“Dr. Mahathir’s selected letters to world leaders”

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, will launch a book titled “Dr. Mahathir’s Selected Letters to World Leaders” at Perdana Leadership Foundation, Precinct 8, Putrajaya, tomorrow @ 11.00am.


It is a collection of letters compiled by former Ambassador to the United Nations and Chairman of NTSP, Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad. He also did the editorial comments to each letters and the story preceding it.

The book has been on sale at bookstores since two weeks ago. The publisher is Marshall Cavendish.

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  1. had a peek on this book last weekend at Borders Queensbay Mall Penang. good to read something refreshing though. and real. because we are soooo ‘polluted and sweeten’ by the recent developments here in malaysia.

    good read, but for those who are expecting ‘explosive content’, dont bother to wait. you’ll be dissappointed.

    the author can only put like…. 77 (if I am not mistaken) letters out of 84 (given permission by the government) and I must say, few letters like those to Thatcher, Mayor, and Chirac, were absolute joy to read.

    Good read.

  2. Yes, I’ve bought and read the book. The clarity of thought from the ol’ man is evident as always. He manages to put in some remarks about the current admin, about pleasing the PM becoming the upmost priority these days, etc.
    I think all the previous PM have that same trait.For AAB, well everytime he comes out on TV me and my family can’t wait to switch channel.

  3. […] Prime Minister ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. During an interview with the media, on his latest book of selected letters sent to world leaders, compiled by Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad, when asked about his relationship with his successor, he […]

  4. bough the book some 2 weeks ago..

    good book, love to read Tun writing to Clinton in how he persuade Clinton to act againts the Yugoslovia during Bosnia Massacre.

    no wonder Bosnian regards Tun very highly

  5. wah, penuhlah program tadi kat yayasan nie, sampaikan bloggers and press terpaksa lepak dalam bilik control kat auditorium tu… big dog, u pon lepak situ tadi kan? penuh betul… master rocky lepak kat luar je tadi…

  6. i dah tengok buku tu kat MPH bukit raja minggu lepas… I nak beli satu la..
    buat koleksi library kat rumah… good book actually, never to be missed…

  7. […] itself from these sort of people”. He said this in the media conference after the launching of “Dr. Mahathir’s selected letters to world leaders”, a book compiled and authored by former Malaysian Ambassador to the UN and NSTP Chairman Tan Sri […]

  8. correction..the publisher is Marshall Cavendish…not Micheal Cavendish…:D

    Thank you. Error is regretted. It will be corrected.

  9. ayah called me and asked me a fover to find and buy this book from him. that’s why i searched for this book on the internet and bumped into this blog.

    i’ll definitely go find this book tomorrow.

  10. So sad can’t get the book even at all top local bookshops. What happen?
    Please look in it, ASAP.

  11. Is this book available in the market and bookstores?
    T really want to check the book out.
    Hope there are infos on how to get the book.

  12. […] (Picture taken from here ) […]

  13. […] the transcript of Tun’s press conference,in conjunction with the launching of his latest book Dr Mahathir’s Selected Letters to World Leaders , compiled by Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad(man,i miss his column in NST..those were the days eh?).Thanks […]

  14. actually what are the contents of the book?
    which leaders Tun posted his letter to.Is the b
    ook ?only available in major bookstore

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