The IJN disembowelment, part II


Late last year, bloggers carried stories about the national heart institute (IJN) was supposed to be privatised as a fully-fledged private heart hospital and conglomerate Sime Darby Bhd. was to take over and run the operations completely as private entity, just like the SJMC. The privatisation effort was stunted as bloggers went to town with the story, and creating a public concern. Even former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad vehemently rejected the proposed privatisation of IJN. Federal Government abruptly reversed the decision of the IJN BOD.

IJN was created during Fourth Prime Minister (then Dato’ Seri) Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s time to have a purpose built heart institute for the Malaysian public. Since then, IJN which already served 1.5 million patients, has successfully carried out over 41,700 coronary artery by-pass (CABG) surgeries and 95,500 angiograms and angioplasties to all walks of Malaysian lives, is by far the most successful government-purpose-built-heart-hospital in the world. IJN was run as a corporatised body (wholly owned by MOF Inc.) for maximum efficiency, on behalf of the Government and worked in full tandem with Ministry of Health (MOH). It has won acclaimed validation from respected heart hospital such as the renowned Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins hospitals of the United States. The most famous patient is Tun Dr. Mahathir, whose second CABG in September 2007 drew world wide attention as he was 82 then.

It seems the IJN BOD and management did not stop there. There is a fresh proposal to privatise the government facility. Management managed to obtain the full resolution of the BOD and full blessing of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) to do a Widespread Asset Unbundling (WAU) scheme to separate the operations within IJN and created new subsidiaries. WAU was first introduced by the Economic Adviser Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yaackop for the asset restructuring of heavily geared Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and creation of Penerbangan Malaysian Bhd. as the SPV to undertake the holding and ownership of all MAS assets, especially aircrafts. Today, former MOF II Nor Mohamad is now Cabinet Minister in charge of EPU.

Currently, IJN as a corporate body exist in the form where IJN Holdings Sdn. Bhd. wholly owned IJN Hospital (which owned and operate the national heart instutute  in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur), IJN Capital (an SPV to issue syariah compliant commercial papers such as Sukuk), IJN College (for the training of heartcare professionals, which is actually paid by IJN Hospital) and IJN International (to spearhead overseas operations). Recently, Ernst and Young did an operational study and review the limitations (dated 13 October 2009)  and eventually someone came up with a restructuring proposal. The E & Y report showed that IJN Holdings is managed by a BOD and a CEO is appointed to run the corporate affairs where else a Medical Director runs the hospital.

Initially sixteen years ago, there was only IJN Sdn. Bhd. IJN was restructured to the current form when funds was raised for the on going expansion RM 300 million (initial proposal) 157 beds, 2 operation theatres and 2 cardiology laboratories  new wing, which then the newly formed parent company IJN Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (via IJN Capital Sdn. Bhd.) raised partly from RMK 9 budget and remaining RM 209 million from Sukuk Musyawarah raised by RHB Sakura Merchant Bank on 29 July 2005.


The new proposal is to decentralise and fragmentise IJN even further. New subsidiaries such as IJN Services (JV Co for hospital suppor services), IJN Assets (holds buildings and equipments and maintains the facilities) and IJN Pharmacy (Pharmacy business). It is apparent that IJN will emerge as a full fledged business entity with each subsidiaries’ KPI apart from improved effeciency is to make money.

The role of the pyhsicians, anaesthetists, surgeons and paeditrician cardiologists of IJN would be completely limited to the IJN Hospital, which is deemed just an operator within the group. The current Medical Director emminent cardiologist Dato’ Seri Dr. Robaayah Zambahari is expected to be appointed as IJN  Hospital CEO for a contract of one year. It is expected that the soon to be appointed as IJN Hospital Deputy CEO is emminent cardio thoracic surgeon Dato’ Mr. Azhari Yakub, who will succeed her then after. Cardio thoracic surgeon Dato’ Mr Rozali Watooth of SJMC is expected to be appointed as the Chairman of IJN Hospital. Many believed the honour should go to Tan Sri Dato’ Mr. Yahya Awang, a renowned cardio thoracic  surgery veteran and former Medical Director of IJN.

If making money is the objective of this corporate exercise, then it will defy the spirit and intention of the inception of IJN when Tun Dr. Mahathir envisaged to provide Malaysians with better health care twenty years ago. The dedication of IJN healthcare professionals is unsurpassed, which include the success of having a heavily subsidised cardio thoracic transplant unit, for the purpose of life preservation.

The end game of this corporate exercise is unclear. If IJN Holdings Sdn. Bhd. intended to make money from the operations and subsidiaries (deemed to be full profit centres), then one could only speculate that an IPO would not be too far in the future since the 41,000 successful CABGs track record is a very good testament for a private hospital. On the other hand if this corporate exercise fails, then it would justify to eventually hive of part or the whole group to business entities, such as the Sime Darby group. Naturally, some people would benefit from such activities, which include all the corporate advisory work. Either way, the disembowelment of the IJN with the intention to make profit could not be viewed as anything else but short changing the rakyat.

Regardless, the Medical Director has been invited by EPU to present the proposed restructuring plan to Prime Minister Najib on 27 October. It expected that an announcement will follow suit. We at BigDogDotCom pray that Prime Minister Najib do the right thing to live up to ‘Rakyat didahulukan’ 1 Malaysia slogan, since IJN in the past sixteen years have proven themselves to be ‘Pencapaian diutamakan’.

The title ‘Mr.’ is used to define these fine cardio thoracic surgeons. Since they are fellows of the illustrious colleges of surgeons (FRCS) either Edinburgh, Glasgow and/or Australia, then we should honour their membership within the surgery fratenity.


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  1. Damn good scoop Big Dog. Congrats!

    • Thank you. It means a lot to be acknowledged by The Bloggo-Journo who is now a CE of major English afternoon daily.

      Think what will happen to Malaysians. If the 1.5million patients already served the past 16 years, that’s an average 100,000 per year, 3,300 patients per day (take out the 52 Sundays and public holidays). That is 330 patients serves in an hour, which translate to 5 patients every minute!

      We must honour these TRUE MALAYSIAN HEROES!


  2. Lepas satu , ke satu hal lain pulak. Tamak sungguh manusia ni sampai benda yg terang2 tak memberi masalah kepada gomen, dan dah byk bantu rakyat nak diambil juga. Kalau benda yang menguntungkan semua nak takeover dari gomen. Kalau benda rugi? Serah balik kepada gomen. Kalau mcm tu anak aku yang Form 1 pun boleh meniaga.

    IJN privatisation wannabe is SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Guess who will be the Underwriter when IPOs are exercised?…….. Cina India Melayu Barua!

    • CIMB? wow. najib must do something quick.

      • Yes…
        Quick Give thy brother thou’s support

  4. They never stop, do they? Damn those fellows. The CEO and his cohorts appear to be the culprits. Do find out their details and expose them, Big Dog.

    They are supposed to be mending hearts not injure those with feelings for the downtrodden, the non-corporate guys and the average Joe that Tun Dr Mahathir must have envisaged to also benefit, at low rates, from IJN. If these blokes have their way, only corporate fellows – and only big corporations, at that – will be the major beneficiaries. Making money from people’s hearts. Bloody b…….!

    I’ve been wondering about this TS Nor Mohamad Yaackop. What is DS Najib’s calculations in having him be i/c of EPU. As I’ve been wondering about Omar Ong being pushed into Petronas BOD for a second time despite being rejected the first time, apparently on grounds of not repaying his Petronas study loan. Are there any links? Are they part of an undisclosed grand design?

    I read about the query some people already expressed whether there is a race or competition at amassing wealth among leading politicians. You yourself have published the report about Mat King Leather Anwar said to have RM2 billion after 7 years of Finance Ministership. He has been able to talk about frog leaping, onviously on money baits, even about September 2008 “katak lompat coup d’ etat”, which now is celebrated by DS Najib’s announcement of another public holiday. If the allegation is true, it is perhaps reasonable to think that his arch enemies should want bigger sums than RM2 billion to counter the Pak Shiekh’s katak lompating schemes.

    I hope to God that the IJN, the OO in Petronas and other difficult-to-understand decisions made in recent times are not headed along that direction.

    Do dig, Big Dog. We support you fully. You lead and
    we’ll provide the chorus. We must not allow people to make money at the expense of the average guy, like the Johor SEDC re Subang Medical Centre etc have done. Others have followed suit. They must look elsewhere than the big chunk of real estate in and around the hospital compounds.

    Widespread Asset Unbundling must, instead, unbundle other assets of theirs, if they have any – the problem may be they don’t and want to eat other people’s hearts out, instead of theirs. Thank God Sime Darby under Tun Musa was sensitive enough to back down from the previous IJN privatisation attempt after loud public protests. Let’s protest loudly again this time and get those fellows do their unbundling elsewhere.

    • Thanks.

      There is so much bloggers can do in the bloggosphere. To create awareness is something we have been proud of.

      The rakyat needs to take the awareness created further and pressure the Government and decision makers, just like the proposal to hive of IJN to Sime Darby and the new LCCT by Sime Darby late last year/early this year. The pressure must come physically and not just virtually.

  5. The WAU exercise of MAS only leads to complacency by Dato Fuad, the new mgmt team after Tan Sri Mohd Nor.

    Without the pressure of paying interest on loan, the MAS mgmt did not bother about operating profit.

    Is IJN is to held at ransom as a hospital without asset?

    • What we should be concern is what if MOF Inc sell off the assets (since its fully developed) for the benefits private hospitals like Gleneagles (subsidiary of the famed Mount Elizabeth Hospital of Singapore) in Malaysia and by-pass the entire development process.

      BTW, Khazanah Holdings have interests in Gleneagle Hospital in Malaysia. Since Khazanah in the last five years have shown considerable interests in ROIs more than serving the rakyat, then we dont think we can bank on Khazanah’s refusal on temptation to make money.

      • They can jolly well make money like big businesses always do. But not from MOF Inc and not on IJN and facilities meant for the average guy.

        MOF Inc must use the tender system if they want to privatise any assets or operations. Bloody hell, whatever MOF Inc owns, belongs to the rakyat. Surely they know that. Don’t they have any decency any more, any moral scruples, any sense of responsibility as custodian of public properties? What are they doing? Why are they talking about “kepentingan rakyat” and “rakyat di dahulukan”?

        Here’s my plead to DS Najib: Please stop these nonsense. Please tell your cabinet members to carry out and implement the concept in your slogan to the letter – kepentingan rakyat. If they already know, pls check them yourself. Get the Minister i/c of Ministerial performance to monitor such things as privatisation very closely.

        In general, MOF Inc and EPU can and must use the tender system. Advertise the project. Pre-qualify interested parties. Call for competitive bidding from at least 5-6. Determine the evaluation criteria. Cost, methodology etc.

        Bloody hell, the MOF and EPU know all these. Why the hell they are not doing them? Why is the Minister i/c of EPU calling just one party to discuss? Incorrect, improper, indecent, dubious and smells a lot of rot. And rats.

  6. salam….
    anda masih dalam proses mengenal demokrasi kapitalisama…
    sistem lain yang menggunakan platform demokrasi untuk meneruskan agenda kapitalis…
    yang sedia ada boleh ditiadakan,dan yang mustahil ada boleh di ada-adakan bergantung kepada kemahuan nafsu untuk membolot segala harta kekayaan,walaupun ianya bukan hak tapi dihalalkan asalkan namanya kemajuan ekonomi…salah?tolong betulkan!

  7. The finer points of the proposed privatization plans of IJN are yet to be disclosed and until then I reserve my negative comments on the cost benefit to the rakyat.

    Part 1 had involved Sime Darby thus I was against it simply because the former 1st Family was said to have an indirect interest through their significant holding in Sime. In this case, as Sime is no longer involved, then I will view the privatization proposal differently. The proposal this time round maybe to substantially address rising inflationary burden including staffing morale, improve greater efficiency and productivity, rising additional funding to expand activities while enhancing the public image of IJN to a higher stature. What’s important is present and past political figures should not benefit direct or indirectly in the scheme while cost benefit to the rakyat is sustained. So let’s wait and see the final proposal by the Management of IJN rather than jump the gun with wild accusations. That said, I agree it’s a good scoop by Bigdogcom.

    • We must shoot it before it crystallizes. Or solidifies.

      I agree with the view that, first, IJN should be preserved for the benefit of the average people, not for making tons of money mainly from the well-moneyed “clients” (rather than patients).

      Secondly, whatever MOF or EPU assets that are to be privatised must be done on competitive and transparent basis.

      I think shoot the idea even at this stage. We don’t even know the selection criteria used, if any, in aclling the party(ies) concerned for discussions. Could it be that they happened to find the way to the EPU Minister’s office and then showed to the PM’s room? Or it has been arranged? (“Sudah di atur” – kalau di Indonesia, semua “bisa di atur”, kalau ada korupsi, semua boleh di diskusi!).

      • Itu ngak boleh bikin di sini Pak. Kalau bikin jugak, nanti rakyat berontak.

        Satu cara rakyat berontak, buang undi ke dalam kantong, Pak! Bukan ke dalam tong undi. PRU13 bukan begitu lama lagi, dong.

        Hati hati lah pemimpin kalian! Jangan korupsi. Susah rakyat, sih!

  8. Saudara,

    Sebelum ini juga ada berita yang tidak diterima baik apabila Omar Ong hendak dijadikan pengarah Petronas. Selepas agak hebat ditentang, senyap sekejap, tup-tup timbul balik dan Omar Ong jadi juga pengarah Petronas (?)

    Sama juga dgn kes IJN ini. Dulu dah ribut sekejap. Kini timbul lagi. Akan jadi ke pengswastaan IJN ini?

    Mungkin selepas ini timbul pulak lagi Airport Ke-3 kat daerah Labu bagi AirAsia?

    Dalam hal ini, saya lebih ingin mendengar penjelasan DS Najib sebagai PM? Main silap mata ke?

    “Jangan Hancurkan Negara ini wahai PM”

    Semerah Padi

    • Nak tguk slogan “rakyat diutamakan” tu, betul2 atau “gula2” saja. Jika hanya “gula2” baik tidak payah slogan. Dan jgn lupa PR13 nnt, kerajaan yg sombong yg tidak mahu memikirkan rintihan rakyat, sudah pasti akan dihukum sekali lagi. Ahli2 UMNO tidak akan sekali2 memaafkan dosa2 pemimpin yg menyebabkan hancurnya UMNO.

  9. Don’t these grubby hand idiots ever give up. There is a moral issue here. Its about AFFORDING the rakyat a chance to LIFE and LIVE, for god’s sake.

    Dear PM, PLease do something and stop these nonsense. You have walk the walk. Now walk the talk. We 1Malaysians will not be so forgiving the next time round.

  10. bd one name missing n watch it will come up in the radar that merican fella who is the worst dg of health we had.

    • For the record, DG of Health Services Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican is a BOD of IJN Holdings and IJN Hospital. Collectively, he is part of the decision making process, then (the proposal to hive of IJN to Sime Darby end of last year) and now.

      However, we are not certain his actual position (as a representative of MOH) in this proposed deal.

  11. Just ask them take over Indah Water and turnaround the shit company if they think they are “Corporate Expert”.. heheheheh

  12. Money money money….is the richman world… money money….is the richman world….

  13. IMHO, DSNTR should start shooting/terminating those ‘advisors’ who give advises just to ensure their pockets are very full at the expense of the Rakyat.

    ‘Rakyat didahulukan’ itu lebih penting dari ‘Pencapaian Diutamakam’ untuk segelintir Datuk/Dato/Tan Sri/dll.

  14. […] Menarik: Zakhir kata, IJN nak diciluk sekali lagi. Baca di sini. […]

  15. Setelah beberapa tahun dilanda wabak flip-flop, kita harap kes IJN ini pada akhirnya menjelmakan consistency dalam keputusan terdahulu dan rakyat-friendly in all respects.

  16. Biggum,
    Very nice expose.
    Ini semua kerja scoundrel aka con sultan.
    Mau untung commission atas angin at rakyat expense….. trademark Bina Fikir and Black Midas.,

    Najib, please walk the talk or I walk to PR again.
    We Rakyat took 5 years to kick out PL, if Najib not careful he will be out within one year.

  17. Kenapa tak cakap nak tendang DAP diPenang dulu????

    Dulu DAP bukan main kata UMNO rasis, diskriminasi dll. Tengok apa sudah jadi? DAP tak peduli pun Kg Buah Pala! Cuba kalau ada Cina dlm kg tu???

    Sama cam pusat sembelih babi haram Kg Berjaya Alor Star! DAP mati mati perangi Azizan sebab yg penting bagi Cina kena usik!!!!

    DAP ni lagi bahaya dari PakLah Badawi AlFlip-Floppy! Mengayakan anak menantu tak sejahanam bakor sentimen rasis dan lepas tu hasut Org Cina kunun kunun Melayu dlm Kerajaan tindas dan zalimi Cina!!!!

    Tengok 13 Mei! Cina DAP arak keranda Cina kominis yg ditembak Polis diKepong sambil hasut Cina KL benci Melayu Kg Baru!

    Kenapa tak tendang PKR dari selangor????

    Dah lah MB salahguna kedudukan utk buat korban, Exco betina jalang pun dipertahankan! Kegagapan MB menyebabkan berlaku kes kuil S23!!!!

    • Bravo bangsaku. Looks like we are aware of so much and so much more to do!
      Semoga Allah selamatkan kita


  18. […] The IJN disembowelment, part II Late last year, bloggers carried stories about the national heart institute (IJN) was supposed to be privatised as a […] […]

  19. They are thieves. Again we can smell Black Midas Nor Mohd Yakob’s dirty hands in this deal.

    Here is the end game : as you say IJN will be broken up (pharmacy under one company, cleaning and removal of organic stuff another company, asset ownership one company etc). Each one will then be sold off to cronies.

    70% or more of IJN clients are Govt staff and retired pensioners. What does this mean? It means the Govt pays for their medical bills. This is a goldmine.

    Here is an example : a pensioner goes in for a bypass operation. He may only pay some basic few hundred Ringgit subsidised fees.

    But the Govt will still foot the full cost and pay IJN about RM20,000 – the cost of a bypass.

    If IJN is privatised, this RM20,000 payment by the Govt will go to the new crony owners. Presently IJN’s revenue goes back to the Govt since the Govt owns IJN.

    Guess what? After this privatisation, IJN will increase their prices. Maybe the cost of a bypass will become RM30,000. No problem. The pensioners will still pay the basic few hundred Ringgit. It makes no difference to the pensioners. But the Govt will fork out the full RM30,000 for each bypass operation to the new privatised IJN.

    This is called ‘cap duit’. Same crap, just on a different day.

    This will cost the Govt many votes in the next GE13. You are right. What happened to Najib’s call ‘People First’ atau ‘Rakyat di Utamakan’?

    We want a complete stop to all this crony bullshit. Black Midas Nor Mohd will cost the BN plenty of votes. Just watch out.

    • The question is:

      Is Black Midas Nor Mohd acting in his own or is he part of a group wanting to compete with Mat Leather King Anwar allegedly having RM2-3 billion Ringgit amassed during his Finance Ministership?

      Who others belong to the group? Is Omar Ong also involved? If he is, who others are involved?

      Damn them all. Tak ada hati. Heartless.

    • Laksa Mana,

      You have nailed it on the head. We need to have a legislation to protect the Rakyats interest in institutions like these as a “Heritage”, whereby grubby hands cannot get their dirty hands on.

      Thank you

  20. Setuju with the opinion that siapa mahu ambil Institiut Jantong Negara into their grand business design itu tidak ada jantung, tidak ada hati, heartless.

    Those involved in that design should be placed on the operating table, their chests opened up to see dia ada jantung ke. If they are IJN personnel, have their colleagues cut them up. Kalau tak ada jantung, jangan jahit lagi, mah.

  21. Big Dog,

    Bagus hang ni. Expose mereka2 yang nak jahanamkan negara. Apa kata kalau hang bukak cerita pasal repot Audit Negara. Nampak gaya perompak2 yang aku percaya kebanyakannya orang kita bermaharajalela menghabiskan duit rakyat.

    Aku terkilan bila Datok Najib cakap kita akan ambil tindakan terhadap mereka2 ni. Soalannya kenapa baru nak ambil tindakan, tiap2 tahun audit cakap perkara sama. Patut dah ramai kena tendang.

    Tak puas hati betul aku..


  22. Will this end like Mustapha Ong’s story? No matter how much the protest, semua pointless. After all, general election lambat lagi.

    • You do mean Omar Ong, instead of Mustapha Ong, right?

      The Ethos Consuliting Supremo younger Ong has recently been appointed to BOD of Petronas where else the elder Ong was a former somewhat controversial Kementerian Penerangan man attached to several Malaysian embassies abroad.

  23. What the hell mate, what the hell. Good job on the expose, Big Guy. We have to get like a campaign against this preposterous proposal, while it is still a proposal.

  24. rumour has it there are alot of top management in IJN who paid for their MBA’s … and IJN has reimburse them… what a waste of good money this people are to be exposed… Black Midas Nor Mohd Yakob’s are best friend with the gorila of IJN the CEO Radzif.. it is a just a political game… maybe you all should look into the Gorila finances before he joined IJN and what he currently owns… it seems the gorila is going to the US with his girlfriend that works in the same office as he does… humm… there is a big rift created by the Gorila to break up the medical support he has pitched the cardiologist againts the cardiothoracic … pulling in favours to whom ever supports him… sick… IJN was a happy place to work before he came in… about 2 years back IJN staff threw a party as the Gorila was about to join the former Chairman of IJN in Pantai.. after spending money on the kenduri n gifts.. the Gorila thick skinned pulled his resignation letter back…as Black Midas Nor Mohd Yakob’s told him there is more $$$ to make out there… ask any UEM contractor.. who is doing work in IJN.. how much $$$ has been pumped and where… the big fat Gorila is shitting bricks now as his partner the ever so dashing single playboy of IJN has jumped ship.. joining ECER.. before he left he staged a good show by asking his neighbour to steal laptop belonging to the Gorila… that contains juicy information on how the $$ is moving from IJN to Gorila to … Black Midas Nor Mohd Yakob’s and other ppl… the staff in IJN has been sloging for years n this is how they are repayed… certain ppl with dubious degrees claiming reimbursements… former chairmans company is given the contracts to do decorations for festive seasons.. and he charges them every month.. more so if it is Hari Raya or CNY… Shame on you Radzif… you should quit as the CEO.. and stop dreaming of becoming IJN’s MD.. coz you dont desrve it… MACC… pls Check the books in IJN.. who are benefiting from Govt’s $$$ it is not the rakyat but a select few devils that are bleeding the Famous Heart Dry…. and do me a great favour check up on Radzif’s background how he was a failure and was almost declared a bankrupt… today he is a Datuk not because of merit but a powerful political figure that is teaching him the ropes on how to bleed the Govt dry… and feed his cronies.. by the way when are the two love birds getting married…?

    • taboo,

      Bloody good inside job. Let us have more expose’. Pull out the dirty linen. We must get the bloke out of there. If we don’t have the power of the BOD, we can sit on BD’s power of the pen. We can outpower the DODek and kelepek.

      Let’s carry on this discussion here in this post. I’m sure BD doesn’t mind. We have a cause to fight for here. Jangan kasi those bas….. mmelaknat di sana sini. Enough of bloody corruption and cronyism. Enough of bleeding the national coffers, enough of abuse of MOF power. Enough of project approvals without competitive bidding.

      • OK taboo,

        I now have read BD’s next post. We can move our discussion there.

        Pls carry on with exposing more of the shit at IJN at the latest post. There must not be shit and bad smell for the heart patients and visitors at IJN.

    • tsk tsk tsk .. shame on you. remember everytime you blame one person four fingers are pointing back at you. you must be such sour grapes to go into other people’s matters. insya’allah i pray that Allah will give you your justice in “membuat fitnah!” amin ya rabbalalameen. Pegi cari kerja lain lah kalau asyik nak mencari dosa sahaja.

    • latest news is that this gorilla has found a new place and brought his sweet maid with him…also a group of monkeys to help him spend money in this company owned by MOF!!

      wonder why he is still around…and why the job was given to him…quarters say that he cant do the job that’s why he brought his lover boy who was in cold storage before to help him out…oops to help him suck out more money from this place like what he did in IJN…to contractors…consultants…all connected to him…and his croonies…

      Gorillas will always be gorillas…leopard will never lose its spot..

  25. […] through the media this evening on the proposal to ‘privatise’ part or whole of the IJN, an expose’ carried first by BigDogDotCom. has the […]

  26. Your article is unclear. Are you unhappy they are restructuring? You havent quite explained how the rakyat will lose or benefit? There are such things as corporate non-for profit medical institutions. IE Mayo Clinic, ie Cleveland Clinic. All of which are nonprofit, run by CEOs paid a million dollars/yr, have individual KPIs, have turnovers of 4 billion dollars annually and provide excellent care for people under their umbrella, and lead medical care. These companies work.

    After reading your article, Im not clear if you understand exactly the impact of corporate restructuring, because there are no details about that now. you just seem to indicate something is going to change – and rakyat will be f*cked somehow as consequence, but no details how.

    Come on!

  27. How come this sought of stuff dont happen in Singapore..

    ANSWER: All cases are distributed to wherever the patients want to go and Insurance+CPF pays for it…

    IJN…is a monopoly….and like all monopolies…greed and slack creep in with loads of free loaders, hangers on and prima donnas hanging on….IJN is no different ….the public’s been conned and they dont even know it…

  28. […] again with the controversial decision of hiving off IJN to Sime Darby made public and later, another proposal with a privatisation agenda of for the national heart institute. On the proposal of privatisation of Plus Bhd., a statement […]

  29. […] plan to hive off IJN to Sime Darby and later when that proposal failed, to ‘privatise’ for the intent to IPO it in the […]

  30. […] proposal’, within a span of one year. The most recent one, came without much attention until we here at BigDogDotCom highlighted it. The attention caused the Federal Government to quickly review the proposal and decision made for […]

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