Making Christianity the official religion?

Partying pastors or pastors doing the party do and vow to have a Christian as Malaysian Prime Minister?

The recent victory of racially charged attempt in Sarawak has brought forth a new confidence level for the Chinese Chauvinist DAP. Now that they have tasted blood, they are wanting more. This time, it is much much more.

It is believed that DAP Jelutong organised a feast which was attended by pastors who served in Sarawak, which include foreigners. An MP was said to have attended, along with some party workers. In attendance is also Chinese Chauvinist DAP ADUN from Sarawak. During the Sarawak State Election, the Al Kitab issue was one of the major sensitive point the DAP played over and over everywhere where they were campaigning. None other than Chinese Chauvinist DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng also blatantly questioning why Malay bible is not allowed in Semenanjung, with a provocative overtone.

Amongst the interesting moments that was said during the evening do was when the 35 pastors stood in a circle and said to have taken a vow to make Christian the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia and the Prime Minister also a Christian.

It is expected that 1,700 pastors would hold a special convention the whole day today in a hotel in Penang and there would be a special meeting at Khaw Sim Bee Road, Georgetown, tonight. Expected in the agenda is the flavour of pondering into having a Christian brother as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This translate to unseating the Malay Prime Minister, who represent majority of the population.

Chinese Chauvinist DAP controlled Penang is actively organising programs for the purpose of propaganda and these recently victorious comrades from Sarawak are brought in as their guests of honour. These developments are very dangerous and they are now ‘charging’ their politics with the cry of changing the Leadership from a Muslim to a Christian.

For the Chinese Chauvinist DAP to embark on a very sensitive approach of ‘changing’ the Prime Minister on the religious node for a political propaganda is definitely taking the strategy of their Chinese Chauvinist politics into a different and highly explosive level. This should be construed as nothing less than seditious, if not subversive.

The Malays are the majority. And almost all Malays are Muslim. The Chinese is a minority, with only 26% of the citizen. The Christians amongst the Chinese makes them a smaller minority for Malaysians. For these minority to be ambitious enough to have a vow of pledge to one day put a Christian as the Prime Minister and make Christianity the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia is a blatant demonstration of ‘minority playing the majority role’ and having a political aspiration with total disregard for the majority.

This confidence level is thought to be much higher as compared to the post May 1969 General Elections where victorious Chinese Chauvinists DAP trot around strategic places in Kuala Lumpur with brooms asking the Malays to “Balik kampung, tanam jagung!“. That sparked the bloody racial riot on the evening of 13 May 1969.

This is a new level of ‘minority playing the majority role’ politics, on top of the strategy of the ‘politics of hatred’ the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is playing. It is threading on very dangerous line indeed.

*Updated Sunday 8 May 2011 1000am

These Sunday Notes by Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal challenges Opposition Leaders especially Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim to go after Utusan Malaysia for quoting the blogs. It also serves as a good reminder to zealots:

A chance to bury our differences

By Shamsul Akmar

THE phrase “over my dead body” is now making the rounds in blogosphere.

Made famous by DAP chairman Karpal Singh more than a decade ago to underscore his aversion to Pas’ pursuit of an Islamic state, the phrase recently returned to Karpal’s lap.

Kota Baru member of parliament Datuk Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah’s use of the phrase was not in defence of Pas’ goal of an Islamic state or the religion but, instead, to defend Karpal from attacks.
It may sound weird or far-fetched for a Pas politician to “offer” his life to defend someone who is against the formation of an Islamic state, but politics is stranger than fiction.

The current controversy over the phrase is about opposition to religious incongruity, similar to what Karpal had raised.

Simply put, if Karpal was prepared to put his life on the line to oppose the setting up of an Islamic state, there are those in blogosphere who are ready to do the same if there are attempts to supplant Islam with Christianity as the official religion of the country.
Several blogs had reported that a group of pastors who attended a Jelutong DAP dinner had pledged to make Christianity the country’s official religion and get a Christian to become prime minister.

Utusan Malaysia picked up on the reports and ensured that they became a national issue, attracting responses from across the political divide.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, however, was defensive.
Instead of determining if the “congregation to make Christianity an official religion” had really been held, he lambasted the report, saying that it had been manipulated by the newspaper and Umno.

He reproduced, in his blog, a joint statement by opposition leaders on Sept 8, 2008, which affirmed their commitment to the Constitution, including upholding the position of Islam as the official religion of Malaysia.

However, the issue remains: did the pastors make the pledge?

Secondly, if Anwar and opposition leaders were sure that the incident did not occur, surely they could have asked bloggers and Utusan to prove the authenticity of the report.

People’s scepticism about media reports won’t let them believe the incident without proof.

They can also vilify newspaper and bloggers to no end and that, too, is not something Anwar and the opposition are unfamiliar with.

However, what if there is truth to it?

Again, neither Anwar nor opposition leaders need to be upset about such an idea as it may have originated from zealots who, in the name of the religion, were prepared to undermine the Constitution.

If Anwar and opposition leaders are also jealously defending the Constitution, they, too, would want to get to the bottom of the issue and expose these zealots, if they existed.

Also, Christian leaders would want to denounce these zealots and condemn them for attempting to undermine the Constitution.

They would have no choice because if they didn’t, they would incur the wrath of the government, Anwar and the opposition.

In fact, this is one issue that will bring together those from different political parties.

There is a precedent. When the al-Maunah extremist group committed an act of terror in 2000, all politicians condemned the group and many distanced themselves from the group and denied any association with it.

Zealots are zealots. They lurk in all corners, waiting for the opportunity to spread their tentacles.

Even though these windows of opportunities, real or perceived, are created by events or encouraged by political posturing, the fact remains that they have no place when good sense prevails.

The question is whether good sense will prevail.

Or, given the fact that everything that moves is tied up in politics, then each suggestion will probably be twisted, even when the sanctity of the constitution and the position of religion in the country are in jeopardy.

If political considerations and political gains are of essence, then zealots need not lurk in the dark.

They can come out and choose the side that best serves their interests.

That being the case, there’s nothing surprising if more politicians challenge opponents to walk over their dead bodies.

This issue, if not resolved quickly, will emit a terrible stench.

Read more: A chance to bury our differences

*Updated Monday 9 May 2011 300pm

So much attention and emotions transpired from this posting. Please read Another Brick in the Wall’s analysis on everyone seeming missing the plot!

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  1. what will KDN do?

    • Bernama has just reported the following:

      “Hisham: Agenda To Make Christianity Official Religion A Serious Matter

      Bernama – ‎1 hour ago‎

      BESUT, May 7 (Bernama) — Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein has described as serious a purported meeting of pastors in Penang allegedly to discuss making Christianity the official religion of the federation.”

      You people in the comments down below who accuse Big Dog all sorts owe apologies to him. Be gentlemanly. You make mistakes, apologize.

      But cam still has a point – what will KDN do?

      Hishamuddin says he is awaiting a report on what exactly transpired at the congregation. But he also said it’s the Police who’ll take action, not him. Otherwise he’ll be accused of politicizing the issue, said he.

      Let’s discuss this thoroughly. Suggest BD not put in a new post until more views come in from readers of this blog on this subject.

      • how can a Buddhist person attempting to discuss with the church’s people to ensure the next Prime Minister to be a Christian?

        and you, assuming that people will believe in this shit only by looking at the picture? this picture is yout proof? do you hear Jeff Ooi talking with the pastors about the vow?if you do, please come out with audio version of your proof and then, we might take into consideration to believe in your stories.

      • …and nobody heard Tun Ahmad Fairuz’s voice in the Lingam tape yet he was asked to resign.

      • 5 months after delivering the Lina Joy judgment.

  2. […] BigDog – Making Christianity the official Religion? Yesterday evening, Jelutong DAP organised a feast for pastors from Sarawak and several who came […]

    • This article is the worst piece of fabrication & provocation. I’m a Christian & I go to church & have been to many Christian mtgs. The idea of a Christian mtg with an agenda of a Christian PM in Malaysia is pure fantasy land!

      • How do you knoe BD fabricated this??? Were you present in that hotel? I trust BD hv his sources. Look, he even posted a photo of the event!

      • I agree, Christians are not likely, ever, to do that. If you can you give us evidence of this, I will personally, though I am a Christian, join hands with the malays and oppose this.
        If you can’t provide any evidence, I suggest that you, if you are a good muslim, apologize to all Christians.

      • I agree, Christians are not likely, ever, to do that. If you can you give us evidence of this, I will personally, though I am a Christian, join hands with the malays and oppose this.
        If you can’t provide any evidence, I suggest that you, if you are a good muslim, apologize to all Christians.

      • Dwitri,

        Isn’t the photograph evidence enough?

        He has made the statements including the Srawak DAP guy being there. If you dispute him, you show proof that the photo is fake etc or the Sarawak DAP guy was not there. Isn’t that the rule of disputing? Or you have no rule, just say whatever you like?

        Big Dog has proven himself to be reliable in his statements all these years he has been blogging and operating this blog. You? Nein. Zilch. So, you want to dispute, you give the proofs, man. Or are you a woman?

      • Recordings, mister, either audio or video. Pictures paint a thousand words, but the photo above doesn’t have anything like “let’s make Christianity the official religion!” written in it.

      • Hashim,
        You mean from a picture you can tell what it is they are saying/praying? You don’t have to need an audio? And if I have a picture of a few muslim men praying, then I can use that picture and say that the muslim men are planning a conspiracy too? And that is how you judge a conspiracy? You mean pastor’s are so strong politically, that they can change the constitution of the country? And the pastors’ will be able to get a 145 Christian MP’s elected to Parliament, to change the Constitution? Or, are you saying that you believe the prayers’ of the pastors’ so much, that their God can make it happen? Then sir, you have more faith in these pastors’ prayers’, than some christians have. If these pastors’ have faith in their prayers’, that they can change the entire constitution of Malaysia, by prayers’, sir, what about your own faith in your prayers’?
        If you pray to have me destroyed, than I of course will pray that you prayers’ are not answered. Then what happens?
        All these insecurities that you have, are only because you have little, or no faith, in your own prayers’ or your own standing with God.
        If you have faith in your own prayers’, even if others’ pray that they want to take over your house, land, nation, etc., you will have no fear, as your faith will/should over ride that fear, and should deliver you from all the threats from others’.
        If you are confident with your own standing with God, then all else doesn’t matter.
        It is as simple as that.

      • Hashim,
        Do you know big dog personally? He is the biggest propagandist for Mahathir and the BN. He is ruled my emotion, not reason and fear of God. God and religion, are his tools, to achieve an evil purpose, primarily Mahathir’s and BN’s. He has proven nothing, except to be a carrier of gossip and lies.
        True, God fearing muslims, will not spread lies and slander about christians, as we are all referred to as “The People of the Book”, as we are all derived from the God of Abraham. True muslims, regard christians as their brothers’. You will find that in Europe, USA, etc., whenever a muslim can’t find a mosque to say his prayers’, he offers his prayers’ in a church and the church welcomes him to do so.
        I have not seen a more insecure group of muslims, than the muslims’ in Malaysia.

      • In the picture, all are praying for a particular person, and that is not because that person is the future PM of Malaysia. it may be because that person is sick and needs prayers’ to be healed, or that he is going for an interview and needs the favour of God to be upon him, or is having problems at work, and needs prayers’, or a million other reasons. Why are you so insecure when a christian prays? A christian knows that when his prayers’ are not in line with God’s word, his prayers’ are not answered, indeed they don’t even reach God. God has no time to listen to prayers’ that are not in accordance with the laws of the land, that are against authority, that are conspiratorial in nature, that call for the over throwing of a legitimate government, etc.
        I do sincerely suggest that you examine your own standing faith and standing with God.
        Whether I am a woman or man, has no bearing on the subject in hand.

      • Dwitri 22:02,

        The difference between you and Big Dog is that he has been here in this blog for years. He has some credibility. While we can’t tell from the photo what it is they are saying/praying, we assume he has some basis for asking the question he did ask.

        Of course, you being new here, I won’t believe you even if you say there’s gold in them thar hills.

        If you can’t show proof that the photo is fake and put out your arguments that the men there are not up to anything sinister, I’ll take note of what you say, until I’m convinced that you are right.

        But suggesting that I might “pray to have me destroyed” and “All these insecurities that you have, are only because you have little, or no faith, in your own prayers’ or your own standing with God” – itu sudah lebeh, betul tak?

      • Dwitri 22:51,

        You are going personal against Big Dog, aren’t you, now? Or even political? You rant, “He is the biggest propagandist for Mahathir and the BN. He is ruled my emotion, not reason and fear of God. God and religion, are his tools, to achieve an evil purpose, primarily Mahathir’s and BN’s ..” bla bla.

        Then you put out a sermon about “God fearing muslims”, etc, etc. Telling them to do good and avoid the bad may be acceptable because the Muslims do the same of fellow People-of-the-Book Christians.

        But saying “I have not seen a more insecure group of muslims, than the muslims’ in Malaysia” won’t endear you to Muslims in this country, would it?

      • Dwitri 23:01,

        Now, now, Mister, you are also speculating aren’t you? Saying “In the picture, all are praying for a particular person, and that is not because that person is the future PM of Malaysia .. may be because that person is sick and needs prayers’ to be healed”, bla bla.

        Big Dog clearly asked a question and he must have sources that he would not reveal and many journalists would die to protect their sources.

        Saying “A christian knows that when his prayers’ are not in line with God’s word, his prayers’ are not answered, indeed they don’t even reach God”, you assume everybody is good, don’t you? That’s utopia, man. That’s the ideal, which, sadly, does not exist. Haven’t they told you that all these years?

        Otherwise, why the hell are we having problems in this world throughout the history of mankind? And extremists, racists, ultra kiasus and what nots in Malaysia?

        Good that you preach “God has no time to listen to prayers’ that are not in accordance with the laws of the land, that are against authority ..” You should address that to the chauvinists, racists, secret societes, thugs and gangsters, man.

        I have examined my own “standing faith and standing with God” and it’s fine. But, in return, I want to suggest that you not go on the basis of naivety but calculated belief and guarded trust, and not say “Do as I say, not as I do”.

        Whether you are man or woman might entitle you some courtesy, but I have given you the benefit of the doubt and have not made any strong remarks against you.

      • Hashim and the rest,
        BD’s credibility is can be established when and if he can provide audio evidence of what he said took place, until then it remains a photo only.
        You and the rest of you, can be assured of BD’s credibility but don’t expect others’ to do the same.
        BD did not ask a question, he made an outright accusation.
        “It is believed”, is what he said. Who believes it? What makes them believe it? Why is it they believe it?
        Then he must proceed to to lay out the evidence, before us. By evidence, I mean audio evidence, of what was actually said and prayed. He doesn’t have to reveal his sources at all. Otherwise it remains as pure hearsay. That is the mark of a man with integrity and credibility.
        Oh, the pic can be real, it’s what’s happened in the pic, that is the point of debate and dispute.
        I know BD and that is why I made such comments.
        As far as God is concerned, I believe in the ‘ideal’, that is my belief, and has nothing to do with you.
        I can’t reply to the other points, as they don’t make any sense at all.
        I am not in the habit of repeating my statements.
        I want my muslim friends to be comfortable with me.
        I was brought up in a typical muslim area in Kampung Pandan, near masjid Alam Shah. In fact, half my life was spent in the compounds of that mosque.
        I have never had any problems with my muslim friends, I have even joined them and fasted during the fasting period. I mean 95% of my friends were muslims and since we eat, drink and play together, it makes sense join them in their fast too. And when they pray, I waied for them inside the mosque compounds, and then break fast with them too. I even wore a baju melayu, like they did. They didn’t expect me convert and respected my beliefs, just as much I respected theirs. I spent the whole of hari raya day with them and their families, as one of their family members. Some years’, I even followed them back to their kampungs, for a few days and they didn’t make me feel like an alien. I was one of them.
        Most of them are still my friends, till today. And I speak malay, with a malay accent and listening to my voice on the phone, one would indeed think I am a malay.
        During the times of our fathers’ and grandfathers, we lived in peace and harmony but not anymore.
        Why do you think that it is so?
        And I surely don’t need bloggers like BD to sow seeds of bitterness and hatred.

      • Dwitri,

        I’ll say it again, I wish the majority of non-Malays/ Muslims are like you. You have many good Malaysian values in you. Good that you mix like you do. Have a Malaysian outlook on life.

        I’ll also say it again, a sizeable number are not like you, don’t have the expected Malaysian values, don’t look at things as Malaysians should do. Read about what the DAP says, and what others say about them. Not just here, but also in such blogs as Ridhuan Tee, Jebat Must Die, Demi Negara, etc.

        Read also what the DAP did prior to the 13 May 1969 race riots. Google The White Paper produced by the National Operations Council that ruled the country during Emergency Rule immediately after the race riots. Otherwise check with the Perpustakaan Negara – they have a copy of the explanations why the race riots occurred.

        It’s the chauvinistic, racist and subversive activities that DAP engaged in since before that, that their leaders Lim Kit Siang and son Guan Eng were jailed/ detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA), that make people weary and suspicious of them. Cannot be suspicious, you might say? Read more my dear, and you’d understand why.

        You might read again the comments in here that support BD. Generally there are more of them than those criticizing him, I think. Not because they are Malays or support UMNO. But because the majority of the people know DAP’s divisive and nasty track records these past 40 years or so.

        We are not against Christians or Christianity on this Penang congregation, I can assure. But we are doubtful if the Pastor, the Sarawak DAP MP, the Penang DAP attendees have any undesirable agenda.

        Now that I know your background, I sincerely wish that you have the proper and correct understanding of what one presumably non-Malay commenter has said – DAP’s tactic of using Christianity during election campaign, politicizing religion. I so wish that you are not misled.

        Best wishes to you.

      • Hashim,
        Thank you for your lovely reply. I am touched. You are the kind of malay friend that I love to have, and that Sir, is a compliment.
        I am not a DAP supporter, I do not support the likes of LKS, LGE, Karpal, his two sons, whom I think are real bullies and thugs, with a law degree. and the DAP is just their excuse to make money. They have no love for the people, and no respect for authority. Indeed I have told off both Karpal’s sons in court, but they are think skinned and care a damn about people, they just care about their fees and their lifestyle. The fact that they use religion, to achieve their political purposes, is something that I have been convinced of, a long time ago.
        My contention is this, please don’t make any more difficult for God fearing christians to assimilate with our muslim brothers, than it already is. I have muslim friends, that will give their lives for me, and they know that I will do the same for them. Most of my friends, are muslims, even now. I have muslim friends, some are women, happily married ones’ too, and we text each other everyday, just sharing thoughts, ideas, the events of the day, encouraging each other, giving each other advice, etc. and most I haven’t even met at all, or heard their voices.
        Once when I was in St Louis, Missouri, a muslim gentleman from Malaysia, asked me broken English, where he could find a church and asked him why. His reply stumped me. He said he couldn’t find a mosque to say his prayers’ and he said the church is a good alternative. I took him to a church, and spoke to the person in there. He then proceeded to give a place to this gentleman, who then washed his legs and hands, behind his ears’ etc. removed his prayer mat, placed it on the floor and said his prayers’, oblivious to anything and everyone, except himself and his God. I had tears’ in my eyes. He was surprised to know that I was a Malaysian, and spoke malay like a malay, then he smiled, and went on his way, so happy, that I had tears’ in my eyes again. This was a few years ago, when Boeing was opening a facility in St. Louis, Missouri. If I can’t find a church, I will sit next to you, in a mosque and pray. I have no qualms about that. I hope you will allow me to do this.
        This Sir, is the Malaysia I want. I hope that I not wrong in wanting this. Our brotherhood, is all that we have, take that away, and we are left with nothing.
        All I am asking from BD, is to be a little sensitive and don’t make it more difficult than it already is, with politicians messing it up for us.
        Once again, thank you Hashim.

      • Hah, a lawyer she turns out to be. Lucky I didn’t say anything libelous, did I, Dwitri, otherwise I might have to engage the Karpal sons to defend me if sued, hahaha. They are the kind who’ll use offence as a form of defence.

        Re-reading my last comment, I found in the third last paragraph I used the word “doubtful” when I meant “wondering”. Am putting it down now for the record. Otherwise I would be sounding dubious considering my other arguments put out in this post. Hope my recording it does not change the complex of things as far as you are concerned.

        Good to know you in this brief encounter, Dwitri. Although we may have differing views, I think Malaysia would be a better place with more Malaysian-at-heart-and-spirit citizens like you.

      • Hashim,
        I love Malaysia and Malaysians. No matter where I am overseas, I am always eager to come back to my lovely country. Though my parents were not born here, I was born and bred here, and will die to defend my country and that is why I am here, not somewhere overseas.
        I am not a lawyer Sir, I am a financial consultant, with a practice overseas, but I live here in beautiful Malaysia. And I not a woman either, I just use a pseudonym. I do not believe in suing people, my lawyer is upstairs, ha, ha. His justice is righteous. The reason why I told off Karpal’s sons, is because they emphasized that 100% of the fees must be paid, not a penny less, from poor people, before they would even appear in court. So much for their compassion and public concern. And no Sir, they will not defend you, unless you can pay them an enormous amount, in fees, or you are a high profile person, like DSAI.
        Not to worry, I knew exactly what you meant. It’s a pleasure to have known you too, and I thank you for your understanding. Having read what you wrote, I am somewhat positive again.
        I do wish you all the best.

    • Penganut Kristian dan Muslim dan lain-lain2 agama tiada masalah pun. yang masalahnya politician yang memainkan sentimen agama demi kepentingan politik. jika news ni sekadar fabrication, kenapa di Sarawak DAP memainkan sentimen agama ini dengan keterlaluan?

    • Nothing imposible , they must have calculated the risk with divided muslim especially on Allah issue.

      If the muslim want it happened insaallah it will happened.

    • Christian PM … Woi!! Boleh!! I repeat Can !! When was the last time you read the Constitution la?? Camne engkorang jadi journalist? In the Constitution it doesn’t mention that a Malay Must Be PM!! Only the person who commands the confidence of a majority of membars of parliament can the Agong call to form the Government… If any Aru, Bashir or Chong fulfills this criteria, its lawful… Eh, Big Dog, (Anjing Besar) who really paid you to put this up? Answer truthfully if you dare… in the open.. Saya sebagai bekas Muslim pun paham .. tapi buatlah cara baik…

      • Mengarut. Pakai nama Melayu, cakap bekas Muslim. Siapa mahu caya ini orang cakap?

      • Jangan coba-coba elak jawab soalan aku ler… tak kerdibel you kata? hahaha.. angkatlah kepala anjing besar engkou dan lihat dunia nyata ler…. org melayu, mcm aku, bukan sorang aje bekas Islam…. pham?
        Anyway dont be scared because I can speak English and sound educated, Because I AM.
        Ok I understand you dont like to be challenged by an intellectual superior, so I will dumb down my words to go down to this blog’s level.
        Jadik, hoi orang Malaysia semue! Pakai otak sikit dan sedar diri ler… bukan satu jenis kaum orang atau agama saje kat dunie ni yer? Aku sokong penoh PM bukan Melayu.. Lainlah PEKASAM PAS atau AMENO.. diaorang memang ditubuh ikut asas rasis!
        Oi Anjing Besar…. cakap! sapa yang hasut engko eh? Jawab secara terbuka… Aku dah dedah sapa aku… engko??

  3. They are confident because the believe and they saw that Muslims can be divided. They believe, the real muslims are only 10 percent of the population. Even, among the 10 percent, further 5 percent is coaxable.

    • Only an IDIOT would believe this piece of dog shit writing. All the picture shows is how Christians pray anyway in group meets. Are you saying that it is now WRONG for Christians to have fellowship and group meetings? What a bloody bunch of idiots!

      • Ju

        Boq here replying to you.

        “All the picture shows is how Christians pray anyway in group meets.”?

        Whatever happened to traditional methods of Christians praying?

        Not knowing the latest methods, I for one, certainly don’t see the photo as showing Christians praying.

        So what’s wrong in Big Dog asking?

        I’m afraid you are rhe idiot, Ju. Boq here says so.

      • To BOQ (comments below), if that comment is all you can come up with than you are the greater IDIOT. BIGDOG is just living in fantasy land. Go read the press statement on what the Conference was all about. I’m not bothered to link it here for non thinking people like you.

      • …so you just READ the press statement…

  4. Nothing more than another malicious racist dog lies.

    When will this anjing kotor get a real job, see the world and make peace with good men of Malaysia.

    • Asam,

      He has seen the world. Very clearly like we do. And we see this babi najis talking like you do.

      We simply do not see you and your kind as “good men of Malaysia”. The DAP racist pigs have always been dirty, seditious and subversive. Like those whose words and actions led to the race riots in 1969.

      Just like your words and action above. You have not an iota of good to say. Keep coming here with your seditious, no-modal remarks. No counter-arguments, no facts, no nothing.

      And we’ll hit you like-wise for so long as you show your dirty snout in here.

      Ada faham?

  5. Pukimak racist punya blogger.

    • At least “Befair” above has some argument.

      This one is not even worth maki balik.

      • you fuckers just write a piece of shit fiction and we have to counter-argue?

        what’s with the question mark at the end of the title? low class provocation. an insurance which goes…”oh, we’re just asking a question…”. this is low class. like u umno-lickers here.

        u know and we all know, umno-lickers like u now can only rely on low class anonymous piece of shit writing like this article in reply to scare the ignorant voters. u hv no credibility to informed voters. i pity u really.

        we the informed readers have really drove you into a corner, huh? no economic nor social issues to pick with pakatan supporters, huh? cari makan sekeji macam ini, macamana nak berdepan dgn anak sendiri. do u really think u can be honest to your children and tell them…. this is what daddy does for a living. daddy hopes u grow up one day to be just like daddy and bigdog and awang selamat etc…

        u r not fighting for the malays. u r fighting for dr manathir who has plans for the 3M thingy. MAHATHIR-MUKHRIZ-MOOOOOHIDIN.

        but surely politics doesn’t go as low as this, man. how do u look at yourself in the mirror?

        PAKATAN SUPPORTERS, PLEASE GO INTO THE KAMPUNGS AND EXPLAIN EXPLAIN EXPLAIN…. don’t let them kampung folks be hoodwinked by this pariah dog and it’s ticks…

        i hope their children grow up to be like them… i pray very hard for this.

      • oooooohh

        4″rakyat” is really angry, need to go for anger management courses so that can go to the kampungs and explain to the rakyat in a cool and calm and collected manner

        so the rakyat can ACCEPT his hujjah2

        psst … remember to speak in MALAY, ok

      • Very well said, ray.

      • 4RAKYAT, you are still kicking yourself over that question mark?

        Should move on and date a period sign.

  6. Although I hardly solat, 5x a day, over my dead family.


    • that show the malays who claim to be muslim already divide into 2 type.Real muslim and malay claim muslim.You can make yourself dead. You never belief in islam as whole.I the one like to walk over your dead body………..

      • che mamat

        At least he is honest about it.

        How about you? Sengaja nak point out divisive. You yourself are a divisive type doing that. Don’t you realize that?

        Then you accuse him not believing in Islam. And wish him dead. What kind of “Islam” are you? Or a Christian who wants to use the Malaysian Muslim term “Allah”?

        Worse some more you like to walk over his dead body. You a sadist or very badly misled “Islamist”? You understand what sadist means? Go red the dictionary, Mister “the one like to walk over your dead body”!

        Me? I’m a self-appointed mata mata on this blog, out to put down the errant bloggers – hopefully with Big Dog’s consent.

      • ala che mat…

        jgn la nak tunjuk terrer pulak… apa punya org…

  7. Salam BigDog,

    The biaDAP master manipulators know that their very existence depends only on the Chinese. Now that they realise the PR and PKR is splintering, they want to hold on to what they have, Penang. At all costs.

    Their mission accomplished, the present PR spat in Sarawak show what dirty dregs the DAP are.

    Their ploy did not and will never work with the Malay/Bumi voters. Thank goodness.

    As for the pastors, God has better things to do than to get involve in politics.


  8. orang melayu patut baca surat LOW SIEW CHENG dalam web perkasa.

    cina babi kurang ajar. menteri KDN tidur.

  9. Wats d fuss ! why not give them the chance to prove they could be better than d present govt. I am sure if d REAL CHRISTIANS are given d chance they could govern much much better …..

    • sabsar, kau ni sub-standard thinking la. Mana boleh give chance? Ini chance game ke? Macam ni bukan saja sub-standard, kupla taruk kaki ka?

      • haha… haba, kau takut ke orang bukan Melayu/Muslim jadi PM? haha..

      • kenyalang, kau tak ada benda lain nak cakap ke? Kepala kcik sangat ke? Nak menyalang saja ke? Jangan, nanti tunggang langgang.

    • Almost all Christians I know were rational people, just like some who called themselves pious Muslims were not very rational. That being said, I won’t trust a Chinese, whether Christians or not to rule in Malaysia. I still remembered the 3 months and 10 days that they were controlling the post-Japanese Malaya. This MALAY don’t forget easily.

      • Must be the genes.

        They don’t even trust themselves. Throughout their history. Communism came to China. Now communism is going out. They have been practicing capitalism for some time. Where the money is.

  10. Ha ha ha ..

    Funny….Where is our Muslim MP to vote a cristians MP to become PM….except if Muslim MP from BN vote for it ..ha ha ha.

    I doubt that our muslim MP will vote for non-muslim PM..but at least we still have DYMM Agong to “Perkenankan”…may be 50 years time laaa..Sleep thight Big Dog and happy dreaming a Cristians PM…LOL.

    • …zzz… Dreamland where PM is appointed by voting MPs… zzz… Dreamland where the YDPA can bypass the 30-days assent rule… ringgg… wake up bro, you are in Malaysia.

  11. Bro BD,
    That’s an interesting disclosure. The demography of Semenanjung and Sarawak are different particularly the Chinese community. The Foochows are very clanish and in the Peninsular the Chinese are not that clanish.
    The Malays have voluntarily shared this country with the immigrants Chinese, Indians and others for well over 200 years and jointly govern this country of milk and honey for well over 54 years.
    There are many non Muslims including Christian in the Cabinet and Govt services.It’s an accepted fact that no single racial group will be able to effectively govern Malaysia and if as the report stated that the Christians would like to govern then there will be the clarion call – “over my dead body…” and no one will benefit.
    Most over ambitious budding politician often forget that Malaysia was born from various soveriegn states that were already in existence. The only way to change the political set-up is through a “civil war”.
    Do we need that?

    • I don’t think “It’s an accepted fact that no single racial group will be able to effectively govern Malaysia”. The Malays are about 60% and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, who the books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia say belong to the same Rumpun Melayu, form another 10% of the population, making a total of 70%.

      In Fiji, the immigrants have been the majority, won the general elections, but could not even rule – the Army grabbed power and ruled by decrees some years ago.

      “The only way to change the political set-up is through a “civil war”? Don’t want to discuss that. Dangerous and can be seditious.

    • @dzulman

      The biaDAPs are in the import and export trade to profit their popularity.

  12. Singapore, one of top developed country in the world? Then why are you here in Malaysia? Pack your things and go. Take every member of your family with you. Dont leave your mother in old folks home here.

  13. Dont worry la…KDN will give another “Amaran” to these wannabes.
    Hisham will persuade them,DAP in particular,to not stir too much emotion.Hisham tau lah apa nak buat-dia Menteri KDN kan?

  14. Good idea.
    They have perverted the west and have made the west a christian nations . Though they do not profess to the religion as a whole but their sympathize is with them. There are so to say 80 million born again christian in the US alone and what have they achieved.
    Gays are legalised. Lesbians are legalised and it is a country of drunkards. They put posters of children in nude and gloat over it. They have lost all human morals and they are the mass murderers of the world killing people all over the world in the name of democracy. so our Malaysian too want to make Malaysia another model christian nation of the world. Wellcome.

    Just be sure the PM be , a maronite, catholic, angilican, bornagain, luthern, seventh day adventist or a jehovas witness.

    Goodluck. With a christian PM we may legalise sodomy, lesbianism, alchohol, gambling.

    • That is not due to Christianity, my friend, but due to centuries of liberal secularism which has gradually taken over nominally Christian civilisations.

      That liberal secularism has gone so far that even Christmas decorations have been dropped or even banned from public places and in department stores, such as in the U.S. and people no longer wish each other “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays,” and that’s in a nominally Christian nation.

      However, most true Christians in these western nations don’t approve of such developments but can do little to prevent them. In fact, most see these developments as the work of the anti-christ i.e. Satan.

      Just ask a true Maronite, Catholic, born again, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist or a Jehovas Witness and they’ll tell you.

      Anyway, I don’t support this alleged politicisation of religion BD alleged here, though I’d like to see a video evidence of the event with a sound track.

      BD mentions pastors but not priests or vicars, which suggests there are no Roman Catholic or Anglican clergy here.

      Protestants call their clerical leaders pastors and there are hundreds, if not thousands of protestant denominations, so only a minority are represented here, if this is indeed true.

      • A breath of fresh air here. Well done, Sir. One of the most sensible comments I’ve seen so far.

        No problem with the kind of comments made in your comment. A lot of truth. And arguments that sound logical and can be accepted as truth.

        And your asking for a video evidence – I can live with that. As the video on sex with the Chinese prostitute has also been disputed, we may have to live with whatever evidence adduced so far. Unless some one shows proof otherwise.

      • Yes brother you agree with me.
        “Centuries of liberal secularism has taken over nominal christianity”
        So this is what you will get when you do not try hard enough or give in one or two of ypur set in principles to have a bigger congregations.
        If the western countries have given up on christianity as a whole , how is it then there are more evenglical work is being carried out in the east comapred to the west and most of the funds and people who are running it are the westerners.
        Are you saying it is the Malaysian christians who are funding and organising the christians missionary works in malaysia. It has nothing to do with the denegerated west.
        Do not come with the lame excuse as the muslims are reciving funds fron Bin Laden and so are we from Bush.
        Yes , most Christians do not approve of such activities you say. True you do not approve but you tolerate of such immoral behaviour. You do not preach against it. You do not have your leaders propagate or pass legislations on such evil. You are innocent bystanders in your country but active participants in foreign lands. Instigating and writing against are the norms and you have pais servants to do the job.
        As of no mention of vicars and priests, I can excuse the men for he will not know the difference unlike the more knowledgable like your kindself.

      • Please note that in the US, there has been so many of these so-called evangelicals who get people to “congregate”, make fiery, pompous and demagoguery speeches, some even blasphemous. And they collect donations in the name of a newly named Christian denomination. And the leaders wallop the money to enjoy comfortable lives.

        At the last count the Protestants alone have 240 sects and sub-sects – not counting these evangelical groups. And the proliferation of evangelical groups continue almost unabated.

        You read about some of them being arrested, or watch on TV about others squeezing the spare cash of the lower middle class “parish members” who are easily taken in by the fiery speeches about so-called salvation and elevation to higher beings. The mass suicide in one such group was widely reported some time back.

        These include groups whose leaders practise polygamy, the leaders marrying their “constituents” practically as many as they like. At least the Muslim deviationist Al Arqam leader last time had only 4 wives!

        One documentary even mentioned the Mormons as belonging to this group of new-found Christian sub-sub-sect. Tom Cruize and a few film celebrities joined in, donating millions of dollars. So did the Marie Osmond singing brothers and sisters.

        Are these people in Penang trying to do the same thing? The religious authorities and the genuine Christian leadership in this country must watch and thwart such a tendency. It is highly divisive even among the Christians. The US mass murder group was even a criminal and destructive kind.

      • Ahmad Said,

        The term evangelist has several meanings. One of them is a preacher of the Christian Gospel who tries to convert people to Christianity. Another is a lay preacher of the Gospel – i.e. not a priest or a pastor who has undergone a formal religious training and examinations before being ordained.

        Sure, there are many evangelists – either individual preachers or belonging to some church organisation, usually Protestant who come out to Asia but the churches or organisations they belong to are non-profit organisations, usually supported by their congregation’s donations, often in the form of tithes.

        Because there are so many protestant churches, sub-groups, sects and even just one pastor running his own church; you quite often find evangelists who are running their church like a religious business, and some have gotten very rich, through TV evangelism, etc. and you especially find such evangelists in the United States.

        However, while the United States is said to be a Christian nation, in fact it is a secular state, as it has no official religion, unlike neighbouring Canada where Christianity is the official religion. Likewise, while Islam is Malaysia’s official religion, I understand that Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and perhaps another religion are official religions of Indonesia or at least are recognised as such without officially being official.

        So while there are Christan evangelists coming to Asia, it is not due to the US government, except when they are sponsored by US government agencies such as the CIA and others to serve some political objective.

        However, most of them are privately funded initiatives, much in the same way that there are so many US businesses big or small, respectable or otherwise, coming out to Asia.

        Now many of the secular constraints placed upon Christianinty in the U.S. arise from references made to constitutional rights and freedoms, especially by lawyers within or representing secular NGOS such as the American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center and so on.

        These NGOS may have begun with worthwhile objectives to oppose discrimination against the blacks and racial minorities and to achieve social justice, but now they have gone too far and have begun to restrict the rights of the Christians, as well as the nominal cultural Christians and this has resulted in growing resentment.

        After all, NGOs also have to justify their continued existence and funding, so they have to find new causes to fight for, whether valid or not.

        There also was a case where a couple too a case against a Christian school in Italy to the European Court of Human Rights to stop its practice of placing crucifixes on its walls on the grounds that it “offends non-Christians.” The court ruled against the school and this resulted in much resentment among the majority Catholic Italians.

        One of those preachers who is opposes the secular liberalism is Rev. Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network. He’s strongly critical of Israel and Zionism, though he has criticised radical Islam as well but not as much.

        However, there are other evangelical Christian groups in the U.S. which are called “Christian Zionists” for their support of Israel, believing that the Jewish homeland must be re-established before Jesus Christ returns.

        A strong critic of Christian-Zionism is Charles E Carson who operates the Strait Gate Ministries and the We Hold These Truths website where he criticises Christian-Zionism as an apostasy.

        Another strong critic of Zionism and its role in U.S. society and politics is Bro. Nathaneil Kapner, a Jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity.

        He describes himself as a “street evangelist” and operates the website Real Zionist News at

        Also, some churches which have compromised the teachings of Christ and the Bible to pander to the strong liberal secular wind in their respective societies.

        True Christians oppose such compromises as being contrary to the word of God.

        That said, while few can follow the teachings of their scriptures 100%, they can be forgiven for that, but they should not try to change the teachings to justify their actions or whatever agenda.

    • Thanks for the lessons Charles. That was very illuminating. Surely you are well informed to who does what. Especially in christiandom.
      But the charge still remains.
      You agree that church groups as well some goverments covert operations are in Malaysia as well as in all over the world. Minding Christian business. That is the charge.
      So I say again not to pervert the world . It is full of christian mischieve. Do not invade countries. Do not bribe local leaders and politicians. Keep your agenda within your borders. Work your charms on your very own population. There is more than enough to be done within your shores. Maybe we are not ready with your human rights policies and democracy per say. Leave us alone.
      We are divided enough . we are trying to solve our problems in our very own way. Some win some loose. To the least, we are trying without you interferences.There are enough christians. We do want the others to be perverted too.

      • We truly appreciate this clarification, Charles F Moreira. Thanks a bunch.

        Hopefully a clear understanding of the real issues will render this DAP’s sneaky agenda of ‘pitting the Muslims against Christians’ to smittereens.

      • Foreign imperialist governments sometimes use religious groups of any kind, whether Christian. Muslim or Falun Gong to serve their geo-strategic agendas.

        Case in point is how the U.S. imperialists used the Islamic Mujahideen and Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda against the Soviets in Afghanistan, then turned against them.

        How the U.S. imperialists used the Muslim KLA in Kosovo against Milosovic who wasn’t totally compliant with the globalist aims of U.S. imperialism in the Balkans.

        How the U.S. imperialists backed Saddam Hussein against Iran in the Iraq-Iran War.

        How the U.S. imperialists could be using the Chechens in Chechnya to cause trouble for Russia to serve their geo-strategic ends. After all, Chechnya is rich in oil.

        How the U.S. imperialists use the Falun Gong to justify criticism of China.

        The British backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt against Gamel Nasser, who had recently nationalised the Suez Canal.

        Britain’s MI6 backed the overthrow of democratically elected Dr. Mohamed Mossadeqh who had nationalised Iran’s oil interests.

        The list goes on.

        Anyway, the U.S. imperialists are only “Christian” in name, much in the same way they claim to be serving the interets of “democracy” and “human rights” by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, attacking people in Pakistan, etc.

        As the words on an anti-war poster read, “You can’t f&%@ for virginity”

        Also, U.S. foreign policy and the presidential administration, Congress, the Senate, etc are under the influence of the Neo-Conservatives, most of whom are pro-Zionist and some even dual nationals of the U.S. and Israel.

        Nothing “Christian” there, besides the rhetoric.

        BTW. I’m a born and bred Malaysian – born in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, now resident in Petaling Jaya, in case you thought I’m a foreigner.

      • Thanks again Charles. You are indeed well informed or you are well read. Keeping abreast of things world over and in the right perspective will keep us sane in this world of dog eat dog.
        Again why my emphasis on christianity?
        You may do all that you want in this world but you either repent in this world or pay the price hereafter. This is my stance.
        As being neo conservative or using people of your own kind do your dirty chores or by having covert operations to justify your ends is of little concern to me. You can take all the oil of the worlds by any dubious means. You can conquer and colonise our lands in any form of rethorics. You can savage the world for your gredy wants but leave our hereafter intact.
        If you recall, all the time when there were any resistance to white doninance , they would banish the rebels to far away lands so that they would trouble them no more. But these rebels,held fast to their souls and to this day you find the traces of it in the cape, sri lanks , maldives maritius and in the Andaman and nicobar lands.The only people who lost their faith were the African slaves who are now seeing the truth but not all the truth.
        It is good to have some intellectual discourse. I am least worried that charles is from timbuktu but nevertheless overjoyed that you are a malaysian.
        Besides what trouble me most is the immaturity of our Malaysian , their rough comments and their very racial rethorics. Especialy the non-muslims comments on Islam and Islamic instituitions which is of no concern to the non-muslims. It is of our concern and we will try to put it right. Why do non muslims or some mischieve makers using non muslim pseudoms would want to comments such things.They should refrain from such mischieve.

  15. Dont think just because you pay taxes here you are hell of a big shot. How much must you pay for a Canadian citizenship where many chinese from Hong Kong went b4 China took over? And how much did you pay for a Malaysian citizenship? Not a penny. So dont talk big. You cannot get a citizenship in any country in the world for free. No investment no citizenship. Why dont you renounce your Malaysian citizenship and see which country will take you? EVEN CHINA WONT TAKE YOU.

    • You shut up your mouth. If you want to debate objectively, please do so. Clearly you are trying to provoke Malaysians to a battleground.

      If you not happy with the rest of Malaysians, you should think of migrating yourself first, maybe Indonesia, Africa, Bangladesh or even Afghanistan.

      • Look at this son of a so and so.

        Having the cheek to say so.

        His first comment here was just to accuse “Nothing more than another malicious racist dog lies.”

        No such thing as “debate objectively” and the like.

        When he referred to BD as “anjing kotor”, he really deserved the spike.

        Now he is suggesting that someone who partly owns this country leave for Indonesia or Afghanistan.

        Shouldn’t he be dragged to the seaside, tied, stripped of his clothing, left under the hot sun to tan?

        I try to get the words to rhyme.

        And not curse too much on this slime.

        Lucky at this hour I can still joke.

        To soften the blow on this bloke.

      • asem asim

        are you objective yourself, huh? typical low IQ knee-jerk reaction.

        no one has the right to tell others to shut up LEAST of all you, who have NOT given any constructive comments – just a series of loose-cannon substandard ‘barking’.

        gamatlangkawi HAS given FACTS dearie. If you are not happy with his facts, just counter argue. If you can’t utilise your brain, remain invisible, no need to react with the other ORGAN.

        Psst … in case you are oblivious to this fact – let me remind that you are not blog owner

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  17. This is indeed a serious allegation if proven to be true.

    I am a Christian, and I am completely against what these people have allegedly proposed. 100%. No Malaysian in their right mind would ever think of making such a proposal.

    I am sure that other bloggers will also write about this, and I hope that someone somewhere will post a video clip of what these people are alleged to have said with regards to ” make Christian the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia and the Prime Minister is also a Christian ” Where there are pictures, there must be some kind of video available.

    That will be definitive proof and I will believe this posting when that happens.

    • Ditto my comment to Dwitri above to you.

    • PS:

      But you make a responsible comment about making Christianity the official religion of he country.

      • Thank you for acknowledging my comment. It is a fair thing to say.

        I did read your comment to Dwitri before posting my own comment.

        I am not disputing the photo. It is what it is, a photo showing several men, some of them Chinese looking, standing in a circle with theirs heads bowed. They could be praying. Who they are and where they were remains unknown.

        I am not disputing the presence of the ADUN from Sarawak. He could very well have been there too. If this issue becomes much bigger, he is the one who will have to explain his presence at the dinner / meeting.

        I am not disputing BD’s posting either. He is a well known blogger and he obviously feels strongly about the topic, or he would not have made the posting.

        The is just so that we are clear where I stand. Now, the claim is a serious one with serious repercussions. It is a very flammable issue, and one must have concrete facts to back it up.

        All I said was that I hope someone has a video that will expose exactly what was said to have happened.

        When that is made available, no one will be able to dispute the claims made in this posting.

  18. Dont try to push the Malay / Bumi to the wall.

    you will regret.

    • Hang tuah Keturunan orang Cina la, silly.

      • He doesn’t know that Hang Tuah is a keturunan from the cina, and he wants to quarrel, ha, ha. Silly, isn’t it?
        Shows the kind of mentality.
        Nak argue, be prepared lah.

      • Who said Hang Tuah keturunan Cina? Is it Wikepedia? Where any Chong, Wong and Long can write? Where the Sekolah Cina products want to try and change the history of this country?

        Haba haba haba.

    • I am ! What u wanna do hah? HAH?

  19. Hmm it would help the case if any video proof is provided, through those piccies, all I can see are an event or gathering of some sort, although it is not a surprise if all of what biggie’s on about were to be true. Dapigs have been winning ground by spreading lies and hatred. Would love to go ‘the godfathers’ on them piggies.

  20. I can live anywhere in this world and permanently stick to Islam as my religion.Why are you so worry about Islam?There is only one human thus there is also only one God.If you against Islam means that you are against yourself.Once birth every human being is Islam.Islam means surrender yourself to the Almighty,only one Almighty.Not two not three!Only One God.

  21. How can u make such large accusations just based on ONE SINGLE PHOTO?? Everyone can say anything about that photo, but if u were to make this kinda statement u should at least come up with a solid proof.. Though u’re a renowned blogger who is reliable in ur statements all these years but still u have to becareful on what u posted up on ur blog.. Janganlah jadi batu api and dun add on to the chaotic situation in this country.. If u are not willing then just shut up and blog about other stuffs instead of making ur own conclusion on sensitive political issues..

    • Debate it, man, debate it. In a cool, calm and collected manner.

      With a name like Peacemaker you should not be using such words as “just shut up”.

      You should be helping to find ways to resolve issues in decent and civil ways. People have become weary over such issues as the use of the Muslim word “Allah”.

      Do some preaching, man, not “shut people up”. Have a good day in Church to-morrow, pray for peace, reasonableness, respect for the Constitution (which says Islam is the official religion) and live by it.

      And have a good day to-day.

  22. Firstly, this is the biggest pile of bullshit ever.

    1. the whole event was a conference on ethics called the “unashamedly ethical” conference.

    2. In no way were there discussions as the above blog alleges. No talks on christian prime minister etc.

    3. The picture shows pastors praying together. To get more free pictures of these, just head on down to any local church during the weekend services. Its called corporate prayer and not a scheme to take over the world… HHAHAHAA

    4. you called the DAP chauvinist and there were statements made in your blog reminding us of May 13. You also support the ISA. it dont come as a surprise which side youre on and why you are doing this to make things more “sensitive”

    5. You repeatedly remind us on how the muslims are a majority therefore you cant have a christian to lead us. Does being christian affect your quality in performance, or do you judge a person not by their merits but by the color of their skin and their faith?. If a classroom is filled with malays but an outstanding indian boy was chosen to be monitor, is this a problem?.

    6. minority, majority, minority, majority,… malay… chinese…indian… why bother?. in fact whya re you so bothered about races and religion?. u a race supremacist?. come on its just easier to admit that and put it on your blog than to give us merry go round answers.

    7. many people went to the conference. we all know for sure what was being discussed. you are a liar playing on the sensitivities of the people.

    8. yes we also are aware of “entities” present during the conferences, taking pictures and notes… but you know what … people arent that dumb la. for a change do something more productive and write about unity rather than this crap.

    • Aiyyya, you said, “we all know for sure what was being discussed:. Yet you are not telling us what exactly was discussed. Only saying it was a conference on ethics. Come on, you can do better than that.

      Instead you went ranting about all sorts of things. You really should be a kaolabear living on the trees down under. Howzzat sound compared to your “this is the biggest pile of bullshit ever”?

      • coz it would be a waste of time having to explain it all here to you controversy seekers. needless to say this is an umno blog 😉 and just the sort of answer wed expect froma bloke like you.

      • oh and one more thing… its called the unashamedly ethical conference. ALL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ONLINE. google it. theres nothin to hide. ALL RESOURCES TO TEH CONFERENCE ARE MADE AVAILABLE to everyone who wants to participate.

        in fact its a conference u might want to attend yourself. no race or religious discrimnination here :).

        By the way u also seem to have ignored my other points and just chose to attack on something you do not have enough evidence on :).

      • koalabear,

        Look at your answer – “coz it would be a waste of time having to explain it all here to you controversy seekers”.

        Here is a controversy, the right or wrong is being discussed and you say the above.

        What a small mind. Can’t expect much from a koalabear.

        Look, boy, you are the one disputing what is being posted. It’s your bloody job to put out the arguments. Not behave like gangsters and rant like an old bitch. The onus is on you to state your arguments. Don’t you understand the rules of engagement in debates and discussions? You don’t come to people’s blog, make accusations, then ask people to google. How stupid can that be.

        The man asks for a discussion by putting a question on his post title. Either you agree or disagree and put out arguments in support. Or you shut up … now where is the guy who ask people to shut here – I’ve been influenced by the chap, haha.

        Saying “ALL RESOURCES TO TEH CONFERENCE ARE MADE AVAILABLE to everyone who wants to participate” is another stupid statement, isn’t it? And who the hell says whatever is reported are the true and complete record of what transpired at the conference? Another indication of your small mind.

        Discuss, man, not accuse and rant.


      • hahahah your answer prooves what i said right :).
        truly nuff said bout yourself.

        ps. u still didnt provide any answer to teh rest of teh points i pointed out :).

      • Did you know that the koala is NOT a bear.

        The brain in the ancestors of the modern koala once filled the whole cranial cavity, but has become drastically reduced in the present species, a degeneration scientists suspect is an adaptation to a diet low in energy.

        One of the smallest in marsupials with no more than 0.2% of its body weight, about 40% of the cranial cavity is filled with cerebrospinal fluid, while the brain’s two cerebral hemispheres are like “a pair of shrivelled walnut halves on top of the brain stem, in contact neither with each other nor the bones of the skull.

        It is the only animal on Earth with such a strangely reduced brain.

      • Again, very well said, ray.

        Waaah, you really know a lot, man. Scientific stuff.

        The kaola small brain is very telling isn’t it.

  23. The specter of 1969 is long-gone and nobody in the right mind wish to stoke an unproductive encounter again.


  24. […] Making Christianity the official religion? The recent victory of racially charged attempt in Sarawak has brought forth a new confidence level for the Chinese […] […]

  25. Just what is your real agenda? You blog about unproven allegations of a very sensitive issue. There is no way for our Nation to have a Christian Non-Malay Prime Minister or for Christianity to be made its official religion. If you are a true Muslim, may Allah enlighten you on this matter.The majority of the population of Malaysia knows that what you are suggesting is just a figment of your wild imagination or maybe you have been hoodwinked by someone who has ulterior motives of his own.

    • Ditto to your statement,

      “There is no way for our Nation to have a Christian Non-Malay Prime Minister or for Christianity to be made its official religion.”

      Mebbe Big Dog’s purpose was to draw out such statements from the responsible ones among you.

      And warn any fellows trying to start cheating-type, divisive and possibly destructive so-called religious congregations that Haba talks about above.

  26. hmm.. it seems that some people here are afraid of the power of prayer? so you’re scared that those pastors’ prayers would come true? hahaha… joker much la.. you’re not a Christian I presume?

    As a Sarawakian Malaysian, very sad to see that one religion and race is more supreme than the other. How do you justify for Sarawak where the majority are Christians and Ibans?

    • The Constitution, man, the Constitution. The Constitution of the country of which Sarawak is a part.

      It says Islam is the religion of the country, like Bahasa Melayu (now called Bahasa Malaysia) is the language of the country. Both have places higher than the others.

      As the Australians say, that’s how the cookie crumbles. Actually, our cookie is not even crumbling. In fact both Peninsular, Sarawak and Sabah become stronger. Now in Sarawak and Sabah there are adequate Police looking after internal security and troops protecting us day in and day out.

      And the Constitution was debated and approved by Parliament, in which Sarawak and Sabah MPs were represented, in 1963.

      And if you are a Bumiputera, I read that your language (like all the native languages there) also belongs to the large Family of Malay Languages (about 1,200 altogether) existing in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu (from which the Malays originate about 5,000 years ago), which include Borneo, Indonesia, Philippines, the Pacific Islands and beyond. The total number of people in that Large Family they say is 350 million.

      Some one gave the names of the books, “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia.

      • Harap kita dapat berbalas komen menggunakkan Bahasa Melayu. Tak payah nak guna peribahasa org Kengaroo, gunalah peribahasa Melayu.

      • Oi Kok Lanas,

        Orang pakai bahasa Omputih sebab nakkan depa yang ditujukan faham pesanan pesanan yang nak diberi.

        Hang tak payah menyeboklah kalau takdak benda nak habaq.

        Buang masa orang saja nak baca hang. Aku nak kata kasaq pun dah malas.

        Nak masuk komen, kasi isi sikit lah, jangan kosong nyakit hati orang saja.

      • Bahasa jiwa bangsa. Tak payah nak guna peribahasa orang puteh. Rakyat kat sini semua paham bertutur dlm Bahasa Melayu. Ni aku peri panduan “Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak” lebih tepat. Saya benci dengan Melayu yg cuba nak tunjuk pandai dengan menggunakkan bahasa orang puteh.

      • Apa ni Kok Lanas? Kalau hang tak suka, tak usah masuk sini lah. Tak payah benci sana benci sini. Hang ni tak pandai ke?

    • PS:

      They say, according to those books, only religion and way of life differentiate the Peninsular Malays and the natives of Sarawak and Sabah. But same origin, same ancestors.

      In the Peninsular, they are called Malays under the Constitution. Those natives of Sarawak and Sabah who are Muslims are also Malays under the Constitution.

      The books tell the many researches and academic studies done scientifically by experts in languages (linguistics), study of mankind (anthropology), study of ancient remains (archeology – excavations) etc since the mid-19th Century, right through end of the last century.

      Those natives who are not Muslims are stated in the Constitution as natives, but are also referred to as Bumiputeras.

      The Special Position of the Malays under Article 153 of the Constitution that was approved by Parliament at the Independence of Malaya in 1957 also covers the natives of Sarawak and Sabah under the Constitution that was approved by Parliament at the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

      Hope you don’t feel sad about the way things are in the country. History has made us what we are. We have to accept it. All of us are protected by the laws of the country.

  27. DAP has split the Malays in Semenanjung into UMNO, PAS, PKR camps.

    DAP is trying to attract the Malay speaking Christians over to their camp. They have successfully gained votes from the chinese by playing on the Chinese PM slogan.

    Now they will try to influence the Christians to join their camp for increased numbers. So they are playing the ‘Christianity as official religion’ card. In Sarawak they campaigned thru “in solidarity with the Christians”.

    This will split the Bumiputera majority who are either Muslims or Christians.

    BD may be trying to alert us to this new development. I am pretty sure the intent is NOT to antagonise the christians but to contain DAP’s divisive attempts to catapult themselves into power.

    • Crab!

      • You mean crap ha? Or mebbe clab ha?

        Haba haba haba.

        Pssst, don’t mind me, BD. Must have joke oso sometimes la.

      • ooooooh chilli CRAB banyak sedap you know


  28. Let’s be realistic about this. What is the percentage of Muslim MP or ministers in the Government? Better still what is the percentage of malay (Muslims) in the country compared to the Non-Malay (Christians in particular)? This is practically impossible with the present percentages and YOU know it for a fact unless you know the support of your own race have shifted because of the way things are done here. as a Christian myself, I have never heard or participated in any prayer to topple the government or prayed to have a Christian as my PM. What we have prayed in the past is for the Almighty to guide our existing PM and the ruling body in their decision and work entrusted to them. We forgive Muslim who attacked our places of worship and prayed for God to bestow them insight in the error of their ways and did not retaliate in what so ever way but yet you accuse us of having hidden for standing up for our rights and beliefs AND having agendas against you where your race and religion are concerned. In the Almighty’s name, please stop these stupidities before the rifts amongst Malaysian become wider. If you want to know anything just ask us and we will obliged you. Your pictures only tell half a story and speculation is rife as to who, what and why but you should be responsible for what you write in your blog and not half truths and misdirections. If I say that that Pastors were just praying for the aches and pains to go away from their shoulders and neck based your photograph, would you believe me?. Dirty politics do NOT work anymore so please grow up and get your mind out of the gutter. God bless you and open your eyes and mind.

    • You begin well but end up your sermon bad, brother. Especially those words “grow up and get your mind out of the gutter’. Pity, the Englishman would say.

      I normally don’t read these no-paragraph comments. They show cluttered thinking, all jammed up in one long thing. But will entertain you this time and see what it’ll bring.

      Good that you have never “participated in any prayer to topple the government or prayed to have a Christian as my PM”. And “forgive Muslim who attacked our places of worship and prayed for God to bestow them insight in the error of their ways and did not retaliate”. Most Muslims also do not condone violence but I hope you would exercise your influence and ask in prayer that the term Allah be left only for the Muslims to use.

      But be fair where fair is fair lah, brother. Big Dog put a big question mark in the title to his blog. Dispute it with facts and sensible arguments but not the rough words, lah. Using words like “stupidities” is unChristian, isn’t it?

      What’s wrong with BD wanting a discussion in his blog? Anyone can put the agree and disagree views. In decent and civil language, lah.

      Speculation is always there, bro. Just as you speculate his intentions. If you say that the Pastors were just praying for the aches and pains to go away from their shoulders and neck based your photograph, we will take note of what you say. And don’t speculate saying we will not believe you lah.

      When you say “Dirty politics do NOT work anymore so please grow up and get your mind out of the gutter”, you you are also politicizing, aren’t you? And saying “God bless you and open your eyes and mind” becomes insincere, sarcastic and disconcerting.

      What do all these bring me? A little amusement in an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon. Now, now, don’t speculate by saying I habitually like to be entertained by a religious sounding but not-quite-so person.

      • Nono…you sound like an educated person but yet you seems to believe the article. If your sunday is dull, why don’t you say something about this blatant lie instead of attacking stephenc’s opinion.

  29. R u mad to say that christian wish to become the prime minister. First the christian’s believer mostly are loving and caring. They do not have political ambition other than to serve mankind. Christian church’s are limited because the authorities (muslims) do not give approval. So please for heaven sake do not tell lies and mislead the rayat of malaysia.
    Please see how Utusan have twisted your writing and reported it in the front page, so that the muslim will rise up and kill the christian. Is this your aim and ambition? Do not let divine wrath of God to strike you for your evil thoughts against mankind.
    Peace loving Rayat

  30. […] sini,my anger sini,bigdog sini unspinners […]

  31. Shallom.

    Jangan sesekali menanam atau membuat spekulasi yang menimbulkan rasa kurang senang setiap org tdk kira apa agama sbg penganut agama Kristian d sarawak pasti tidak mungkin pastor berdoa utk kemusnahan org lain hatta musuh sekalipun.malah kami sentiasa berdoa utk kesejahteraan negara malaysia tercinta termasuk perdana menteri yg amat dikasihi.

    • Apa pulak Shallom dia ni? Dia tahu ke itu greeting orang Yahudi?

  32. From what I can see, the pastors are praying. The act of putting one’s hand on another’s shoulder, with other people similarly doing it behind to form a nucleus with a person in the center – this is a prayer for a specific person, and from what I can see, for the man in white in the center of the photograph.

    Praying for what? I don’t know. I can’t say for sure.

    But as my capacity as a Christian AND a Sarawakian, I can safely say that Christians would NEVER take vows to make Malaysia a Christian country. Pastors never take vows, or seek to do harm or create racial or religious tensions in the country. The allegation that the pastors did that, in my humble opinion, comes from people who are afraid of Christian solidarity and union.

    Christians do not fear anyone but God. So God-fearing Christians follow teachings of Jesus – and He said to render unto Ceasar’s what is Ceasar’s, and unto God what is His. This means even if we don’t agree with BN policies, we still behave and live as good law-abiding citizens, paying taxes, never creating harm or whatever.

    Maybe they were praying for God to put a God-fearing person in place of authority, not specifically to make Malaysia a Christian country of the PM a Christian one. Who in their sane mind would think this is possible in a Muslim-majority country?

    If I were to vote, I only vote for candidates who show integrity of character – that includes God-fearing and honesty. So it doesn’t matter whether that person is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu etc.

    Any simple act of Christian solidarity in protecting our faith is nowadays met with accusations, fear-mongering and lies – which is such a shame for a peaceful country like Malaysia.

    • I like your comment, my friend.

      Though I don’t know that Christians pray like that these days.

      And I note your statement “Praying for what? I don’t know. I can’t say for sure.”

  33. Fitnah is one common sin in all religion. May BD and all who support this fitnah have peace.

  34. While it is true that DAP has been using Christianity as one of their cards in the election, I find the claims made by the blogger outrageous, and I refuse to believe in it unless there is any audio/video recording. A photo is not good enough, bro.
    By the way, I’m not interested in a Christian Prime Minister and a Christian country, especially in a Muslim majority country. This proposal would be unworkable in Malaysia, and anyone would be foolish to believe in it.
    I’m a first time visitor to this blog, and unknowing the reputation of the blogger, I am concerned that some people readily believe in what is written without credible evidence.
    May common sense and rationale prevail.

    • This is good revelation –

      “it is true that DAP has been using Christianity as one of their cards in the election ..”

      Though it also serves as a confirmation of what has been an open secret.

      You are also another one of those who make responsible comments, my friend. Kudos to you, too.

  35. This is a highly seditious article base on pure falsehood which could create racial strife. I hope Bigdog is proud that has raise the passions of Malaysians by fanning racial sentiments. Big Dog, to every cause there is an effect which you will experience soon.

  36. Knowing Jeff Ooi The Bloody Racist, he is capable of doing this. He is known for his anti-Malay and anti-Islam attitude.

  37. I am sad to say that malaysia politics has gone to the drain … just because of the interest of politics and the general election is coming all this dirty tactic are coming out …Dont put religion on the line either Islam, Christianity, Buddishism, Hindusm or others. I hope the people of Malaysia our friends will not be foul by this. It is just a political play.

  38. This is it, if this is true than ISA is the only option.

    • Yes bro Anak Merdeka, Police should confirm. If it is true, ISA is the only option for these kind of subversive elements.

      I have follow this blog for a long time. I for once never doubt Big Dog intergrity and his love for this country.

  39. 30 Mei 2007 – Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim menyampaikan penghakiman menyebelahi MAIWP dalam kes Lina Joy. Beliau salah seorang antara 2 hakim Islam dalam panel 3 hakim. MAIWP memperolehi penghakiman 2-1 menyebelahinya.

    19 September 2007 – Malaysiakini menyiarkan dakwaan bahawa peguam V.K. Lingam kononnya bersekongkol untuk menjadikan Tun Ahmad Fairuz sebagai Ketua Hakim Negara pada 2002.

    26 September 2007 – The Malaysian Bar Council menyeru 2,000 peguam berarak di Putrajaya untuk meminta PM menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja bagi menyiasat dakwaan Malaysiakini.

    21 Oktober 2007 – Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Pakiam, menghadiri Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri di kediaman Anwar Ibrahim sebagai tetamu khas.

    1 November 2007 – Tun Ahmad Fairuz bersara.

    25 Disember 2007 – Anwar Ibrahim dan isteri, Wan Azizah, menghadiri Rumah Terbuka Krismas anjuran CFM (Christian Federation of Malaysia) sebagai tetamu khas.

    30 Januari 2008 – Anwar Ibrahim ditemuduga oleh 200 paderi dan aktivis Kristian dalam satu dialog tertutup bersempena PRU ke-12 anjuran CFM (Christian Federation of Malaysia) di Petaling Jaya. Anwar membenarkan penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah’ kepada Gereja.

    13 Mac 2008 – Rev. Wong Kim Kong, Setiausaha Agung NECF (National Evangelical Christian Fellowship) Malaysia mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar yang mengarahkan para penganut Kristian agar berdoa untuk parti-parti Pakatan Rakyat iaitu PKR, DAP dan PAS “For harmonious working relations among the Barisan Rakyat parties – PKR, DAP and PAS”.

    16 Mac 2008 – Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Pengarah Pusat Penyelidikan & Pembangunan PAS serta Ahli Parlimen PAS Kuala Selangor, menziarahi Gereja St. Paul The Hermit di Ijok.

    27 Mac 2008 – Ahli Parlimen PAS Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad, menziarahi Roman Catholic Church of the Divine Mercy di Shah Alam pada dan memberikan kebenaran kepada Gereja untuk menggunakan kalimah ‘Allah’.

    21 April 2008 – Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Pakiam, memohon semakan kehakiman kepada Mahkamah Tinggi untuk mencabar keputusan Kerajaan Malaysia yang melarang penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah’ oleh Herald – The Catholic Weekly. Herald – The Catholic Weekly juga diterbitkan dalam bentuk laman web.

    • This is a very good chronology.

      Are the Christian leadership indirectly getting involved in ‘politics’, in round-a-about sort of way?

      If they do, when this chronology listed the sequence of events, then Big Guy has just pinned the tail on the whole donkey!

      • The corrupted BN leaders were so offended when the church especially the Catholic Church supported BERSIH a cause to have a cleaner, independent and transparent election.

        Malays converted to Christian. That is so old news. There thousands if not hundred of thousands people with Malays blood who are born or converted to Christian. But I believe the rate of other races become Muslim is so much higher.

        I think the Malays (read UMNO Malays) are bunch of insecure and paranoid Muslims who thought there is a grand conspiracy to make Christian as an official religion of Malaysia. You know what, those who thought of that is more idiot than people to is thinking of doing that.

      • Siapa ciakap “thousands if not hundred of thousands people with Malays blood who are born or converted to Christian”? Speaking thru your nose. Just wanna gempa kita ka?

        Kalau betul, I dare you provide detail of just one Malay who has become Christian. Give full names, MyKad numbers, etc. With verifiable documents of proofs of conversion. just one, tak payah banyak. Ada berani?

        Kalau betul, apa takut? Berani masuk Kristian, berani kasi particulars lah. Takkan berani jumpa Tuhan Kristian tapi cara curi curi?

        Tak betul lah. Cakap orang gila ini punya.

  40. You BASTARD spewing venom and lies. it is because of people like you that we cannot progress forward. when we should be uniting, you divide. when we should be progressing, you drag us all back.

    only fools would be talking about race and religion, about paranoid talks of one religion taking over another or of one race being better than the other. NOBODY is interested in changing any official religion! why the hell are you feeling so threatened by christians who make up less than 10% of the population. FOOL!

    please be more interested in corruption levels, police brutality, lack of democracy process in elections, rise in inflation, a flailing economy despite so much natural wealth.

  41. How did Singapore deal with a pastor who insulted Buddhism/Taoism?


  42. Satan has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9, until he is bruised by a woman Gen 3:15 who delivers the true word John 1:1 to the whole world Rev 12:5, 13 from the wilderness Rev 12:6 as a witness. The deception that God will put any child of his in a hell fire for any sin is a lie of the devil and is now proven by the word of God at Satan’s lies are exposed. There is a punishment for the wicked but it is not death or torture. Prove all things.

  43. If you look around, this people is causing a trouble around the world – $$$$$ is their god

  44. Pictures are not the proof. Could you present sound as proof what is said in the meeting. Please dont play on dangerous issues. It will ruin our beloved country with hatred amongst each other. We dont want another 13th mei la So be careful with your bloggings. I love malaysia, I like malays and I like the other races too.

  45. Everbody, don’t play with fire. This is a highly sensitive issue even “atas pagar” people like me will immediately take side and fight/support the cause I believe in.
    Please, please, please. The real strength of this country is the peace/harmony that we all have since 1969. Don’t destroy it. We are going to regret it for sure.

    • Takpa, Dollah. Kita discuss dengan baik. Jangan seditious atau menghasut sudah lah.

      Discussing in a decent and civil manner boleh buat rakyat ingat jangan buat benda yang tak betui.

      • Bincanglah dlm bahasa melayu. susah nak mencarut dan menyampah

    • Takde kerja lain ke Kok Lanas ni? Tau nak mencarut dan menyampah saja. Ape jenis maanusia dia ni?

  46. Enjoy your salary for this spin… trooper.

    Pitting religions with lies, doesn’t take a genius to figure where you will be going at judgement day.

    • They don’t fear god…they only fear losing power. Who will lose out eventually?? All of us…think about it.

  47. Came to see what the fuss is all about. read the article, didn’t see any source quoted. No sources to speak of anyways, Maybe the picture might shed some shows a bunch of guys who could be so pissed drunk they aren’t able to stand straight and have to hold on to each other just to maintain verticality. If so, these guys are in no shape to recite the ABC, let alone make that vow that the writer is blathering on about. Hard to tell cause it’s just a picture, no concievable way there’ll be audio so that’s no good.Least writer could do was put in speech ballons in the picture( like they have in the comics)and write in some appropriate words to match the occasion. Sadly none.I read up the readers comment to see if there’s anything there that could attest the article’s veracity. Diddly squat was what i got. The usual bunch of opinionated guys, the odd lucid remark and some other guys who think this article is equal to God’s own Truth but still no evidence that could affirm the aticle’s validity. Well, at least I tried so that’s 15 minutes of my life you owe me, Bigdog or whatever you call yourself. Time i wasted trying to ascertain the truth of the matter. This whole excercise has been as useful as nipples on a bull.

    • sob sob sob

      so I guess this is goodbye, farewell and adios amigos

      selamat tinggal

    • We know money is in your blood. Or your blood is made of money. But don’t claim anything from anybody lah. You came in on your own volition.

      We oso can claim from you wasting our time reading you. Dont money all the time OK?

  48. 1st and foremost …before making a fool out of yourself by commenting , make sure the report posted in this blog is ” true ” . If the report us ” untrue ” i strongly believed this blogger will be in “deep shit ” if the report is true ,e then the other parties as claimed to be will end up in “deep shit too” .So do your homework guys …..we need solid evidence …not just a picture and hearsayy …

  49. You guys do realize that Christians can’t even convert all the chinese in the country.. and now there are accusation that they want to convert the muslims and even rule the country???
    Please do post some concrete evidence and not some half baked pictures. I could always post some pics of Msian team scoring a goal and say they won the world cup.
    And now the useless Utusan pick up the news BASED ENTIRELY on blogs posting.. Is all their reporters sleeping?? Go ahead and read their articles, they have 0 investigation and 0 proof

    • in the light of lina joy, kalimah ALLAH, Malay bibles etc

      you surely MUST accept that they WILL NOT stop trying

      • With all the muslims’ might in this country and you are still felling so vulnerable, your balls must be tiny! Ha Ha!

      • Lee,

        Wd you like to see them?

        Haba haba haba.

      • yo C Lee (pronounced SILLY)

        haiya why so difficult to understand wan? dis one hor, not about vulnerability leh

        dis one hah, about being seditious wan loh, about constitutional provisions leh

        mai ani kuan, cannot rebut cleverly, then hantam lain olang

        ciakap ciakap itu bola punya pasal tak lah baik punya leh

        bo ho punya olang

    • I think is not the Christian is a problem here. The Muslim and the Christian have been living togather without any problems for years, even during colonials days.

      Less anybody forget it is possible “hasutan factor” that is most relevent here. This should be investigated.

  50. Thank you so much for this blog. Raising the question that the Christians want to overthrow Islam as the official religion of the country was a great needed distraction for me.

    For more than half an hour it kept my mind off the terrible economy. My poor paying job that can hardly cover my cost of living. My worries of how to keep my family fed for the coming months. Man you need to come up with more engaging stories like these so I can be distracted forever.

    • Poor self-pitying James, you need to get offline and concentrate on your begging syndicate.

      • Kah kah kah komen James komen yg paling bernas.

  51. Wow by just looking at a picture you can conclude that christians are taking over? Hey cow dung head…don’t you realise that in church we pray for the country, PM (for his wisdom) and to rid of corruption and injustice!! Does that constitute taking over islam as the official religion? As christians we don’t do such despicable act.

    Moron, pls your brains once in a while…I hope you get arrested for writing this article.

    • So you show the world that you pray and call others cow dung and moron… does your name starts with ‘Nik’ and ends with ‘Aziz’?

  52. our agong is malay muslim
    pm is malay muslim
    all the sultans are malay muslims
    all menteris besar are malay muslims
    95% of arm forces are malay muslims
    95% of pdrm are malay muslims
    95% of civil servants are malay muslims(100% umno malays)
    95% of federal judges are malay muslims
    the federal constituition states that our official religion is islam…
    now if the malays for one minute think that their religion is under threat then they deserve to be shackled and manipulated forever by their leaders who told them so

    • Surely 95% of the ‘happening’ club and pub scene are not Malay Muslims.

      And 95% of the ‘happening’ English-medium mass media are not Malay Muslims.

      And 95% of the ‘happening’ English-speaking private sector management are not Malay Muslims.

      Yet 95% of the Malay Muslims want to be ‘happening’. So that’s 95% of influence over the Malay Muslims.

      What, I hear? Mine are just a collection baseless numbers and yours are based on a research?

  53. Actually why don’t the might of police to interrogate the whole participants of the “controversial” event and make it public. Please do that in all honesty.

    I can bet with my life and if I have another 9 lives I bet it all that they will find nothing incriminating against the nation especially the Islam stand as the official religion.

    This is a political blog. This blog against the pastors words…

    I plead the police make it clear and “anjing besar” people will know this article pure lies!

    • THe Police are investigating. The Home Minister has said it to that effect. Let them do their job and make public what they can in due course.

  54. Assalamualaikum,
    Saya mohon maaf kerana terpaksa menegur sedikit. Saya dapati artical diatas berbunyi “I believe” dan “It was Said” yang bermaksud bahawa Tuan penulis tidak berada di dalam majilis tersebut dan penulisan hanyalah berdasarkan kepada informasi yang diberikan oleh orang lain yang tidak diketahui kelayakannya ataupun kedudukannya dalam majilis. Sekiranya benar, tuan penulis tidak berada didalam majilis tersebut, maka Tuan penulis tidak berhak melaporkan agenda-agenda yang dibincangkan. Dan sekiranya tuan penulis tidak berada didalam majilis tersebut, kenapa Tuan penulis menyebuk dengan apa yang dibincangkan mereka?? Jaga hal rumah tangga sendiri sudahlah!! Orang-orang yang bermesyuarat dalam majilis tersebut tidak ada pun melapurkan apa-apa kenapa Tuan penulis sibuk nak melapurkan bagi pihak mereka. Kalau dalam sesebuah negara Komunis, orang yang membincangkan perkara yang menyentuh sensitiviti atau keharmonian negara akan diambil tindakan. Tapi ini adalah negara Demokrasi!! Adakah kita nak bertukar menjadi Komunis?? Jika Tuan penulis bersikap begini, maka Tuan penulis telah bersikap dan berkefahaman Komunis. Saya mohon maaf sekali lagi kerana terpaksa menegur. Yang bail datangnya dari Allah SWT dan yang buruk datang dari diri saya sendiri.



    • Tak ada baca ke apa dah jadi bile semua orang tak mahu masuk campur masa kominis diMalaya/ Malaysia dulu? Kominis naik kepala, melanda landa berpuluh tahun. Azab sangsara dibuatnya.

      Tak sedar ke apa jadi bila semua orang jadi macam tiga ekor monyet “Tak nampak, tak dengar, tak cakap” bila kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster buat hal dimana mana? Depa melanda landa hingga ke hari ni.

      Big Dog nak sedarkan rakyat kemungkinan macam tu. Awak asyik nak jaga rumah tangga sendiri, nanti cucu awak terberak dirumah sebelah pun awak tak tahu.

  55. Nobody said anything about ALL Christians aiming for Christianity being the national religion. Do keep that in mind, yeah?

  56. What do you expect of an UNMO running DOG…ie Bigdog.
    Lies and more lies is the Modus Operandi of there racist guys.And they call themselves as Muslims. They wouldn’t know Islam if it hit them right in the middle of their forehead.
    Will Utusan be taken to task…FORGET IT , Martians will land on earth before such thing happens.

    I am a Muslim but Luckily NOT A RACIST MALAY!!!!

  57. firstly this picture proves absolutely nothing. To take a picture like this, and to deduce from it that a conspiracy to install a christian prime minister is not only bull crap, but malicious, seditious and dare i say it, cheap publicity and 5 minutes of fame for this otherwise obscure blogger. Tell me, when was the last time your blog postings grabbed the attention of the nation? ermmmmmmm, *owls hooting*

    There is one reason i detest conspiracy theorist all over the world is that most of them are so detached from reality that it is nauseating.

    Lets draw a scenario. If one day DAP PKR PAS manages to get hold of the federal government, do you really think they will risk political instability by installing a christian PM? Do not forget that 60% of malaysians are malay muslims, a large proportion of which are rather conservative when it comes to matters of religion.Thats going to be almost 16 million very upset people. The civil service is predominantly malay-muslim. Heck, Islam is the official religion of the federation, in which its position is upheld and guaranteed in the consitution by a number of articles. Even if laws are passed against it, do you think the Agong and the rulers will agree to it? Would you not think that they would step up to their role as defenders of the faith????

    So what is there to fear? Where is the boogeyman? do people actually think before they comment???Gosh this is stupid. And to think all this arguments cropped up because of a rumour spread by very irresponsible people.

    The people who buy this crap are no better than those rednecks in america who cringe at the sight of a traditionally dressed american muslim heading to prayers, thinking that he will pull out an ak47 and fire into the crowd before detonating himself.

  58. Politically, it’s impossible to make Malaysia a christian country.
    Let me say it again, God will not hear, let alone answer, any prayer that is not according to the laws of the land, nation, and/or the country. Christians know that they have to submit to any authority that is put above them, yes, even political authority. If ever a group of christians pray to remove the legitimately elected govt and replace it with a another one, illegitimately, God will not hear that prayer. God’s commandment to Christians, is that they must respect, honour and submit, to the elected govt of the day, the laws of the land, the constitution, etc.
    I, as a christian, have never agreed with the church leaders’ to take the Allah issue to court. I view is that you follow the political leaders’, that are put in authority, above you.
    If the pastors, bishops, priests’ etc., want to make Malaysia a christian nation, they will loose the protection that God has blessed them with, and they are on their own, without spiritual blessings. God is not in the business of fighting, quarreling, misunderstandings, etc., as it divides the people.
    Please, please, stop this nonsense.

    • Hey Dwitri

      The majority of Malaysians would wish for this nonsense to stop. So any attempts to make Christians clash with Muslims are dangerous and MUST be nipped in the bud.

      It was not meant to anger the peace-loving Christians. Only the irresponsible zealots of any religion must be identified and ‘crippled’.

      It boils down to monitoring such malicious and unethical campaigns purely for political mileage. Before any damage is seriously done, all Malaysians should be concerned, which is the very essence of this article.

    • Dwitr 14:24,

      In addition to my responses to your comments earlier on, I want to point out what Concerned said May 7, 2011 at 17:59 above:

      “.. it is true that DAP has been using Christianity as one of their cards in the election ..”.

      So, again, don’t be naive, my dear (now assuming you are female and deserve some endearing words).

      Good of you to repeat that “Politically, it’s impossible to make Malaysia a christian country”. And that “I, as a christian, have never agreed with the church leaders’ to take the Allah issue to court.” But the fact remains that they have brought the matter to court. Wonder what they pray to, those people.

      When you say you “follow the political leaders’, that are put in authority, above you”, I wish all Christians are like you. Nay, I wish all Malaysians – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists and all – are like you. Not only wish but also pray at least the overwhelming majority are like you.

      I support your pleading – “Please, please, stop this nonsense.” The tactic of “using Christianity as one of their cards in the election ..”, that is.

  59. Yeah, I don’t know where this guy got the idea to have a religious takeover in Malaysia. But as I feel the GE is coming around the corner, inciting hatred towards Christianity will cause a new divide within the opposition voters. While PAS is always an independent body in PR…their voters are usually more mature Muslims. Let me tell you, more pious Christians with a right-thinking do vote PAS as well…because they know the actions/care of their PAS brothers are more genuine than a lying so called “Christian MP” of the coalition. So, to come up with a baseless religious take-over accusation is nothing more than POLITICAL MIND GAMES.

    • So the opposition are ‘more mature’, ‘more pious’… did you just shaved your neck because I think I can hear a gorilla beating his chest…

  60. Hashim,

    I totally agree with you. Look at the comments in here. All those who are after BigDog’s blood conveniently missing the points;

    1. DAP is now using churches movement for their narrow politics
    2. Andak’s comment chronologically pointing the development getting ‘involved’ in mainstream politics, particularly on PR’s side

    Both corroborated what BigDog trying to illustrate here.

    To all those mangkuks & morons who made comments, the photo is BigDog’s proof that this event actually happened. He never said the photo was an evidence what actually being said

    • Q.E.D,
      The 2 points above are not the only ones made by the blogger. From my understanding, the blogger is trying to antagonize another religion by accusing that they want to change the official religion of the country, which I believe is the main point of the article. And the blogger is provoking unrest without credible evidence too.

      I couldn’t care less about politics and I’m not of age to vote, but accusing another religion of some lies is unacceptable, unless creating controversy is the motive of the blogger.

      Besides, let’s not be too emotional and use harsh words for personal attacks on other commenter. It is true that the evidence is not sufficient to support the blogger’s allegation against this other religion. Regardless of whatever credibility the blogger had in the past, this allegation, if proven untrue, could be his downfall.

      Again, may common sense and rationale prevail.

      • Concerned,

        I have just quoted you in my 16:12 comment above.

        I have to disagree with you that “the blogger is provoking unrest ..” As has been pointed out earlier on, Big Dog must have some reliable information that something fishy was going on at the function and asked a few questions in his post.

        It may even be regarded as a pre-emptive measure or a shout of “Hoi, what are you doing” when seeing suspicious characters. That which no one could do at the gathering for obvious reasons.

        Mind you, the “evidence” is credible enough because even the Home Affairs Minister said te Police will investigate. He won’t if it was a whishy-washy thing, don’t you think?

        It’s not “accusing another religion of some lies” but asking if a group of people are up to any hanky panky. Remember, you yourself said the DAP has been using Christianity as an election tactic.

        I agree with you not to be too emotional, no
        harsh words or personal attacks on other commenters.

        Kindly note that he used the question mark in his post title. So, even if proven untrue, he did begin by asking, didn’t he?

        Also support your call for common sense and rationale to prevail.

      • Concerned,

        I like it when you don’t use common sense in your long post, and then end it with a prayer for common sense.


  61. […] penulisan blog ini “Menjadikan Kristian Agama Rasmi?” yang disiarkan pada pagi Jumaat 6 Mei 2011 dan kemudian Utusan Malaysia menjadikan “Malaysia […]

  62. Its stated in the Al Quran that they will not give up until you (muslims) give way and follow their ways.

    Those words in the Al Quran belong to Allah swt. One may not “see” the truth but the truth has already materialised – “they” are doing it subtlely.

    and …. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)has already reminded before his demise “I will not be around to remind, advise or protect you, therefore each and every one of you (muslims)must take care of yourself” – and how do muslims do that? By holding tight and abiding to the 2 sources – Al Quran and his Sunnah.

    Not all, but many of them will want to “take” what are not theirs and will always be on the alert for the slightest opportunity. Those who have learned will know there are 2 categories of “them” – those that will abide and the other will against. Those that will against are the ones that will want to take what does not belong to them.

    Be alert & careful is what must be done – Nothing is impossible – even the “batu” can be taken what more a place of gold & honey.

    Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t be branded as “tolol”.

  63. I cannot believe the crap and rubbish that is spewed by this blogger. Big Dog, is he? An insult to dogs.

    Firstly, what is the proof of his allegations?

    Secondly, I cannot agree with a statement he made, that ‘Allah’ is a Muslim term. Please do some research on that. The term Allah predates Islam. Also the Arab Christians use the term Allah (it is not a problem for their Muslim countrymen). Are you claiming that Malaysian Muslims are so stupid that they will be confused if they see the term Allah in BM bibles? East Malaysian Christians have been using the term way before Malaysia was formed. My East Malaysian Christian friends say it is a non-issue in East Malaysia. It is just that the “wise” West Malaysian Muslims suddenly decided that Malaysian Muslims are so stupid they cannot tell the difference between Islam and Christianity that the whole thing became politicised.

    Thirdly, Utusan Malaysia is highly irresponsible as a mainstream newspaper to be publishing seditious articles based on half-baked blogs.

    The authorities should come down hard on all who fabricate lies or make malicious insinuations or incite hatred.

    May God have mercy on our country.

    • goldenswallow

      Insulting Big Dog brings you an insult, too, you shitswallow.

      Advising people to do research but you yourself not doing it. You have not read enough, have you? So many times people have said ‘Allah’ is an Arabic word that it was and is natural for Christian Arabs to use it for their God but in Malaysia the term ‘Allah’ is a Muslim word and refers only to the Muslim God that is one and only. In this country the Malay word ‘Tuhan’ aptly and is sufficient to describe the Christian God which takes the form of the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

      Referring to Malaysian Muslims as stupid brings you the same title of stupid, plus ignorant. East Malaysian Christians have been using the term before Malaysia was formed but, after the formation of Malaysia, when Islam was declared in the Constitution as the official religion and Bahasa Melayu became Bahasa Malaysia and declared as the official language, why can’t you people use the BM word ‘Tuhan’

      You do have such a narrow mind, haven’t you, saying “wise” West Malaysian Muslims suddenly decided that Malaysian Muslims are so stupid they cannot tell the difference between Islam and Christianity”.
      When what they want is no more than ask Christians to use the BM word Tuhan instead of the Muslim word Allah. I repeat, in Malaysia, Allah is a Muslim word rather than an Arabic word, and Christians can use the Bahasa Malaysia word Tuhan.

      You are the irresponsible one who takes issue with Utusan trying to highlight attempts at using Christianity in political campaigns, as stated by one commenter above. You should read all the comments here and educate yourself a bit.

      The authorities should come down hard on those who make use of religion in political campaigns and people like you who want to change the status quo by insisting on the use of the Muslim word Allah instead of the Bahasa Malaysia word Tuhan and making malicious insinuations or inciting hatred.

      I repeat, May God have mercy on our country.

  64. 1 picture can’t tell you the situation at all, nothing more than just a group of people gathering. You can’t be sure what is the discussion/topic is about.

    Evidence, is not as simple as a photo.

    “If you can’t show proof that the photo is fake and put out your arguments that the men there are not up to anything sinister, I’ll take note of what you say, until I’m convinced that you are right.”

    The photo is real or fake, have no meaning, because it doesn’t tell you anything related to this topic. Unless you can prove it that it is related, the last sentence goes back to you.

    Lastly, if there is evidence, go and make a police case, don’t simply cook things up.

    • Evidence people go to court with. Photo people discuss on, comprendo?

      Anyway, there was enough basis for the Minister of Home Affairs to say the Police will investigate.

      Saying “cook things up” has made you obliged to eat your words, hasn’t it? Because even without a Police report, the police are investigating.

  65. Don’t waste time and move forward, this will be CS for him from HIM

    • Didn’t see your “Dr” there the first time Erna, and thought this comment not explaining what “CS” is did not merit attention.

      Would you like to say what “CS” means to slow fellows like me?

      Upon knowing that, I might have something to say to a Dr who advises moving forward after presumably going through over 150 comments.

      • The phrase ‘move forward’ is too overused.

        Now reminds me of wannabes.

  66. […] Majlis tersebut juga telah dihadiri oleh beberapa orang Ahli Dewan Rakyat.  (Blog Big Dog). […]

  67. Wouldn’t it be good if we can all live in peace?

    • They have been asking that for ages.

      After World War I, they formed the League of Nations to ensure peace but 20 years later bloody Adolf Hitler started World War II.

      Now 60 years no World War III but hot spots and flare ups occur here and there.

      We must get rid of the Hitlers, the Napoleons, the Kit Siangs, the Guan Engs and the Anwars.

      Nevertheless, I support your call for peace.

      • Anwar tu ok sebenarnya. Dia dizalimi oleh golongan yg berkepentingan.

  68. Gelombang Reformasi II
    Jemput Datang… Kite Bakor! UMNO. Serbu Sekarang !!!
    Menuntut Keadilan untuk semua rakyat Malaysia tak kira kaum. Menolak politik perkauman sempit yg jelas dengan semangat rakyat malaysia yg mahukan perpaduan.

    • kun paya kun ke?

      Kalau kerja nak membakor, gelombang akan bawak korang beratus batu kelaut nun.

      Cakap nak perpaduan tapi nak bakor, serbu – apa daaaa ko, kun.

    • ‘Menolak politik perkauman sempit’ untuk membawa politik keagamaan yang berbahaya.

  69. a photo speaks no words. can we believe all of these accusations just by this photo? come on!! Don’t be stupid lah!!

  70. This is nothing but politicians using religion to stir trouble. Some parties want to champion a certain race because they are aware that they are loosing relevance. Only by creating boogeyman such as this they hope to remain relevant. In truth since Utusan brought it up. I would like to know why a cristian cannot be the leader of the country. Infact anyone good person be he Muslim,Hindu,Bhuddist,Sikh, Christian, Jew, Bahai or whatever religon can be. If Obama can lead USA, why not the rest of the world. For get about race & religion, what we need is a good efficient leader. Not because he /she is from a certain race.

    • My advice to you is: read more and more.

      Read the Constitution from top to bottom, think about it, read about the history of this country right from the beginning (not just from 19th Century where the nons came in big numbers), read about DAP and their role in the 1969 race riots – read the White paper produced by the National Operations Council (you can google it).

      But mebbe you also “want to champion a certain race” because they are ultra kiasu. If so, nobody can help you much because they are not likely to have power to rule this country and give you what you want.

      Remember, they say in Fiji the immigrants were the majority, won the general elections a few years ago, still could not rule the country. The Army grabbed power and ruled the country by decrees.

  71. I pray for peace and harmony to all..

    peace.No war.

  72. […] Lebih parah kini, terdapat sesetengah rakyat Malaysia yang dilaporkan mahu menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Malaysia. Pembaca boleh membacanya di sini dan sini. […]

  73. Honestly, KDN should take up this case as serious matter. They should take stern action pertaining to the issue before it blows out of proportion and negative impact comes in to the nation.Don’t just by giving warning and etc. Stern Action must be taken.

  74. LOL now we see how great is the Lord. All scared now is it? Don’t you have faith in your own religion?

    • it’s not about faith in one’s religion.

      It’s about some DAP people trying to make use of religion to get votes. Politicizing Christianity, like some commenters said above.

  75. the photo like that as a prove for the claim? bulshiitt, i can upload hundreds photos like that and prove nothing. Pls use brain when make accusation.

    • Of course you can upload hundreds of photos and still cannot differentiate between an accusation, and a question.

  76. tq for the info bro

  77. Hello everybody!

    The content of the article has yet to be proven,right?I mean the language used in the article is suggestive,not factual.Language like :’It is believed,he was said to,It is expected’ are suggestive terms,not factual terms.And almost the whole of this article is built upon such a language.Correct me if I’m wrong.

    ‘Minority playing the majority role’?

    The minority ,in the context of the above text,according to the author,is defined as the group of Malaysian Chinese Christians.But in our democratic system,no eligible individual,regardless of the nature of the group he/she has been socially categorized into,can be voted into any position of political power,without the majority’s backing.The majority vote reflects the wishes of the people,which is the key purpose of the democratic system.Why then does the background of the elected individual matter,if he/she has been justified by the majority?

    In this particular case,is this article’s theme,summarized by it’s title,even a feasible thought or threat to entertain,if,as so many have taken pains to stress,the fact is that the majority categorized by race,in Malaysia,is the group of Malay Muslims.

    I stand to be corrected,and I apologize in advance,if I have unintentionally insulted anyone,which was never my purpose.Let’s try to learn together(or at least me)!

    • I think you are a reasonable person, my friend. I think there should be more like you. When not sure, ask, instead of accusing. BD did the same thing – he put a question mark to his post title and you rightly amplified his doing such in your 1st para.

      He is not out to belittle Christianity or anything like that. He is out to show the possibility of people making use of religion to promote their political agenda. Politicizing religion, as they say. And one commentator has said DAP has done something like that.

      It’s politics, not religion, in BD’s post here.

  78. […] HERE reveals that bigdog who wrote that damning article HERE is Zakhir Mohamed who still insisted that the said matter must be investigated thoroughly as it may […]

  79. Now I know why you carry the nick name Big Dog! You are truly indeed a lapping dog!

  80. […] kepada pendedahan bigdog, myanger dan utusan, semakin ramai penceramah-penceramah bebas mula mengenengahkan kajian […]

  81. […] sumber: commentator ‘Andak’ di Bigdogdotcom […]

  82. […] Zakhir Mohamed aka Big Dog’s original posting remain unscathed but updated (?) as at 3:00pm on the 9th. Heck, he even gave an interview with […]

  83. The Constitution is not just a lawyer’s document. It is the vehicle of a community’s legal, political and social life. More than any other law, a Constitution is the repository of the nation’s dreams and demands, its values and vulnerabilities.1
    – Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi

    In my very humble opinion, there will be no life when there is no peace. When there is no peace, there will be only one dream: to achieve peace.

    We have peace now.

    As imperfect as the peace may be, it is still a quantum leap from the days of May 13 racial riots or the days of Emergency. It is still light years ahead of the conditions in Palestine. The late Sir Henry Gurney was once the Chief Secretary to the Palestine Mandate Government. After serving the Empire in Palestine, he was then transferred to assume the post of High Commissioner in another Muslim-majority British-occupied territory, called Malaya.

    The similarity between Palestine and Malaysia can stop when social life is mentioned. Palestine is a Muslim-majority territory and the Muslims are Arabs. Arabs are known to be abrasive people with an equally abrasive culture, which is one of the reasons why the Christians were reluctant to accept that Muhammad, an Arab, is the last prophet of God. The fact that the gentle teachings of Islam could transform the barbaric nature of the Arabs is a miracle in itself.

    But although not barbaric anymore, the Arabs still cannot be considered as gentle people. The fall of the Ottoman Empire marked the creation of Arab nation states based on tribal boundaries. These states however, cannot stand the sight of each other. In an Arab League summit, a representative will call another ‘dog’.2 In the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi emirate is the fiercest competitor of the Dubai emirate. When Dubai fell under the weight of heavy debt, Abu Dhabi gave $10 billion as financial aid3 which reeks of sarcasm.

    In Muslim-majority Malaysia, the Muslims are Malays. Malays are perceived as weak people. They were conquered by foreign powers for almost half a millennium. They are small in stature. But physical superiority does not count for much in this era. The Malays has a saying “Semut dipijak tidak mati, gajah diarung bergelimpangan” (Ants will not die when stepped on, elephants will lie dead when swarmed over”.

    Centuries of life under the rule of foreigners had taught the Malays survivability. Malays become more accomodating and tolerant towards foreigners and immigrants. One will be hard-pressed to find any other Muslim-majority community which practices a similar level of tolerance towards foreigners. A recent survey conducted by HSBC ranked Malaysia as 9th in a list of friendliest countries, the highest-ranked of any Asian nation.4 Besides the friendliness of the local people, another criterion for judging a country’s friendliness is how simple it is for foreigners to live and integrate themselves in the local environment. This British recipe of a Muslim-majority, multi-racial nation would not have worked without the Malays. It didn’t work in Arab-Muslim Palestine.

    But with success, comes more ambitions. And they can be misguided. Islam idealists think they can achieve more than what have already been achieved by a Muslim-helmed government in a multi-racial nation. They now want more: for Malaysia to become an Islamic utopia. The non-Muslim idealists and liberal secularists too, want more. They think that with 50 years of independence from the British, Malay Muslims should be ‘mature’ enough to accept apostasy as part of religious freedom.

    What these overzealous idealists have overlooked is that ideals cannot always be translated into reality.

    The case of Lina Joy is one such occasion where boundaries were pushed hard by idealists. It is high profile enough for almost every Malaysians to know the facts. Yes, ‘idealists’ will point out that the controversial Ahmad Fairuz CJ (who retired two months after the ‘Lingam tape’ controversy first reported by the alternative media, Malaysiakini) came out with the judgment. Yes, ‘idealists’ will point out that two Muslim judges were chosen to preside over a case of Muslim-Christianity conversion. Yes, ‘idealists’ will point out that the only non-Muslim judge in the panel, a Christian, delivered a dissenting judgment.

    Being a Malay myself, in my very humble opinion, for all the acceptance and tolerance of the Malay people, the one thing that cannot be accepted by the Malays is for Islam to be challenged on their ‘ibu pertiwi‘, their ‘tanah tumpahnya darah’. Idealists can dream. Arabs will fight with each other. The learned, experienced and realistic Malay judiciary can decide by themselves the future of their own people. And motherland.

    And they will.

  84. For all that matters… I concur that the photo shows ‘some’ people are praying. But I believe they are praying for Malaysi for our country is now sick. Christians and citizens of all faiths should pray for our beloved country to recover from this malignant sickness. I don’t care whether the PM is Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Kadazan, as long as he/she can save the country I’ll accept it open-minded.

  85. stupid DOG!!!

    • Obviously this guy doesn’t eat hotdogs.

    • He does eat hotdogs, only that he just found out that the mayonnaise has gone bad.

  86. Islam is not the official religion of Malaysia says lawyer Syahredzan Johan who is the Bar Council’s constitutional law committee chief. He said that Utusan’s reading of the law was wrong and warned the Malay-language daily was pushing what he described as a “dangerous misconception” that could plunge the country into religious and social unrest.
    Any person reading this blog if he went to school will know that you can write anything and put up any picture to mislead you. Now if you believe these pictures and statements your thinking is very shallow. You do not do research yourself but depend on bloggers to take you for a ride. You do not use your rational brain but allow others to take over your brain to think for you. And because you allow that you become completely brain dead. We agree that Islam is the largest religion being practised here but we also know that it is done so by force of a misinterpreted constitution that all Malays must be herded into the Islamic belief done by politicians and religious activists. Now if you claim that Islam is a free religion let all go. Why let Malays be under siege by its own leaders. Why are you insulting the Malay brain? You mean they cannot think. And finally is Islam a religion of peace?? If it is so why do you fan the fire of hate and talk about spilling blood??? Does this not prove unlike Christianity which has forgiven numerous times the things done against its followers here and seeks a peaceful situation UMNO’s Islam lies and fans the fire of wanting violence and bloodshed??Is this what the Prophet taught? And are you now proving to the rest of the world that the prophet was a violent and hateful person like you???

    • That is his own interpretation. I haven’t heard the Constitutional Law Experts dispute it. Like highly respected Constitutional Law Professors. Is that Bar Council lawyer an expert, if so who designate him so?

      I can’t comment on what else is being said. It’s all so cluttered in one paragraph that I shudder at the thought of this guy writing a book.

      Winston Churchill wrote his World War II memoirs, The Gathering Storm, long and in 3 volumes. But he did have paragraphs!

    • Brother, if one wants a constitution expert, one goes to Datuk Shad Saleem Faruqi.

      Others merely read a constitution. He wrote it.

  87. You shudder because you cannot answer the question as an honest and practicing Muslim. I shudder because if you were a political leader you will not hesitate to kill innocent people to promote an agenda that you very well know questions your suara hati and the truth of what actually went on. Where are your 4 witnesses before you want to stone these people whom you claim want to turn this country to Christianity. It is because of people like you that other good Muslims feel very ashamed and do not know what to do. They have to keep silent because they as they say ” submit to the will of A L L A H.” I think you are stroking the anger of A L L A H by lies.

    • These are not lies:

      30 Mei 2007 – Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim menyampaikan penghakiman menyebelahi MAIWP dalam kes Lina Joy. Beliau salah seorang antara 2 hakim Islam dalam panel 3 hakim. MAIWP memperolehi penghakiman 2-1 menyebelahinya.

      19 September 2007 – Malaysiakini menyiarkan dakwaan bahawa peguam V.K. Lingam kononnya bersekongkol untuk menjadikan Tun Ahmad Fairuz sebagai Ketua Hakim Negara pada 2002.

      26 September 2007 – The Malaysian Bar Council menyeru 2,000 peguam berarak di Putrajaya untuk meminta PM menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja bagi menyiasat dakwaan Malaysiakini.

      21 Oktober 2007 – Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Pakiam, menghadiri Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri di kediaman Anwar Ibrahim sebagai tetamu khas.

      1 November 2007 – Tun Ahmad Fairuz bersara.

      25 Disember 2007 – Anwar Ibrahim dan isteri, Wan Azizah, menghadiri Rumah Terbuka Krismas anjuran CFM (Christian Federation of Malaysia) sebagai tetamu khas.

      30 Januari 2008 – Anwar Ibrahim ditemuduga oleh 200 paderi dan aktivis Kristian dalam satu dialog tertutup bersempena PRU ke-12 anjuran CFM (Christian Federation of Malaysia) di Petaling Jaya. Anwar membenarkan penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah’ kepada Gereja.

      13 Mac 2008 – Rev. Wong Kim Kong, Setiausaha Agung NECF (National Evangelical Christian Fellowship) Malaysia mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar yang mengarahkan para penganut Kristian agar berdoa untuk parti-parti Pakatan Rakyat iaitu PKR, DAP dan PAS “For harmonious working relations among the Barisan Rakyat parties – PKR, DAP and PAS”.

      16 Mac 2008 – Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Pengarah Pusat Penyelidikan & Pembangunan PAS serta Ahli Parlimen PAS Kuala Selangor, menziarahi Gereja St. Paul The Hermit di Ijok.

      27 Mac 2008 – Ahli Parlimen PAS Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad, menziarahi Roman Catholic Church of the Divine Mercy di Shah Alam pada dan memberikan kebenaran kepada Gereja untuk menggunakan kalimah ‘Allah’.

      21 April 2008 – Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Pakiam, memohon semakan kehakiman kepada Mahkamah Tinggi untuk mencabar keputusan Kerajaan Malaysia yang melarang penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah’ oleh Herald – The Catholic Weekly. Herald – The Catholic Weekly juga diterbitkan dalam bentuk laman web.

    • Funny how you associate Islam with hatred.

      Archbishop Murphy Pakiam chose confrontation over compromise over the Malay word for God.

      Is Christianity free from zealots?

    • Kandan,

      You can go on ranting. Still one paragraph, but at least a short one this time!

      Think what you like. But your name suggests you are non-Muslim. So why be presumptuous to think you know what Muslims think.

    • “Where are your 4 witnesses before you want to stone these people whom you claim want to turn this country to Christianity.”

      How did you come to this conclusion. Did Big Dog said this or even insinuited. I have some flowery words for you, but I respect the Blog owner too much

  88. Malaysia has no official religion, says constitutional expert
    What a myopic opinion!
    And what a naive piece of writing by the Malaysian Insider!

    Article 3 of the Malaysian Constitution:

    1. “ Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”
    2. The Ruler is the head of the religion of Islam
    3. The states without a Ruler, the YDP Agong acts as the head.

    Besides Article 3, there are many other references made to Islam as the Official Religion of Malaysia;

    • That Secularism is rejected in Malaysia
    • Islamic education can be promoted in Malaysia at the expense of the tax-payers money
    • Islamic institutions and Mosques can be built at the expense of the tax-payer
    • The only other judicial system other than the Civil & Criminal permitted is the Syariah
    • Missionary preaching among Muslims in Malaysia is regulated, that is it can be done by local Islamic authorities only.

    There are many other references to Islam in the Constitution that classifies Islam as the Official religion of Malaysia.

    One wonders what the ‘learned’ (if he is) Bar Council’s Head of the Constitutional committee has to say, to the written Malaysian Constitution. Or maybe he does not comprehend simple English.

    When Islam has been stated as the religion of the state it means ‘Official’ it is as simple as that.

    The so-called Constitutional expert is trying to gain into the limelight by trying to be controversial!

    One wonders what the Bar Council is made up of?

    Further one wonders why the Malaysian Insider prefers to mislead and circumnavigate from the issue at hand.

    • Brother, the self-proclaimed expert is correct, in one way.

      Islam is not the official religion of Malaysia.

      Islam is THE religion of the Federation.

      • Hello Mr naive Andak

        I am sure you are not aware that Malaysia is a FEDERATION of 14 states

      • Again, Islam is THE religion of the Federation.

      • If the Federation is a living, breathing creature, then his religion is THE religion, THE one and only: Islam.

        It is not that he have many options and he chose one to be the official religion.

        ‘THE religion of the Federation’ is above ‘official religion’.

      • Andak,

        I support your views.

      • Which means in legal terms, The Official Religion.

        No other religion is referred to in our constitution, Bro!!!!

      • Sorry bro, still wrong.

        In LEGAL TERMS, there is no ‘official religion’. Look it up in the Federal Constitution.

        Just as there is no mention of the word ‘PARTY’.

        You can’t simply put something in the Federal Constitution when it’s not there.

        Truly sorry.

      • Before somebody load his handgun, I would like to stress this again,

        Islam is not the official religion of Malaysia.

        Islam is THE religion of the Federation.

        ‘THE religion of the Federation’ is ABOVE ‘official religion’.

        Don’t just take my word for this. Go seek your friendly, neighbourhood, Constitutional expert.

      • Andak 20:47,

        I agree with you, the Constitution says THE religion of the country is Islam, no mention of the word official. Also that THE denotes ultimate state, higher than official.

        But no need to say sorry, brother. Love, they say, is never having to say sorry. I know, I know, malayVoice may not be female.

        Don’t mind me, folks. Trying to soften the blow, lessen the tension a bit, la.

      • What?

        malayVoice may not be female?

        Then I’m wasting my time trying to be clever here, now where is my list of Puteri UMNO and Muslimah PAS phone numbers…

    • These folks only enjoy seeing the look on a reporter’s face when they play with the literal side of the law.

      Just like Karpal Singh when he talked his way into getting the phrase ‘day-to-day’ to be interpreted as 8.30am to 5.30pm.

      Glanville Williams said:
      The literal rule is a rule against using intelligence in understanding language. Anyone who in ordinary life interpreted words literally, being indifferent to what the speaker or writer meant, would be regarded as a pedant, a mischief-maker or an IDIOT.

      • There’s another quote but forgot the who:

        Little amuses the nuisance, what more the fool.

        I mind less the pedant or the idiot but the mischief maker I will not tolerate.

      • Andak

        I am sorry you poor comprehension of the language of our Constitution does not allow for your myopic understanding of the language employed at that level.

        When it is mentioned as ” Islam is THE religion of the Federation ” it means OFFICIAL, emphasised by the word THE.

        I am resting my case to this tirade from Andak for he would be singing the only tune he knows even till the cows come home.

        Andak you do not have to reinforce your frailties through the use of idiotic quotes to make yourself sound learned and impressive. I am already impressed by you as a……

      • Sorry bro, still wrong.

        If you are so keen on interpreting and adding the word ‘OFFICIAL’ to every sentence that starts with ‘The’ and ends with ‘…of the Federation’, then you will get these:

        1. the OFFICIAL general public service of the Federation;
        2. the OFFICIAL financial obligations of the Federation;

        If an ‘OFFICIAL’ religion is to be stated in the Constitution, then the language used should be similar to when the ‘NATIONAL’ language is stipulated:

        “The NATIONAL language SHALL be the Malay language…”.

        But I’m convinced now that you’re not a female.

  89. Just a little teaser I found on line. Those that have Malaysiakini membership will be able to read the full article.

    Probably doesn’t mean anything to some, but, I just thought I’d share. After all, the gentlemen in question could very well turn around tomorrow and claim that they had been misquoted. It’s been known to happen

    • “Awak dari mana? Malaysiakini?” (read: Anwar style)

      • @ Andak,

        I try to read as much as I can on the various blogs available, and I am merely sharing what I have found. I am not doing free marketing for Malaysiakini.

        This is the latest from DS Hishamuddin on the issue:

      • Good that you say you are not doing free advert for Malaysiakini. But many people know they are an Opposition blog. So the moment you mention it here, your motive becomes suspect.

        What to do? That’s how the average mind works. Mine included. And no one in Opposition blogs advertise Big Dog, do they?

      • @ Zen,

        The only intention is to share something that I came across. If I found it anywhere else, I would have posted the link for that as well. I have also posted a link from The Star, related to the same topic.

        I hope that people will read the comments and opinions from both sides of the divide and draw their own conclusions.

        Just following up on the issue, that’s all. If anyone in the Opposition found BD’s articles to be of interest, it is my hope that they would share it with others.

      • Thanks for your clarification, mate.

        Btw, do you or anyone here knows, or will venture an opinion as to who controls the placing of the news headlines in Google News page? I’ve been asking many times here and there and got no answer.

        Is it Malaysian controlled, if so who? Opposition guys?

        Often the Opposition blogs are put out more prominently than the mainstream newspapers or blogs. Thinking of boycotting them but no alternative.

        Right now Malaysiakini tops the others with the following headlines:

        Is there anything that’s disturbing PM’s sleep?

        Malaysia Kini – ‎5 hours ago‎

        ‘If Najib can sleep over the Scorpenes issue, PKFZ case, the Altantuya murder and much more, he certainly won’t lose sleep over being called ‘little pig’.

        Hisham’s motto: Shoot first, ask questions later

        Malaysia Kini – ‎6 hours ago‎

        ‘Dear Hisham, why would you believe the blogger’s statement without checking the facts first? Shame on you!’


        Going by the above, no need to give their link, mate. We know what line they put out anyway.

      • @ Zen,

        Never knew that about the Google News page and the main headlines there. Will check it out, but, I’m pretty amazed if the Opposition blogs get that much prominence.

      • Didn’t MSN Malaysia also used to feature news from AFP that reeks of anti-establishment?

        That’s why I said that even if a religious group is a minority, if they ‘own’ the ‘happening’ clubs and pubs scene, the ‘happening’ English-medium mass media, the ‘happening’ English-speaking top management posts in the private sector…

        …and all the young Malay, Chinese and Indians tried so hard to break into the ‘happening’ crowd…

        …then that group have a huge influence over those wannabes.

      • Aiseh, brader, I may be the “Old Timer” (now where did I read that term?) here, with “generation gap” and all. But I don’t know much “happening”, man, and must have been missing a lot in life!

        The only “happening” I know and the only group that I think have some influence over the wannabes I have in mind is the DAP group who is said to have started a “happening” at the hotel in Penang!

        Excuse me for being one-track minded on the DAP, brader. And not intending to make light of the point you are making above.

        Just wanted to put a point in a rather light-hearted manner. A little break from the serious discussion we have been having. Hope OK by you.

      • I’ve heard numerous conversations between young Malays that went something like this:

        “Cina-cina kat office aku pun dah tak percaya dah ngan berita kat TV”


        “Cina tu pun cakap kat aku dia nak undi PAS”


        Why in the world do these young Malays want to follow the lead of… the Cina-cina?

        Why does the Chinese have to do something first for it to get validated?

        A lot of young Malays nowadays, are falling into the ‘Validation Trap’. No, I don’t follow the Oprah show.

  90. Even if an audio or video tape of the vow taking ceremony is released , they will say its a fake tape of 35 Thai actors.

    • They, only believe statutory declarations signed and stamped by the Bar Council ooopss… lawyers.

      • Bar Council members pun not all are saints. The last case was two involved in the murder of millionaire Sosilawati.

        Banyak juga CBT Bar Council members. TDM once told them to put their house in order before making noise here and there, often unjustified.

        Politics got into them or they got into politics. Not all, of course.

      • Zen said:

        “Bar Council members pun not all are saints.”

        Pardon my pun.

      • Haha, brother, Bar Council members should read the pun la.

    • @ wak,

      Interesting assumption, but, let’s see what the police conclude after they have completed their questioning.

      If the police say that there is a case to made, then, I know it is because they are basing it on more than 1 photograph.

  91. […] penulisan blog ini “Menjadikan Kristian Agama Rasmi?” yang disiarkan pada pagi Jumaat 6 Mei 2011 dan kemudian Utusan Malaysia menjadikan “Malaysia […]

  92. “Christianity official religion?” “Agong under threat”
    Who is making up all thiese stories? Most of M’sian are not concern with all this issue. Islam the official religion, muslim PM, BM national language no problem at all. You say all you like. The people is more concern with their daily financial affairs. It is you malays that are undermining your own religion and worst still, rocking the position of Agong just for political survival.

  93. not suprising at all… they are building churches left right and centre without the permission of the government, they come banging on the doors of every muslim house trying to conver them… why am i not suprised…. they have been told to follow the law of the land but fail to do so and then claim foul.

    muslims have been far to lenient including me, they have knocked on my door a few times and i havent taken any actions and most of the muslims dont and they get away and keep on doing this, as a faith me must now stand up and stop them trying to spread their word..

    let them get locked up…. charge all these pastors for treason and serve them as an example… that should teach them a lesson to follow the law of the land and not to open up churches without the governments will…

  94. You all should know you’re replying to trolls trolling trolls.

    The Muslim and Christian brothers here will laugh looking at you lot destroy your own country with your stupidity.

    Jesus’ own words are for Christians to obey their country’s ruler.
    Islam’s teachings is for peace and understanding between every race and religion.

    And what about you quarrelsome lot? From your arguments, I can deduce that you’re all neither Muslims or Christians, so you might as well all be pagans! The lot of you! Do you know what pagan means? You might as well worship the sun and the moon and stone idols with your shallow understanding of your own faith!

    You’re all Malays first before Muslims, Chinese first before Christians. Why don’t you be Muslims first or Christians first? Where is your supposedly great faith?
    “Allah/God is great!” are your cries, but you put your emotions at an even higher pedestal than your own religion! You rule by your crybaby hurt feelings instead of the brain that your Creator gave to you! And I have this sneaky feeling that your so called “Minister” are educated less than the common hermit if he’s to strut his balls and wag it in front of the masses thinking to scare them but somehow manages to make a fool of himself! (Looking at you Hisham, I’m not gonna point vague fingers here)

    You’re all dancing to political fiddles, and it’s a hoot to watch, very entertaining! Why don’t you tap dance a little? Clap your hands, spin around! Rah! Rah! Bunch of semi-retards jumping at the slight bite of an invisible ant, ha!

    This is the classic case of the tail wagging the dog, and how aptly named this blog is!

    Let’s continue acting like this and make advanced nations laugh at our hilarious squabbles and immature governing. And once we’re weakened by our own fiery tongues and accusing fingers, we’ll let them rape and take our rich resources! And boy, we’ve never looked so good as to be raped right now!

    Wannabe first world nation konon. Otak still left in the jungle. Pfft. Keep this up and I might apply for Singaporean PR.

    • Please apply.

    • Hey hothead, you can always apply BUT will they accept you with this substandard reasoning power that is clearly reflected here??

      They do take in foreign talent but you don’t fit the bill. Perhaps they will take you in as foreign worker!

    • Aiyya, missed reading this one before.

      Ya, pls apply ASAP.

      Never mind have qualification or not.

      We don’t want blokes who talk about cabuting on the first instance. No sense of loyalty at all. He’ll do the same on and on until he reaches China.

      Unfortunately China doesn’t accept the Nanyangs. They are overflowing already in the Zekiang.

      So let him go to Singapore and pls don’t come back.

  95. […] menulis artikel fitnah dalam blognya… Hari ini blogger ini masih bebas […]

  96. Is it really true?

    Can Christianity be the official religion of the country? How so?

    • I just picked this up at Wikipedia,
      the free encyclopaedia under
      Malaysia Religious distribution

      Distribution of religious groups in Malaysia
      All the worlds major religions have substantial representation in Malaysia. Islam is the largest and official religion of Malaysia, although Malaysia is a multi-religious society and the Malaysian constitution guarantees religious freedom.Despite the recognition of Islam as the state religion, the first 4 prime ministers have stressed that Malaysia could function as a secular state. The Population and Housing Census 2000 figures shows approximately these proportions of the population following these religions:

      60.4% Islam
      19.2% Buddhism
      9.1% Christianity
      6.3% Hinduism
      2.6% Confucianism, Taoism and other traditional Chinese religions
      1.5% other faiths, including animism, folk religion, and Sikhism
      0.9% reported having no religion or did not provide any information.

      Even Wikipedia accepts Malaysia’s Official religion as Islam, why do the small fry titter-tatter!

    • Can Christianity be the official religion of the country?

      Well, let me think.

      You don’t have to kill off the Majlis Raja-raja or the Agong since even if they withhold their assent, an amendment will become law anyway after 30 days.

      You don’t have to kill off the PAS and PKR Muslim MPs since they don’t have the legal might to fend off Uncle Karpal and Uncle Lim. The only self-respecting and able Muslim MP that they had was Zul Noordin. They have Aziz Bari as an ‘adviser’ but they are ‘killing’ him off as we speak. So Uncle Karpal just need to tell Tok Nik some literal magic like “there’s no mention of the word ‘official religion’ in the Constitution, you know” and Tok Nik will quickly reply “lead us O Khalifah”.

      So all you need to do is kill off the UMNO MPs. Or take their power to vote.

      • ok, but how r u so sure that the meeting was made to discuss about making Christianity the official religion?

      • I thought it was an Amway meeting.

  97. Salam BigDog,

    Hope all is good with you.

    To Andak, Abu, Hashim et al, ditto. Highly entertaining ripostes especially the witty one. 🙂

    BD is indeed blessed by having you guys around.

    Regards to all of you.

    Thank you

    • *witty ones

    • Freddie Kevin, I really would like to believe that you are a genuine, God-fearing, church-going Christian who had just said thanks to a totok UMNO (or ‘juak’ as some Opposition kids call it) but I am convinced that this cannot be true since I haven’t get an SD stamped by a Bar Council member just yet.

      • Which Bar?

      • Chocolate bar.

  98. ISA…this blog owner..because..ISA is good….hahaha

  99. Just came in to say you’re an asshole.

    • U r addressing Anwar, aren’t you? Watch out yours, old boy!

    • Yawn, just a normal pickup line from the PKR all-boys scene.

  100. In the picture it doesnt show anything about taking vows. Those are typical raising of hands by Christians when they pray. The palm faces the person being prayed for, as a sign of laying hands on him. Christians do this all the time.

    Its not an oath taking like hitler. you guys are dimwits.

    • High five Ahyap! Owh, you’re praying…


    Even Najib is meeting with the Christians, and he is disputing the plan to make Christianity as the official religion.

    So what now? Burn Najib?

    • Najib says this claim is unsubstantiated.

      Now Home Ministry says this claim is unsubstantiated too.

      But Hishamuddin thinks this is a serious issue.

      But the event must be real, otherwise Big Dog wouldn’t have posted it in his blog, right?

      So the Prime Minister and the Home Ministry must be lying, right?

      • Wait for the finding of the Police investigation, la.

      • I’m sure Big Dog knows the truth. Why should we wait for the police to finisth their investigation?

      • And even if the police finishes their investigation, I can bet they will lie to us by saying so such plan to make Christianity as official religion.

      • “…no such plan…” (sorry typo)

      • ‘Ditanya sama ada laporan yang ditulis itu benar atau palsu, penulis blog “Bigdog” enggan memberikan sebarang komen.

        Sebaliknya hanya berkata: “Saya tidak boleh cakap, sebab ia sudah jadi kes polis, sudah ada laporan polis dibuat.

        “Jadi biar polis siasat dulu,” katanya.’

        Oh come on Big Dog, the world is listening to you now. You’ve been blogging all this while to get the world to listen to you, and now when people ask whether what you write is true or not, you answered ‘No comment’?

        Come on Big Dog, don’t be scared of them. Stand up for what you wrote. Tell the truth to the world. Don’t just shy away when people ask. If your lawyer ask to not to say anything, well, screw your lawyer.

      • Sid 22:41,

        As much as I would to entertain you, I am afraid I am not able to. Police reports have been made and I am implicated in these reports.

        Unless you can make each of these Police reports be withdrawn by persons who made them, then only I can tell you or any other soul anything more than what have been produced here in this blog.

        This blogging scoop changed when Police reports were lodged.

        It is the law and let us all wait for what will transpire when the Police complete their investigation.

  102. […] Making Christianity the official religion? […]

  103. we understand the perlembagaan 100%.. hmmmm…semenanjung malaysia is not safe anymore… dear sabahan dan sarawakian kita lebih selamat di negeri sendiri, berbilang bangsa dan agama tapi hidup harmoni.. tak seperti di semenajung..hanya 3 bangsa tapi tak ada persefahaman lagi hmmmmm…

    • You are talking nonsense, aren’t you?

      You don’t understand it’s about the politics of the DAP, man. Or you understand but just trying to be funny.

      You are trying to be mischievous talking about “lebih selamat di negeri sendiri” when Sabah and Sarawak are a part of Malaysia.

      I don’t think you are a Sabahan or a Sarawakian. You could be a DAP from Peninsular, out to instigate others and become subversive. I call on you to cease doing so.

  104. […] Difahamkan juga dalam laporan itu , lelaki berkenaan mengakui apa yang dilaporkan oleh blog bigdogdotcom dan Utusan Malaysia adalah […]

  105. […] credibility eroded upon Utusan Malaysia’s front page on 7 May 2011 about our posting on what had happened at a hotel on MacAlister Road two days earlier. According to media reports, he changed his account of events. When his own man […]


    GEORGE TOWN: Police have wrapped up investigations into the controversial news article “Kristian agama rasmi” (Christianity the official religion) which appeared in Utusan Malaysia.

    Also interviewed were journalists and blogger Zakhir Mohamed who had first suggested about the existence of an alleged conspiracy to make Christianity the official religion.

    I certainly hope Big Dog will explain to all of us very soon.

  107. […] DAP Jelutong Mohd. Razali Abdul Rahman yang menjadi subjek fokus kepada laporan kami mengenai ‘Perjumpaan MP DAP Jelutong Dengan Paderi Kristian’ pada 5 Mei 2011 yang kami siarkan di… kini sudah kembali ke pangkal jalan. Laporan itu menjadi muka depan Utusan Malaysia pada 7 Mei 2011 […]

  108. Why are we arguing about this issue? Let us focus on strengthening Malay solidarity. Perpatah Melayu “bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh”. Focus kepada solidaroty Melayu dahulu lah bro. Sekiranya kita dah teguh, yang lain akan menikus. Percaya lah. Jika tidak, perpatah di atas buang dalam longkang saja lah. Ini memang provokasi dan challenge terbesar bagi orang kita.

  109. […] compare what happened in Damansara Utama to what happened at the Red Rock Hotel on MacAlister Road in Penang, on 5 May 2011. The scope and degree may be different but the magnitude of the problem and reaction was almost at […]

  110. […] 5 May 2011 in Penang, DAP MP for Jelutong Jeff Ooi organized a dinner for some pastors as part of the post-Sarawak April State Elections. In the zest to that dinner event, they vowed “To have a Christian as the PM” and […]

  111. […] terutama dalam bulan yang sama selepas siasatan kontroversi JAIS yang masih belum selesai adalah agenda licik segelintir golongan minoriti ini untuk agenda strategik penguasaan politik, sebagaimana kami dedahkan 6 Mei lepas? MP Kulim-Bandar Baharu Dato’ Zulkifli Nordin pernah […]

  112. […] mengumpul paderi paderi termasuk dari luar negara pada 5 Mei di Red Rock Hotel, McAlister Road, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang juga membuktikan bahawa pemimpin DAP menggunakan gereja sebagai pentas gerakan politik. Ini […]

  113. Still no explanation after so many months.

  114. […] a national controversy with the ‘Red Rcok Hotel’ event on the evening of 6 May, where a group of Christian priests vowed to have a Christian as the Prime Minister and Christianity be mad…. A week after we published that, some one who attended the event, DAP  member in Jelutong  Mohd […]

  115. […] We have posted 1,600 articles since and over 30,000 comments expressed in over 4.3 million visits recorded. The most visits and comments recorded were for posting of Malaysia Today’s Editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin’ s imfamous statutory declaration and the incident at Red Rock Hotel in Penang. […]

  116. […] headline”(Malaysiakini’s description). The Utusan sub-headline reads: ‘Dua laman blog dedah ikrar paderi seluruh negara’, referring to Big Dog and Shamsul’s […]

  117. […] ever story we told about the ‘Red Rock Hotel in Macallister Road, Georgetown on 5 May 2011′ and what Utusan Malaysia reported on 6 May 2011 did happen. DAP Jelutong man Mohd Razali Abdul […]

  118. […] That, was very much what they vowed to do at the hotel on Macalister Road in Penang on 5 May 2011. […]

  119. […] Merdeka, prosetlysation of Muslims, M Manoharan’s utterance against Jalur Merdeka, the ‘vow’ at Red Rock Hotel, Penang 5 May 2011, the attempt to bring back Chin “Butcher of Malay” Peng, simply wrap every messages […]

  120. […] majlis itu, difahamkan mereka telah berikrar untuk “Menjadikan Kristian sebagai ugama rasmi Malaysia dan seorang Kristian diangkat sebagai Perdan…. Apabila cerita ini terbongkar, negara menjadi gempar mengenai pendedahan ini. Ini bukti bahawa DAP […]

  121. […] Pulau Pinang. DAP Jelutong MP and DAP Jelutong DAPSY Chief Ong Ah Tiong with several pastors “Vowed to make Christianity the ‘Official Religion’ of Malaysia and put a Christi…. Utusan Malaysia Saturday 7 Mei […]

  122. BD, we are still waiting for your proof. at least tell us that you have some audio recordings or something but u don’t want to reveal those. Otherwise, this is all lies.

  123. […] Malay-Muslims with controversial issues such as belittling the struggle against apostasy cases, the vows ‘To make a Christian as the next Prime Minister and Christianity as an official religion … at Red Rock Hotel, Georgetown on 5 May 2011, the prosetylisation party at Damansara Utama Methodist […]

  124. […] This opportunity would definitely be capitalised by some deviant minority groups to sow the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy and divide this nation wider in their attempt to rise onto power and take control over the majority. In some closed events, they have already expressed their desire “To make Christian an official religion of Malaysia”. […]

  125. […] It has been proven that DAP used the church and evangelists for their sordid political agenda. […]

  126. […] such as “Making Christianity the official religion”, ‘kalimah Allah’ be allowed to use in place of God and Malay bibles destined for […]

  127. […] agenda of these minority taking power and control of the country, which was first revealed in vows and prayers made at the post April 2011 Sarawak State Election in an event organised by DAP MP … to honour some of pastors who participated in the […]

  128. […] of Islam as the Religion of the Federation and the administration of Islam and Syariah laws. The event in Red Rock Hotel on Macallister Road in Georgetown on 5 May 2011 is an example of […]

  129. […] of the state authorities have even seen churches registry of pastors, vicars or priests. As such, foreign clergies move freely in and out of the country in their activities of Christian missionary […]

  130. […] the way, this posting to mark the concluded Singapore General Election. The last time we did a blog posting on the last Singapore GE, it became contentious and drew the highest comment […]

  131. […] the way, this posting to mark the concluded Singapore General Election. The last time we did a blog posting on the last Singapore GE, it became contentious and drew the highest comment […]

  132. […] again, there is vow made at Red Rock Hotel in MacAllsiter Road, Penang on 5 May 2011. DAP was sponsoring the meet of pastors post Sarawak PRN and their leaders […]

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