Be professional about politics (part II)

Earlier, we discussed about how the Opposition is all about manipulation, lies and theatrics. Nothing else. No plans. No implementation programs. No accountability. Just good old pretenders who can’t deliver.

Barisan Nasional, the ruling party is neither free from almost the same sort of personalities. Many are genuine leaders, wanting to serve. However, in the zest to serve politicians must be truthful with themselves.

Tabung Haji is a government agency formed as a savings co-operative for ordinary Malaysian Muslims to afford to do Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam. In the past, many lesser fortunate Malaysians had so save almost a lifetime for them to afford the trip. Tabung Haji enabled them to save and their savings are invested in syariah compliant business ventures like oil plan plantations and property development, to ensure returns for the capital.

This expedited the process of growing the savings and  this plus the unsurpassed organizational management of Tabung Haji provided more opportunites for many Malaysian Muslim to perform Hajj. Currently, over 28,000 Malaysian pilgrims are being organized in over 80 different flights and maktab during in any Hajj season.

Seven million depositors Tabung Haji now own an aggregated asset worth RM 35 billion.

The Tabung Haji page of Azeez Rahim as a BOD member

The Tabung Haji page of Azeez Rahim as a BOD member, dated 14 Jan 2013

In the official Tabung Haji website, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim is listed as a board member. His curriculum vitae synopsis is featured on his page as member of the BOD.

One thing interesting about what is stated in the page is that Azeez has a ‘Masters Degree in Business Administration, Preston University, USA’. Azeez left school with SPM. What is more interesting is when we googled ‘Preston University, USA‘, there is no information.

Then again according to Wikipedia, there was once a bogus Preston University which was based in Wyoming. It is described as an ‘uncredited institution’. A blog discussed about this back in 2005, after blogger Jeff Ooi and Aisehman raised on the same subject matter.

In an interview with The Sun in 2005, Azeez claimed:

“The university I studied in was not some fly-by-night university.. it is among the oldest universities in the US – Preston University in Wyoming …”

Azeez should come out and be truthful about this. Not only as an elected MT UMNO member, he is a political aspirant to contest in Baling in the upcoming 13GE under BN banner. He has the fiduciary duty as a member of the board of directors for Tabung Haji to be truthful in his disclosure. If any information offered was erred whether with the intention to mislead or negligently, then it was his duty to correct them.

Fake disclosure is really far off from gimmicks and stunts to gain attention.

For the record, Azeez was featured as a BN candidate for P16 Baling Parliamentary constituency during the 12GE. Then Prime Minister PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi  placed Azeez instead of then Deputy Minister in Prime Minister Department Dato’ Mashitah Ibrahim. He lost miserably by  7,613 majority to PAS candidate former Masjid Negara Imam Taib Azamuddin.

Azeez cannot be seen as a fraud, either as an aspiring BN ‘winnable candidate’ or a steward in a public trustee organization. He has to be professional as a politician, even though he might not have any qualification to be a professional.

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  1. Alaahai…..

    Letih la korang ni. Benda macam ni (kalau betul dia tak ada MBA) how can you kelentong rakyat in this days and age? What make you think people will not notice? Tabung Haji pulak tu.

    Peoples who are against anything the establishment do are going to have a field day equating him (again – if he did not earned his MBA properly) with everything that is wrong with UMNO. If this is true, than he is no longer a winnable candidates, instead he had turned into a liability – an unwinnable candidates that just screwed the chances of the rest of the winnable candidates especially in battleground states like Kedah!

    p/s having heard him spoke, I do have doubt that he can clear GMAT and TOEFL (let alone IELTS at above 6.0). I hope Iam wrong.

    • UMNO’s days are numbered.

      Slumberhead sleeper-dozer allowed so many ‘undesirable’ characters in 2004. He got away with it.

      Then came 12GE. He thought he was still popular & no inkling on how the rakyat look at his administration, let alone what’s their feelings.


      The rakyat has spoken. Political Tsunami came. And yet UMNO didn’t learn anything.

      They still elected crooks/rejects like KJ/Azeez/Awang Adek & idiots like Rosnah Shirlin/Tajudin/Bung Mokhtar into Supreme Council.

      The rakyat has spoken again. Look at HKR112. PR should be regarded as ‘Government in Waiting’ by now.

      Just wait for another WHAM!!!!

      The theory of the end of UMNO with the prophecy of R.A.H.M.A.N. is just waiting to be formalised.

      • The stupid RAHMAN nonsense sudah basi la wei.

        You haven’t stated any piece of sound information that can be regarded as fact and can be respected – do you not realize that?

        Only opinions which the BN people can produce tons of.

        Me? I’m the self-appointed whacker of blokes like you – comments with no substance replied likewise.

      • Still, UMNO feature ppl like Azeez the Fraud. Watch TV often enough & you can notice he gets more airtime coverage compared to Ministers.

        Imagine UMNO/BN still present immoral ppl like Azeez, Bung Mokhtar, Chua Soi Lek for the rakyat to choose & rest the power on personalities like these?

        I hope UMNO do coz its time to do the Sinatra song “The end is near and so I face the final curtain….”

        Sayonara, UMNO!

  2. Shameless Mamak!

    Bikin malu Melayu & UMNO ja.

    Yes, he does a lot of humanitarian aid. Maybe 30 missions everywhere.

    Some ppl say his missions would not follow through if no media coverage. He is just a media craving attention seeker!

    Never the less, he is a fraud & clearly, a cheat!

    It is a terrible shame if UMNO still feature a fraud like this as a candidate for the rakyat to choose.

    • This is again a Play to Oust Kahiry’s Right hand man!

      Surely Khairy who comes from Oxford will not tolerate such Fraudulent Acts?!
      Imagine an Academic Fraud being the Right hand man of an Oxford Graduate?

      • Of course KJ was well aware of Azeez being a fraud! Azeez is more than KJ’s lackey. Azeez is actually KJ’s ‘crash test dummy’!

        Azeez was part of KJ/Reezal Merican network of henchmen, to ensure Slumberhead Sleeper-Dozer remain as the ‘Puppet Dear Leader’. Just like other evil web of operators in the likes of Anuar Musa/Johari Baharom/Radzi Sh Ahmad/Ramzi Rahman/Ku Nan.

        Soon all of this would be over!

      • Remember the DAP Sabah man – laughingly called “Sir” Wong –
        who doctored a photograph to show him receiving a knighthood from
        Queen Elizabeth? I think there are Paktan Rakyat fellows using fake
        degrees, too. Remember the fake degrees “factory” in Kampar and in
        Subang Jaya/ Cheras exposed some time back? Those manufacturing the
        degrees themselves may be DAP. Let alone the clients like Yap Tien
        Sin, President of Dong Zong, administrator of Chinese schools, who
        uses 2 PhDs bought through the Internet – written about in the
        Chinese newspapers at the time the Don Zong staged a rally in
        Kajang last year.

  3. this thing no new things la sir…hope you can check also dr fazley (rosmah son in law) & datuk satim diman…. ayoyo so desperate to get public praise lor…

  4. Dai Mamak tolong lah in this time and age you cannot get away with this kind of fraud , checking your qualifications is just one click away.
    Thanks big dog for exposing this fraudster. Very shame full !!

  5. Camana nak percaya Azeez Rempit Al-Haj jadi Pengarah Tabung Haji?

    Kelulusan pun tipu! Universiti pun tak wujud! Kalau maklumat
    pendidikan sendiri pun dia tak jujur, camana nak percaya kejujuran lain lain tu?

    Apasal la bangsatkan diri cegini…..

    • Suma proposal to Tabung Haji kena ikut cable Azeez Mat
      Rempit. Otherwise, kena reject. Ini Azeez dan Ismee (dan Jasmi)
      makin bermaharaja di Tabung Haji. Dasar lanun dan

  6. Padanlah UMNO dulu kena haramkan. UMNO mmg sarang utk haramjadah, cari peluang.

    Lepas ni nanti Tabung Haji pulak diharamkan!

    Ubah! Asalkan Bukan UMNO!

  7. Karun said: This was the same guy who cheated so many
    people and go scotfree because someone helped him. Now he is a BOD
    in Tabung Haji. It is this type of person who destroy

  8. Diploma-Mill Crackdown in Wyoming Sends Preston U. to Sweet Home in Alabama

    In response to a crackdown on diploma mills in Wyoming, an entity known as “Preston University” is moving part of its operations to Alabama, where laws are laxer. According to the Associated Press, the institution will continue to operate an online business program in Wyoming under the name “Fairmount International University.” It has campuses in Pakistan and Dubai as well. In 2001 Preston was caught pretending that it employed professors that it, in fact, did not. Wyoming, once a haven for dubious institutions, has since gotten tougher, causing a number of diploma mills and similar operations to flee or otherwise to shift gears.

    So we can see that Preston University has a history of shady practices (Claiming to employ faculty that it didn’t) and is being identified as a diploma mill. The Preston website page that listed part-time faculty in 2001 has vanished, making it difficult for outsiders to investigate their credentials. Daudpota elaborates: “In 2001 Preston listed 49 faculty members, which included William Lieberman and Kenneth Dolbeare [Lieberman was a student advisor at South California University for Professional Studies; Dolbeare taught political science at University of Colorado, Denver]. Both were selected at random and contacted by the Chronicle. Both claimed that they were not associated with Preston and did not know of their names being on the Preston’s faculty list!”


    This aspect is sad…..I was mortified to find out about Preston postgraduate’s experience whilst job hunting:

    “Hi thereI am a Cambodia student that study at Preston University.I transfer my job to Sydney australia and they don’t recognize my MBA degree. THey say that Preston have history of providing fake degrees.”

    Additionally, this blogger has learned that you can actually “purchase” a degree from Preston University, Ajman for a price of about AED 25,000 without completing any coursework. (Blogger’s note: Specific cases references available on request).

    The BBC reported that two US for-profit universities, Preston University and Halifax University, were operating in the UK, but were in dispute with the UK government about inappropriate use of university title.

    ‘University’ is not a protected term in the USA. All states restrict use of the title among publicly-funded institutions, but private institutions (in receipt of no public funding) are free to adopt university title. Hence the focus on ‘recognised accreditors’ and ‘ accredited universities’.

    The Preston library in London is curiously for “reference only”, and there are few if any named faculty members. There is no correlation between the claim that the Universities “undertake research in all the major disciplines” and the fact that degree programmes are restricted to business, IT and education. Both websites contain numerous typos, plus spelling and grammatical errors.

    The Office of Degree Authorisation in the State of Oregon (widely acknowledged as the US state with currently the best legal framework for institutional recognition) places Preston under the heading of ‘Illegal Suppliers of Uncertain Status’.

    All of the above taken from around the net. While I cant vauch for it, it seems to be enough to give you an idea about ‘Preston University’.

    I would definitely not do this:

    In an interview with The Sun in 2005, Azeez claimed:

    “The university I studied in was not some fly-by-night university.. it is among the oldest universities in the US – Preston University in Wyoming …”

    • Oh, here is another one,

      “The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board also lists Preston as one of the institutions that offer ‘fraudulent or substandard degrees’.”

  9. […] PKR Leaders go to unbelievable extend in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to demonize authorities and the government (which was given the mandate by the majority through twelve consecutive electoral process, as stipulated by the Federal Constitution). Breaking laws that have been passed by Parliament for political purpose should be construed as anti-democracy. […]

  10. BigDog,

    Saw your tweet. Did Aziz Putera really call you & ask to take down the posting?

    Imagine, that’s before he is a YB or better still, a minister

  11. Still waiting for you to apply your logic consistently to Musa Hassan, why don’t you settle the controversy once and for all,

    If Musa Hassan’s claimed post graduate degree in Law is for real, please provide proof of his undergraduate degree?

    Or you just selectively apply our logic?

  12. […] in the likes of Nazri Aziz and Johari Baharom. Nor should Khairy Jamaluddin, Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, Azeez Rahim and Reezal Merican be included even though they have posts in UMNO and some people might think they […]

  13. It does not matter where he received his education… What matters is how can he contribute to the country and serve under TH. I know Datuk Azeez can perform well. Stop Making false allegation and Fitnah.

  14. […] This is not the first time someone who has been appointed into strategic position posseses a ‘doubtful academic qualification’, in organisations that are under the domain of the Prime Minister’s Department. Earlier, we discussed about Tabung Haji BOD member Dato’ Azeez Rahim. […]

  15. […] with two ‘E’s” is not a man of high credibility and integrity. Even though his highly dubious ‘MBA from Preston University U.S.A. has been removed from all of his resumes in the public domain since four weeks ago, one […]

  16. Preston North End Football Club University kut…. hahahahaha

  17. Walau siapa pun DIA…
    Walau dari mana asal usul DIA…
    Walau siapa DIA dahulunya…
    WAlau dimana pun DIA sekarang…
    Walau apapun yang akan DIA buat selepas ini…
    Walau apapun orang disekeliling nak kata DIA…

    DIA adalah anugerah dari ALLAH S.W.T. untuk diriku dan juga keluargaku… Allah SWT hantarkan DIA untuk membantu ku… Dengan izin Allah SWT..aku dapat ketemu dengan ibu kandungku semula setelah hampir 8 tahun kami berpisah…

    DIA adalah seorang hamba Allah yang berhati mulia…
    DIA adalah seorang muslimim yang berjiwa murni…
    DIA adalah seorang pemenggang amanah yang jujur…
    DIA adalah seorang bapa yang penyayang kepada semua anak2 tak kira bangsa dan agama…

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