Its time for rakyat to voice their discontent for MAS-AirAsia CCF, on the streets

The issue about the Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia ‘share swap’ and CCF was inked exactly seven months ago. So far, we Malaysians failed to see how it benefited the national carrier. Instead, what is seen is the AirAsia’s partners abuse and devouring Malaysia Airlines. Even the management is abusing it, for the benefit of AirAsia.

Countless of blog postings were made. UMNO leaders spoke against it in closed party dos. MPs, which include BN backbenchers, even strongly raised against it in the Dewan Rakyat.

The popular belief is that it has fallen to deaf ears to the Federal Government. As more abuses are being imposed against Malaysia Airlines for AirAsia’s benefit, many analyst are getting worried that Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is either ignoring the matter for the time being or procastinanting the decision, which has yet shown any positive effect on and for Malaysia Airlines.

So far, the business model for the national carrier already changed seven times, at a rate of once a month. No clear direction has been put forth and almost everyone within the company is literally ‘lost at sea’. What has been seen for far, the new board of directors which comprises the operators of AirAsia cancelled out a promising and growingly popular service; Firefly jet service. Of course, one of the immediate executive decision made was Malaysia Airlines sucked off RM 18 million for the sponsorship of a bottom-rung EPL club, which is the private venture of two of the new BODs who came in from AirAsia.

Word has it there are more to come. An immediate example is after self-excuted losing several intercontinental international destinations as AirAsia X finds its “unprofitable to operate” which include London, they are about to impose Malaysia Airlines to take over the two brand new A330-300s about to be delivered by May and June. To many, Malaysia Airlines is a one-stop agency for AirAsia to fully prostitute for their ultimate pleasure, at any time of their convenience.

What is clear, almost all of the 22,000 employees of Malaysia Airlines are looking that the ‘hostile takeover’ of the company that they help and had a lot of the sweat and tears to develop the past 40 years and stood by diligently through several folds of management change, with utter disgust.

So will their immediate families and those who have left the service and strongly having “MAS at heart”. In all, that is an absolute 100,000 votes in Selangor. If spread over 20 parliamentary constituencies, that is definite loss for BN in Selangor and part of Wilayah Persekutuan.

If BN is ever serious of taking Selangor back from the grasp of Opposition, then the Federal Government has to decide on this pressing matter very quickly. A lot at stake here. After all, Prime Minister Najib is the UMNO Liaison Chief for the wealthiest state in the federation.

Probably its time issues pertaining to Malaysia Airlines be taken into the streets and the rakyat demonstrate their utmost displeasure and discontent on how the national carrier has been systematically structured to die. It is even done with the Federal Government being aware of the unhealthy competition they allowed AirAsia to thread into the national carrier’s turf, even for the wrong reasons, justifications and excuses.

If they can allow issues like ‘unfair elections’ be taken to the streets for the third time, then the pride the Jalur Gemilang carrier of the skies should be championed too. This time, by the ordinary blokes on the streets. This is not at all political. Be clear and loud about it. It is about the unequivocal pride of the nation.

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