Japan admits defeat 65 years ago

Today marks the 65th anniversary of the Empire of Japan admitted defeat and surrendered to the Allied Forces in the Pacific. This comes after US Army Air Forces B-29 bombers dropped Robert Oppenheimer’s weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, respectively.

Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender of the Japanese Empire on 16 August 1945

Emperor Hirohito announced this devastating news for Japanese on radio.

This marks the end of World War Two as Nazi Germany under Field Marshall Alfred Jodl on 8 May 1945, slightly a week after Fuhrer Adolf Hitler committed suicide in a Berlin bunker as Soviet Union red army closes in. USAAF have been carrying out daily strategic bombings on the main islands of Japan ever since the US Forces took control of various mid pacific islands, which provided airstrips that enable strategic bombers to reach Japan and safely return.

The surrender whilst grotesque and humiliating for a very protocol conscious and very proud feudal nation, saved hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese lives had the Imperial Army put up a fight against possible US-led Alllied Forces invasion, in the effort to force Japan as the last remaining Axis power to give up the war and surrender.

Japanese civilian and military representatives, arriving on board of USS Missouri on 2 September 1945

On 2 September, Japanese Shigetmitsu on behalf of the civil service and Gen. Umezu signed on behalf of the Imperial Army signed the instrument of surrender on board USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, witnessed by all representatives of the Allied Forces.

Prior to the atomic bombs being dropped on Japan, USAAF bombers

The surrender spared Japan of being annihilated of its resources, people, plants and natural resources, which are the fundamentals of the recovery of Japan thereon. The resolve of the defeat made Japanese to strive to become an economic superpower within 40 years of the date.

The surrender also forced Emperor Hirohito to denounce his divinity and thereon took a life of a ceremonial figure head. Many believed that Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific General of the Army Douglass MacArthur spared Hirohito the humiliation to be tried as a war criminal, which in turn spared the Japanese race of the pride and faith of their demi God emperor be subjected to a war crime tribunal and sentenced as a war criminal.

The outcome of this event marks Japan rewrote the Constitution which strictly prohibit the nation to ever have an offensive military power. The American Forces built Army, Air Force, Naval and Marines bases all over Japan and served their ‘cold war’ against Soviet Union and China through out, till present day. Ever since the American invasion of Japan, there had been no other agression by an Asian nation against the region.

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