DAP will be nailed by the inquest and RCI

The Cabinet has approved for the setting up of an inquest to the ‘sudden death’ of Political Secretary Teoh Beng Hock and Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to look into MACC’s method of operations and interogation.

The Star has the story:

Published: Wednesday July 22, 2009 MYT 5:18:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday July 22, 2009 MYT 8:47:44 PM

Inquest into Teoh’s death, Royal Commission on MACC’s treatment (Updated with Q&A)


PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has agreed to set up an inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock as well as a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the interrogation methods used on him by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Cabinet during its meeting Wednesday also decided that the inquest into Teoh’s cause of death would be headed by a magistrate as dictated by law.

It will be up to the courts to decide which magistrate would be in charge of the inquest, he added.

Najib said the courts had already been notified of the Cabinet decision and he expected the inquest to begin sometime next week.

“The Royal Commission will be set up according to specific terms, which is to scrutinise and study the procedures related to interrogations that are used by the MACC. It will also identify if there were any violations of human rights during Teoh’s interrogation.

“The members of the Commission will be announced later ,” he told a press conference here Wednesday.

He said the investigations by the Royal Commission were necessary to ensure there was no repeat of such incidents and the steps being taken mirrored the Government’s commitment to finding out the cause of death so that Teoh’s family and the public can know what really happened.

Teoh, 30, was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam last Thursday after giving his statement to the Selangor MACC which had been investigating allegations that certain state assemblymen had misused constituency funds.

Teoh, Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah’s political secretary, was not a suspect but had been questioned as a witness.

Najib said that in line with the 1Malaysia concept of “People First, Performance Now,” he had told the Cabinet that government institutions were created to protect the people’s rights and interests, and as such they cannot act against or neglect these interests or act beyond the country’s laws and Constitution.

He said the Cabinet also ordered the Home Ministry and the police to complete the investigations into the Teoh’s death as soon as possible and he was told that it would be ready within the next few days.

He said the report would be made public when it was completed and he would personally meet with Teoh’s family to explain to them the findings.

He also said that Cabinet members were just as anxious to know the cause of death and hoped that all parties would be patient and refrain from making statements that could cause confusion or create the wrong perception on the issue while the investigations were still ongoing.

He also called on all parties not to politicise Teoh’s death.

The following are Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s responses to questions from the media:

Was there any pressure to form the Commission?
Najib: No. It’s because we want to establish the truth and it’s important for us to ensure public faith and confidence in important institutions that we have in this country.

When do you think the police can complete their investigations? What kind of time frame will be set?
I know that the police can wrap up their investigations very soon. I think we are talking about a matter of days. For the magistrate (on the inquest), I don’t want to put a time frame because that is up to the magistrate to decide (on when it should be held). The Royal Commission will be established quite soon.

The investigation by the Royal Commission, will it be into Teoh’s death?
It will be on the procedures (of MACC interrogations). The inquest will look into Teoh’s death,

Who will be the members of the Commission?
We will announce this later.

Have you named the magistrate?
No, that is up to the court to decide. We have taken steps to notify the court of the need to convene an inquest. So I expect the inquest to start some time within next week.

There’s an online news portal (saying) that the MACC has suspended their investigation into the alleged misuse of constituency funds by Selangor exco members.
No, we cannot have any presumption (of guilt). We have to wait for the results of the investigations first.

What will the Commission investigate?
It will be on the (MACC’s) procedures relating to its investigation, not the investigation on Teoh’s death and the normal investigations conducted by the MACC.

Has the MACC investigation team been suspended?
They have not been suspended, but the lead investigator has been reassigned to the (MACC) headquarters. We cannot have a presumption of guilt.

Will the Commission investigate Teoh’s death?
No, the death will be left to the inquest. The inquest on the cause of death is conducted by a magistrate, so we have to follow the law.


This move by the Cabinet is much sought after decision by some of the Malaysian public. The Oppositions, especially the DAP usually would capitalise such opportunity to belittle, if not demonize the enforcement authorities, like the Police and MACC. The inquest would be carried out by a masgistrate and dependant on the Police investigations where else the MACC would be scrutinised for the operational methods. Both would be beneficial to both agencies as credibility and integrity of the Police would be improved if not restored and the MACC would be free from the perception painted by the Oppositions as a ‘murder house’.

The Oppositions, especially the DAP have been politicizing, even on racial tones and the public forum at Georgetown yesterday was at the borderline of breaking the internal security code of inciting and instigation. They plan to take the forum on a roadshow across the nation. However, there are so many ambiguity and mystery to the ‘sudden death’ looming in the heads of the average persons of the street.

The “Thirteen Million Ringgit” questions are:

1.0  How would the DAP fair when the inquest is carried out and the magistrate finds the truth?

So much has been said about Selangor DAP elected representatives and even State Excos being involved with the Lords of the Underworld Vices. These accusations were not made by BN Leaders but came from PKR elected representatives, who are DAP cohorts and ‘strange bedfellow’s partners in the ‘marriage of incovenience’ and an ‘unholy union’.

1.1. One question is our mind here in BigDogDotCom: Why was Selangor State Exco for Local Government Ronnie Liu was so frantic looking for Teoh’s notebook PC and handphone to a point where he broke the door at the Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital mortuary?

1.2. Amongst the things he specifically reminded the Teoh family was to demand the return of Teoh’s notebook PC and handphone. What information are so important in these devices to Ronnie Liu? Are the information contained in these devices will incriminate him and actually provide evidence of his linkages to the Lords of the Underworld Vices?

2.0. Why is DAP appointed Kajang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah was reluctant and later refused to give his statement to the Police?

2.1. Since at this point it is established that Tan was the last person to see Teoh alive, would that make him a suspect?

2.2. If Teoh’s ‘sudden death’ is neither a suicide nor accident (which is most unlikely probability), is it a murder?

2.3. If it is a murder and Teoh and Tan were together in the early hours of Thursday morning in the MACC office at Plaza Masalam, then why is only Teoh is murdered and Tan is not? Is Tan connected to the murder?

3.0. What is the linkage between MACC original investigations of misappropriation and abuse of state funds to Teoh’s ‘sudden death’?

3.1. Is the misappropriation and/or abuse of state funds has something to do with the Lords of the Underworld Vices?

3.2. If there is, how far reaching is this involvement? Is it within Selangor or include DAP controlled states like Penang and formerly Perak as well?

These are the questions that so many people talk about when they meet up since late Thursday, regardless at work, during meal or snack time, outside work or even social gatherings. Soon, we will all know the truth.

The plot thickens. Its time to cross our fingers and bring the popcorn out. Of course the usual Opposition theaterics, which former abuse-of-power convict Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim is known for since 2 September 1998 will be thrown to confuse and divert the attention of the real issues at hand, such as:

1. The Police investigations are flawed

2. AG and the Police falsified and tempered with evidence

3. The post mortem report is doctored and flawed

4. The chemical, laboratory and electronic audit reports are flawed and inconclusive

5. Statutory declarations would be thrown like happy hour darters

6. The Judge is bias

7. Material witness is missing

8. The acused has been served with food meant for caged animals, if not systematically poisoned

Then there would these usual theratical stunts the Oppositions mastered like:

1. Delay tactics

2. Trial within a trial “Malay Police and MACC officers are racially biased against DAP Leaders acused for the ‘sudden death’ “

Anything and everything is thrown as an attempt to ‘throw spanner to the works’. When it comes to sought justice when the Oppositions are wronged, it always come back to those.

It is expected to be one hell of a show, with DAP theaterics at its best!


P.S. We at BigDogDotCom hope the ongoing investogations against DAP elected representatives for misappropriation of state funds and abuse of power will be continued and heads will roll, even after this inquest and RCI.

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  1. “Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was “manhandled and threatened” by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

    When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,”said the source who was not authorized to speak to media.”

    Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:



    We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
    That is all that really matters.

    • pls bring these facts findings to the comission or ask your DAP/PKR/PAS leaders to make a report to the police.
      hope fully you have balls to do so. he he..

    • “We are all of one Race, the Human Race.”

      Tells that to all DAP troopers . When they racially tells media why only chinese ADUN only been investigate? clearly they want make it as racial attempt .

      This DAP is hipocrite bastards !!!

    • hehehehe….right on cam! malaysianmirror can bring their “facts” if they have balls! Otherwise the “facts” are just smelly “farts” with no balls to carry. dont play pundek like this la!

      Sam! yes we are all one human race but not all of us acting like monkeys and play pundek!

    • wwaaahhhhh ….

      this is more interesting than sherlock holmes, crime scene investigation, criminal minds

      oh and also harry potter

      only gullible people will believe this half-baked, lame and pathetic attempt at brainwashing

      dey THINK harder in order to convince

  2. Umno cybertroopers have to keep pushing the nonsense on DAP and spin, otherwise how to protect MACC?

    • when DAP makes mistakes its supporters go all out to cover up. if you cover up for wrongdoings of others, you are equally guilty.
      use your grey matter to think – why motive woudl MACC have to see Teoh dead?

    • yeah right , you should tell me , about those DAP leaders and their goon blantanly and desperately blame on MACC and Police .

      Obviously they dont want the truth , They only want give a bad perception and media trial only.

      And DAP use this issue to run from MACC investigation of corruption.

    • how much “sewel” this can be?

      A PKR bedmate threw “CILI PEDAS” which was quickly gobbled by another DAP bedmate fellows.

      The whole circus is all about PR – DAP/PKR/…..where is PAS?

      Suddenly these circus monkeys are bashing UMNO?

      sewel! sewel! sewel!

  3. I’ve jumped.

  4. truth shall prevail.
    DAP will be nailed



  5. For somebody who have had the experience of being questioned by MACC officers before (over the “misdeed” of 2 ex bosses and a colleague),and also many others, like Datuk Kadir Jasin, as professed on his latest article on this issue, I believe, MACC officers will not dare to harm even a single cell on the late Teoh’s body. He was after all , MACC’s star witness. His testimony will definately nailed the culprit, of whom many suspected had misappropriate public funds for their own gains and interest.

    What MACC will do, this was disclosed to me by another colleague, was to use a lot of psychological approach to bring the witness to their side…..

    So like the TMGuy say, please bring this so called “dragging’ case to the authority to be reported and investigated…if you have balls…

    • agreed Teoh was a witness, not a suspect … he would be the key to the downfall of the UNDERWORLD DAP …

  6. Kg Buah Pala folk plan 100m protest walk PDF Print
    Posted by admin
    Thursday, 23 July 2009 10:42

    (The Star) GEORGE TOWN: A group of Kampung Buah Pala residents and representatives from some non-governmental groups are expected to stage a 100m walk today to protest the development of their settlement.

    Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association assistant secretary C. Tharmaraj said the walk from the Lord Sivan Hindu Temple in Jalan Datuk Keramat to the Komtar building housing the Chief Minister’s office would start at 10.30am.

    He said association secretary J. Steven would lead the walk before he and several other representatives meet Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at his office to hand over a memorandum.

    Tharmaraj also questioned the state government’s decision to sell two public roads in the village – Lorong Buah Pala and Jalan Kaki Bukit – as part of the land transaction.

    “The roads were sold at only RM10 per square metre,” he claimed.

    Lim’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik said the residents and NGO representatives were welcomed to hand over their memorandum.

    George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said he was aware of the rally but warned that the police did not issue any permit for such a gathering.

    • The jumping monkeys now will accuse MACC because government sold the road at RM10 per square meter (to underworld?). Government sold the road? This bastard UMNO, the monkeys shrieked forgetting the fact that it it was the STATE=government of Penang. Who? Guan Eng? Wasn’t his father and Guan Eng started shrieking on TBH’s case before the police can even got hold of case?

      Who? the Police? Damn the Police for not issuing the permit, now the Kg. Buah Pala folks will lose their homes! No MACC! No Gomen! No Police! then who’s left?…monkeys!!!..

      monkeys see..monkeys do!

    • jumping monkeys shrieked!

      Blame the MACC!! when the government sold the roads at RM10 per sq ft. (sold to the underworld?) why RM10???!!

      The government sold it?!! Monkeys jump again! Waaa!! useless gomen!!

      (wei! it’s the state-government of Penang la who sold the the roads!) huh?

      (yes, LGE – CM of Penang, not BN govt. LGE who accuses MACC before anything on TBH’s case)

      Monkeys jump again-again!!

      Blame the Police!!! Why not permit!!! Now Kg. buah Pala lose their homes!!! Cannot trust police!!!

      See? Everything about the predicament of Kg. Buah Pala folks, these jumping monkeys will blame the MACC, Police, Govt when it got everything to do with the DAP Chief Minister of Penang.

      Something like TBH’s case isn’t it?

      monkeys see, monkeys do!

  7. kita tunggu siapa yang kena…my guess is the underworl

  8. BG

    You mean like the RCI into Police Commission and Judiciary? NATO only – No Action, All Talk! Two slaps in the face for our King. That’s treasonous, Derhaka, is it not!! Open and shut case against the ex-CJ and the AG has not filed charges yet after 1 year!! All the balls in the world is of no use against the cover-up mentality of UMNO/BN.

    So, this RCI which is only about MACC procedures, not who or what caused TBH’s death, will be an utter waste of Taxpayers’ money.

    And similarly, investigation into the Francis Udyappan, Kugan and 100’s of deaths in custody cases. The law requires a mandatory inquest. Yet the IGP did not order it. Why? Because they are afraid that the truth will incriminate them.

    Anakbukitgantang, Kadir Jasin was interrogated so long ago it’s ancient history. Cops of those days had integrity and were highly respecetd by all.

    If you want crooks and thieves to continue ruling, go on supporting UMNO/BN and this bunch of bad-apple cops and anti-corruption officers who have a political agenda that’s at odds with protecting ALL Malaysians regardless of race, colour, creed or religion.

    And DAP’s so-called involvement with Triads is a figment of your and UMNO supporters imagination. You all so desperately want it so you can say, Hah! But this is misdirection to try and fool the people.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right!!

    • And DAP’s so-called involvement with Triads is a figment of your and UMNO supporters imagination

      PKR Wee, DAP Ronnie Liu & DAP Theresa Kok are imagination of BD? and UMNO supporters?

      Hey! is someone is playing with his pundek here? Dont play pundek like this la!

    • and if you want ah longs and pimps and prostitutes and gamblers, vote dap

      • Beb,

        Jangan lupa pengilang, pengedar & pengksport dadah!

        NI pun DAP juga!

  9. I’d like to suggest this – Lets just close down everything – government agencies, government bureau, departments.

    From now on, whatever we want to do, do it by way of RCI.

    I am currently very unhappy with my stupid and useless banker. They are late in debiting my current account (which always have more than sufficient balance) as payment for my housing loan account. The stooooopid bank then charged me late interest for their inefficiency. Lets call RCI for that!!

  10. Once the authorities clutch the testicles of the Kingpins of the Underworld, the fertility of the DAP will be dried. I have yet to see clear and specific denials by the DAP on their involvement with organized crime for they know it is the Talk of the Town that DAP reps are having close proximity with their Underground comrades in broad daylight and in the premises of people’s reps. Action speaks louder than words; fragment of our imagination, nay not when these dirty blood suckers and Triads are involved- they must be exterminated.

    The Drama King as expected is unsatisfied with the terms of reference of the RC; perhaps he wants more in the manner he fantasizes in covering his quest for the back channel. The PI and RC would not help negate the trauma in his up and coming Sodomy II case. So now we know why the DAP and the Drama King are strange bed fellows; they want to flood our country with dark side of US socio-politics – the Underworld, the organized “smooth” criminals and the breakdown of law and order!

    As the DAP takes to road shows, the ordinary man in the street would question such desperate manifestation in respecting one dead comrade. What had happen to “innocent before proven guilty”?, they will question. The soap opera will be their entrapment as the DAP approaches closer to the cliff dragging along their innocent including Pakatan comrades as well. Like good Malaysians, we patiently wait for the conclusion of the police investigations and the public inquiry as we too wait patiently for the nailing to their coffin. As the song goes, “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain…….”, Teoh’s death will be avenged.

    In the meantime, let us be prepared for any unwarranted aftermath resulting from the desperate theatrical ploys of the DAP (Desperate Anguish Pariahs) masking racism in its truest form.

    • I really hope “the authorities clutch the testicles of the Kingpins of the Underworld” and “the fertility of the DAP will be dried.”

      For a long time they have been showing their arrogance and lack of respect and decorum in expressing their views, exploting all sorts of situations to their political advantage.

      The innocent, the uninitiated get roped in to join the hardcore ungrateful people, shouting, protesting, demonstrating even on matters that are under investigation, like the death of Teoh. At times they indeed behave like gangsters, banging goverment office doors, even a hospital mortuary door.

      Their Underworld connection must be exposed, their links severed, those with evidence of wrong doings be put under lock and key, the others monitored closely.


  11. “And DAP’s so-called involvement with Triads is a figment of your and UMNO supporters imagination

    PKR Wee, DAP Ronnie Liu & DAP Theresa Kok are imagination of BD? and UMNO supporters?” Donplaypundek.

    Are you seriously suggesting Teresa Kok is involved with the Triads? Dei pundek, what are you smoking? And Wee Choo Keong mentioned no names. So, how did you conclude Ronnie Liu has dark connections? You have proof, go make a Police Report. As Big Dog said, got balls or not? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    How desperate you sound donplaypundek when UMNO/BN led MASS and PDRM are caught with their pants down!! Don’t defend the defensible. Two wrongs don’t make a right anyway!

  12. abit laa lu olang. ini kali aaa tan mana mau pigi? lornimana mau lali. yong mana mau talok? abit apa maciam dap punya stoli?

    lu sutak kasi olang satu kali mati lu mau manyak cilita? tan apa cilita lu mau kasi itu lu tungku sama itu teoh keluat? lu sutak abit intilogashen apa lu tungku teoh manyak jam? lu tungku sama lia anam tujiu lam lor. itu jam teoh jato kasi mati lu mana lulok? wa tau lu atak sama lia itu jam. itu teloli likat itu tingkap apa maciam atak sana?

    abit la lu tan. mati laa lu lornis. itu komputer manyak atak cilita. itu HP manyak atak cilita. polis sutak pileksa suma itu balang.

    apa lu olang bikin lu misti kina. sikalang itu inkuest mali. lu misti kina tan. sikalang polis cali lu.

    itu sikit punya hat. taikor cali lu punya. sikalang lu lulok lalam lockup pung itu taikor musti cali lu.

    cibai lu tan. kanninnabu lu lornie.

  13. There’s this term called ‘turtling down’. It means going on to the next tall-tale when the previous has been disproved or debated.

    – “Lets not hold MACC responsible. Maybe he committed suicide or was killed by PR.”
    (Whoops! MACC guy keeping his handphone all this while, although they claimed they released him around 3:45am. Plus other holes in MACC story)

    – Then, on to the next one; only 3,000 plus came to the stadium
    (Whoops! BN sponsored protest to support MACC only turned up… 60 people)

    – Ok then. No Royal Commission is needed
    (Deng! Deng! Royal Commission is formed)

    – Damn! Ok, Royal Commission will get the Pakatan for their underworld links
    (…*waiting for the fourth egg to explode on their face*…)

    • hey belolok

      you are the inhouse expert on tall-tales eh?

  14. “Once the authorities clutch the testicles of the Kingpins of the Underworld, the fertility of the DAP will be dried. I have yet to see clear and specific denials by the DAP on their involvement with organized crime for they know it is the Talk of the Town”. Whackthemmbugger.

    Whackthembugger, I have yet to see clear and specific denial by you of your involvement with organized crime, murder, prostitution, extortion, ponzi schemse, rape, child pornography and nasi lemak wars. The whole town is talking about it, so it’s confirmed you must be guilty. Get a press conference going or surrender yourself to PRDM. Don’t know the way? Plaza Masalam, 14th floor, take the window down to the 5th floor! Muahaha!

    • Don’t bother about this fellow, Big Guy. His very name suggests his upbringing, if any.

      He goes all over the places in blogoshpere saying all sorts of things without any sense of responsibility. If you react he gets entertained, finds an audience.

      By and large readers ignore him. I’m responding here to you, not to him. I’m supporting you because I think you are a good guy. Do carry on with what you have been doing and saying. Some I disagree but mostly I do.

      • Thanks.

        Most of these are not about me. It is about ‘us’. The interests of the majority is paramount for this nation to move forward.

  15. Presumptions, presumptions on my involvement and guilt with the vices of the Underworld, how come you know so much about me, donplaypuks? Go play what ever you have in your pants; you get better fantasies, maybe even ecstasies but don’t chastise yourself, live longer, its not good for your heart and soul. We don’t want people’s reps stinking with the Underworld leeching around.

    Interesting terminology “turtling down”. Why are the key advocates of RC now “vomiting blood” and having acute indigestion after swallowing the terms of the RC as pronounced by PM? Perhaps not their kind of food they love to eat! Next week we will wait for the public inquest which will tell all that need to know about Teoh’s death and the circumstances surrounding it and I am sure it will be devastating for some. The RC should be fruitful for the continuation and development of the MACC. There’s no turtling down; law and order will not decay.

    • Pls read my comment before Whackthembugger’s above. It should have been typed in here.

    • heh heh

      he only has “puks” in his pants

  16. “P.S. We at BigDogDotCom hope the ongoing investogations against DAP elected representatives for misappropriation of state funds and abuse of power will be continued and heads will roll, even after this inquest and RCI.”

    I am so glad to learn that no one from the BN and the govt. is being investigated for corruption. I can now sleep peacefully at night knowing that the government is whiter than white.

    • Laaa – Ling , where have u been all these years . Under ‘ketiak’ Lim kit sial aaa

      BN also have been investigate . MACC done investigation quietly of coz same with these primate DAP , but these DAP act like what they are, Primate ! make press conference and play it as racially .

      haiyoooo if not do wrong why so scared looooo

  17. […] It was said that some people within DAP would be happy that the inquest findings would conclude that Teoh committted suicide. Otherwise, if it wasn’t, then there would me more inquiries. More inquiries could probably uncover a lot of things some people within DAP would try very hard to protect: Their involvement with the Lords of the Underworld Vices. […]

  18. […] DAP will be nailed by the inquest and RCI […]

  19. Bury DAP ! Ban DAP !

  20. Ban DAP just like the decision to ban CPM !

  21. […] DAP Leaders was quick to react to these much talked about ‘linkages’, as if they are ‘creating a diversion to cover their tracks’. Even the last to see him alive Pakatan Rakyat appointed Kajang Municipal Councillor Tan Boon Wah even refused to co-operate in the investigations taken over by the Police. […]

  22. […] is important that the rakyat stays focus on the real issues such as the MACC investigations of the Selangor DAP Leaders, sodomy trial of Anwar “Drama King” Ibrahim and most of all, Anwar’s failure to […]

  23. […] the original post here: DAP will be nailed by the inquest and RCI « The “thirteen million … Share and […]

  24. […] is about seeking justice for Teoh Beng Hock or is there an ulterior motive? At this point, so many level headed Malaysians believed that the DAP Leaders would be nailed when Teoh’s ’suuden death’ is out in the open. That is why some of them are so […]

  25. […] The fact is that, the DAP has structuredly been trying to rubbish, if not demonize the Royal Malaysian Police for the longest time. Their leaders have controversially raised and make-a-mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill every single opportunity to do so, to bring down the credibility of the Police. […]

  26. […] planned theatrics if and when Liu is arrested in the interest of the public and rule of law. The DAP elected representatives should support the process of finding the truth, as per provided by law, which they already vowed to protect and […]

  27. […] far as we here at BigDogDotCom are concerned the real issue is not Teoh’s death, but DAP’s links with the Undeworld Vices.  DAP is under trial.  If we realise this, how is it possible that Gobind Deo, who is a DAP […]

  28. […] dan kini menjadi tunggak pemerintahan negeri pulau mutiara itu kini dibelenggu dakwaan mengenai perhubungan rapat dengan kongsi gelap dan pejenenyah maksiat. Ini merupakan peluang baik bagi rakyat untuk membuka mata dan membuat pilihan mengenai kedudukan […]

  29. […] else. This is a new ruling enforced by the same Pakatan Rakyat leaders who were alleged to have links if not association to the Lords of the Underworld Vices. Unless Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders do not practice the concept of ‘collective […]

  30. […] lawyer. More DAP theatrics is expected. Closer and closer, the realism of DAP leaders involved in hedious crimes of the underworld vices will be […]

  31. […] 5. The Selangor State Exco really went into badlight when MACC investigations centred on intensified allegations about DAP elected representatives being involved in abuse of power, corrupt practices and finally Lords of… […]

  32. […] for the betterment and benefit of the majority, if not all Malaysians. On the other hand, what Pakatan Rakyat Leaders did was to abuse their positions and ‘plunder’ the state. So far Pakatan Rakyat installed state governments have failed across the board and did nothing but […]

  33. […] is a name that consistently crops up whenever the issue of why political aide Teoh Beng Hock died, right after the interview with MACC a year ago. A lot of contracts which trails lead to Liu was […]

  34. […] the Lords of the Underworld Vices. It is our firm belief here in BigDogDotCom on 23 July 2009 that DAP leaders would eventually be jailed for their involvement especially with the Lords of the Underworld Vices, uncovered from the RCI they […]

  35. […] we here in BigDogDotCom said earlier here in this blog, DAP Leaders would be eventually be nailed when the RCI they very insistent to ask for come into force. It is clearly unfolding […]

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