Clear and Present Danger

The arrest of former Petro Saudi Executive Xavier A Justo in Thailand for extortion provided the insides that it is without doubt that Sarawak Report Editor is part of a very big global conspiracy to topple the UMNO/BN Malaysian Government led by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak.

NST front page story:

‘I will drink when Najib is done’


KUALA LUMPUR: Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, in conspiring with others against Malaysia, had sensationally told Xavier Andre Justo that she was changing the “destiny of one country” and that she would celebrate with a glass of champagne when “Najib is done”.

A shocking new revelation following the Aug 17 jailing of Justo in Thailand also showed Rewcastle-Brown’s true colours and her willingness to break the laws of several countries by helping Justo raise and, then, attempting to launder US$2 million in payment for emails he stole from his former employer, PetroSaudi.

Justo, a Swiss national, is serving a three-year jail sentence in Thailand for blackmailing and extorting his former employer. But the Thai investigation into his case had opened a Pandora’s box of the lengths Rewcastle-Brown and her fellow plotters were willing to go to, to overthrow Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s government.

At the heart of these revelations, according to sources close to Thai authorities, were three-month-long WhatsApp conversations involving Rewcastle-Brown, The Edge Media Group’s Datuk Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat, and Justo, who had offered to sell his stolen data to the highest bidder.

On July 15, the New Straits Times reported that a former editor of the Sarawak Report had claimed that Rewcastle-Brown had forged the documents used to defame 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and Najib in several exposes published by the site.

The editor, Lester Melanyi, was also said to have named several people, including prominent opposition politicians, among those involved in the conspiracy to topple the government. The WhatsApp conversations, sources said, also revealed Rewcastle-Brown’s close ties with jailed opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP lawmaker Tony Pua and former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In one WhatsApp exchange to Rewcastle-Brown on March 19, Ho allegedly wrote: “Your article editorialises in a way that shows you are out to oust the Prime Minister… We are accused of working with you with (the) purpose of ousting the pm.” She replied: “I have done this story not you… Fulfil your commitment and I walk away and I tell nobody.” She later discussed “maybe we have changed the destiny of one country”.

And in June, she wrote: “We are setting up for one last crack before the (Sarawak) state election… I will drink some when Najib is done… I have picked up the story through Anwar’s people… I have used Dr Mahathir to get other sources of information.” Justo has claimed that he was promised US$2 million in exchange for data he stole from his former employer.

He had told Singapore’s The Straits Times in a prison interview recently that he was never paid what he was promised by a prominent Malaysian businessman.

Thai sources later identified the Malaysian businessman as The Edge’s Tong. In a subsequent interview, Justo claimed that a deal on the sale of the documents was reached in Singapore in February, which was followed by lengthy discussions on how he would be paid.

The group of people he met in Singapore to negotiate the sale of the data were named in a 22-page confession Justo made to Thai police. Justo had echoed what Thai police said recently, that his confession was backed up by documents, including a record of his WhatsApp conversations with the buyers.

“All of what is written in my confession, most of it is proven by email conversations, WhatsApp messages I have had with (them).” Rewcastle-Brown had agreed to receive the US$2 million from the buyer and send him US$250,000 a month for consultancy services, he claimed. “I don’t know if she received the money or not, (because) I was arrested,” he said.

“I have no idea.” Thai sources said based on the extensive WhatsApp conversations, Rewcastle-Brown also explained how she would help Justo raise and, then, launder the US$2 million. She first attempted to use SJS Limited in Singapore to channel the funds, working with her brother, SJS director Patrick Rewcastle.

On March 19, she confirmed the commission for the illegal transfer, stating: “The guy wants to charge my brother €67,000. I am sure he will do without cheating.” She later offered the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund as a channel for the US$2 million, writing on April 22: “He can pay Bruno Manser Fund if he likes.” She finally agreed to sell a stake in Sarawak Report to pay Justo.

Here are some of her conversations with Justo: May 19, 16:32: He wants to pay through BVI (British Virgin Island) company!! It will look horrible in my published accounts! I will talk it through face to face. Better than dealing with awful KT. May 19, 16:37: They will say I criticise BVI companies but use them myself. Sigh. May 19, 17:11: I am campaigning to prevent these tax havens. They will call me hypocrite. I will not make a fuss till I see them and can work out a solution with Tong direct. Brown had, in the past, rubbished the allegations against her as “bunkum”.

“What I have presented on 1MDB, and has been clarified by The Edge and corroborated by several other official sources is a coherent explanation of events, versus the dodging, changing stories of 1MDB.” Tong and Ho had issued a statement on July 24 in response to the Justo interview in The Straits Times. Both said they misled Justo and it was the only way to get a hold of the evidence. They also said they did not pay anyone to get the story. “We have done nothing wrong.”

Thai police arrested Justo, 48, on June 22 at his spacious residence on the resort island of Koh Samui. Justo, a former head of IT at the London office of PetroSaudi, admitted that he had stolen company data — some 90 gigabytes worth — when he left in 2011.

He said he asked PetroSaudi for more money in 2013, but it turned him down. Subsequently, through a contact in Geneva with connections in Malaysia, he was introduced to Rewcastle-Brown, whom he later met in Bangkok at the Plaza Athenee Hotel, and in Singapore, at the Fullerton Hotel. In Singapore, she was accompanied by the others named in his confession.

The NST made repeated attempts to reach Rewcastle-Brown, Ho and Tong for a response. But at press time, none responded to the queries.

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Rewacastle-Brown’s Sarawak Report is one of those ‘organisations’ that get funding from Neo-Con Jewish organisations such as Global Witness and Open Society Forum for the ‘Agenda’ with the excuse of promoting civil society,  liberalism, universal values and democracy and freedom of expression and information.

The channel funds through various layers of NGOs and organisations that promoted ‘freedom of expression and information’, ‘democracy’, ‘liberal thinking’, ‘liberal society’, ‘pluralism’, ‘LGBT’, ‘universal values and rights’ and the excuse goes on.

The layered network of Neo Con Jewsih fundings to NGOs

The layered network of Neo Con Jewsih fundings to NGOs

The funds are channeled through activists and Opposition leaders and it is a strategy that these personalities and NGOs are being continuously funded. However, these Neo Con Jewish financial backers would expect some of their agenda be translated and rolled out, which include the escalation of issues of contention and controversies been brought up into a scandal which warrants the people to do massive demonstration.

At the moment, Rewcastle-Brown is being sought by the Royal Malaysian Police where a warrant of arrest had been issued by Kuala Lumpur High Court for “Activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy under Section 124B and 124I of the Penal Code”.

Rewcastle-Brown is an integral part of the intricate network of conspiracists to topple Prime Minister Najib and his Government, which involves Opposition leaders and their operatives from the business community.

The manipulate information and laced it with fabricated lies, to be sensationalised into chronic controversies then compound it further with other trumpeted manipulated information crafted with lies. It is design to irritate, anger and turn the masses into violent demonstration, using connotations like ‘universal rights’, ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’, ‘integrity’, ‘cronysim’ and ‘tyranny’ and ‘oppression’.

They carefully plan and bomb the masses using social media and apparatus with the advancement of technology to get the message across and instigate and incite the masses, especially the younger generation. This is a reoccurring model that has been tested and proven to be very potent.

They have successfully done this before in North African countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and Ukraine. They tried to topple President Ahmadinejad in Iran using the Facebook but failed.

The rabid and venomous Sarawak Report attacks first started against then Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud. Then the same fabricated lies being echoed against Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman.

It has since shifted towards Prime Minister Najib, carefully and consistently building on the 1MDB stories. Added to the attack are the incessant Opposition leader’s echoing the same stories, is about getting the rakyat to rise against the Government.

They connivingly use NGOs to misguide their true intentions of getting the masses riled up and rise through various forms and layered ‘discourse events’, in their effort to topple Prime Minister Najib.

It first started on the ‘Malay Special Rights Issues’, ‘Apostasy’, ‘Kalimah Allah in Bible’, ‘LGBT’, ‘Fair and Free Elections’ and so forth. Even they used ‘Lynas’ as one of the point of contention to get the masses riled up against the Federal Government.

They continue the same tone and mode with the ‘Black 505’ nationwide rallies days after BN retained 133MPs in the 222 seats Parliament. And more recently, the BERSIH version 4.0.

Recently, they even got the Transparency International Head to demonstrate their rudeness here, in the name of ‘combatting corruption’. The fact is that, Transparency International is being funded by Neo Con Jewish financial backers.

The unanswered issues and alleged scandals in 1MDB which was first brought into hyped knowledge by Sarawak Report, has gotten the Opposition leaders to ride on the same gravy train. Not until when Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad started to jump into the bandwagon, a nationwide grouse begins to growl.

Regardless, the matter which has been escalated to be scandalous has since being under investigation by several law enforcement agencies, Parliamentary select committee on public accounts and the Auditor General. Prime Minister Najib himself ordered all these investigations to run co-currently.

The fact is that the Opposition have been attempting to topple the UMNO/BN led Federal Government since pre-12GE with HINDRAF and BERSIH rallies in 2007. There after, two other BERSIH rallies were organised.

It simply did not work. The best Opposition got was on 12GE in 2008 where they denied BN for a 2/3 majority in Parliament and took over control in five states. The next 13GE saw BN dipped seven seats in Parliament but managed to wrestle two out of five seats back from the Opposition.

UMNO also saw the increase of MPs in Parliament from 79 in 12GE to 88 after the 13GE. It is the single largest party in Dewan Rakyat.

The Opposition, their operatives in the business community and their foreign backers and Neo-Con Jewish friends are aware that the demography of the electoral would impede their plan to put the minority into power. Hence, they have to resort of ‘extra-democratic’ strategies to  arrived in their desired objective.

Now that the Opposition pack ‘The-(un)holy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows’ dubbed Pakatan Rakyat has failed, it would be much harder for them to come into power through democratic means of ballot papers.

Thus, the Opposition leaders have to work harder getting their foreign backers and aides from their Neo Con Jewish friends, to continue the strategy of getting the Malaysian public to be instigated into a ‘people’s power’ movement, for the purpose of toppling the UMNO/BN led Prime Minister Najib’s Government.

These attempts to get the general Malaysian public to be riled up and rise against and topple the Government, through continuous speeches and rallies and a series of street demonstrations, dubbed ‘Malaysian Spring’ would eventually reach a point of critical mass and successful.

By then, Malaysians would suffer the fate of citizens from countries like Syria, Egypt and Libya suffered. The peaceful, harmonious and prosperous Malaysia would just turn into failed state of paupers and streams of Malaysians would sought refuge, the same scene as the world is watching now in Italy, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France and United Kingdom.

In the age of advancement of speed and size of information through mobile devices, personal computers and also traditional electronic media, it does not take much effort to dissipate the wrong information with the intent to manipulate and rile up the intentions some of the people.

Then these instigated people would in the riled up spirit and anguish would be expressing themselves over eagerly where the  reaction, usually where the majority would be drawn in, would definitely be inviting into something ugly. That is something these conspiracists hoping to arrive since they are unable to convince the majority to get them into power, through the proper democratic means.

It is clear and present danger when Rewcastle-Brown said, “maybe we have changed the destiny of one country”. It is time to encircle the wagon.

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