O ye, of little faith….?

Utusan Malaysia Saturday 7 May 2011

After the scoop on the Chinese Chauvinist party DAP trying to use some pastors for their political agenda seven days ago and a day later Utusan Malaysia carry that as the front page story. It instantanously became a nationwide controversy, where many demanded that proofs be produced. UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin even charged that “It is baseless”.

Today, a new light have been shed.

A Penang DAP member Mohd. Razali Abdul Rahman came forward and made a Police report in North East Penang this morning. He asked for investigation on the ultra sensational and highly controversial topic, which rocked the nation for the whole week.

Razali claimed was very disappointed on all what have been reported on the issue and he no longer can tolerate the lies of DAP Leaders on the issue. According to him, they met and they did vow. He claimed to be present at the event purportedly at a hotel on MacAlister Road.

Penang Chief Police Officer Dato’ Ayub Yaacob confirmed this Police report. With this expose’ and confession, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Datuk Khaled Abu Bakar said the Police investigation would continue and would now move slightly on a different angle. As the plot thickens, more will be revealed. We would expected Pakatan Rakyat especially DAP would vehemently deny this and charge “He has been bought over by BN”.

Home Minister Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein said they are more interested in finding the truth for sake of national security and  is very confident that with more time, the Police could solve this case:

Published: Friday May 13, 2011 MYT 7:49:00 PM

Hisham: Give cops time to probe latest report over Utusan article


KUALA LUMPUR: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the police should be allowed time to investigate the latest police report connected to Utusan Malaysia’s report titled Kristian Agama Rasmi?.

The report, which was lodged in Penang Friday, claimed that there was some element of truth to Utusan’s report which was based on two blog postings last weekend.

“Investigations to find out the truth takes time and the media should not inflame the issue.

“There are always two sides to the coin. If we allow ourselves to be consumed by emotion, there will be chaos and we still would not get to the bottom of the issue,” Hishammuddin told reporters after launching a drug rehabilitation and care centre in Chow Kit here Friday.

Police, however, have refused to give details on the content of the report.

Hishammuddin said the police were investigating all parties related to the issue, and not just the bloggers who made the postings and Utusan.


Clearly, DAP Leaders are now caught lying. Jeff Ooi now, who was purpotedly present at the MacAlister Road hotel do,  seems to have lied.

NST reported this four days ago:

Police record Ooi’s statement

By Lee Keng Fatt and Elvina Fernandez
Ooi said he gave his statement at 10.30am and also lodged two reports — against Utusan Malaysia and the owner of the blog bigdogdot.com.wordpress.com for unwarranted and unsupported claims on the issue.

GEORGE TOWN: Police yesterday recorded a statement from Jelutong member of parliament Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun over his alleged involvement with a group purportedly trying to make Christianity the country’s official religion.

The Jelutong DAP denied that he had hosted the dinner in a hotel here on Thursday evening and clarified that there was no pledge among those who attended the dinner to have a Christian as the country’s prime minister.

Ooi also demanded that Utusan Malaysia and the blogger offer sincere apologies to all, including the Christian community, within 24 hours.

The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), together with partners Global Day of Prayer, Marketplace Penang and Penang Pastors Fellowship, said the claims against their community were lies, and refuted the bloggers’ allegations last night.

“The prayer sessions — one before dinner and one at the end — were a usual part of their (the organisers’) worship, and not a pledge as alleged,” said Ooi, who said he was also lodging the report on behalf of the DAP’s central executive committee. The organisers, in a joint statement yesterday, vehemently denied they had met on Friday to discuss making Christianity the official religion, claiming it to be unfounded and totally untrue.
The organiser of the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference is also perturbed by the claims in the blog that a special convention and meeting later that evening in Jalan Khaw Sim Bee was to ponder over having a Christian as Malaysia’s prime minister.

“The so-called special convention was in fact an Unashamedly Ethical marketplace seminar organised to discuss and address the issue of bribery and corruption in the marketplace and Christians’ contribution in addressing such issues. It has nothing to do with political succession.

“While it is true that several Christians and pastors gathered at a hotel in Jalan Macalister for dinner, the gathering was never with the intention to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia nor was it with a vow to have a Christian prime minister.
“The dinner was held to honour several pastors from Sarawak who were in Penang for the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference held on Friday morning.”

Utusan Malaysia carried a front-page article on Saturday headlined Malaysia, Negara Kristian? (Malaysia, a Christian country?) based on postings by several bloggers.

Bigdogdotcom claimed to have received a message that Ooi had organised a dinner for pastors from Sarawak and abroad at Red Rock Hotel in Jalan Macalister.

The blogger called on the authorities to investigate the allegations of sedition, warning that if the authorities failed in their duty, the country might be “shattered again”.

In Kuala Lumpur, the Catholic Church has also refuted claims of a conspiracy to turn the country into a Christian one with a Christian prime minister.

Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Tan Sri Murphy Nicholas Pakiam said the meeting that the bloggers and Utusan Malaysia had written about did not take place in a Catholic Church-owned venue.

“It is clear that this reporting is baseless and highly irresponsible as the reporters and editors of the above newspaper have not taken any reasonable steps whatsoever to verify the allegations made by anonymous bloggers.” Pakiam urged the authorities to take action against any individual or group which threatened racial harmony in the country.

“A thorough investigation into the matter should be made to determine the source of these insidious, provocative and malicious lies and take action against those behind it.” Pakiam said the Christian community in Malaysia had never advocated hatred, antagonism or animosity towards any other religion or group and called upon all Malaysians to “pray, hold dialogues and work together to strengthen national unity”.


So did Penang Chief Minister and Chinese Chauvinist DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng. It is expected that DAP would now spin this new revelation, which is typically Pakatan Rakyat’s modus operandi whenever they are cornered. Razali’s Police report a week after the event purpotedly happened would be expected high on their list. Probably character assassination and “BN’s ploy to demonise PR Leaders”.

One of Emperor Lim's tweet

Chinese Chauvinist DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang already got that rolling the past couple of days.

Playing the game of "Offense is the best defense"

To those who missed the plot, think again and please really ponder. Again, this was all about politics. It was and still is about DAP’s politics. Nothing about going against Christianity in Malaysia. The majority Malay Muslim Malaysians accepted and respected the rights of Christians, as long as it does not contravene with the interest of Islam and administration of the religion of the Federation.

*Updated 1535hrs

As expected, the denial from the Chinese Chauvinists came very quick. The DAP Leader smack in the middle of this Sediton Act Section 4(1) investigation Jelutong MP and former blogger Jeff Ooi  tried to rationalise with “Probably forced to…”:

Kristian-Islam: Razali mungkin ‘dipaksa’, kata DAP

Oleh Syed Mu’az Syed Putra
May 14, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Mei — DAP percaya ahli parti itu, Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman kemungkinan besar telah “dipaksa” untuk membuat laporan polis — yang semalam PDRM menyifatkan ada “variasi” berbanding laporan sebelum ini berhubung konspirasi yang didakwa membincangkan agenda menjadikan Kristian agama rasmi negara.

Ahli Parlimen Jelutong Jeff Ooi (gambar) menegaskan kemungkinan Razali, ahli jawatankuasa DAP cawangan Bukit Tumba telah dipujuk oleh saudaranya yang bekerja sebagai seorang polis cawangan khas yang lazimnya memantau kegiatan politik di Jelutong.

“Kami diberitahu Mohamed Razali ada pertalian keluarga dengan seorang anggota polis dan anggota itu yang dikatakan berperanan membantu Utusan Malaysia mendapatkan berita itu.

“Saya harap polis juga boleh mula siasat dari sudut ini dan adil serta bebas dalam siasatan kes berkenaan,” kata beliau pada sidang media di sini hari ini.

“Kami berharap Mohamed Razali mengulangi apa yang dilaporkannya kepada polis supaya kami boleh mengambl tindakan undang-undang jika kenyataannya mengancam kedudukan DAP dan masyarakat Kristian,” katanya lagi.

Jelas beliau, Razali yang setia kepada parti itu tidak akan melakukan perkara yang boleh menjejaskan parti.

Tambah Ooi, beliau turut terkejut dengan tindakan Razali selepas masing-masing sebelum ini membantah laporan tindakan Utusan Malaysia itu.

“Sebelum ini dia membantah laporan Utusan Malaysia tetapi secara tiba-tiba dia membuat laporan polis.

“Malah sebelum ini Mohamad Razali yang meminta saya untuk buat laporan polis tapi sekarang selepas seminggu dia pula yang buat laporan polis,” katanya lagi.

“Saya agak sedih dan terkejut, mungkin dia dipaksa tapi saya tidak tahu… sebab itu kita mahukan penjelasan itu,” katanya.

“Kita tidak tahu motif atau niatnya membuat laporan polis lima hari setelah kami membuat laporan polis menafikan dakwaan yang dibuat di Utusan… (yang) juga diiringi oleh Mohamed Razali,” tambah Ooi, yang telah membuat laporan polis sehari selepas Utusan Malaysiabertarikh 7 Mei lalu mendakwa wujudnya perbincangan itu.

Utusan Malaysia juga mendakwa ada konspirasi mahu menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi, usaha didakwa disokong oleh pemimpin-pemimpin DAP.

Bagaimanapun kumpulan Kristian dan DAP menafikan dengan keras dakwaan itu sambil menyifatkan laporan Utusan Malaysia itu “pembohongan yang merbahaya.”

Semalam, Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar mengesahkan kandungan laporan polis yang dibuat oleh pihak tertentu di Pulau Pinang berhubung usaha menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi adalah “variasi lain” dari laporan sebelum ini.

Bagaimanapun Khalid enggan mendedahkan kandungan laporan tersebut dan identiti pengadu yang membuat laporan.

Pagi semalam, Razali membuat laporan polis Balai Polis Jalan Patani, Pulau Pinang berhubung pertemuan itu itu.

Razali mengakui dia ada pada pertemuan itu yang diadakan di sebuah hotel di Jalan Macalister.

Dia bagaimanapun tidak mendedahkan kandungan laporan itu kepada media.


Is this what the best that DAP could come up with, “Probably he was forced to make the Police report”?

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  1. Orang PAS tumpukan sepenuh khutbah Jumaat untuk bela orang DAP, supaya jemaah jangan percaya kepada “fitnah” mengatakan Kristian mahu dijadikan agama rasmi Malaysia. Mereka memetik kisah Nabi saw untuk memesongkan jemaah. Dalam nafas yang sama, mereka berkata bahawa Nabi saw menjalankan siasatan apabila menerima sesuatu perkhabaran. Sedang orang PAS mahu jemaah terus menolak sesuatu perkhabaran sebelum siasatan selesai dan melabelkannya sebagai fitnah dan fitnah. Jelas bahawa orang PAS tidak mengikut sepenuhnya sunnah Rasul saw, sebagaimana Yahudi yang beriman kepada sebahagian dan menolak sebaghagian ajaran Allah. Allah swt dan RasulNya saw menyeru supaya siasatan dilakukan tetapi orang PAS terus membuat keputusan sebelum siasatan lengkap. Dan orang PAS menggunakan mimbar masjid pada hari Jumaat untuk menyebarkan fahaman mereka yang sesat itu. Itulah kualiti Islam PAS.

    • Puak mana yang dahulu kata jumlah gereja lebih banyak dari masjid di Melaka?

  2. saya tidak pasti samada isu ini memberikan faedah kepada majoriti masyarakat dengan cara ianya ditangani secara terbuka begini, tetapi saya sedar tentang pendekatan pihak2 tertentu yang memanipulasi agama kristian dan institusi yang berkaitan dengannya.saya berharap agar isu2 sensitif sebegini ditangani secara berhemah kerana berdasarkan komen2 yang dibuat di dalam blog ini dan pelbagai medium lain,masyarakat kita belum bersedia untuk satu perdebatan yang terbuka berkenaan perkara yang sensitif.

    • Saya fikir pendirian Sdr (Sdri?) matang dan cara mengeluarkannya bertanggung jawab. Tetapi saya tidak setuju dengan kata kata “berdasarkan komen2 yang dibuat di dalam blog ini … masyarakat kita belum bersedia untuk satu perdebatan yang terbuka”.


      1. sudut yang dikeluarkan Big Dog ada lah politik – politik DAP

      2. banyak komen komen yang juga berpendapat bahawa ini ialah perkara politik, bukan agama.

      3. Big Dog telah menyatakan demikian bertalu talu. Termasuk dipenulisannya diatas.

      Buktinya ialah beratus komen di 2-3 posnya sebelom ini. Termasuk yang pertama berkenaan perkara ini, yang menarik hampir 300 komen. Kebanyakannya (vast majority) membayangkan dan memberi hujah dari segi BD mengkeritik politik DAP, bukan mengkritik agama Christian.

  3. thank you for your article mr. big dog … the lies of DAP must be revealed before it’s too late … we are very dissapointed that they are trying to drag Christianity issue into politics, trying very hard to dis-unite all bumiputras

    • Here is another example for izad 04:03 to see. biomansyrup clearly talks about DAP. “they are trying to drag Christianity issue into politics,” says he.

  4. salam BD,
    org kristian Malaysia harus tahu yg islam Malaysia dan artikel UTUSAN tidak menyerang Kristian. Mereka harus tahu yang DAP telah mempermainkan dan cuba melagakan mereka dengan umat islam di Malaysia untuk kepentingan DAP sendiri. Saya percaya pastor2 yg terlibat akan bangkit dan menyatakan kebenaran lebih-lebih lagi apabila Melayu DAP dah mula sedar.

    Tahniah Big Dog dan teruskan perjuanganmu (saya agak kecewa apabila ada blog seangkatan yg mencemuh Big Dog tanpa menyelidik perkara sebenar).

  5. jgn dilupakan si keri,ketua pemuda DAP(opps…UMNO)pun dok tumpang sekaki,menari mengikut rentak sumbang tanpa sedar dan paham keadaan sebenar.Bak kata orang tua…bodoh sombong!!

    • Bukan bodoh sombong. Dia bingong.

      Nak jadi PM seblom umur 40. Canang kekhalayak ramai. Mana ada orang buat. Budak mentah tak sedar orang politik tak buat macam gitu. Tak boleh buat gitu, sebab bila orang dah tahu “tembelang”, siapa nak “telur busuk”.

      Pulak melanda landa sebagai SIL. Meredah disana sini sama Omar Ong dll diTingkat 4 Kediaman/ Pejabat PM PIL (Pa-in-law) Tun Dol.

      Bila dekat PAU UMNO, JK Tata Tertib UMNO dapati dia bersalah main politik wang. Menang Ketua Pemuda pulak tu. Tak tau macam mana tapi ramai orang cakap dia banayk duit. Tapi menang tak sampai 50% undi pun. Lk 30% undi saja kalau tak silap.

      Ngarap dapat jawatan Kabinet ke hape ke. Tak dapat. Tak pernah ada Ketua Pemuda tak dapat apa apa jawatan. Fikiran dia jadi bengang. Kepala dia jadi bingong.

      Kelam kabutlah fikiran. Sekejap sokong MCA, hentam Ibrahim Ali, sana sini “rentak sumbang” kata anda. Las las dengar merajuk tak nak tanding kawasan Rembau yang dia pegang sekarang.

      Dia sepatutnya patut jumpa Pakar Ilmu Jiwa. Psychologist atau Psychiatrist.

      • Lupa nak cakap, dia tentulah tak sokong orang ngentam DAP pasal cuba bawa agama Kristian dalam politik ni.

        Dia nak tunjukkan dia l-i-b-e-r-a-l, konon. Macam dia hentam Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa pertahankan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu, biasiswa dsbnya. Dia kaya raya, berjuta juta duit. Mana dia kesah pasal nak sama ratakan padang untuk kaum Melayu dan Bumiputera.

        Seseorang itu tak liberal kalau dia tak nampak perlunya padang disama ratakan dinegara ini bagi harmoni dan keamanan jangka masa panjang. Mereka hanya pseudo libberal. Atau liberal olok olok.

        Jangan haraplah dia hentam DAP. Dia kawan baik dengan Wee wee Ketua Pemuda MCA. MCA pun tak sokong konsep sama ratakan padang bagi harmoni dan aman untuk lama. Nakkan ekuiti Bumiputera dihapuskan. Budak Keri patut hentam Wee wee. Tapi dia diam saja. Pemuda UMNO pun diam saja.

        Tapi sekarang, dalam blog ini, mari kita mintak semua orang hormatkan Perlembagaan. Islam adalah “the religion of the country”. Sedarkan pos ini dan pos pos yang lalu bukan kritik agama Kristian. Tapi kritik DAP sebab nak bawa masuk agama Kristian dalam politik atau sebaliknya. Dua dua tak boleh.

      • Saya masih penyokong kuat KJ.

    • Saya penyokong kuat KJ.

      • Saya ingat Sakmongkol saja yang sekongkol dengan KJ.

        KJ yang nak jadi PM sebelom umur 40 tahun. Tak tau berapa tahun lagi dia ada!

        Silap Pak Mertua dia tak jadikan dia Menteri dulu!

      • Saya penyokong kuat KJ Choi kat Iskandar Open.

      • Siot betul ko Anddak.. hehe..

      • “Silap Pak Mertua dia tak jadikan dia Menteri dulu!”

        Pak Mertua dia pun tau dia sewel sikit kot.

    • That BERUK who wants to be ‘PM by the age of 40’ (more like Primates Master!) really put his big foot in his bloody big mouth!

      He totally lost credibility! His exchange with Big Guy in Twitter Jaya is a following by many, which incl. The Malaysian Insider.


      The MI report based on this BERUK’s insult on Big Guy shows what sort of leader this idiot really is! Its ashame that UMNO Youth by default landed with this baboon!

      This baboon even got his sponsored UMNO apes (fortunately, who happens to know how to use the notebook & connectivity!), to go after a blogger who has stood up for UMNO for years now!


      (Of course, like Datuk Rocky described a few times, as a loyal UMNO man Big Guy won’t tolerate stupid UMNO leaders like Blabber-mouth Nazri & Black Spider NMY who would eventually bring the party backwards!)

      KJ, like his FIL the sleepyhead (who took Malaysia 6 years backwards!), pandered into Oppositions talk & hv proven himself to be their ‘asset’!

      He & his cyber-trained apes must unconditionally apologize to Big Dog & Marahku! This is non-negotiable!

      • I have seriously been wondering whether the guy has problems of sanity and being rational at most times of his life.

        Nothing personal but just trying to figure out his wayward kind of politics. I know that his father (deceased) was a withdrawn, hardly conversing, rather uncommunicative person. He could have suffered from depression, a mental illness that afflict a sizeable percentage of the world population, an illness where many patients think of suicide. And I was told that he died of his own choice, something along that line.

        It’s a medical fact that there is the hereditary factor in mental illnesses, like in most if not all other illnesses.

        It’s not putting the guy down for his hereditary problem but if he has the same mental illness as his father, then one can understand his behaviour and his rather erratic politics.

        If true, DS Najib did the right thing in keeping his distance from the guy. Pity the guy but Najib must want a few terms as PM and the young guy has to move his goal post another 10-20 years farther, if the guy lasts that long in UMNO.

      • kalau dilihat komen kj secara teliti,kita akan dapati bahawa sasaran beliau bukan sahaja kepada bd tetapi juga kepada tun.m.mungkin dendam beliau(tun.abdullah?)terhadap tun.m belum reda.

      • KJ hari itu: “Anjing, anda telah buktikan anda seorang penipu… Saya cadangkan anda hentikan sebarkan laporan palsu…”

        KJ semalam: “…we still do not know the truth”

        Si Kera jamban ini cuba nak “damage control” tapi nampaknya terpaksa menelan ludah anjing yang dia sudah telan pun.

      • Macam ni ke kata lulus Okspod? Tak boleh nampak orang nak tunjukkan politik kotor DAP.

        Ke budak ni memang nak sokong DAP pulak. Kalau begitu, mungkin lah dia betul mereng kepala, pada masa masanya tak tentu haluan. Kalau dia dipilih juga lagi sebagai Ketua Pemuda diPilihan Pemimpin UMNO akan datang, jahanamlah UMNO, teruklah Melayu.

        JK Disiplin UMNO kena tukar peraturan – siapa yang dah didapati salah politik wang, macam budak Keri ni, jangan dibenarkan bertanding lagi. Selamatkan UMNO, hidup Melayu!

  6. Big Doggie,

    You sniffed the story really good. Now, you’ve prevailed!

    Now its time to get these DAPigs! No retreat! Where’s Pemuda UMNO in all these…????

    Well done, ol’ dawg.

    • Sorry guys, Ketua Pemuda UMNO is now acting as Ketua Pemuda DAP and PKR. He has directed the wing not to hold any demonstration or to make any assumption.

      However, he himself has assumed that BD and UM have made false allegation.

      Man, he is such a confused little black boy now, not sure what party he’s supposed to be, political party, parti tupperware or pati ayam brand….or patikuti interlok

  7. Big Dog;

    Sorry for doubting you , Pity that you were trashed left and right.In the end, truth prevailed.

    However, DAP need to be exposed their true colour and intention. We already had enough in 1969. In 1969, they claimed that the Chinese citizen were third class citizen and flamed them in their election campaign. They dare to provoke the Malays and May 13 happened.

    I understand, during the Sarawak election they flamed the Christians over there as if there is no freedom of religion in Sarawak.DAP seems not to care if the country ‘goes to smoke’ as long they won few seats and power to the Chinese.

  8. Syabas, Bigdog, for sticking to your guns. Takes reall balls to do so. Surprised that Rocky Bru kept silent and didn’t defend you.

    • Yes, Big Dog sticks to what he believes in. In any case, he was just putting out the politics of DAP, not about Christianity.

      Btw, do you people not know Rocky? He wants to be popular, allowed the bloke Skilganon or Silly Anon’s frequent glamourizing of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore at the expense of – even hitting at – Malaysian leaders and Malaysia.

      And not publish 1-2 comments trying to attack that Silly Anon’s credibility. Perhaps on grounds of the comment appearing personal. Well, it’s his blog and his prerogative. I spend my time here and at a few other blogs.

    • Datuk Rocky was probably giving the benefit of the doubt since the case was and still under investigation. Being a seasoned journalist, he would probably expect that more will transpire as the investigation uncovers new alleys.

      Pls read his posting for today.

  9. It is all about politic and power. This Chinese chauvinist (possibly still communist at heart) try to appeal to Chinese and non Muslim anyway they can. They tried with armed rebellion before and was soundly defeated. Religious issue probbly is just a stepping stone.

    Once they become sufficiently influential, thus become the kingmaker, whats stopping them from discriminating the Malays as what they claimed done against them?

    What happened to Penang’s Malay? Did they even bother to construct a single low cost house, the type that is affordable to the Malays since they were in power? Is it not a deliberate attempt to push the Malay out?

    Look at Sarawak shadow cabinet. Is it representative of the racial make-up of the state? Bear in mind they dont even have 1/3 of the seat.

    Sarawak Shadow puppet (or was it cabinet?):

    Natural Resources and Good Governance – Wong Ho Leng
    Land Development and NCR Affairs – Baru Bian
    Finance – Chong Chieng Jen
    Local Government – Ling Sie Kiong
    Tourism, Heritage and Environment – See Chee How
    Rural Development – Chiew Chiu Sing
    Industrial Development – Yap Hoi Liong
    Public Health – Dr Wong Hua Seh
    Social Development and Woman Affairs – Violet Yong Wui Wui
    Public Utilities – Wong King Wei
    Infrastructure Development and Communications – Chiew Wang See
    Agriculture – Ting Tze Fui
    Housing and Urban Development – Fong Pau Teck
    Consumer Affairs – David Wong Kee Woan
    Religious Affairs and National Unity – Ali Biju and Haji Adam.

    Oh by the way, while you are at it, might as well make it known what you plan to do with the BUTCHER OF MALAYA – Chin Peng. Minister Mentor???

    • PAS should take note of the above.

      Anwar’s and Lim Kit Siang’s “shadow cabinet” for federal is Anwar PM, LKS DPM. No mention what post for PAS pun. Maybe only as Minister of Religious Affairs and National Unity as in Sarawak above.

      But I digress … And let you all talk about LKS’
      and DAP’s conspiracy.

      • Dalam suasana politik semasa ni, saya berpendapat PAS akan jauh lebih dihormati dan berpengaruh sekiranya mereka sanggup beralah dan bekerjasama dengan UMNO. Kepentingan Islam juga akan lebih terpelihara malah boleh dipertingkatkan.

        Kalau tidak sekalipun, PAS tetap lebih terhormat sekiranya mereka berjuang sendirian sesuai dengan prinsip mereka daripada bersekongkol dengan DAP dan PKR yang jelas bercanggah pegangannya. Marahkan UMNO sekalipun janganlah prinsip perjuangan parti digadai dan kepentingan ummah dikorbankan.

        Apakah jaminan yang PAS ada bahawa parti lain dalam PR tu tidak akan mengetepikan atau mengkhianati mereka?

        Ingat 2008 dah lama berlalu. Yang bertanggungjawab dah banyak berubah. Marah rakyat pun dah reda.

        Jangan sampai yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran…

      • Dengar tu, dengar tu.

        Setuju sesangat.

      • pas mungkin berpegang pada hadith yg menyatakan haram memusuhi orang kafir yg telah ada perjanjian damai dgn org islam. pas sudah ada perjanjian dgn dap dalam pakatan.

      • PAS pegang pada Hadith. DAP pegang pada apa? Pada bola PAS?

        Jangan marah, BD. Terpesong sikit kali ni.

  10. Premis 1: Jika DSAI tidak terlibat dalam video seks maka Wan Azizah akan tunjukkan jam Omega.

    Premis 2: Wan Azizah gagal tunjukkan jam Omega.

    Kesimpulan: DSAI terlibat dalam video seks.

    NB. Apa punya HIPOKRIT ulama’ PAS dan totok-totok mereka. Sia-sia Kem. Pelajaran hantar belajar sampai UK habiskan wang Rakyat tapi akal benak, hampas. Ada mata buta. Ada telinga pekak. Ada hati mati

    • Juga setuju.

      Itu pseudo-liberal dan pseudo-intellectual tak sedarkan diri. Tidak baca, fahamkan dan berpandukan kapada Perlembagaan negara sepenuhnya.

      Baru belajar sikit diluar negeri atau dapat satu ijazah universiti tempatan dah ingat pandai, mahu liberal kononya. Tak sedarkan orang putih Britain pun dah lain interpretasi liberal mereka.

      PM Britain David Cameron kata “multi-culturalism is dead”. Di Malaysia hak kaum lain, agama lain terjaga. Tapi ada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak. Dan agama Islam adalah “the religion of the country”, sebagaimana juga Bahasa Melayu (sekarang Bahasa Malaysia) adalah “the language of the country”.

      Tidak masalah dinegara ini mempraktikkan agama Kristian. Masalahnya timbul bila DAP mahu politikkannya.

  11. Salam BigDog,

    Let sleeping dogs lie.

    Best regards

    • Problem comes when some only appear sleeping but not quite.

  12. The blogging apparatus is merely an alternative conduit to relay news. It is possible that this blog has relayed a possible issue of concern (that could materialize in later years to come) or it could also be a complete hoax.

    IMO I’d prefer the authorities to take care of this because it is national in nature. Time will expose the veracity of the claim and whether there is a speck of shadow to it. Then again, how much you trust in our authorities is a complete separate matter.

    p.s. … am no more predisposed to “idealogues” and “floating concepts” ….

    • Now punk is speaking in acceptable ways. What he says above is OK to me.

    • While the authorities should take care of this issue, the rakyat must be made aware of such sneaky attempts that embody divisive strategies which is potentially destructive to the nation.

      Blogging as such, creates social AWARENESS and active citizenry that will instill civic consciousness in the rakyat.

      Good for any nation to be able to discuss matters that concern the country.

  13. Salam Big Dog @ Zakhir Mohamad,

    Dengan laporan polis oleh Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman, seorang saksi ahli parti DAP sendiri tampil cerita perkara sebenar apa KJ dan Blogger Papa Gomo nak kata bila laporan polis terbaru isu majlis perjumpaan paderi-paderi bersama pemimpin DAP.

    Mohamed Razali menambah sebagai orang Islam, beliau wajib tampil ke depan bagi menceritakan apa yang berlaku pada majlis berkenaan. Sebagai orang Islam, beliau rasa kecewa dan sudah melaporkan dalam laporan polisnya.

    Baca sini http://wzwh.blogspot.com/2011/05/apa-kj-dan-papa-gomo-nak-kata-bila.html

    • Thanks.

      Appreciate the ‘Team Spirit’. Its about Perjuangan against ‘minority trying to play the majority role’.

  14. BD,

    Thanks for the latest updates. More information is coming to light and we are waiting to see what the final outcome will be.

    Guess there are some things that have not been disclosed yet. Waiting for the police to complete their investigations. The guilty party / parties must be punished and the truth has to come out, one way or the other.

  15. While the debate rolls on with regards to what exactly transpired in Penang, who is lying, who is telling the truth etc, I came across something on line that I hope will cool heated hearts and minds.

    The pictures in the links provided below are of our Yang DiPertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong attending the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

    Their Royal Highnesses graciously consented to attend the wedding ceremony which was held in Westminster Abbey, one of the world’s greatest churches and a designated World Heritage site.

    Utusan Malaysia covered the event, but, may have missed out on the pictures below:


    • Heated hearts I don’t mind but heated mind is certainly not mine.

      Thanks bro for the soothing message.

      I like the YDP Agong dressed as Commander-in-Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces. The many circles around his coat sleeve must have intimidated the Protocol Officer (?) walking beside The RP Agong.

      The Agong must be talking to the Officer as British Protocol Officers all are trained in the art of being with royalty – speak only when spoken to.

    • Oh my Allah, this is an embarassment.

      HRH should only go AFTER the Church has granted him the absolute power to Malaysia. Not before!

      And he should crash into the wedding uninvited!

      • @ Andak 16:24 & 16:27,

        Your concern noted.

        I am sure there is a way for you to make your feelings known to the relevant parties.

        Suggest you apply for an audience at Istana Negara in order to highlight what you consider to be a breach of royal protocol(?)

        Unsure what your point is, but, you are always entitled to your opinion.

  16. …and what do you know, he forgot to bring a gift! Oh my Allah, should have bring along some good words like ‘ibadah’ and ‘iman’!

    Tottally embarassing!

  17. Jeff Ooi:

    “Saya agak sedih dan terkejut, mungkin dia dipaksa tapi saya tidak tahu…”

    Brother Jeff, the Malay words for ‘bought’ and ‘bribe’ are ‘dibeli’ and ‘dirasuah’.

    Totally dissapointed with yew.

    • No bro, the words “bought” and “bribe” are taboo to the DAP. Reserved only for UMNO and the BN.

      The doing is not taboo to DAP, though. Any one wants clarification or justification for my saying so?

    • Jeff Ooi is hardcore DAP. Saying being disappointed with him tak jalan.

      Maybe kalau dia kena ISA boleh jalan.

  18. DAP committee member Razali claimed he was present at the event purportedly held at the MacAlister Road hotel. He said the DAP fellas met and they did vow.

    Jeff Ooi by his press conference somewhat confirmed that. That Razali made a Police report well after he accompanied Ooi to make a DAP Police report can be due to the man taking time to search his conscience and to realize that the DAP was making a grave lie.

    He did say he was very disappointed and he could no longer tolerate the lies of DAP Leaders on the issue.

    • Razali forgot to get an SD stamped by a Bar Council member.

      Razali, I’m dissapointed with yew.

      • He did bring an SD but the Bar Council member forgot where he kept his stamp.

        Btw, been wondering what those marks under the star represent.

        And who Mr yew is.

      • I also don’t know who Mr. Yew is.

  19. Is this Chua Soi Lek fellow a Christian? His sex video affair doesn’t portray him to be a Christian.

    Is he supporting DAP in hitting Utusan? Has DAP again made MCA ape what they do in trying to get Chinese votes?

    Look at what he says

    Caution not enough, we want a full investigation, says Chua

    Malaysia Star – Cheng Yee – ‎9 hours ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA regards as inadequate the caution given to Utusan Malaysia over the controversial article that questioned if Christianity would take over from Islam as the country’s official religion.

    Party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said the police needed to investigate the issue further to ascertain if there was any basis to the report.

    “If there are certain quarters politicising the issue by sensationalising the report, the writer or writers as well as the editors of the newspaper should be suspended.”

  20. (I posted this comment at Malaysian Insider but was unceremoniously deleted)

    Mohd Razali is
    1. a Malay
    2. a valid and helpful DAP member
    3. an ex UMNO guy.
    4. got relatives in SBranch
    5. is lying to his teeth but not other DAPs and men of cloth who attended the
    6. Being paid to cook up a story

    Now, the DAP wii really have their balls in tatters

    • Allah berkati Johor.

      • Waaah, Andak orang Johor nampaknya. Ada semangat Dato Onn lawan Malayan Union. Ke dia saja sokong JohorMali.

        Apa pun, JohorMali tak payah buang masa kat Malayan Insider. Aku dah buang sia dari depa. Aku pun tulih 1-2 kali depa tak siarkan. Mai tulih kat sini hentam depa.

        Kena pujuk ke, pulas tangan ke, kena jampi ke, yang penting Razali dah buat Polis report. Aku nak tengok bola depa kecut sampai tak buat apa yang tak betui sampai bila bila.

  21. After so long, KJ finally rewarded himself with a cheap thrill. Boy! He sounded really pleased.

  22. bd,
    razali..is a ‘BONUS’ isnt it, my guess is from the beginning u had more than just a ‘heresay’
    u were in control u n were fishing n do they all bite
    hemmm…..good1 bro…
    Just wish u could show your hand….Im sure its a ROYAl FlUSH
    i could be wrong but i doubt it

  23. nad,

    I agree with you. But biar lah dia having done a good job of bringing to the attention of the public possible DAP politicizing Christianity or bringing Christianity into politics.

    He may have a flush but no need to flash, I think.

  24. Chow Chee Bye Jeff Ooi the bloody racist from DAPigs!

  25. Free Malaysia Today said, “Hishamuddin said there was “some basis” to the Utusan report.”

    They said so in their report as follows:

    Christian plot: DAP ‘brother’ Razali was ‘coerced’‎
    Free Malaysia Today – 1 day ago
    But the very next day its minister Hishamuddin said there was “some basis” to the Utusan report. Hishammuddin said this based on ‘new evidence” provided in …

    And Razali said he was there at the meeting. And there was a vow made. So, apa lagi mau cakap.

    Kita tunggu the detials from the Police lah. Meanwhile, because ada “some basis”, kita boleh keluar views lah.

  26. […] untuk meletakan seorang Kristian sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Namun taktik biasa Pembangkang, akan terus berbohong dan memanipulasi […]

  27. […] was almost at the same temperature. In that May event (which later was substantiated with the admission of then Jelutong DAP man Mohd. Razali A Rahman) that MP for Jelutong Jeff Ooi was at a dinner party where they vowed “To have a Christian as […]

  28. […] We were in Singapore observing what turned out to be a landmark election for the city-state when this blog created a national controversy with the ‘Red Rcok Hotel’ event on the evening of 6 May, where a group of Christian priests vowed to have a Christian as the Prime Minister and Christianity be made as one of the ‘official relgion’. A week after we published that, some one who attended the event, DAP  member in Jelutong  Mohd Razali Abdul Rahman corroborated the story with his Police report in…. […]

  29. […] Ooi  attended and certain speeches and vows are made, did corroborate the story and came up with his own Police report on the subject matter in North East Penang Police on 13 May […]

  30. […] presiden MCA Liow Tiong Lai menyanggah laporan Utusan (7 Mei 2011) yang bertajuk ‘Kristian agama rasmi?’ tentang pastor-pastor […]

  31. […] Pemimpin pemimpin politik terutama DAP melatah dan bertindak, termasuk mengeluarkan kenyataan dan membuat laporan polis. Seminggu selepas BigDogDotCom menyiarkan laporan itu dan Utusan Malaysia menggunakan laporan itu sebagai muka depan pada 7 Mei 2011, salah seorang ahli DAP Jelutong Mohd Razali Abdul Rahman yang menghadiri majlis itu membuat laporan polis dan mengesahkan “Apa yang dilaporkan itu benar”. […]

  32. […] fact is that, Utusan Malaysia has been proven time and again that their reporting is accurate, even though it is often seen or pictured as demonising the minorities and their agenda. […]

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