Rights of the majority Vs Individuals

Often Black 505 which failed to adhere to the Peaceful Assembly Act

“How could you allow criminals to walk on the street and be amongst the community?”.

That was a reaction from a Non Malay patriot, upon hearing the release of PKR Vice President Tian Chua, lawyer-turned-anarchist Haris “Sam” Ibrahim and former MARA Chairman Dato’ Tamrin Ghafar from Police custody upon the request for remand detention.

“They do act of sedition. They incite and instigate gullible Malaysians to start a ‘civil revolution’ and topple (via ‘Malaysian Spring’) the democratically elected Federal Government. Aren’t these people criminals against the people of Malaysia?”.

The renown corporate player is right. These people should be deemed as ‘criminals’. History has shown that when the rakyat is incited and instigated, something ugly would happened. And a more horrible reaction would follow suit shortly.

The remand detention was deemed necessary for the Police to complete their investigations and pass all the information to the Attorney General’s Chambers for further action. Now that these trio have been released, the investigations suddenly gone a few notches up on the difficulty band for the Royal Malaysian Police officers. Not to mention the amount of resources they have already allocated to monitor all these efforts towards the ‘civil revolution’.

If these people are charged soon and the courts can decide on their fate for act of sedition, then act to lessen  these on going and spiraling attempts to incite and instigate Malaysians to go on the streets and do a series of demonstration as part of the ‘civil revolution’, dubbed ‘Malaysian Spring’. Theory has it that the Opposition with the help of these anarchists and subersive elements are trying to snowball the demonstration to a point of critical mass.

After all, when the instigators are out of action then the gullible idealistic young and delusional Malaysians would not be drummed up to be on the streets much longer. The ‘Malaysian Spring’ would not happened and the whole of Malaysia could be focused and all energy be sprung into a developed nation status in seven years time.

As the 13GE has been concluded and the results of the polls have been gazetted by the Election Commission for any of the parties or candidates to be challenged, where a tribunal would be convened by the Malaysian High Court system, then the process of moving this nation forward should take place instead of worthless politicking. All these politicking is nothing but to satisfy Anwar Ibrahim & Co. with his sordid lies and manipulation to rise to power, instead of driving the nation for the better.

Anwar Ibrahim and his band of Opposition bandits have no real plan for Malaysia. They can’t even get their act together. The more recent evidence is the delay of the appointment of Menteri Besar of Selangor. Then the formula of the allocation and eventually the appointment of Exco posts between the three parties, which still has not been resolved till present time even though 13GE concluded three weeks ago. The bickering and in-fighting within the three parties and themselves is a demonstration of how they can get their act in order.

Like in the release of the trio and the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim from the second sodomy charge fourteen months ago, it is endless debate on morality versus the interpretation and arguments within the ambit of the law. It is also about upholding the rights of these individuals at the cost of the majority who are absolutely tired on the extra lengthy negative politics and politicking and the interest of the nation at large.

The fact that these Opposition leaders in many times and circumstance refused to adhere to the provisions stipulated under the Peaceful Assembly Act introduced in 2012 to allow for public and demonstration is a demonstration that they are lawless and respect no law, even though they were an integral part to enact and pass this new law.

IGP: Don’t hide behind ‘peaceful assembly’

Posted on 22 May 2013 – 11:27pm
Last updated on 23 May 2013 – 09:11am

Azizul Rahman Ismail and Ikhwan Zulkaflee


KUALA LUMPUR (May 22, 2013): Rally organisers have been reminded not to use “peaceful assembly” as an excuse not to give police advance notification as required by the law.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar (pix) said today the staging of rallies only distracted police from focussing on combating crime.

Expressing disappointment at the failure of some rally organisers to notify the police 10 days in advance in accordance with the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, Khalid said: “Organisers should inform us if they wish to hold a rally so that we can allocate our resources to facilitate the event.

“Not notifying the police does not mean the police should not facilitate the event. What if there is an opposing group that causes conflict during the rally?”

On allegations that police are bent on taking action against such rallies, Khalid said the police have never neglected their duties.

“We have always placed our focus in preventing crime and never strayed from it,” he told a press conference in Bukit Aman.

He also reminded the public that there is a limit to expressing their rights.

“We understand there is a need to respect the right of the public to express themselves. We will not neglect their rights when we carry out our duties. However, there is a limit to that,” said Khalid.

He said everyone should respect the Peaceful Assembly Act when organising such events.

When asked if the police would use the #KL112 rally as an example of how the police would handle future rallies, Khalid said that it would depend on the situation.

“Different scenarios call for different approaches. The police will take action accordingly. There are parts of our standard operating procedure that we cannot divulge to the public, but know that we will follow the law to the letter,” he said.

In the #KL112 rally held at Merdeka Stadium earlier this year, the police were praised by both the public and the Opposition for facilitating the event without violence or incident.

It was a stark contrast to the Bersih 3.0 rally where the police were accused of using excessive violence towards the public and members of the press.


The Oppositions’ lawlessness and disrespect or worse still, the manipulation of provisions within the Federal Constitution and the process of upholding law whenever it serves their purpose is a clear demonstration that if they are allowed room or an advantage in any circumstance, the end game would just be turning the nation into a state of lawlessness and pandemonium.

The Judiciary has been criticized for its failure to uphold the law in the spirit of the existence of laws for public interest first against sedition criminals, instead of the sacred practice of upholding the law for the sake of the principle and convention.

At the end of the day, if the law doesn’t exist for the public interest, then should it be respected and honoured just for the few errand ones out to do cunning acts of malice against the majority?

*Updated 1300hrs

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  1. The oppositions are indeed playing the War of Perception to mislead the masses so as to wrestle power from the govt. For as long as the perception is being dangled as a carrot to entice the public to rally behind them, they probably have won half of the battle. Unfortunately Msia is dealing with whole new generation of gullible wide-eyed people esp the younger gens who would willingly swallow every word of the oppositions to be the sacred truth. Hence we see these groups of people who are main attendees of rallies. The police will continue to enforce the laws but devt of today shows that they too are facing challenges. The govt of the day should also step up with more vigour to counter the allegations hurled at it by the irresponsible oppos who speak with forked tongues to mislead and deceive. To those who are so enamoured with their Pakatan MPs and Aduns dont even bother to ask their reps if they have visited their newly won constituenties lately? No…because the vilified BN govt will pick up the tabs..and develop things for them. Yes, Malaysia is filled with ungrateful lot. And they together with their idolised oppo leaders are leading the country in a merridance. All at zero effort. Easy pizzy. Just use rights and democracy platforms and they think they are above the law..cannot be touched.

  2. Mohon pencerahan dari para pembaca jika ada yang sudi berkomentar.

    Memanglah ada peruntukan untuk rakyat berhimpun. Namun begitu, apa yang saya tidak faham (* menggaru kepala*) ialah buat masa sekarang masih belum ada bukti sahih yang diperakui mahkamah bahawa wujud penipuan pada PRU13 yang lepas. Jadi apa tujuan untuk berhimpun ni? Apa yang dok bising dan menglabel “government minority”? Pihak PR faham kah apa maksud frasa tersebut?

    Saya banyak membaca. Ramai pemerhati berkata laungan DSAI adalah (terlalu) bloated. Malangnya dakyah DSAI sudah sampai ke arena antarabangsa. Apa buktinya? Saya ingin tahu juga.

  3. Saya sudah meluat dengan puak Anwar Al Juburi nih. Memang sudah nyata mereka menggunakan apa saja helah yang ada atau yang boleh di reka bagi tujuan merampas kuasa. Apa taknya – PRU13 sudah membawa keputusan tidak membenarkan mereka memegang kuasa.

    Jadi, saya fikir jangan hiraukan keputusan magistrate atau mahkamah. Teruskan tangkap mereka yang meghasut atau melanggar mana mana undang undang. Dan dakwa mereka di mahkamah. Jangan kira sangat menang kalah di mahkamah. Saya terbaca pejabat AG kata bahawa pihak Polis yang memutuskan sama ada mahu mendakwa ke Mahkamah atau tidak – pejabat AG ha nya memberi nasihat berkenaan apa bukti yang baik bagi Mahkamah.

    So, if it’s difficult to get the evidence on one set of wrong doings, prosecute them on another set. After all there is the Sedition Act, the Police Act, the Penal Code, the SOSMA – replacement of ISA. The Sedition Act covers a wide range of acts and utterances. What are uttered in public speeches must have many witnesses and the kind of evidence includes tapes and camera recordings.

    What is important is the authorities taking action and being seen to take action to the full extent. The rakyat must be assured that the unruly blokes are not allowed to break the laws willy nally. And I am proud of the new Home Minister and the new IGP, and I join the others in praising what they have done so far – the Home Minister having given the full authority to the Police to take action without fear of political interference. The Police have our support, always.

    And certainly what is happening now is not politically motivated – it’s pure, damn, simple need to maintain peace and order that the Police are doing and they must not be hampered in doing so, it’s their job. And I agree with the view that, if and when needed, they will always get the support of the Army in maintaining peace and order in the country. The Army has said so during the Bersih hoo haa.

    • Majisterate ahli pkr agaknya itu yg cepat mereka d lepaskan. Kes ai dan saiful bertahun2 d tanggoh. Isnt it obvious?

  4. Bila tidak dapat

  5. When remand is denied, perhaps the Police may use SOSMA, the ISA replacement. That allows detention for up to 28 days. Can anyone advise us here if they cannot, and if not, why so.

    True, there’s a need for balance, to show that the Police is not abusing its powers. But, if it is a matter of using alternative means of getting the suspects under detention, and there is a law for that, why not?

    There is no need to be sensitive about such things as Police brutality. It’s the Police job and Police all over the world resort to the means of carrying out their duties the ways they deemed best suited to their needs. In US, they twist the suspects’ arms, worse, they make the suspects lie on the ground hands over the head, the moment they suspect possible retaliation. Even in UK, the British Police discharged their firearms on the two blokes running away from the roadside murder scene yesterday or so – blokes who did not carry firearms.

  6. Spot on!

    It is the move in right direction to label them as ‘criminals’. They are criminals indeed.

    They are radicals who will not stop until they get power (regardless in any which way, at any cost), even at the expense of lives lost & properties destroyed.

    And they also would get ‘foreign interference’, to realise that dream. This very much incl military forces incursion for the excuse of “Protecting their people” and while at it, “Upholding democracy”.

    They are CRIMINALS!

    Criminals against the constitution. Criminals against the Rukun Negara. Criminals against the peaceful, harmonious & stable Malaysia.

  7. There is a Ministry of Communication and Multimedia. So, communicate and explain to the masses that the oppos claim of popularity votes is hogwash to pull wool over the eyes of gullibles.The time to do is now. We know that the popularity votes the oppos got are contributed by pockets of urban areas like the Klang Valley. And Klang Valley population does not represent the people of Malaysia. So go fly kites to the oppo claims of being the popular ones. The Ministry of Communications can explain in layman’s language. The oppo rallies brainwashing the masses are being mounted aggressively across the country. No one knows where this will lead to next.

  8. The public, especially the young, has been influenced to a certain degree by the propaganda, deceits, lies, slants, twists and spins of the Opposition cyber troopers via FB, tweeter, blogs, SMS messages, etc. Many went to the streets under those influence. These must be checked, and done so in no uncertain manner.

    I support the suggestions made in several websites that UMNO/BN quietly set up a properly organized cyber troopers outfit with full-time and fully-paid staff to counter the so-called DAP Red Bean cyber troopers and other nasty bloggers of the Opposition. Get some one with knowledge and experience in psychological warfare (psywar) to head the outfit, identify targets, plan strategy and tactics, recruit as members of the staff those proficient in all the languages that the Opposition cyber troopers have been menacing and influencing the public, especially the young via FB, tweeter etc. Counter as many as possible the nasty comments they make anywhere in cyberspace. And think out how to get into the Opposition blogs that don’t publish pro-Establishment views – negotiate on a tit for tat arrangement, whatever.

    And the new Minister of Information and Multi Media should commission an in-depth study on (i) cyber trooperism and on (ii) how and why the Google News page often put out headlines of the Opposition blogs like Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle, at top billing, whereas the national news agency Bernama headings get lower down, sometimes even not listed. The Study executors should talk with Google Malaysia, which is run as a business, and which may have placed the headings based on fess paid. If so, the Multi Media people or some others should negotiate with Google to get a fairer listing of pro-Establishment views.

    • agree.

      and now that it has been shown that the ‘blackout’ photo was staged even BEFORE the general elections, shouldn’t this expose gone viral already?

      the real truth must be told, over and over again, repeat that, over and over again, across all media platforms.

      and EC must be a bit savvy on how they engage the media. for God’s sake, the EC reports to our DYMM Agong, and must be given the resources to stand above this uncivilised horde. get the best media people to help the EC broadcast the truth.

      our political culture has been hijacked by aljuburi to become irresponsible, antagonistic and superficial. this has to stop!

      • At the official level, it must be the job of the Ministry of Communication and Multi Media. Now that they have changed from “Information” to “Communication”, I wonder how different would the job of “informing” be, compared to “communicating” the facts necessary for all levels of the public to be interested in and absorb the facts and figures put out.

        There is this thing called merely “spitting out” the facts, or “presenting” them i.e explaining the angles such that the facts should, hopefully, be presented in the news reports that get published in newspapers at home and abroad. Thereby reducing the chances of those facts be twisted, slanted or spun by the newspaper reporters and/or editors.

        One wonders how the Ministry is organized nowadays. There used to be the “professional” Information Officers from the lowest rank to Superscale or JUSA. Do these people still merely get hand-outs from the government Ministries and agencies and pass them to Bernama, seldom thinking out what the news agencies – local or foreign – want or have requested, and SPECIFICALLY ASKING the relevant government Ministries or Departments to hand over to them? Statistics, for example, to amplify the government claims on progress etc.

        The Election Commission doesn’t have to have a press section to ensure proper dissemination and explanation of their plans and activities. The Information Department Director General could have assigned a few skilled and experienced Information Officers of the then Ministry of Information to work closely with the EC the moment Bersih started making political their demands for election reforms. And such Information Officers should also work with Bernama – more about this and Bernama to follow, below.

      • And what role is Bernama playing nowadays? The nice sounding title “national news agency” but they don’t even get their news headlines on top of the Google news page, as has been pointed out above. Do they just wait for hand outs from the Information Officers and re-cast here and there those hand outs and push out thru the system, hoping to be picked up and quoted by international news agencies and local newspapers and social media? Do they ever sit down with, say, Reuters Managers or Editors to explain the angle good for or necessary for the Government to convey. It’d be good if any of them will come in here and explain. Or Bernama call a press conference and explain their method of operation. The public justifiably needs to know as their are the national news agency, aren’t they?

        Heck, until 1-2 weeks before GE13, people can’t even copy and paste Bernama news without subscribing to them – what the hell for, when we all can help promote the government stand on so many issues into blogs where we comment?

        And are they passive, active or pro-active in their news approach – wait for events to happen, then report them? Or they themselves can create news by the Editors sending out reporters armed with well-planned questions and ask the relevant Ministers, Deputy Ministers and big bosses of government agencies etc, then reporting them as news they themselves have “created”.

        And are their reporters and editorial staff properly “aligned”? You never can get the correct line put out to the public if the staff are not properly aligned. In fact, news can be slanted, tilted, unsatisfactorily casted if the reporters and editorial staff are aligned to the Opposition one way or another. Might as well have them work at Malaysia Kini etc if that is so.

        So, the new Minister of Communication has a lot on his plate to get things right just on that score alone. I hope he does get things right for BN this time. Use all the resources at his disposal – and, with Radio, TV, Bernama etc, there’s a huge amount of resources actually – and make bloody sure they get the right stuff. For goodness sake, get personalities who are “personable” and have a good perception of Malaysian politics to host TV programmes such that they are politically correct but also entertaining to attract viewers. Tun Dol has allowed so many TV and Radio channels that viewers always swotch from Bernama TV to Astro TV and the kind if the presenters or moderators are lousy.

  9. […] at 7am. Then I reached out for my handphone and the first blog I read today was this one titled Rights of the Majority Vs Individual Please read. It’s very insightful. After reading the blog, I checked out Facebook and saw […]

  10. The key factor here is the financial support. Is there a law that prohibits the flow of foreign funds to be used to overthrow an elected government.

    If so, and when there are evidence, couldn’t the authorities charge these foreign agencies for interference in a sovereign country.

    Once the funds dry up, the motivation for such expensive rallies will fizzle out and anwar can migrate to a LGBT country.

    • Stopping the flow FROM (US), I doubt it. Stopping the flow INTO (Malaysia), maybe there is. Bank Negara in charge, I think. But the bank may be reluctant to disclose or act, fearing dampening foreign investment due to disclosure of overseas remittances that are usually regarded as confidenial.

      But a lot depends on evidence of what the money is intended for. And whether the receipient is a legal outfit. Maybe if Bersih is an unregistered organization, any money sent to it is questionable. But last time such moneys were sent to Ambiga’s bank accounts – the one in a bank where an Opposition figure (undisclosed who) owned shares. If Ambiga is a criminal, like a drug dealer, sure the money can be frozen or confiscated.

      The best method it seems to me is still arresting and dragging the organizers and masterminds to court, pursue them relentlessly to the highest court of the land, until their eyeballs turn blue, green, cream or whatever the colour of the court buildings.

      • “‘Govt in panic mode, ordered arrests,” said the bloke. Despite the repeated explanations to the contrary by the Minister of Home Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister, despite having been charged with the Lahad Datu sedition case, and despite having been shoved into the Jinjang Police lock up.

        You see, this kind of caustic mouth should be shoved with pig shit ten times over, or his face slapped like a small boy – and he does look like a small boy, doesn’t he. Alas, we have to follow the laws.

        So, blokes like him need to be pursued in court until he is convicted and handed a prison sentence. And when he is imprisoned, he’d lose his Parliamentary seat, and newsmen won’t bother much about him any more.

  11. […] process to challenge any of the results through the means provided under the law simply would affect majority of Malaysians. They are tired of these extra lengthy politicking and want to  move […]

  12. […] the Bar Council is making hue and cry on the Sabah State Government to impose their powers to ban persons ‘Deemed Criminals’ such as PKR Vice President Nurul Izzah Anwar from entering the […]

  13. […] Democracy is good. However there is a limit of democracy as the freedom to decide indescriminately based on popularity, emotions and perception or worse still, manipulation of public oppinion could be proven destructive. Democracy  also doesn’t warrant to defend the rights of individuals at he expense of the interest of the majority. […]

  14. […] These ‘Deemed Criminals’ never played fair. In fact, they don’t respect any authority nor the Rule of Law. The rights of the majority is paramount to an individual. […]

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