Its a mistake!

The Police released Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jeyakumar and five other Parti Sosialis Malaysia bigwigs from detention under Emergency Ordinance late this afternoon. Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar announced this minutes ago:

Published: Friday July 29, 2011 MYT 5:49:00 PM
Updated: Friday July 29, 2011 MYT 6:50:16 PM

IGP: Sg Siput MP Jeyakumar and 5 others released

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said that the Attorney General would decide on the next course of action.

Jeyakumar, M. Sarasvathy, Choo Chon Kai, M. Sukumaran, R. Saratbabu and A. Letchumanan were arrested on June 26 and detained under the EO on July 2.

The six were detained for their alleged involvement in foreign-aided and subversive activities against the nation.


It is strongly believed the consideration to decide on the release of the six is mainly due to political pressures including from the Indian community, at the expense of the investigations so far and decision of the Police who are in charge of internal security. This is despite that the Police discovered Dr jeyakumar did travel to South Thailand to meet up with Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng, twice.

Dr Jeyakumar and thirty others were arrested upon crossing into the border from Penang on 26 June 2011 with materials for the promotion of ‘reliving the communist struggle’, despite the rejection of rakyat Malaysia to the notion. Communist rebels laid down arms in a treaty sealed in Hadyaii, Thailand on 2 December 1989 which ended 54 years of brutal insurgency in Malaya (later Peninsular Malaysia).

This should be seen as the second political mistake by the Federal Government with regards to the drumming up and post failed BERSIH 2.0 ‘street revolution’ on 9 July 2011. The first was despite all the rooms for consultation and warnings by the Police against the planned illegal street demonstration, BERSIH 2.0 Co-Chairman Ambiga Sreenivasan and two others were brought to present themselves to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong. Upon her leaving Istana Negara, she announced that the planned street demonstration is off but it never did.

The release of Dr Jeyakumar and five others should be seen as nothing but a mistake. The Opposition which banked on their entire political strategy on ‘politics of hatred’ and ‘demonisation of law enforcement agencies’ will now on never heed any warnings and/or actions by the Police since they have proven that the Federal Government bend on political pressures in their game of being a ‘populist government’.

Probably the six would be charged for some misdemeanour offence. From ‘attempting to wage a war against His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong’ to some smallish charge is likened the revisit of the mistake which PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did post-HINDRAF demonstration-turned-riot of December 2007 where 31 men were arrested. AG then charged them for ‘Attempting to cause grevious harm to a Policeman on duty’ and eventually on 17 December 2007, went to court again to revoke the charge and  let them all off walking away just like that.

They never learn, did they?

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  1. this decision by the government will definitely demoralised me of government weakness in handling such cases

    As a strong government supporter, i’m very frustrated !!!!!!!!!

    Go to hell lah to all these government nonsence

    • Me also frustrated, bro. But unwilling to say to hell with them because there’s no better alternative. The so-called alternative is worse many times over.

      But I’m happy with BD saying “the revisit of the mistake which PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did post-HINDRAF demonstration-turned-riot of December 2007”. I do fear Najib has appeared to be flip flopping. His bending to the Chinese voters is well known. Even Chua Soi Lek has exploited the situation by calling for the Bumiputera equity target be abolished, resulting in a counter-call in respect of their citizenship right.

      Najib was reported saying when he was in Sabah before the Bersih illegal demonstration that he would leave it to the Police to handle matters, including reportedly “declaring emergency”, meaning, I suppose, the use of the Emergency Ordinance. So those 6 blokes were held under that Ordinance. Why now release them without satisfactory explanation? Hishamuddin said he was visiting the 6, presumably after consultation with Najib – they were together in Kedah yesterday, weren’t they? – and the release must be on Hishamuddin’s/ Najib’s instruction.

      I read about Aliran writing on the seriousness of intent of Dr Jeyakumar fasting, and that he has a heart condition. But isn’t he a heart specialist himself? Can’t he be detained at IJN, provided with a security detail, with 24 hours observation by IJN Specialists? Surely Najib or Hishamuddin should not buckle just by such fears?

      I’m willing to wait for further explanations from the Government, and I hope there will be satisfactory ones.

  2. Hidup dr jeyakumar!

    Problem, bigdog?

    • Yes, small boy. When anti-nationalists, bringing leftist literature, wearing shirts portraying the likeness of Malayan Communist Party figures, and said to be having contacts with communists in India and Nepal, are released into public domain. The citizens have the right to a sense of security.

      • Were they officially charged, and if not, what signal is being sent to the public i.e how are we to interpret this event?

      • Aiyaya punk,

        You no heard about Emergency Ordinance and/or ISA, ha? Where u been all this while, ha? Wat man u.

        And don’t start saying they are draconian laws, etc. The US still practices until today detention without trial, like ISA, in Guantanamo Bay, la. U heard where dat place is? If dunno, say so, I’ll tell u more la.

        Hahaha punk haba haba. (Btw, where’s your friend Jabba Ali Baba?)

      • haba haba sai baba

        You so bad one. I never heard this EO and ISA thingy. Anyways, charge the people officially lorr. Then there is basis for us rakyat to believe i.e. whatever yang wajib “dipercayai”.

        p.s. don’t know where Jabba is; maybe he is shying away cos you insult him too much; Isa as usual is pooping in Kamunting (tak cukup tambang bas nak balik KL, so he missed 079).

      • I’m back, Mister punk5terung,

        Been wondering why you chose that name, checked with the Oxford dictionary and here’s what “punk” means:

        punk = prostitute; rotten wood; worthless stuff, rubbish.

        No wonder, you have been living up to that name, haven’t you?

        And you claim of having “very much exposed myself on the American intransigence and mischief all the across the globe, post WWII”? What a claim. Yet, here you are doing the mischief yourself in this blog, presumably also all across the Internet.

        You have no clue about the Arab Spring that you referred to, amigo. And trying to relate that to the situation in Malaysia. Man oh man, the Arab countries had hardly had democracy, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Ghadafi, the Assads have been ruling on the basis of Emergency powers for 30-40 years, no elections, where there was a Presidential election like in Egypt, it had only one candidate, more like a referendum than an election.

        They are certainly not comparable to Malaysia where there had been general elections every 4-5 years, except during the period of Emergency Rule declared after the race riots of 1969. And Tun A Razak could have continued to rule indefinitely at that time, yet he handed back powers to Parliament only after 18 monhs. Tun Dr Mahathir ruled for 22 years but he had general elections done every 4-5 years as well.

        What “vibrant democracy”, what “check-and-balance” are you talking about when every 4-5 years any government can be toppled by the democratic process, when there has always been a noisy Opposition in Parliament and in the State Legislative Assemblies. You use big words but do you know what they mean, amigo?

        Exposed yourself to international affairs since WWar II my foot.

  3. As usual the government will play safe and try to be popular
    They never ever learned and what made me feel worst was all those in the cabinet try to save their balls and wash hand and thats all
    We already warned them in 2008
    Next time i agree with you whiteorange, to hell all of them

    • This is people power that make the day. If you all are not happy with the BN gov decision, you are welcome to vote for Pakatan.

      • You vote for Pakatan, you’ll face bigger unhappiness. See the racist Lim Kit Siang, the unprincipled and sodomizing Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP-kow towing PAS leaders. Their decisions will make the country go to the dogs.

      • Notwithstanding the distribution of parliamentary seats, electoral votes are split almost 50-50. Are we saying that half of the population are wrong whilst half are right? or is our democracy leading us to ruination?

      • No punk. U r saying it. And u r wrong.

        Who said electoral votes are split 50-50? Merderka Centre ha?

        Don’t believe Merdeka Centre la. It’s Anwar’s thing la. The Director is close to Anwar u dunno know ha?

      • Ibrahim Suffian was a CIA-trained Anwarista to do “Gallup Poll’ on skewed & manipulated issues as a propaganda tool for then ‘Reformasi’ movement. Now, they are still very much a tool of Anwar!

        The work their series of survey questions & samplings to prove their intended results. A real poll should be the other way around. What a political scam!

  4. While we feel that they have made a mistake or appear weak on the outset, there may be reasons unknown to laymen for this decision.

    Already, foreign journalists were not buying the bersih’s “honourable intent”. Ambiga, Anwar, Jeyakumar are pawns in a dangerous agenda that wants Malaysia under foreign control.

    These stooges have NO SAY in how events are run. Of course they get all the legal advice they need, so Malaysian govt has to be very careful NOT to fall into any trap.

    It is critical for the rakyat to stand behind the govt because if they act based on perceptions, the foreign agents will have the upper hand and Malaysia will once again be colonised.

    Like they say, better the devil you know than the angel you just met.

    • I am writing in the spirit of diffifence — of a laymen — for I am unclear how foreigners will dominate or colonise this country. Can anybody help connect the dot and how the modus operandi works?

      In a nutshell, I have very much exposed myself on the American intransigence and mischief all the across the globe, post WWII. Now I am not saying the Americans are the only country that (possibly) wish to dominate other countries. There might be other countries and proxies as well.

      But the clear pattern most observers see is that (whatever is within the interest of Western) the easist country to poke and take control is via proxies of a tyrannical leaders and dictators. As we speak, aspiration of world domination is from the West not the East.

      Also, as we speak the West is actually shivering over the spirit of Arab Spring. They shiver because if the ME is democratically vibrant, they will have a tough time influencing it. You see a clear case btw Tunisia and Egypt. They welcome the ousting of Ben Ali and they were very adamant that Hosni stayed on. But both were tyrannical dictators no doubt.

      What I am coming to is that, a vibrant democracy is the only thing we can cling on to ensure that there is check-and-balance in the society. It is a safeguard against over-arching influence from within and without. (That is why I second greater democratization in the country but this is different and vast topic in itself.)

      Personally, I do not see any hint of Malaysia suffering within the context of paradox-of-plenty or do we?

      If anybody can anyone credibly explain WHY any foreign count(ries) would want to dominate Malaysia (beyond ordinary arm-twisting tactics in global diplomacy), we would have a clearer picture how to paint it in our minds. Thanks.

      • OK, here’s one way how the dots are connected (note that there are other ways, too):

        Bersih has received funding from Washington-based organizations. The Police were reported to be wanting to ask Bank Negara’s help in checking on some 6 personal accounts of Ambiga; one in a bank partly owned by a PR man, has RM160,000. Everybody knows many Washington-based organizations are run, funded or managed by the so-called Neo-Cons, many of whom are Jews of the Zionist kind, very pro Zionist Israel.

        Have you heard about Anwar’s contacts with Jews like Wolfowitz, the ousted President of the World Bank? And Jews like George Soros tried to manipulate the financial market here with his tons of money during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time, taking huge profits out and aimed at bringing ruin to this country so that their kind can exercise control and influence over the economy thereafter?

        My dear chap, colonization in the modern era does not mean a foreign power bringing in their troops and administrative personnel to run the country. They take very subtle forms. Anwar wanting to follow the Asian Development Bank or the World Bank methods of solving the Asian Financial Crisis when he was Finance Minister is one example of subtle control over the country. Read books about how developing countries are made to borrow endlessly from them, paying interest that gives good returns to the lenders at low risks because governments of countries are generally good borrowers and only 1-2 banana republics and the likes of Mexico and Greece go bonkers economically.

        And do you know who the WB and ADB lenders are? And do you know that colonialism is about controlling and taking money from the colonized for the benefit of the colonizers?

      • Oh dear, anyone who has some idea on the gamut of issues surrounding international relations between nation-states, this sort of commentary is really a yawn. Thanks for trying anyway.

      • Aiyoyo punky,

        Just up there you said “I never heard this EO and ISA thingy”. The important laws in your own country. Yet now you imply you have “some idea on the gamut of issues surrounding international relations between nation-states”. What a joke.

        I was about to laugh as a real joke your earlier response to my comment re Jabba etc, But when you said “this sort of commentary is really a yawn”, I now think you really deserve every word that has been said of you in the past and the below.

        You are an anarchist, gangsterish bloke, aren’t you punky? You ask for anyone to explain about dominating Malaysia, Some one did, then you laugh at it don’t you? What an utterly crude, ill-bred and biadab fellow you are. Your parents never taught you to be decent, punky?

        When you disagree, you can simply say so, explain why, counter-argue, give facts or generally acceptable opinions, etc. When you are too stupid to comprehend the explanation, you just thank the fellow and shut up. It’s called decency and decorum in blog commenting. Ada ngarti? Wakaru? Zumaskina? Comprende?

      • punky,

        You said, “In a nutshell, I have very much exposed myself on the American intransigence and mischief all the across the globe, post WWII.”

        Hahaha, joker. You are a nut. Until I see more sense out of what you say, I think what you know or have been exposed to is really a nutshell. Nothing more.

        That’s all my comment this time. Wanna show you how you’d feel when I write the way you often do.

      • If Zionist is our enemy, why we hire APCO and other consulting public relation firm to help manage our government?

        Already got government people say Bersih supported by anti-god komunis, then later pro-god christian, jew, zionist, socialist, chinese, hindu, bla bla bla. Why pro government people cannot be consistent one? Even this EO6 thing should not have been detain in first place.

      • Just like you – you and your kind say all sorts also, Obewan.

    • obewan, just a short response to yr 1st para: we have a leadership problem in this country, our CEO is a hollow persona (indecisive and not really walking his slogans), a person without any creativity and original ideas to move the country forward (unlike his predecessor) **

      ** p.s until today he has not obtained the rakyat’s mandate to be PM

      • Don’t listen to what this fellow says. I agree with the opinion that he is a nut.

      • Not just the ceo, but his cfo, coo, mgmt and what not. When the previous PM tried to make some reform and walk it, all these people start barking and try to sabo him. That is why after najib I do not see anyone of caliber that can replace him.

    • sorry for the typo:

      (unlike his predecessor) should read (unlike TDM)

      • I think a lot of typo on your thoughts and on what you say.

        Haba haba.

  5. Biggie,

    Dr Jeyakumar & bandits hv been proven of actively promoting to relive if not revive the failed communist rebellion of Chin Peng, Rashid Maidin etc. You even said he went to South Thailand to meet Chin Peng twice.

    They were caught with the materials evidently clear that they are promoting the revival of the failed communist rebellion!

    Police arrested them under the very laws that EO & ISA were designed & intended for; combat communist rebellion!

    Now, KDN says theres “Technical errors” & hv to let this six rebels walk free……


    Tell you BN leaders; Be prepared for ALL the servicemen, ex-servicemen & their immediate/extended families to do UNDI ROSAK in PRU 13!

    That much, I’m confident!

    • Now, according to Bernama, Najib says the decision was made by the Police, the Government merely accepted it. I have my doubts and think it’s the other way round.

      Damn, I can’t copy paste even 1-2 paragraphs of the Bernama report. Here’s what appears on the Google News page:

      “Government Accepted Decision By Police To Release Activists – Najib Bernama”

    • I hesitated to reply to the one-liner propaganda by the boy calling himself Malaysian. Because soon his comment might disappear. Stolen by PR goons. Like before. But he adamantly and nonchalantly turns up again and again. Pathetic case.

    • >> Tell you BN leaders; Be prepared for ALL the servicemen, ex-servicemen & their immediate/extended families to do UNDI ROSAK in PRU 13!

      Better yet. Pangkah siapapun, Asalkan Bukan Umno (A.B.U.)

  6. Isa is back! Perhaps a bit mabok after riding the bus express from Kamunting he is delirious misconstruing reading off the website.

    A Vibrant Democracy is Best Safeguard

    We are not saying that Malaysia should emulate Arab spring. We are putting on the thesis, after observing the pattern of intransigence of the Amrikan Empire across the globe, Amrikans intervene most easily when the leader of the nation-state is a tyrannical dictator. Then the thesis goes on saying that the best safeguard is to have a vibrant democracy. We already have a basic form of democracy, good but the democratization should be entrenched further. Then we give an example where the Amrikans are eager to keep Hosni when the population are chanting for democracy. How ironic for the Amrikans to behave that way but you know why.

    The stumbling block against greater democratization in the country is the fear of losing power by those already in power. That is what the story is all about.

    We go on to say that (although Malaysia is relatively resource-rich) we do not see any hint of the case of paradox-of-plenty vis-a-vis foreign influence/domination. Do you see it? If you do let me know.

    Foreign Domination! Really?

    The attempt to connect certain group of people to foreign intervention is plausible but quite hilarious because it is scare-mongering to say the least without any basis of justification. At least the way they present it.

    What are the Issues that Foreigners wish to Influence us?

    Some of these pro-government group do not seem to understand international relations (IR), and they failed to argue on what are the particular issues that foreigners attempt to influence us: is it matters having to do with globalization, state sovereignty/regional power, militaristic pursuits, ecology issues, nuclear proliferation, economic development and international trade, global finance, terrorism, organized crime, human security, human rights, LBGT and so forth.

    Now please tell me, when the opposition comes into power (and assuming they are under your so-called foreign influence) what are the issues that these foreigners wish to influence on us.

    Instead of hearsay and cakap kosong, none of the prevalent so-called pro-government blogs really dissect in the manner that I have delineated in their attempt to explain away why we should fear the spectre of foreign control. Bah!

    • Hah, again implying that only you understand international relations, accuse others cakap kosong, and you try to impress with the big words again, half of which you do not understand fully, WTH.

      Come on, man, it’s OK not to know them fully, it’s OK to disagree, but say so properly, with decency and decorum.

      Heck, you even use Osama Ben Laden style – and use Osama’s pronunciation of the Americans as Amrikans. Come on, rubbish fella, Ben Laden is already dead. Or you don’t believe the Amrikans saying they have shot him dead. And don’t you try to Ben Laden us here in this country. Argue decently.

    • In international relations, behaviour of States have been proven time and time again to be that of realists i.e they work towards state survival and protecting their sovereignty and interests. They also form alliances and a more powerful state will try to form a sphere of influence with it at the core transmitting its hegemonic power. States that orbit within its sphere of influence are not accidental but states that have been cultivated by the powerful hegemon for eg. through financial assistance and military assistance. It is not uncommon for hegemonic powers to cultivate and influence an opposition political party of a sovereign state, by funding it and giving it financial assistance through unofficial channels. What we see in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan are contemporary examples where the hegemons helped topple or undermine governments to install alternative govts.friendly towards their hegemonic aims. The purpose is to ensure governments that will not stage oil embargo towards the hegemon, will help spread the western ideals of democracy that will benefit the west, will not be hostile say , towards the placement of mitary troops from the hegemonic countries, will be a source of export markets for the hegemons and will help crush anti-west idelogies that are very entrenched among the jihadist groups and the terrorists networks.

      The modus operandi in creating the hegemonic sphere of influence is the same everywhere. Assistance and funding will be given to an opposition party in the hope that it’d be repaid in future through policies that would give greater access to the hegemons in terms of politics, economy and military. In the case of Malaysia, the govt.has successfully engaged with many countries through trade and investment, development cooperation, and other areas of functional cooperation. At the same time, Malaysia has certain policies such as no foreign military bases in its territory, no diplomatic ties with the Zionist regime of Israel and it is closely aligned to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and has strong ties with the Arab countries. A change in the government may result in a change in Malaysia’s foreign policy and at this juncture, I guess my fellow commentators in this blog can extrapolate where and in which direction that change could go, depending on how you evaluate it.

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