Pre-medidated attack with malice

Yesterday’s BERSIH 3.0 turned out clear cut what so many anticipated; an attempt to create havoc, chaos and public disorder. It is outright for the benefit of lenses of scheming foreign media and manipulating pro-Opposition new media.

They carefully organized the trump up. They manipulated so called ‘civil society of Malaysians’, to hype their now no longer unsubstantiated ’cause’. Some even resorted to lies, as the means to achieve the end. Decency, was never in their system.

Seven out of eight BERSIH 2.0 demands were either already entertained, taken into consideration, implemented or in the process of being implemented, after the Elections Commission engaged all of these so called ‘pressure and special interest groups’. A Parliamentary Select Committee was formed to look int this. It was part of Federal Government’s transformation policy, plan and roll out program.

The more civil and law abiding amongst the Opposition saw through what their real intentions were. They stood up against their own.

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Tunku Aziz sticks to his anti-rally stand

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CONSCIENCE CLEAR: DAP senator says he will not support actions which are against the law
The area near Dataran Merdeka was quiet and calm after police and City Hall enforcement officers sealed off the square yesterday ahead of today’s planned rally. Pic by Nik Hariff Hassan

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KUALA LUMPUR:  DAP’s Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim will not apologise for voicing out his views against the Bersih rally despite a public tick-off from the party supremo Lim Guan Eng.

In standing by his statement, the DAP vice-chairman said yesterday that he was merely voicing out his views on something which he believed in.

And at the same time, Tunku Aziz said Lim was entitled to issue any statement.

“I made my point based on my personal opinion, belief and conviction. My conscience in this matter is clear,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

The 78-year-old Tunku Aziz said that while he was in full support of citizens’ right to assembly, it does not mean that he supported actions which were against the law.

“I will not apologise for articulating values which I have always held — we must abide by the laws of the land.”

Tunku Aziz stressed that he had no quarrel with his party as his views were made based on personal conviction.

“My quarrel is with Bersih for insisting on a confrontation with the authorities. That to me is a non-starter. The issue is not where it is held but to voice out against unfair electoral practices, so does it matter where it is held? Don’t confuse the issue.”

Tunku Aziz acknowledged that he might have put DAP in an embarrassing light but stressed that he would not compromise when it came to the law.

“I support any movement to ensure free and fair elections but when it comes to breaking law, I draw the line.

“Lonely as it may be to be the lone dissenter, I value my conscience more than anything,” said Tunku Aziz, adding that he was prepared to face any disciplinary action from DAP.

Earlier, Lim accused Tunku Aziz of violating party processes when the veteran politician appeared to break ranks with the opposition by declaring in the Senate on Thursday that he opposed street demonstrations.

“Senator Tunku is alone among the entire DAP central executive committee in his stand on Bersih 3.0,” Lim said yesterday.

He added that Tunku Aziz had not informed the party that he would make his stand publicly and as such, had put DAP in a bad light.


This statement by the DAP Vice Chairman and Senator for Penang came after DBKL disallowed to use Dataran Merdeka for their BERSIH 3.0 assembly and offered the Stadium Merdeka instead. The Police obtained a court order for that.

They were actually civil disobedient.

They defied court order.  They disobeyed the law. They never wanted to assemble, to show they had something to shout aloud. They wanted to create trouble. They provoked the Police. They wanted the Police to act against them, even though after maximizing all restraints (despite Police’s own SOP against public disorder and attempt to create chaos), it is according to the provisions provided by the Police Act (even it enforced together with the newly inacted Peaceful Assembly Act).

Like BERSIH (Nov 2007) and BERSIH 2.0 (July 2011), Opposition Leaders turned up just before hell broke lose. It was a perfectly orchestrated chaos. The Opposition Leaders were right in the neck of the planning, right from day one. They wanted chaos. They wanted havoc. They wanted public disorder. Better still, if they could spread this to other parts of urban Malaysia.

And they actually did that. They prolonged the demonstration. They even attacked the Police and destroyed a Police car.

So for some of the promoters, activists and even organizers to admit that yesterday “turned bad and out of control”, it is all bollocks. Unequivocally, they wanted trouble all along.

Leader Anwar Ibrahim had always wanted to replicate the ‘Arab Spring’ and do a ‘Malaysian Spring’. His ‘Reformasi’ demonstration-tunred-mobstreet violence rolled out the day after the was sacked as UMNO member on 3 September 1998 and two days as Deputy Prime Minister never really got the momentum and result they hoped to achieve.

It was clear since his ‘Reformasi’ days, all of these demonstration-tunred-mobstreet-violence brand of ‘peoples’ power democracy’ were funded by the Neo Con Jews of Washington D.C. and their like-minded ‘tools’ in the form of NGOs. We are willing to bet that yesterday was too, probably with a slight different twist and mode of transfer of funds.

They were systematically playing on previous Police’s reaction to restore order after the provoked demonstration-turned-mobstreet-violence. If they could, they wanted to do a 13 May 1969 all over again.

Unfortunately, they failed. Malaysians should thank the Royal Malaysian Police for their ability to show a lot tolerance and  restraint, against the pressure of sustaining prolonged provocation. It resulted some of their personnel were injured in the line of duty.

Its time to throw the book against these criminals. Malaysian public order, peace and harmony is paramount. Majority of Malaysians decided for this.

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Ulangan pra-13 Mei?

Rakaman rakaman video melalui format Youtube rata rata menunjukan, tidak seperti demonstrasi-bertukar-rusuhan sebelum ini (termasuk semenjak pemecatan Anwar Ibrahim dari Kerajaan dan UMNO pada 2 Sept 1998), majoriti perusuh ialah Bukan Melayu, terutama keturunan Cina. Selama ini, hampir 80% pendemonstrasi dan perusuh adalah orang Melayu.

Apakah ini adalah ulangan sejarah hitam 13 Mei 1969?

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