good, at least, someone that is not indecisive.

    everyone knows we need a strong, forward thinking, international statesman with a broad national support like tun to carry the country forward. unfortunately, at the moment none comes to mind from the fold.

    now, we can see clearly the effects of protectionism and selective promotion of mediocre traits over true capable ones that rise up because they are the best. just like how proton was protected from competitors through high tariffs, selling like hot cakes despite well known quality issues.

    reality bites, but it’s not too late to save the country. give up the pride and let the best shine.

  2. […] Read the rest of it at BigDog’s blog here. […]

  3. Dear Big Doggy,

    No need for rebranding BN or whatsoever. The issue is very clear that THE RAKYAT REJECTED ABDULLAH AS PRIME MINISTER.

    As far as UMNO is concerned, there’s nothing much can be done to “erase” Abdullah from being the President of UMNO. However, the grassroot of UMNO still not tired to tell the UMNO that Abdullah is no longer capable and accepted as thier President. Don’t translate the UMNO General Assembly praises for thier President, that is something “tradition”.

    I still believe the BN, is said THE BN, has the avenue to express “no-confidence” motion in thier meeting. That will be the last avenue left to tell Abdullh to resign.

    Funny, when a member of BN, i.e. SAPP made thier stand that they have “lost confident” in Abdullah premiership but stupidly they (SAPP) was not invited instead it should be Abdullah to leave the meeting room to discuss SAPP motion on “lost confident” in Abdullah premiership.

    I hope BN can call an Emergency Meeting to discuss the “prestation” (as what M2M said) of Abdullah and make their discussion free from vested party (Abdullah). THAT SHOULD BE THE WISE AND CORRECT WAY in addressing SAPP motion.


  4. Hey BD,

    It seems like not only those in UMNO are power crazy.

    Anwar’s losing the plot?

  5. I like the sentence self interest and cari makan attitude,yes its very true,these are the qualities of the current UMNO and BN component leaders.What they are interested is just to take care of their position and periok nasi, the RAKYAT can shout as loud as they want but no action.

    Just look at the voting in Parliament yesterday ,the opposition were thump down and Pak Lah came out smiling.So watch out for another round of fuel and other essential item hike.


  6. “direction and powerful vision” , “urgency to get things done” – Machiavellian politics, anyone? that urgency is purchased at the expense of principle, and vision fixed on legacy building, and power..well, need I say more? amendment of the federal constitution, sacking of judges, ousting of dissenting voices within the party, direct interference in the judiciary…ooo the sweet scent of absolute power! “Fortunately for Malaysia” – really? folly is s/he who thinks our current state is the doing of ONE man within the past 5 years.


    Pls do not advertise other people’s blog in here, without blogmaster’s prior expressed approval.


  7. Big Dog, may I know who will be the next calibre leader you feel after Pak Lah?

    And also, what do you feel of the next leader that would be suitable to also replace Anwar in Pakatan if Anwar is no longer there.

    Would really love your point of view.

  8. and how about publishing this too, http://******* and let ppl read both sides and decide on their own? nobody is ignorant about the relationship between Matthias Chang and Dr Mahathir.

  9. Thank you for another wonderful write up, Matthias Chang.

    While we are obsessed in replacing PM as paramount to healing the massive plague that’s endangering our present and future, we must not forget
    1. The on-going evil conspiracy to put the DSAI into power comprising foreign elements and a bunch of loose coalition partners with vastly differing ideologies which could only spell disaster, must be stopped at all cost. The RPK SD, the Ian Chin disclosures, the SAPP call for no confidence could be efforts well coordinated to bring down the BN Government and its unique type of politics.

    2. Replacing PM alone is insufficient; the likes of the 32 year old SIL (including the members of the 1st Family) must be banished from Malaysian politics, so too the yes men of the cabinet including appointed senators as his cabinet members must be removed. This young Oxford politician is indeed making a mockery of our parliamentary system every time he opens his stupid big gap.

    3. Reversal of those liberal and populist reforms introduced by PM which is facilitating the disintegration of the Malaysian society. These reforms are mostly in congruence with idealistic universal human rights values perpetuated by the Anglo-American powers that does not take into account the sensitiveness and accepted norms of our vast majority. The likes of Malaysian Malaysia, Ketuanan Rakyat, Bersih, Hindraf must be clamped down. Only if one reads the comments by such followers in the blogs would you understand what I mean- really ugly, disrespectfully and divisive with full of tongue twisting.
    4. BN and its racial based party politics have proven successful for this country and it’s crucial to revert to the origins of BN’s ideals under a new strong leadership. Leadership can be led by one person or a core group of equally competent citizens and if necessary counseled by a group of elders.

    I may sound a chauvinist, autocratic or dictatorial but when comes to safeguarding the interest of the country from imminent foreign domination; we cannot be as liberal or populist as at present.

    In the event of any imminent catastrophic economic upheaval, perhaps that’s the way the unseen hand of the ALMIGHTY is guiding us to remove a leadership that’s wreaking our beloved country when the rakyat has not able too.

    We must always remain united against such tyranny and injustice advocated by the present weak administration/ leadership; at any time we must never give up HOPE and PATIENCE in furtherance our quest. We must never allow our leadership to be submitted to any form of foreign domination, direct or indirect.

  10. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was the sun and the Cabinet, the moon. The moon’s glow is the reflected shine of the sun. Hence, the ministers were perceived to have been effective.

    Very apt description. As we all know, the moon is a piece of dead, desolate, rock.

    And it can only take a megalomaniacal dictator to surround himself with duds who have the intellectual and professional capacity of a moon rock. That would ensure that the megalomaniacal dictator shines when he is surrounded by buffoons.

    And the reason why Malaysia is in the mess that it is in now is simply because the myriad of chickens, hatched from 22-years of systemic buffoonery, has come home to roost.

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