Ghost of Past Sins, Part II

It is evidently clear the Chinese Chauvinists within DAP are frightened that many younger Malaysians are made aware of their horrid past sins. The public screening of ‘Tanda Putera’ in eight days time would be an eye opener how seditious, anti-Constitution and anti-patriotism they were and very much still are.


DAP wants Tanda Putra producer to acknowledge it is a work of fiction

AUGUST 22, 2013

“Go ahead and screen the movie, but first acknowledge that it is a work of fiction.”

This was the reaction from DAP National Organising chief Tony Pua (pic) on the announcement that the controversial movie, Tanda Putera, will hit cinemas nationwide on August 29.

Pua said that although a scene, which shows a man urinating at the base of a flag pole at the residence of the Selangor Menteri Besar, has been denied by it’s director as depicting DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang, the film is still “very much inflammatory in nature”.

Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba, the movie’s director had last year, denied reports that the re-telling of the May 13, 1969, riots had depicted DAP’s then secretary-general Lim Kit Siang.

Lim, however, refuted Shuhaimi by claiming that a photo of him being “manhandled” with a caption saying he had urinated at said flagpole “was posted in the album in the ‘Tanda Putera’ Facebook page entitled ‘Peristiwa-peristiwa yang dimuatkan di dalam filem ini’ (events depicted in this movie)”.

Lim also lashed out at Shuhaimi, over her explanation that the creators of the film had received many photographs from netizens which were shared over the Facebook page, including the offending picture, criticising Shuhaimi’s take as “neither credible nor acceptable”.

The director said that the photos were removed after complaints were received about it.

Lim claimed that the “defamatory and baseless allegation was made by Tanda Putera’s official Facebook page itself, and not a ‘shared information’ from netizens”, also adding that this gave a “clear impression” that the photo was taken from the movie.

Shuhaimi yesterday told The Malaysian Insider to give the movie “a chance as it is a portrayal of the country’s history based on true facts”.

She expressed her disappointment at the Film Censorship Board for the way the movie was edited.

Pua, however, said that the movie would still arouse anger among the public as Tanda Putera is supposedly based on history.

“Now that is the problem here, obviously, viewers will watch it thinking that the events shown in the movie are entirely true. And this is wrong,” Pua told The Malaysian Insider today.

“It is alright if it is a work of fiction but when it is said to be made based on true events, we are faced with a bigger issue,” he said.

He said The New Village, another controversial movie which is a love story, had triggered so much uneasiness prompting the Home Ministry to suspend its premiere, which was originally slated for today.

The locally produced Chinese movie was said to glorify communism.

Home Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the decision was made following a furore created by social media bloggers and non-governmental organisations over the movie’s content.

He said that the ministry had to call for the suspension of the movie’s premiere date pending “another thorough look into the movie’s plot”.

“The issue concerned is the same here…one which revolves around community sensitivities but there seems to be a void of good sense in the government to view this fairly,” Pua said. – August 22, 2013.


This call by DAP chief strategist Tony Pua is just a typical Opposition ‘wayang politik‘, so that they could go around in a campaign that ‘Tanda Putera’ is just a work of fiction and not the truth.

DAP and Gerakan party members and workers provoked the Malays with the giant broom with insulting slogans such as “Melayu balik kampung, Tanam jagung” and “Sapu Melayu”

The film depicted how DAP party workers killed an UMNO party worker in Penang and later a Policeman, in their effort to sow hatred and fan racism. DAP also misused the Gerakan party procession permit, after the 10 May 1969 3GE. This not withstanding the intolerable rudeness of Chinese Chauvinists, DAP and “Radicals and subversive elements” who were provoking and fanning anti-Malay hatred.

Shuhaimi Baba’s latest work which the DAP have been trying to make controversial also recollect events that very much proven DAP party leaders and members are working hand-in-hand with the “Radical and subversive elements” in the pre-cursor and post 3GE in May 1969, which include acts of communist terrorism to destabilise the nation.

A scene from ‘Tanda Putera’ where the Chinese Chauvinists and radicals refused Police instruction to disperse and turn around

As a result, Emergency was declared, Parliament was suspended and the nation was under the administration of the National Operation Council (NOC).

What they did then, is still what they are doing now in their realisation and assertion of power by the minority againt the majority. It is part of realising the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy. The fact that the DAP is a strong advocate for Malaysians to accept Malayan Communist Party Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng’s insincere apology and allow him to return when the majority vehemently and boldly rejected the notion, is the evidence that the Chinese Chauvinist party is a Neo Min Yuen political organ and still very much in support of the “Radicals and subversive elements”.

Neo Min Yuen and Former DAP National Publicity Secretary Dr Kua Kia Soong

They also wanted to attest to the progressively compounded lies that these Chinese Chauvinists and Neo Min Yuens concocted about the 13 May 1969 bloody racial riot by personalities like Dr Kua Kia Soong.

Dr Kua claimed that more than 2,000 persons had died in the few days racial clashes, where more than 75% are Chinese descents. It cannot be substantiated and no one ever provided the list of these deaths, where as the official figures as per the National Operation Council (NOC) White Paper report dated 9 October 1969 only stated 196. The figures as per NOC was based on records kept by the Police, Ministry of Health, Red Cross and these figures were cross-checked for authenticity.

The book is designed to make the Chinese as the ‘victim’ where as the actual fact, they were the ‘aggressors’ and raison d’être for 13 May 1969 racial riots. Infact, it has also been viewed as the Chinese mounting a coup d’etat.

NOC report on the 13 May Tragedy dated 9 October 1969

Another fallacy is that “13 May 1969 racial riots are planned by Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein and his friends such as Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman and Dato’ Harun Idris (then MB of Selangor) to cause disability, so that the Malays could rise and topple Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra”. This is proven otherwise from the film, which is based on the NOC report and accounts of living persons such as Former IGP Tun Mohd. Hanif Omar.

The film, which should be shown to all secondary and tertiary students and youth, also depicted the communist terrorists attempt to weaken the government by assassination top internal security officers. IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ismail was assassinated on 7 June 1974 and Perak CPO Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong on 13 Nov 1975.

Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders such as Secretary General Lim Guan Eng accusing “Tanda Putera’ is ‘Racist” is totally undemocratic and actually perpetuating a lie. He has not even watch it. ‘Tanda Putera’ was never banned for public screening. The fact is that the film obtained LPF PG 13 certification for ‘fit for public screening’ in June 2012. Cabinet decided that the film should be shown in cinema circuits only after the much anticipated 13GE.

“Its a film about nationalism”.

As such, upon being appointed as the Minister of Communication and Multimedia Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek instructed that ‘Tanda Putera’ should be screened in the cinemas the moment the opportunity arises. August was the only available slot in the ‘Wajib Tayang’ scheme between FINAS and the cinema operators.

The DAP is also very distressed that the  majority of younger Malaysians eventually understand what was the basis for then acting Prime Minister Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein and Home Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman managed to convince the Chinese to come together and support the government right after the racial riot of 13 May 1969 subsided.

MCA and Gerakan, representing the Chinese co-operated with the Malay majority and other ethnic groups in a national consultative mode and the New Economic Policy (NEP) was born in August 1971. Other oppositions such as PAS and DAP were also actively involved in the national consultative council. Two years later, Tun Razak formed Barisan Nasional as an extension to the political co-operation between all the races and next step after the Alliance Party.

Only DAP vehemently refused to participate in any of these processes and consultations and adamantly against the ‘national reconciliation’ affirmative action plan.

The resolve of Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein and Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman to put this nation back on track and do the catch up game, despite both are terminally ill with chronic disease is something really worth to watch and reflect. There are definitely strong messages that are transpired within the 125 mins of the film.

Shuhaimi Baba managed to remind the audience of ‘Tanda Putera’ that being Malaysians is about willing to tolerate, accommodate, work and help each other, togetherness and come as a nation, even when the nation is under distress. It is about achieving the social justice and equality, without compromising the rule of law, ‘Social Contract’ and fundamentals that formed the basis when this nation was born.

The way for this nation to move forward is to isolate those who have been consistent and systematic trying to ascend into power over distability and chaos. The Chinese Chauvinists in the DAP are simply nonchalant about being Malaysians in the true sense.

*Updated Friday 0100hrs August 2013

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