This posting is to sum up Berita Publishing Supremo and former GEIC for the NSTP Dato’ A Kadir Jasin’s take on Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leaderhip as the 7th UMNO President.

Over the weekend UMNO concluded its 64th Annual General Assembly in its 67 years history. It is almost by far the blandest UMNO annual meet (with the exception UMNO in the 6 times of Annual General Assembly under five and half years of dark modern Malaysian history under PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi).

As a start, Prime Minister Najib gave more weightage on UMNO instead of the Malays, the power-base which provided UMNO the continuity to remain in power all these years. More over in the 13GE concluded seven months ago, which demonstrated more than 51% of Malaysian voters did not vote Barisan Nasional.

Interesting enough, the Malays rallied around UMNO where it faired 11.4% better in form of Dewan Rakyat seats and formation of nine State Governments including Kedah and Perak compared to the previous GE, where PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah led as the Chairman.

Generally, the Malays did not vote UMNO because their love for the nationalist party and confidence on Prime Minister Najib’s leadership. In fact they grouse about how Prime Minister Najib pandered too much towards the Chinese with seemingly the over bearing concessions. Example is provisions for Chinese schools and bending backwards to Chinese Chauvinist organisations like Dong Zhong.

Prime Minister Najib was also seen as soft against the anti-Constitutionalists like the BERSIH 2.0 and 3.0 demonstrators and those who continuously challenge and insult the Malays, provisions accorded to the Malays enshrined in the Federal Constitution, Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia and even position and role of the Rulers.

On the eve of 15 September 2011, Prime Minister Najib announced the abolishment of the Internal Security Act and the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance. So many were actually appalled by it, including Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The reality is that on 5 May 2013, majority of the Malays voted UMNO because they had little choices with the other options.

Another glaring point is that between April 2012 and May 2013, Prime Minister Najib went around the nation twice to meet the people. The ‘Jelajah Janji DiTepati’ events, where no less than 30,000 people converge to hear him out in each of the rally to convince the voters that Federal Government under BN honoured their promises and pledges.

However, since forming the Federal Government with his own mandate post-13GE, Prime Minister Najib failed to go around and thank the voters for their support. It is almost he is completely oblivion that he has the politically moral obligation to go back and meet the people, they same way he met them to ask for their support.

Conveniently, he even failed to thank the Kedahans for voting UMNO back into power in his Presidential Address at the opening of the 64th UMNO General Assembly.

Bumiputera Economic Empowering Plan, revelaed in UiTM on 14 September 2013

Bumiputera Economic Empowering Plan, revelaed in UiTM on 14 September 2013

Under tremendous pressure of being seen not doing enough for the Malays, Prime Minister Najib announced the Bumiputera Economic Empowering Plan in the heart of Malay higher education institution, UiTM. However, critics view the program as being hastily concocted and not properly thought through, for effective roll out and eventually meaningful strategic success.

That is not with standing his own strategy of making Malaysia a more liberal and centrist society, complementing his agenda to make achieve a high value economic nation. The fact that it was his instruction to de-Malay-nised Petronas despite of the proven success of the New Seven Sisters corporation all the while under the watch, operation and planning of 95% Malay professionals.

Prime Minister Najib is seen as the hard working leader who makes a lot of effort and time to be on the ground, to do walk-abouts and meeting people from diverse groups ever so often. He is also seen as making the prompt decisions, to alleviate the needs of the special interest groups that he meets.

However, so many don’t see the strategic effectiveness of all these ‘gifts’ and ‘handouts’ that he has been dishing out except for tactical purposes and pandering the gallery. That is a mark of a populist rather than a leader with strategic thoughts.

It is almost as if that he hears but doesn’t actually listen. It is true a lot of committees are formed and as the Prime Minister he chairs them but the strategic follow through is doubtful.

Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the investment arm for the Federal Government where he sits as the Chairman is behaving like a capitalist organisation which is focused on ROI, increasing value and market capitalisation, strengthening profitability and liquidity rather than serving the needs of Malaysians.

A good example is that Khazanah is more interested in investing for healthcare in Turkey instead of growing a local healthcare group like KPJ, a proven Malay managed and controlled plc, into a regional and eventually international healthcare provider.

TERAJU, an agency incorporated to address the Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community is bent on creating 1,000 corporations which are centred towards eventually being listed in the stock market. The added policy is the facilitation  to ‘carve out’ from mega projects undertaken by GLCs, for qualified Malay contractors.

However, Prime Minister Najib’s leadership failed to re-strategise and consolidate existing various agencies to ensure that the development of Bumiputera SME/Is should be the nucleus to ensure that more BCIC developed as successful entrepreneurs and play a more significant economic role in the post-Vision 2020  industrialsed Malaysia.

A quick reference  is that of the 60,000 professional accountants in the nation, there are only 7,600 Malays with professional accountancy qualifications. This is a good indication how the existing BCIC programs would have a strategic impact for success.

The Sino-nisation of Johor and how Prime Minister Najib welcomes strategically would not fair well with the Johoeran Malays, one of BN’s fixed deposit.

The Star 3 December 2013:

Published: Tuesday December 3, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday December 4, 2013 MYT 4:46:17 PM

China-based company buys RM4.5bil worth of land in Johor Baru


PETALING JAYA: China-based developer Guangzhou R&F Properties Co Ltd is buying six plots of land in Johor Baru for a whopping RM4.5bil from the Johor Sultan, making it a record deal.

The investment, comprising high-rise residential units, low-density housing, retail properties, offices, a hotel and a shopping mall, is the Hong Kong-listed firm’s maiden overseas venture.

“Malaysia, with a sizeable Chinese community and favourable government policy attracting foreign purchasers, is well-suited for the first venture of the group outside China,” said the company in a filing with the Hong Kong stock exchange.

It also said it came to the RM4.5bil consideration through direct negotiation with the vendor and that its board considered the price to be fair and reasonable, given the market condition in Malaysia, location, development cost and potential of the land.

developers from china chart

The developer said it had paid a RM100mil deposit, which would be deducted from the first installment payment of the consideration.

According to Zerin Properties’ chief executive officer Previn Singhe, the estimated sellable floor area of about 3.5 million sq m worked out to a plot ratio of 7.5 times, which is considered high, given that the land is worth about RM891 per sq ft.

Previously, another developer from China, Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd, had bought 22.26ha in Danga Bay for RM376 per sq ft. Comparing both, Previn said the latter’s plot ratio was lower at 5.22 times.

“This is very good for Malaysia. Not only would it spur (our) real estate sector, but there would also be spillover effects in terms of other industries such as education, tourism, agriculture and many more.

“We are now an investment hotspot for companies from China,” he told StarBiz.

Henry Butcher Malaysia director Lim Eng Chong said investors from China were buying property in Malaysia because of the infrastructure, relatively affordable health sector, education facilities and cheaper land cost here. .

He said many small and medium-sized mainland China developers were positive about Malaysia.

“China-based developers looking for businesses elsewhere are seeing Malaysia as an alternative investing destination, as the property prices in the markets that the mainland Chinese were familiar with, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, are beginning to cool down after having gone up considerably,” he said.

Based on his experience, he said, the latest property ceiling price of RM1mil for foreigners had little impact on these investors, as most of them preferred established high-end areas which were selling above that price.

LBS Bina Group Bhd managing director Datuk Lim Hock San said: “In China, people are talking about Iskandar because of its proximity to Singapore. The high prices there have prompted investors to look at Malaysia as a cheaper alternative.”

Property analysts, however, are more cautious on the property market in the Iskandar region now due to high valuations and the possibility of an oversupply.

Maybank IB Research analyst Wong Wei Sum pointed out that developers who emphasised on a fast turnaround and supplied a massive amount of similar products to the market could result in a glut.

“It depends on how they are going to launch it.”

Guangzhou R&F Properties noted in the announcement that its preliminary plan was to develop the land in phases, but did not elaborate.

Analysts also noted that the China-based developers could be targeting mainland Chinese as buyers for their properties and warned of the more speculative nature of such investments.


The civil service has now been subjected to be evaluated and monitored by a purposely incorporated agencies such as PEMANDU, where numbers are churned without the political and strategic social impact considered. The arguments for ETP and GTP are almost like some of the Federal Government agencies are acting stand alone in economic experiments without having the entire government machinery working in tandem, right from the strategic planning right through the roll out.

In the recent budget, his approach to address some of the pressing issues such as affordable homes and escalating value of property is a step in the right direction. However, in the realism of the majority of the Malays spiraling deeper into the viscous cycle of he urban poverty trap.

The crux of the problem is that as the Prime Minister he did not manage to provide a strong leadership required for the combined civil service, Malaysian Government agencies, GLCs and relevant tactical operatives to be effective in the roll out and delivery of strategic plans, to meet the complexity of challenges, intricacies and dynamism of the society present time.

His leadership also failed to provide the now seemingly critical engagements, for the many stakeholders to understand the decisions that the Federal Government resorted to make such as the increase in retail price of petrol and diesel, the introduction of consumption tax such as GST, rationalisation of subsidies and the recently announced electricity tariff.

In his zest for Malaysia to be an industrialised nation with a high value economy, it is almost concluded that Prime Minister Najib’s government is even willing to concede to liberalising the economy as a open market. The Trans Pacific Partnership even drew displeasure of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Prime Minister Najib cannot go on like this, on the same track and approach and hoping to retain support from the people in four years time. Especially the Malays. More over when he has been seen as not having his own sensors on the nation’s pulse, despite having a stream of aides and special officers serving his exalted office.

In essence, it is undoubtedly as the Prime Minister, Najib has been insulated by so many layers and obtuse.

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  2. Najib is busy now with the proposed Unity govertment with PKR.
    He had assign Zaid Hamidi to negotiated the term.He also form another comittee headed by former UMNO leader ,Sulaiman RandasXMP titiwangsa to neutralise hard core UMNO group and members who will oppose the Unity govertment.

    End of Decembar,Zaid will be meeting Hadi and Anwar in London.to finalise the terms for the unity govertment.

    All the best


    • Waaaa, Malim, you sound like Najib’s or Zahid’s confidant, holding huge big secrets that nobody else knows. But the problem may be that even Najib and Zahid don’t know what you know.

      Can I borrow your crystal ball some day? I’m very keen to know how many of the pendatangs have left, will leave, are planning to leave since Tsunami Cina’s adverse reactions whereby so many Malays have now been shooing out those not respecting the Constitution, etc.

      Some have said that the 1Malaysia has not been seen or heard much these days and many Malays been talking of 1Malay, instead.

  3. Alamak!

    Suddenly “competition” is a dirty word.

    Haram, even.

    Why are you blaming Najib for the “predicament” the Malays in Malaysia find themselves in?

    From 31st August 1957 till now – isn’t that enough time for people to get their act together?

    Or are they living in some sort of continuum where the rest of the world stands still and allows Malaysia time to “catch up”?

    Gee, who wouldn’t like to be part of that Pollyanna” never-never land?

    But, sob sob, the rest of us have to study and work hard to achieve our dreams.

    All the while with the realisation that there’s somebody out there who can work and produce faster, better and cheaper than you.

    Let the lesson of GM stopping the production of Holden cars in Australia and closing it’s manufacturing plants there be an object lesson to us.

    As the Aussie government has told GM – no bail outs and no more subsidies for Holden.

    Much the same as what they told Qantas.

    So, that one Aussie national icon (Holden) down and another national icon (Qantas) under threat.

    The comparisons with Proton and MAS are hard to miss.

    • Dont be too naive and act daft. Free market cannot stand in vacuum, without any consideration for social justice and emotions of the people.

      Especially if the majority is downtrodden.

      History have proven capitalism breeds bigger capitalism and the economic gap widens as poverty trap spirals into bigger spin. The turbulence would harbour uneasiness and at the slightest spark, the mob burns everything down.

      Jakarta riots of 1998 is still very fresh.

      Just to complicate situation further, these capitalist minority insult the poor majority with ‘universally correct terms’ such as meritocracy, competition and kill protectionism. Especially when the starting point that these minority big-headed incurrable show offs chosen is not even level playing field.

      It is true money makes power. However, emotions drive the direction of power with greater force and magnitude.

      • And the alternative to capitalism is…..?

        Communism? Socialism? Or a mish-mash of both, with a leavening of capitalism?

        It always amuses me when MIDA or IRDA go out to sell Malaysia to foreign investors. Just what do they tell these investors? What assurances are given?

        Or you just ask the guy who helms MITI to give you a briefing on competitiveness and investments.

        Because he’s out there fighting in the trenches (at least I hope he is) for Malaysia to get it’s “fair” share of investments.

        Unlike, say, the blatherings of armchair theorists….

    • Well done, Sdr Suduno.

      I wanna add regarding the bloke’s claim, “the rest of us have to study and work hard to achieve our dreams.” – the “hard workers”.

      I imagine that includes the damn lazy secret societies, thugs and gangsters who do no work other than collect protection money, repayments to Ah Longs and cut a commission, or shoot one another over disputed territories etc. And the Ah Long buggers who lend money illegally, at exhorbitant rates, called usury, like the Jews of old. And those who just stretch their legs for money from clients banging their frontal receptacle,

      Also those who operate unlicensed gambling dens and budget hotels that proliferate in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor, those who dish out the towels and condoms to clients who rent rooms for 1-2 hours. Not to forget those women who just stretch their legs to let male customers do frontal attacks for money. And those who massage the feet, including the 3rd foot for extra money.

      • Sure thing, brudder.

        Why not include the Mat Rempits and Kak Minahs too?

        Just saying, is all.

        Oh, btw, for every Ah Long, there’s a customer. No customers, no Ah Longs. Geddit?

        As for those women who trade sex for money (why be so coy and resort to wink-wink euphemisms?), at least they are honest about it.

        And again, no customers, no practitioners of the world’s oldest profession (see, I can turn a euphemism too). Incidentally, I wonder just who these customers are. The holy, the mighty, the VIPs, the VVIPs – take your pick.

        At least these women are upfront about what they do (apart from the unfortunates who have trafficked)- but I suppose that “compassion” is a foreign concept to you.

        And I dare say that these women are morally worth more than the runners, the rent seekers, those who demand illegal monetary gratification (see, another euphemism) or those who rip off the government by “padding” their cost quotations or by erecting substandard buildings whose roofs keep collapsing and springing leaks.

        Want to bring it on?

      • Yes, I’ll bring it on, stu. People like you must be told, repeatedly, that you cannot simply make wild allegations without substantiation and justification without being challenged.

        The NEP might not have produced the targeted 30% corporate wealth for the Malays, but nobody could estimate the achievement period accurately because nobody had been there. And the 30 year period was an estimate by the Malays themselves, a people who had no culture of doing business.

        But the NEP has produced Malays and Bumiputeras who now can shit your wild allegations back, which – for the lack of them – they could not do prior to and immediately after the race riots of 1969.

        So, if your earlier statement “From 31st August 1957 till now – isn’t that enough time for people to get their act together” refers to that situation, you have now been shitted at. (Stupid innit, you not saying what and I have to guess that you were referring to that situation).

      • Now, you were the one who passed the snide remark implying the Malays and Bumiputeras are lazy, I shitted you with examples on the lazy gangsters, prostitutes etc, and now you want point out about the Mat rempits etc?

        You are ultra kiasu, aren’t you – you cannot lose an argument, you must win all the time, putting out anything you can find. You want to go on until the subject of the Cheras petty trader screwing his own just-past-SPM daughter for 3 years, lazy to find a girl friend to provide a change from screwing his wife? Or lazy to find money to pay prostitutes? Grow up, man.

        Widen your thinking, man, don’t be so narrow minded and try to impress by puting out your knowledge of Holden, GM etc. Know the Constitution of Malaysia thoroughly, the history of this country, the circumstances of the drafting of the Constitution, how you pendatang got citizenship after being stateless in this country for 150 years, even during the 80 years of British colonial rule.


      • And, after all the attempt at impressing readers with words that many readers, I’m sure, don’t know, you are actually so silly and narrow-minded, aren’t you?

        Using the argument “for every Ah Long, there’s a customer. No customers, no Ah Longs”? You wanna try the argument who started first. This is not even the chicken and the egg thingy, because many of the ills in this country were not known until after you pendatang came from China in big numbers in the 19th Century. Bribery, corruption, prostitution, gambling, gangsterism, etc.

        You read about corruption being rife in China since over 2,000 years ago, made rampant by the eunuchs, whose genitals were literally cut off to ensure they didn’t disturb the hundreds of concubines in the Emperors’ palaces? And the secret societies, thugs and gangsters which stared in China in the 19th century as one of the means to fight the foreigners like Britain, France, Germany etc encroaching into China. You want to guess who brought those ills here?

        And you are childish, too, condoning the prostitutes, saying “at least they are honest about it.” Aiyyo, with this kind of arguments, I’m not sure I’d like to engage in arguing with you further. No wonder your first comment was full of wild and unsubstantiated allegations – you don’t have valid or worthwhile arguments to put out.

        In freer time, I’d search for the cut and paste articles on the kind of Chinese who came to this country, based on an academic book on the history of China written by a British Professor. Those will probably make you think that you should not have the kind of thinking that you have now. “At least the prostitutes are honest” .. WTF.

      • You are nuts, Corbulo.

        What was referred to are the ordinary prostitutes. “The holy, the mighty, the VIPs, the VVIPs ” go to these prostitutes?

        You sound like you have frequented visiting them whose profession you condone, have you run across or seen “The holy, the mighty, the VIPs, the VVIPs” on any of your visits?

        You are glib, so easy with your words and so used to it that if anyone says you are half mad, you won’t feel anything, I suppose.

      • “these women (prostitutes) are morally worth more than the runners, the rent seekers,” – your value system must be weird. Are you an anarchist, your norms distinctly different from those of the public at large?

        Look, Mister, your opinion is as good as mine or any one else’s. What you have been saying are a lot of your opinions, hardly any fact. So, don’t come out here with your moral high ground based on strange sets of values. Next you might be saying murderers are also worth more than runners and seekers. Crazy bugger.

        I suppose that to you bastards like Zairil Khir Johari are of extremely high worth? He must be a bastard because when his father married his mother, he was 8 years old. Carrying Khir Johari’s name makes him a bastard. Unless he explains that Khir arranged for him to carry that name on some other consideration.

        Those runners, rent seekers – I suppose you are referring to the BN ones? You have not said anything about DAP “runners, rent seekers, those who demand illegal monetary gratification” etc?

        You not saying about the commission, kickbacks, profit shares from the RM1.07 billion worth of Penang State land at Bayan Mutiara sold by Lim Guan Eng? Or the Taman Manggis land sold by Lim at well below market price? Or the sPICE Project and the Undersea Tunnel project? And the ripping off of public funds by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government over the Talamgate case?

        Now, now, don’t say that DAP is not corrupt. DAP Selangor Chief Ronnie Liu himself told pressmen at the Selangor DAP convention a few years back that DAP higher ups used money politics and he lost his post to Teresa Kok. That’s one form of corruption. DAP secret societies, thugs and gangsters protect the details, but corruption exist at high places in DAP, too. “runners, rent seekers, those who demand illegal monetary gratification” etc also exist in DAP.

    • Corbulo,

      I have not replied to this comment of yours until your subsequent comments reveal more of your nasty mind.

      What do you mean “Suddenly “competition” is a dirty word”? What “suddenly”? The usual opposition “wild allegations without substantiation and justification”? And what “Haram, even”. Do you know the meaning of the word?.

      Did you read the post article? Did you understand it? Then why are you not asking which ones that made you say “blaming Najib for the “predicament” the Malays in Malaysia find themselves in”? Wild accusations again, eh?

      What “act together” are you talking about? Kamon man, spell it out. You expect people to provide pages of explanations when you just ask in a few words? Are you real, man? I’m inclined to utter the usual words that describe people like you. But I’ll hold.

      There are all sorts of allegations behind your questions. Again, no elaboration or explanation as to what particular aspects of “continuum” or “catching up” you mean. Trying to impress readers by such words as continuum, eh?

      And what “Pollyanna” is that? What are you trying to say, man? Why not say it in a language readers here understand? Trying to impress and win arguments by the words you use and not putting out the pertinent arguments for them is unwitting, isn’t it?

      Then, the snide remark and sarcasm on hard work, a part of which has been thrown back at you below.

      You have no respect at all for the national agenda, which is based on the Constitutional provision of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, for which some accomodation has been done by the Government to bridge the huge gap in the educational and economic well being between the mostly poor, nearly 70% majority Malays and Bumiputeras and the 23% Chinese who are the richest community in this country? That which was the underlying cause of the race riots in 1969.

      And the Malays having accomodated you, agreed to your citizenship right, for which the quid pro quo is the Special Position that was enshrined in the Constitution. Well, I have news for you – if you think you can just disregard the Malay and Bumiputera Special Position, the Malays can do the same in respect of your citizenship right. In fact, many have now asked those not liking this country,not respecting the Constitution to migrate. Even well known personalities have said that. Others use the word scram, get lost, etc.

      And why must Malaysia follow Australia etc? Malaysia has a different history, particular circumstances in the granting of independence, which vary from even the other colonized countries.

      Malaysia has its own Constitution which all citizens must respect, abide by and live under. Amendments can be made but those sensitive clauses that are protected by the Sedition Act must remain permanently. Yes, those who don’t accept that should leave, migrate.

      • Ah, yes…..now the other shoe drops….

        Behold the mighty and puissant “National Agenda”. Words of power before which us lesser beings have to grovel and kowtow, giving thanks daily for the munificent blessings that have been bestowed on us, and for which we should tug our forelocks and be properly grateful.

        And for the errant few who refuse to grovel and kowtow – there’s always the “M” word.

        Which many have taken to heart. Successfully, even.

        (which reminds me – why need a Talent Corp, when the target “talents” are a bunch of good for nothing ungrateful wankers? Maybe there wasn’t any room in the GLCs for the Oxbridge aristos!)

        In any case, time will tell which economies will be the winners and which economies will be the losers.

        And the much-beloved “National Agenda” won’t be of any help here.

  4. Najib are preparing the country for another colonize power take over of difference approached where the infrastructure are well established for the takeover .

    With the raciest and apartheid minds of the Chinese , Melayu prepare yourself elsewhere , with a single Chinese lead state government , they dare to treats the Malay (Tuan Tanah) differently , imagine if they are at the federal level with vast (China) economic interest and intimacy .

    • And your solution to this conundrum is….?


      • No, the title Anjing Kurap has been reserved to DAP Jffrey Ooi.

        The Babi Kurap can never be Tuan because the Constitution already stipulates who the Tuan in the country are – the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council and all the roles, functions and responsibilities have been spelled out in full.

        And cannot be changed as the Articles in the Constitution pertaining to those are protected under he Sedition Act.

        Agong will never assent if any kurap is nominated by the PM. More so the Babi Kurap.

      • Ooh, Haba….then where would you place a certain someone who got RM4.5 billion from a Chinese developer, and then who turned around and invested RM250 million cash for an equity stake in a certain company, as was reported in some newspapers recently?

        Just asking, is all.

      • What’s the “someone who got RM4.5 billion from a Chinese developer” got to do with the price of salt in Timbuktu?

        This looks like weird thinking. Dunno where he is heading.

    • Najib the Felinist is an aristo born with a silver spoon for his mouth. Now, the Sterling cutlery set is even bigger.

      He is a public school old boy. So is Jay, one of his closest economic adviser.

      His cousin is a product of the public school system. So are his advisers Razak Baginda and Omar Ong.

      His most trusted operative Azman Mokhtar comes from the same MCKK/Cambridge snobbish system.

      Look at the Khazanah BOD and senior management. No regular people who understand the plight of an average Malaysian, making ends meet with diminishing resources.

      Urban poverty trap is growing and getting more chronic.

      Look at the number of divorces amongst the urban dwellers. Extrapolate that with growing social problems and digressing school results. Hence, the narrowing of post-school education opportunities.

      Eventually, these ‘Real Melayu Baru’ would hv a worse life compared to the one he/she had before, growing up.

      Najib the Felinist & Co hv no inclination to all these. Their perspective is blurred between the 3-4 trips to London annually, deciding to stay at The Dorchester or St Mary’s Place.

      That’s the reality, of someone so many hoped to carry the Tun Razak legacy.

    • How irresponsible you are to create the perception that Najib is preparing for a colonized power to take over. What a bummer, spinning like Anjing Kurap. So does Malim.

      Hell! this is neither spin nor whirl dedicate to all the Anjing Kurap.

      Racist or not racist, the worst of their kinds are the perverts, bigots, immigrant minds and chauvinists. They are the worst known of human creatures who conceived by their justification of hatred and intolerance, a double of Anjing Kurap DAP’s political kind and minds.

      No matter what! You agree or disagree, they are either racist or  racism, the Bumiputras’ Muslim are here to stay. You perverts! you will be in fingering your shit hooks, would Umno and Pas are  soon to bury their hatchets. Mind you! This consignment is not an option but a solution in against political bigotry and perverters because of ‘power’, fighting and defending for a cause.

      Because of your perverted minds and bigotry, the accommodation toward the unification of Muslim Umah will be soon to become a reality, prevailing for a new political order and Governance. Many of you perverts will be dejected and bleeding deliberately to the rest of your life.

      The present Administration, the near buttress of Multiracial Government will be then the historical amount of your past. Have you Assholes mindful of your existence and have you been aware of the circumstances?  Do you know that, the Malay psychic is been threaten because of your bigotry and chauvinism.

      Who would have thought that the emergence of Perkasa would have become your nightmare? God forbid, what would it be if the Malay psychic as defined as racist embracing the elements of pervert, bigotry and chauvinism?, Malaysian freedom will be in a Shit House. You witless moron! Get back and go back to where your minds belong!

  5. 1. Pemimpin ke 7(PM Najib) yang kini, amat saya ragui kemampuan nya. Sebelum nya Pak Lah juga cuba bersikap liberal dengan pegangan keadilan yang cuba di semai kepada bukan melayu. Melayu pula di momok melalui Islam Hadhari.

    2. Akhir nya Pak Lah gagal. PM Najib pula kini di dalam dunia halusinasi. Kedua-dua Pemimpin punya lenggok yang sama terhadap melayan pembangkang. Mereka lebih akur, melayan dan mendengar rintihan penipuan pembangkang. Akhir nya dasar-dasar mereka perkenalkan amat mengelirukan dan mencengkam rakyat marhain.

    3. PM Najib di lihat bersenda-wara dengan Melayu. PAU lepas tidak lain rentetan dan tiada tujuhala UMNO menjiwai transformasi kecuali dalam bentuk kosmetik. Pemimpin yang di pilih (chai kata blogger lain) memang tiada kualiti dan jatidiri. Cerita sama terpekik terlolong dan akhir benda yang sama ke tempat asal. Contoh nyata, Pemuda / Wanita dan Puteri tidak berani bersuara dalam apa-apa jua “penghinaan” yang di sadurkan kepada Melayu. Jika di lihat tiada persepaduan atau dalam satu pasukan. Semua popular ingin hidup demi glamor. Perkara salah bukan lagi dosa. Perkara asas kepada Melayu bukan lagi paksi kewujudan UMNO.

    Jika ada satu parti yang berjaya menjiwai dan tulus dengan Melayu, maka pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sudah pasti nya tiada dalam senarai…. Apa lagi PKR dan PAS. Parti cina bukan pilihan. Semua nya hanya penipuan demi wang ringgit, harta dan kuasa.

    TIADA lagi IMAM MAHADI nya selepas Tun M….

  6. I fully support His Excellency YAB Dato Seri Najib because he has shown great style and mannerisms. Under his leadership, aided by the ever graceful Her Excellency YTM Datin Seri Rosmah he has given BEEP, expanded the economy, distributed money and also ensured BN is the present Government.

    UMNO has unanimously voted for him to be the President unopposed. During the recent PAU, delegates after delegates praised the PM and his wife. The leadership is strong with great leaders like Tengku Adnan and Dato Seri Shahidan who are unafraid to talk down actions by Non Malays in claiming for more rights.

    I disagree with the term of obtuse and other terms that are not endearing the Prime Minister. And some have said to not support the PM could mean people are not grateful. UMNO has spoken on the countless issues raised by the blogmaster by re-electing Najib and a more liberal set of leaders. So we must support UMNO’s wishes.

    Thank you

    • It is glaringly clear that you’re obtuse as well.

      You sound almost to the letter like that fellow Ahmad Hj Maslan, combined with the other fellow Idris Haron. A really daunting task to draw the line between being virginally naive and incredibly stupid.

      It is impossible that you’re both. People like that wouldn’t hv the minimal IQ required to read blogs like BD’s and the likeminded pro-Umno critics.

      Nevermind understand the punts, sarcasm and direct hits against Najib the Felinist and his layered rings of aides, making the administration equally asleep without dozing off like Sleepyhead the Slumber-master.

      I hope you share your thoughts exactly like this more. It would just fortify the notion of Najib the Felinist is really a lousy prime minister and getting worse as he goes along.

    • I disagree with you. And my opinion is as good as yours.

      You must be one of the Ah Jib Gor endearing “utterers”. Getting a lot from Ah Jib for Chinese schools etc but voted DAP? Take whatever you can get but don’t give him the vote? Chinese tsunami?

      Yet Najib continued policies that benefited your lot a lot. That’s why we are not “endeared” to him.

      Waaah, now you use double ampu on him, eh? His Excellency Yang Amat Berhormat? That’s why you should have attended Sekolah Kebangsaan where you could have learnt BM better and would know that YAB = His Excellency.

  7. Najib is the worst PM this country has ever had. His liberalist approach in all disciplines like political, economy and social is wrecking the nation because they are disconnected with the people and which kowtow to pure capitalist economy ruled by free market, money and wealth, controlled and dictated by the rich. He has a warped notion that market capitalism is the answer to wealth creation for all, little realising that the evils of market capitalism have been proven time and time again. Worst of all is he is dragging the whole nation to dance to his capitalist tune which is as injustice as it is cold and monstrous. Malaysia for his information is still a developing country. Unless he has concrete policies to address current problems affecting the developing country Malaysia , he HAS NO RIGHT to talk about high income economy and transformation and other cock and bull reasons coined by his imagination and backed by his milieu of capitalist advisers. Malaysia does not belong to rich capitalists and surely does not belong to liberal politicians who have lost sights of people’s aspirations and struggle for survival. It is no secret that many Malays who put faith on UMNO are abandoning support for this party especially if Najib leads it. Those who propped up the UMNO status quo leadership are just among members. They will probably not survive GE14.

  8. I have always said that the Government should return all the GLCs to the private sector and it has no business in the business of making money but only to rule over us. These huge corporations are managed by Civil Servants with no accountability and create a lot of jealousy.
    1. The GLCs should be returned to the former owners who had not broken the laws.
    2. The GLCs should be owned by new Bumiputra owners and their partners.
    3. The GLCs should be sold to the existing Managements and their partners.
    We have missed many opportunities in our quest for a sustainable motorcar industry- the centrepiece of our industralised progress- when the ideal Sime Darby became an elegant British-type trading house but without the Empire Tariff – just buying and selling without risks and not manufacturing. It is still not too late.

  9. […] is reflective of her obtuse state of mind. Also her husband Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’ and all the different layers of ‘P…, widespread daily […]

  10. […] further spiraling into a viscous cycle is something of a film script on is own. Probably Rosmah is obtuse about how many Malaysians even in affluent circles still talk if not believe her alleged […]

  11. […] December, was the final touch to the icing of the cake. Prime Minister Najib demonstrated his true self of being obtuse. When Prime Minister Najib is his rebuttal speech of the 64th UMNO General Assembly praising his […]

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